The Rainy Night

it was a rainy Friday night, nothing to do on a shitty night like this I sit back in my favorite lazy-boy throw in some new porn i picked up earlier in the day with a beer in one had and a smoke in the other i think it might be that bad of night after all. I was about 5 minutes into the first fuck scene this little blonde slut getting her face hammered by this big black 10 rod her eyes were waters gagging on that big fucking rod. Just then there was a knock on the door I said damn it I was just ready to pull my solid 8 inch rod and jack like there was no tomorrow. Getting up shut off the porn. I answer the door when to my shock stood Richard he is my dads best friend for many years. I say step in get out of the rain. He asks if he can crash at my place today him and Helen just split up. Richard and Helen have been married for 31 years. Me being 20 at the time this happened made Richard 48 at the time. I said of course I get a extra bed you are welcome to it as long as you need. I said come in I will grab us a couple beers sit down make your self at home. Richard sat on the sofa kicked his wet shoes off. I handed him a beer sat down next to the sofa in my comfy chair. a few minutes passed when I asked why did you and Helen split. There was a little pause then Richard said she caught me with another man. I said what he said yea i have been bi my whole life i hide it very well. I was not expecting her home for a few hours she comes home walks in as this guy is sucking me off. I sat shocked at what I was hearing i never would have ever guessed yea no one has any idea but you and Helen and a couple guys or course. I told him I was just watching a porn care if I flip it back on. Richard said no thats cool hit it. So I flip the porn back right where I left off little Blondie getting her skull fucked by this BBC. pretty fucking hot is all that kept going threw my mind wish that was my face getting slammed by that big cock. A couple scenes have played threw Richard said can i use your shower I feel like shit all wet. I said of course you know where its at. Roughly 10 minutes later Richard comes out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel on said he forgot his cloths in the car, he asked if i had a pair of sweats he could put on and a t-shirt until it stops raining. I said yea top and second drawer he walks into my bedroom from where i sit i can see right into my room and where the dresser sits. He grabs the sweats and t-shirt. Richard is facing me when he drops his towel, His cock hung soft a good 9 inches I could do nothing else but stare at that size of that cock not to mention it was a thick as my wrist. Richard slipped the pants and t-shirt on as he walked past me he said see anything you like. i laughed it off. Richard went to the fridge and grabbed a cpl more beers by this time we had the first 12 pack polished off. I could help but ask how does that cock of yours get when you get all the way hard. He looks at me and says just shy of a foot. I said good lord 12 fucking inches. Richard laughed you ever seen a hard cock that big in person. I said no the biggest I ever took was just over 9 inches. We both paused a minute it must have been the buzz i had going I couldn't believe i just said that. Richard said your bi. I looked at him and said well guess no point of lying about it yes i am. Richard said you a top or a bottom, I am strictly a power bottom Richard. He had a little sparkle in his eye and said good I am strictly a top. He stoop up walked over to my chair and said to if you are going to be my cock whore you better show you new master what you can do..... More to come
9% (1/10)
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2 years ago
what a time to stop...
4 years ago
Twelve? OMG!!!!
4 years ago
Now you've got me all hot and horny hope you write the rest very soon thanks