Daddy helps

My name is John Ruby. I am married to a cold, but
attractive woman named Beth, and have a beautiful
daughter named Susan. I guess it's not a new story. Beth
and I met when we were 15, fucked often, and got
pregnant. We thought we were in love, well sort of, and
I wanted to do the right thing. Our parents refused at
first, but 3 weeks before the due date, gave their
consent, and we were married.

Beth and I had both planned to go to school. But we
could not afford it on our own. Her parents were better
off than mine, and they paid for her education. I stayed
home with Susan. My dream was to be a Journalist and
maybe write a novel or two. I was 21 years old when I
finished my first book. It was a Dungeons and Dragon
tale that did surprisingly well.

I write about less than perfect heroes, shattered
dreams, broken promises and barely recognized lusts.
Throw in a she-devil and an innocent princess in mortal
danger, and you've got a story that people seem to
enjoy. The pay was not great but damn, I was an Author!
I soon found work writing short stories, and articles
for D&D magazine, and later for their web site.

It was enough that I could feed my f****y and rent to
own a three bedroom home. Beth worked part time while
she was in school, and with the occasional helping hand
from our parents, we were fine. For fun I hone my
writing under various pen names on the internet,
including this one (my most popular) Jaz1701.

If you've read my other stories then you know I have a
thing for **** and i****t stories that are written a
certain way. I am 30 now, and have enjoyed f***e,
submission tales since I was a k**, certainly long
before I met my wife or my daughter.

While I was establishing myself at D&D Beth was
finishing law school.

By the time I published my third book, she had landed a
job at Pierce, Whitman, and Doyle, a prestigious law
firm in CT. It was a 45 minute commute to our home in
Voorhees NJ. Beth was smart, worked hard, and thanks in
part to her father's connections did well. Unfortunately
the amount of time she had to devote to her schooling
and then her career left very little for me and Susan.

I was still attracted to her physically. I enjoyed
fucking my wife. I still got a thrill out of making her
grunt, seeing her eyes snap open, and then glaze over in
shock as I fucked my fat cock into her barely willing,
slightly wet snatch.

She was a good lay but not very adventurous. She did not
particularly like oral sex, and anal was completely out.

You may not be able to understand this but, well here
goes. As my wife and I loved each other less, I enjoyed
fucking her more. I'd pin her beneath me, spread her
demure ladylike legs wide, and hold them open. I loved
looking at her tight, and tasty pussy. Sniffing it
obscenely. I'd lick her juices, enjoying her thin sneer
of disgust, of uncontrolled lust.

I loved sucking her cunt in the morning, or after an
intense workout. When she wasn't fresh, when she was
sweaty and slightly stinky. Her embarrassment was
exciting. Making her cum, scream out in a joy that she
usually denied me was a small triumph I know, but I
savored it. My absolute favorite was to pin my snobbish
little wife beneath me, to fuck her just a little bit
harder, and a lot longer than I should. Not quite enough
that she could complain, but the thought of her f***ed
submission still makes me hard, still brings a snicker
and a grin to my eyes when I think about it.

You see I liked to humble her with my thick cock. I'd
imagine that I was r****g her, that I was looking her in
the eye and ripping away her virginity. Sometimes I'd
chuckle to myself as I f***ed her to orgasm. I'd get
hard as I thrust inside my victim. I pretended she was
begging me for mercy, screaming in fear while I ****d my
wife all night. Our sex was so "love-less" it was easy
to imagine that it was ****.

Oh don't worry I made sure she came plenty. Beth was a
wet, juicy, sexy mess when I finished licking her tits
and fucking her cunt. But as soon as it was over, as
soon as we came, she wanted my cock out of her. I knew
that but I always made her ask me. I always stayed
inside her, kissing her unresponsive mouth while I was
half hard in her pussy.

She was a proud woman, and hated doing that. She always
tried to give subtle clues, quiet hints. I ignored them.
I'd grab a tit in my hand and one in my mouth and
slobber on her, pinch her. Pretending that I did it for
her pleasure. If she left me inside her slick pussy long
enough I'd get hard again. At times She'd try to wiggle
out from under me, but I was too strong. I'd hold her
down and fuck her. Other times she'd remain perfectly
still, trying to demonstrate her lack of interest. That
was the best.

