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[Story] A new experience (Part 2)

So time went, and to be honest I really missed John. I know five weeks is not long, and I'm not over sexulised - but it was the longest time we had ben apart for 10 years.

A lot of the time I missed just sl**ping next to him, but I can't lie, I did miss him next to me more than just for sl**ping. Now I'm no prude, but not really one for touching myself that much (John usually looked after that...) But a few times (this is 5 weeks!!) it just got to much.

I could always feel it coming, it was always the same, usually at night, sometimes early in the morning. Just this tingling sensation b... Continue»
Posted by sansfrontiers 2 years ago

[Story] A new experience.... Part 1

This is my first attempt at a story, so let me know if you like it. Though I'm male, it is from a female in first person, so comments from ladies really welcome - I might not have a clue... :) Anyway, here goes:

We met at a really young age, or relatively young by any standards, I was 18, he was about to turn 21. It was love at first sight, all that butterflys in the belly (well at least mine) and all the cinema and restaurant dates that goes with falling in love, it was beautiful!

We moved in together, it was a bold move, but it just felt so right, and it worked out well. We were not ju... Continue»
Posted by sansfrontiers 2 years ago