A new experience (Part 2)

So time went, and to be honest I really missed John. I know five weeks is not long, and I'm not over sexulised - but it was the longest time we had ben apart for 10 years.

A lot of the time I missed just sl**ping next to him, but I can't lie, I did miss him next to me more than just for sl**ping. Now I'm no prude, but not really one for touching myself that much (John usually looked after that...) But a few times (this is 5 weeks!!) it just got to much.

I could always feel it coming, it was always the same, usually at night, sometimes early in the morning. Just this tingling sensation between my legs, and then I knew there was no point in trying to resist so would just part my legs a little, just a little bit, and although my hands were nowhere near, I could sense the bl**d pulsating into my outer pussy lips and then my clitoris starting to get erect, poking its way out between my inner little lips and now seriously swollen main lips.

I don't know suppose that's how men feel when they get an erection? That's what John was like at least. I wouldn't even have to touch his penis, but suddenly, when we were naked in bed, it would just start to grow until really hard and the forskin would just roll down over his swollen head automatically haha - that's how my clitoris felt rising out inbetween the four walls of my vagina.

By the time I had to touch myself, just a tender finger down there, it was a little slimey. In fact very. My thick black pubes were like seaweed haha (not green though...)And oh was it a relief!! My fingers were gliding so effortlessly down my lips, from the top all the way down to my anus.

I tried hard to avoid my clitoris, but it wass a little difficuld, now poking out like a little soldier ready to go to war. My hand was so wet now, so let the palm of my hand rest against my clit (I swear I could feel my pulse through it, it was pounding).

I had to let go because it was getting too much. With my palm still firmly on my clit, two of my fingers slid up and down between my pussy lips, between the thick hairy outer ones and the pink little inner. It was heavenly, and all the time I was thinking of Johns thick large penis, and what he would do to me when he was back.

I fell asl**p in the wet patch, and in the morning the hair on my pussy was still wet (cringe). Long shower, but still a few sl**ps until John is back....
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