I love staying still inside an unwilling vagina. Feeling
her most private warmth, her most intimate caress,
involuntarily attempt to expel my invader. Either way,
when round two began she would become frustrated and
usually mutter something like "Honestly John, not

("Yes bitch, again, heh, giggle, snicker snort, chuckle,
grin. I'll fuck you as long as I damned well please you
cold bitch. This is all you are good for, so shut up,
take my meat, and LIKE it, slut!" I'd think to myself as
I dripped my sweat, spittle, and sperm on and inside my
wife a second time).

In reality I knew she wanted me to leave her alone when
we were done, but I'd caress her clit, and fumble with
her ass like an amateur until she'd ask me to leave her
pussy alone in an exasperated tone. She had to say the
words like a good little girl. She had to ask me for
permission. It was just our little ritual, joke between
lovers. Staying inside her longer than I was welcome
gave our sex a spicy, ****y flavor that I enjoyed.

Beth knew another c***d would ruin her career. By the
time I put a condom on, and she added some spermicidal,
the spontaneity, and romance was usually gone. Add in
the fact that she was mentally and physically exhausted
most of the time and well, we just began to drift apart.
Over time, the **** fantasies were all I had left, the
only good, healthy connection we had.

It was a slow process, it took years before we admitted
it to ourselves, and even longer before we could say it
out loud. I was staying with her for our daughter's
sake. I believe she was staying with me for her career.
It was still an old boy's club. Bad enough she had a
c***d, and was f***ed to marry at 16, but to have that
marriage fail, to be divorced at 25--would be career

So our marriage hobbled along. Occasionally we were
happy, rarely sad.

Usually we were bored, with each other. As much fun as
it was to mock-**** Beth it was nowhere near as good as
true love. If you have ever fucked a woman who is simply
limp, who merely endures's pathetic. No matter
how good the sex is it makes you feel dirty. Cumming
inside a person who really does not want you is like
pissing, it's just fluid. I needed more, and to be
honest so did she. We both wanted to be loved, to feel
close to the person we were fucking. That was impossible
for us.

My daughter Susan was growing up. She was understandably
a daddy's girl. Oh she loved her mother, respected her,
but they were not close. By the time my wife reached out
for her it was too late. She was a teenager, While not a
stranger, her mother was more like a benevolent aunt, an
old f****y friend. Beth realized the coolness but
instead of fighting for her daughter's love, threw
herself into work even more.

When Beth turned 30 she was given a raise and a
significant promotion. I still made good money (45 to
$50,000), but this was the first time she made more than
me...a lot more.

"John I think it is time we talked. We've both seen this
coming for a long time. I think it's time we consider a
legal separation. I hope we can be civilized about this.
If you give me the Mercedes, I'll move out, and we can
split our bills and bank account 50/50. I think it would
make sense if you have primary custody of Susan for now.
I'll want monthly visitation and alternating holidays.
If we keep this simple I can draw up the paperwork
myself and we can avoid the expense of hiring lawyers."

She had obviously rehearsed it. It was calm, cool
logical, just like my Beth. I did not hate her. But,
well still it hurt. I had loved this woman once (well
close enough), spent half of my life as her husband, and
it was over. Her firm had Apts. that Partners and Sr.
associates could use.

She moved out the next day.

Like any k** Susan was upset she was a sensitive 14 yr.
old. "Dad is mom ever coming back, there's still a
chance right. It's only a separation right?"

"I'm sorry sweetie, your mom and I both love you very
much, and we still care about each other, we always
will. It's just...well it's just time we both moved on.
I want your mom to be happy, and she wants the same for

I hugged my daughter tight and she had a good cry. That
night she made a strange request.

"Dad, I can't sl**p. Can I get in bed with you, please."

It was an innocent request, from the person I love most
in the world. she was in pain and needed her daddy. I
had a king size I figured why not.

Susan scrambled into bed next to me. My daughter had on
one of my old t-shirts and pair of panties. Her nipples
were clearly visible, but...she was my daughter. She
gave me a hug and a kiss good night. I expected her to
move away, to her own side. But she did not. She
shifted, and snuggled and nestled close to me, for
warmth, for comfort.

