The Rainy Night Part 2

As Richard stood in front of I reached up and rubbed his cock threw the pants It felt incredible. I leaned forward kissed his cock threw his pants bite it just a little bit threw the pants. I reached up to the waist band of the sweat pants slowly little by little i pulled them down. When i was about half down I kissed his bare naked shaft. Pulling the pants all the way down to revile his magnificent slab of man hood. I sat there a minute just looking at it my eyes must have been wide. Richard said if that the looks on your face wait till you work it hard. Thats all I needed I reached out grabbed his cock in hands jerked on it a little. Lifted it up to my mouth took his cock head into my mouth and began doing what I do best service the cock. Richard let out a moan as I took a little over 3/4 of his rod down my throat. I worked on his cock for a good 20 minutes as he stood over me. He was calling his personal cock sucking whore. You are a great cock sucker you love that big daddy cock don't you. I took it out of my mouth long enough to tell him I was in love with his fuck cock. He grabbed his cock all big fat 12 inches of it and slapped my face from side to side. Then told me to go lie on the bed on my back with my head over the edge I wanna fuck you face like that little whore on the video was getting it. I lie on the bed with head over edge Richard walked up to me and all he said to was this is going to rough you better not tell me to stop till i dump my load down your throat. I looked up and said I want you to fuck me. Richard laughed and said trust me you will get fucked tonight i just want to dump my first load down your throat so you know who the boss is around here. Your my slave you will do what ever I tell you to do. I looked up at him and said yes master. With that we walked up told me to open my mouth and get ready. I did as he said he took his cock stuck a little in my mouth at a time then he started pumping a little at a time till he was at least 9 inches down my throat. Thats when he picked up the pace pumping my mouth and throat faster and faster. i had tears running down my face from gaging on his cock as he went to fucking deep. He was loud screaming WHAT A FUCKING AWESOME MOUTH YOU FUCKING GOT I LOVE TO FUCK YOU MOUTH LIKE THE PUSSY IT IS YOU FUCKING COCK SLUT WHORE BITCH. FUCK YES TAKE THAT BIG FUCKING ROD OF MINE DOWN YOUR THROAT. I CAN FEEL IT WHORE I AM GOING TO PUMP THIS FUCKING LOAD RIGHT DOWN YOUR PIECE OF SHIT THROAT AND FILL YOU TUMMY WITH MY JUICE. with that he pumped what seamed like a quart of jizz down my throat screming. FUCK FUCK FUCK YES TAKE IT WHORE DRINK THAT CUM FROM MY FUCKING COCK. he kept pumping my mouth for a few more minutes telling me i am the best cocksucker he has ever had.... more later
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2 years ago
wow this is hot
4 years ago
Please, hurry up with the end
4 years ago
Yes thank you i was able to jak off and finish your story hope you write more like that one thanks