I could smell her, I could feel her small breasts
burning into me. She lifted my arm and d****d it over
her, and it rested on her firm round ass. It had been so
long since I felt loved like this. Since a woman wanted
my touch, needed to feel me. I drifted off to sl**p with
a smile on my face.

I awoke the next morning, happy and relaxed. It did not
last. Somehow while we were sl**ping I had spooned my
daughter. My underwear were crusty and damp, my cock was
hard and pressed tight into her panties. My hands
covered both of her tits possessively.

I realized that the reason I woke up was because I was
about to cum. Hard. I tried to stop it, but I was too
far gone. "No, oh shit, noo!" I screamed to myself as I
abused my daughter's trust. I felt another load of cum
seep onto her ass. My hands closed on her fat baby tits
and pinched them. My cock kept thrusting, harder,
faster, deeper. Somewhere in the middle, she woke up.

"Daddy? What're you doing? Daddy are you ok?" I could
not think of anything, I was so ashamed, and frightened.
My wife was a lawyer for christsake. If she found out,
she'd destroy me. So I did the only thing I could think
of, I pretended I was asl**p. I mumbled aloud, "I love
you Beth, please don't leave me..." and then pretended
to drift off to sl**p.

My daughter grew still. My hands stayed on her young
tits, and my semi hard cock was wedged in her panties.
A part of me relished the fact that she was awake, that
she silently endured her daddy's hands on her tits, his
cock and cum on her ass. That's how it started.

My daughter never said a word to me the next day about
me cumming, or squeezing her tits. When I woke up the
next morning she had gone downstairs to fix my

I came in the kitchen and she gave me a hug, and a shy

"Morning Sweetie, mmm that was the best night's sl**p
I've had in a long while. How about you, did you enjoy
sl**ping with you old dad?" I asked as I bent down and
kissed her lightly, rubbing my tongue across her lips
briefly, before picking her up by her arm pits and
clutching her to me, keeping her there by supporting her
ass like a little girl.

"She seemed surprised by my affection, but said, um yeah
dad, I slept pretty good. Uh, I'm glad you enjoyed me,
um sl**ping with me, er sl**ping next to me...daddy put
me down and I'll get you some coffee."

Slowly I let her tits and pussy slide down my body. Her
crotch rested on my hard on for several seconds as I
hugged her hard, rubbing into her. I kissed her again,
and gave her ass a squeeze and a firm pat.

"Thanks, daddy could use something hot to drink. Bring
it over here and you can sit on daddy's lap while we
read the paper together."

"" ok daddy. I'll be right there."

Over the next few months my Daughter became the woman of
my house the woman of my life. She cooked and cleaned.
She hugged me and actually gave a damn when I talked to
her, she listened. She was everything her mother was
not. My cock seemed to fit naturally into her. Her body
was the perfect height and weight for me. She spent a
lot of time in my lap, sitting on my dick.

We never spoke of it, I just accepted, expected my
daughter's presence in my bed. Once a week or so she
just needed her daddy. I looked forward to it. We'd
snuggle up tight, and somewhere in the night I'd cum I'd
bury my cock in her panty clad cunt, or sweet little
ass, and fuck her. I'd pretend I was sl**ping, I knew
she was awake. I'd just ram her as hard as I could, hold
her, squeeze her until I came. Sometimes I'd rub her
pussy through her gown, or frantically reach inside for
bare tit meat. I'd always mumble something like, "Oh
Beth I love you, I need you baby, let me have you, don't
leave me, please, I love you..."

I'd dry-fuck my 15 yr. old, hold her in my arms while I
rested, and then fuck the sweet little angel again, and
if possible, again.

I'm not stupid, I knew what I was doing was irregular.
The feelings I had for my daughter were not completely
proper for a daddy to have. I almost always felt a
twinge of guilt the next morning. She never said a word,
never questioned why my hands cupped her, why my cock
was so hard. Maybe she really slept through it all, I'd
lie to myself. Maybe she thought it was normal., I'd
think . "Maybe she liked it, after all she came to MY
bed. She did not have to do that."

I don't know how long things might have continued if she
had not had her accident.

It was stupid really. She was coming home from school
and a k** was riding his bike. Neither one was paying
attention. She saw him right before he hit her, and
jumped into the street to avoid him. The truck that hit
her ripped tendons in her hip, severely bruised her
ankle, her left leg, and broke her arm.

My wife arrived at the hospital two hours after I did.
She was concerned and appeared to be mildly irritated at
the interruption. Once she found out Susan would live,
and require minimal hospitalization she seemed ready to
leave. I called her on it

"Beth we are still married, your daughter is going to
need help. She needs you. Surely you are coming home.
You can move back in for a few weeks, can't you?"

"John I'm sorry but I have opening arguments tomorrow
morning on a major trial. One of our largest clients is
being brought up on charges of tax evasion. If I win he
will give all of his legal concerns to our firm. That's
millions of dollars per year. I'll make Jr. Partner. I
have to focus. If Susan was dying it would be different.
I need you to handle this. I'll check in when I can.
Thanks John," she said as she kissed me on the cheek and

The doctor's decided to keep her in the hospital for
observation overnight Her left hip was severely bruised
and swollen. She had twisted her right ankle pretty bad.
Her right arm and wrist were clean breaks. She had a
mild concussion and less severe bruises on her chest and
back. The k** was a pitiful, painful mess--but she would
be fine, eventually.

Her doctor felt she was well enough to go home the next
day so our HMO would not pay for her to stay. I was
alone with a 15 yr. old girl who could not dress, shower
or go to the bathroom unassisted. It sure would have
been nice (real fucking nice) to have a loving
wife/mother there to help.

It was clear that Susan felt the same way. The
separation and pending divorce were bad enough. But She
felt her mom would be there when she really needed her.
We were both wrong.

To be fair, Beth did call once, sometimes twice a day
that first week. She visited on Sunday but Susan said
she was too tired to see visitors.

And. That. Was. That.

The first night I brought her home was an experience.
She could not walk unassisted. The Doctor had given her
a powerful controlled medicine for pain. It made her
dizzy and sl**py. I carried her to her bed, and sat

"Honey are you hungry can I get you anything? Some
water, a glass of juice?"

"No dad I'm tired just wanna go to bed."

"Ok let me help you get undressed sweetie." We were both
uncomfortable, I was very nervous at first. My hands
were trembling as I stripped my little girl. The sweater
wasn't too bad. It buttoned down the front. It felt
awkward peeling open her shirt, exposing her bra to me.
I could not help but brush my fingers across her padded
nipples. So soft, so silky.

"Do you want daddy to take off your bra...ok baby I'll
leave it on for now," I said in mild disappointment.

Next I laid her down and pulled her jeans off. It was
not easy. Her hip was jostled and she cried out in pain.
I vowed that she would be as close to naked as possible,
so long as I was dressing/undressing her. After all it
was just us, why should cause her pain?

When I pulled her jeans down, I accidentally pulled her
panties down too.

Susan was so out of it, from pain and d**gs, she did not
realize it but her pussy mound was exposed to me. I
stared at her puffy, pouty, pussy lips and licked mine.
So tender, so delectable. I decided it was easier to
pull them all the way off, rather than embarrass her by
calling attention to her lack of panties.

Then I pulled the sheet over her, and kissed her gently.
"sl**p well angel, daddy's here."

About 3 hours later I heard a noise, it was my daughter.
I had drifted off to a deep sl**p while watching TV. She
had apparently been calling me for some time and was
quite frantic.

"What is it sweetie, I'm sorry what do you need."

"Dad where were you, hurry I have to go, I have to pee,

One bathroom was downstairs, the other was in the master
bedroom. I tried to help her out of the bed, to guide
her as she hobbled towards my bathroom at the end of the
long hallway. I was too slow.

"Dad please, I'm not gonna make it, help me!"

I picked my half naked daughter up and ran for the
bathroom. We almost made it.

"Oh,, shit. Oh my god daddy I'm so sorry, I
can't help it", my 15 yr. old cried in shame as she wet
herself. Jets of her piss sprayed me, dripping on me,
drenching my clothes as I carried her. I jumped into the
shower and held her tight as she wet me.

"It's ok baby it's not your fault. I'm the one who fell
asl**p. Go on and pee Susan, daddy does not mind, let it
out. I love you baby girl. I love you."

The hand I was supporting her ass with was slippery and
wet. She was sobbing uncontrollably now, humiliated that
she had pissed on her father. She did not notice as I
slipped two fingers in her pussy, to help hold her lips
open, as her yellow stream continued to flow.

We stood there for a couple minutes, My hands were still
under her ass, my fingers in her sopping pussy, dripping
in warm piss. I never felt closer to my daughter than I
did in that moment. I rocked her, told her that it was
ok, that I loved her and did not mind a bit. She just
kept sobbing. I couldn't think of anything else to do. I
wanted to stop her tears, to take her mind off of it. So
I bent down and kissed her mouth hard. It was a long,
wet hungry kiss. I sucked her tongue, nibbled her lips
as I massaged her damp pussy, and hugged her tight.
She stopped in mid sob, she was completely surprised.


"Susan I want you to listen very carefully to me. I am
your daddy. I love you very much. You will not ever be
embarrassed in front of me again. Over the next few
weeks I will see you naked plenty of times. I'm allowed
to. I will touch, and caress, and fondle every part of
you. It is natural. I will spread your legs, open and
wash your little pussy, and help you wipe your ass. I
will be dressing and undressing you. If I need to I'll
put you in diapers and change them. I've done it before,
and I can do it again."

"I absolutely love you and I WANT to take care of you.
It hurts me to think you are embarrassed in front of me.
Of course, it's only fait if I get to see you naked, get
to touch your privates, you have the right to do the
same to me. After all you are the woman of the house
now. Now, are we clear...good. Then lets get us both
cleaned up. If you hold onto the rail can you stand,
support yourself?"

I set my daughter down and unsnapped her bra. Her perky
tits jiggled a little in greeting. Then I quickly took
my piss soaked clothes off and turned on the shower. I
could not help getting hard, as the warm water ran over
us. I took the liquid soap and began lathering Susan up
with my hands. I rinsed her face and neck and then moved
to her stomach, thighs , arms and feet. We both knew
what was coming. I started with her breasts. I soaped
them gently, rubbed them lightly. Soon I was playing
with her pert nipples. Susan's legs buckled once and she
nearly fell.

"Susan honey lean back against daddy."

She did, She jumped a little when she felt my cock
bouncing around outside her pussy but she stayed there
like a good girl. My arms circled her waist and I cupped
both her breasts while pressing into her from behind.
She felt so good.

Slowly I soaped her lower belly and played with her
pussy lips. Then I dipped a finger inside her cunt. It
was gripping and clenching me ha hard. I washed Susan's
pussy until she came in my hands.

"Dad, ooh oh god, oh daddy...what are you doing. Please,
wait, what are you doing to me?"0

"Shah baby, you need to get used to daddy washing you,
touching you. You're just a little sensitive down there.
Let's try it some more until you settle down I have to
take care of you. you still seem tense. Daddy is going
to relax you while he cleans you. Get used to my touch
baby. Concentrate on daddy's fingers inside of you.
Daddy can touch you anywhere and it is ok. It's not
dirty when it's your daddy. Don't move, relax. Give me
your body. Re-la-x, shh baby let me have you," I said as
I massaged and soaped my 15 yr. old daughter's clit and
rubbed her pussy for several minutes.

I wasn't through yet. I needed to clean her butt too. I
peeled her sweet ass apart and soaped my cock real good.
Then I ran it up and down the crack of her ass, deep
inside her tight, delicious buns. I did not pierce her
anus, just soaped her buns good with my beefy dick. My
finger was still in her pussy, as I half fucked her ass.
My cock was pressed tight against the entrance of her
butt-ring and the head somehow, accidentally slipped
inside just a half inch. I grabbed both her buns, and
squeezed them tight, I molded her butt cheeks around my

My cock started squirting, leaking semen into my
daughter's ass. I tried not to jerk, not to slam it
home. I managed not to **** her ass. I just filled her
tender butt with my cum. My hands reached around her.
One on her tit, and one in her cunt, as I pulled her
snug against me.

"There baby, daddy is getting you nice and clean. You
are so soft, so wet, daddy is going to keep you clean.
Every day I'm going to wash you good, just like this. Do
you like it Susan, do you like the way your daddy cleans

"Um I don't know, I feel strange, it feels good but it
feels kind of weird having your, uh thing inside me, and
your finger keeps rubbing my vagina. Is this normal dad.
I feel so funny."

I had cum but Susan was teetering on the edge again. She
was close, so close. I decided to teach her a lesson.

"Ok baby if you feel funny we better stop. you are clean
now anyway. Daddy is going to get you dry."

Susan had a look of confused frustration as I pulled out
of her ass and released her tits and privates. She was
cold as my warmth left her. But part of her seemed

"My bed is closest to the bathroom, and I need to be
able to hear you if you need help. You might as well
sl**p with me until you feel better. So you don't wet
yourself again. "

"Um, ok dad. I guess that makes sense, she said in a
shy, humble voice.

She was still embarrassed, and shaking from multiple

I helped her out of the shower then and dried her off
lightly. I liked the way she looked dripping and wet. I
picked her up then and carried her to my bed, cold and

My daughter and I were still naked.

"Um, dad...I need some clothes, er and so do you..."

"I'm going to sl**p in the nude tonight, but you need to
put something on. Susan with your hip and broken arm we
need something very loose, easy to get on and off when I
dress you. It does not make sense to deal with a bra and
panties every day. Your mom has some old nightgowns in
the dresser over there. You decide which ones you want
to wear.

I picked out three of Beth's skimpiest, flimsiest see
through lingerie from happier times and laid them out
for Susan to choose from. She settled on a black semi
see through satin gown. It was low cut and the breast
cups were a mesh pattern that showed lots of nipple.
Susan blushed as I helped her put it on. I did not
bother putting anything on as we both settled into my

"Good night daddy," she said as she moved her head to
kiss my cheek.

She was surprised when I did not let her, but gave a
perfunctory, "Good night Susan, get some rest."

Cool satin, on wet skin + air conditioner made Susan
very chilly. It was only natural that she seek the
nearest source of warmth, me.

"Susan honey, move over a little bit, give daddy some

"But dad I'm cold, can I snuggle with you.

"Honey, usually I would not but well Daddy
misses mommy tonight. He is a little lonely and it might
be a little embarrassing for both of us if you get too

Susan got very quiet then. She had an idea what I meant,
after all she had felt my cock before, she had slept
with me when I came on her body (uh, in my sl**p). She
had heard me mumble my love for her mother, and knew
what I would do. She knew what it felt like to have me
inside her ass, to have my hands playing her tits, my
finger in her young cunt, tickling her cit. I was naked
now, and she was nearly so.

My daughter knew what would happen if she snuggled with
me tonight. I was going to take her virginity. I was
going to make love to her. I was going to spread her
open, climb between her legs and fuck her till she bled,
fuck her until she came. She was curious, and horny from
her aborted orgasm a few minutes ago, so she decided to
risk it.

"Dad, I am cold, and you are my dad. I trust you. You
just said I should not be embarrassed around you,
doesn't that go both ways?"

I pretended to think about it, sighed and said, "Ok
sweetie, if you are sure. Daddy is a man and he has
needs, but I'm a little chilly too. I'll be so gentle
If you can handle it so can I.

I moved over closer to my daughter and kissed her
lightly on the lips for about 30 seconds.

She kissed me back determined to prove she could take

"There did that help warm you up...good. Now lets
snuggle up a tight."

I spooned my daughter and put my arms around her waist.
Slowly my hands massaged and caressed my way to her
round little tits. I cupped them and squashed them. Her
breathing changed, but she did not complain.

I pulled the hem of her nightgown up so her bare bottom
was resting on my cock. I slowly stroked her breasts
while I pushed my meat in the valley of her ass. She was
whimpering now, and trembling slightly. I could smell
her arousal.

"Are you ok honey, are you warming up now. Daddy likes
the feel of your soft, smooth, warm skin against him.
I'm going to take this gown off you. You can sl**p on
Daddy's tummy. I'll keep you nice and toasty."

Gently, carefully I eased my daughter's body on top of
mine I spread her out, her tits mashed flat on my chest,
my cock peeked up between her legs and the shaft of it
rested against her pussy. She was dripping pretty good
now, and I was leaking precum all over her pussy, and

I loved the feel of her small soft body resting on top
of me. She belonged here, locked in my arms. It was more
than sexual. It was meant to be. I was her daddy, and I
had the right to fuck her. To be her lover, her man.
Deep inside I believed that, I knew that it was truth.
But here is the strange part. I knew that fucking her
would change everything.

Taking her virginity would end her innocence. It would
be a greedy, selfish act. Because of her injuries no
matter how gentle I was, I would still hurt her. Never
mind the tearing, the ripping of her virginity. Her arm,
hip and ankle would detract from her enjoyment

But it was more than that. This was my daughter. It was
a beautiful, sacred, holy trust. I wanted to be just her
daddy for a little while longer. The pureness of it, the
simplicity of her love was something I would not easily
surrender. Yes she was sexy, yes I wanted to ram my cock
in her cunt, in her ass, to suck her tits, to fuck her
into submission. I admit that wanted to train her, to
teach her how to please me. I needed to discover her
most intimate secrets, how to give her body maximum
pleasure. I am only human, I admit it.

But I chose not to make love to my baby girl that night.
It seemed wrong somehow. It is difficult to put into
words. Somehow I just sensed that fucking my daughter
was in some way, not quite...right. I would wait until
she was a little older, until she was healthy, and ready
for me. I did not stop our love, I simply paused it, I
set it on simmer, and let her stew in her own juices for
a while.

She seemed a little disappointed at first. But then the
hazy gaze of lust dissipated and her look of pure love
returned. Slowly she realized that daddy was just going
to hold her. That she would still be my virgin, little
girl. My cock was still throbbing, and Susan's sweet
little pussy trickled her contentment as it snuggled and
squeezed around her daddy's love.

My hands lightly scratched and squeezed and massaged her
ass. Her face was buried in my chest as she sucked my
nipple for comfort.

"I love you daddy, I love you so much," she said as she
drifted off to sl**p.

My cock finally erupted, as I shot load after load of
fresh cum straight in the air. Some bathed the outside
of my daughter's pussy, most spewed on her back and ass.
I scooped it up and rubbed it on her face and mouth.

"Soon little one. I am going to fuck you very soon, " I
promised myself, promised us both, as I hugged Susan
tight. My index finger slid into her anus, and my left
middle finger slipped inside her pussy, where they

I kissed the top of her head and said "Daddy loves you
too Sweetness. Good night, sl**p tight, don't let the
bed bugs bite."

89% (42/5)
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11 months ago
OH, that was hot and it got my count wet... I wish for him to be my father... I want to read the second part... Please! bring her mother to the picture and make her leak her...
1 year ago
The man...Susan's daddy...has the respect--for the lack of a nicer word--to forego and delay the raping of his daughter!! His unconvincing guilt that he's done the right thing, much to his chagrin, is shallow and lothesome; he is convinced Susan is his chattel, HIS, to do with as he pleases and only delays because hs is "so caring". His respect for her is less than most people's respect for a slug. The truth be known, he could very possibly win her, totally and completely, by kindness and compassion! His aim is to dominate her; too bad he doesn't see his precious child otherwise!

The writer has a great writing ability; his gift is a blessing to his ability to write with elan and descriptiveness.
1 year ago
The story is well written, offers clarity and understanding of the words and meaning. The character's display their dialogue and conversations well.

The theme is disturbing in that the father (term loosely used) firmly believes his daughter is his chattel, his property, his right to use, abuse and rape. He does not give an iota to the consideration of his daughter's rights, her true feelings (not the ones he manufacturers FOR her and coaxes her into believing). If anything, his daughter's rights are bigger, more important than his--he won't, refuses to, and vows not to admit it!!
2 years ago
Damn good story !! Is there a part 2 please !!!
3 years ago
loved it what happened next?
3 years ago
Hmmm ... it was pretty well written, although I disagree with the content, I will give you credit for imagination. At least I hope it's not true.
3 years ago
Great story. Keep going
3 years ago
Very nice story. Please continue