Jimmy's Girls Part 3

Chapter 6

'What a fucking great world this is!' thought Jimmy
Patterson. He was lying back on his bed, basking in
mind-numbing pleasure.

What was the cause of this pleasure, you ask?

Well, Tiffany Johnson's hot lips were sliding up one
side of his pecker and Candice Johnson's sweet lips
were sliding up the other side! Try telling me that you
don't think that would blow a guy's mind! The teen
s****rs would meet at his prick-head and they would
wetly kiss, with his knob nestled snugly between their
lips. As Tiffany and Candice stuck their tongues in
each other's mouth, they would lick his drooling cock-
knob and fight over the tangy juice that was pissing
out! Their lip-gloss had the throbbing head of his wang
polished and just a-shining!

Then they would kiss their way back down to the root of
his pecker and almost bump those beautiful, blonde
heads together as they each licked his nut-sack and
each sucked a ball into their mouths for some hot

"Cuddle his nut with your tongue, Candy!" advised
Tiffany. "Suck gently and tickle it too!"

While the s****rs were busy ball-sucking, Jimmy's
pecker quivered in the air in pleasure, throbbing, big
veins pulsing, shiny and slick with their spit.

16-year-old Jimmy just loved this hot action and he
praised the s****rs, "Oh, suck me and fuck me!" he
yelled. "What a fucking pair of cock-gobblers!"

Earlier, Jimmy's pecker had poked its way through
Candice's cherry and enjoyed the virgin tightness of
her cunt, until he had blasted a big load of steamy cum
into the 13-year-old. Candice had sucked up his bone
and his cum, like a champ, and whimpered and moaned and
had some thrilling cums for herself. Not bad for a k**
her age!

After Jimmy had gotten rid of that delightful, but
useless, cherry, he had lain back on the bed and the
s****rs decided to treat him to this delightful double

It started when Candice finished moaning through her
cums. "Thanks, Jimmy, that was fucking great, you
stretching out my box!" she whimpered. "Thank you, s*s,
for setting me up with Jimmy! Now I don't have to start
high school as a fucking cherry!"

Tiffany wasn't sure she could take the credit. She was
positive that horny Jimmy, stud that he was, would have
gotten around to knocking down her s****r, whether she
said anything or not! Her s****r had been hot, panting
for it, and Jimmy, well, he was always hot for
anything! But not much beat giving a creamy cherry-
virgin, like Candice, her first cocking!

"So, now Tiffany, you can give me some cocksucking
lessons, would ya?" Candice pleaded. "Boys like their
dicks sucked, you say, and I want all the boys at the
new school to like me!"

Jimmy, sure as hell had no objections. He'd like to
help Candice be popular! His parents were out somewhere
with the teen-age girl's mom and dad and there seemed
to be no signs of them coming home. Of course, he had
no way of knowing, that at that exact moment, his
mother's face was buried between the legs of Tiffany
and Candace's mom for some twat-licking!

Jimmy had taken note of the fact that Lisa Johnson was
a sexy looking bitch, for a Mom. 'Sorta like his own
Mom.' Jimmy mused. Jimmy knew his Dad wasn't slinging
the bone to his Mom much anymore and, for the life of
him, couldn't figure out why not.

Jimmy's cock, on the other hand, kept a lot of girls
smiling! Like these Johnson s****r sluts! Some guys
used the word 'slut' as something derogatory. Not
Jimmy! He loved sluts! He loved throwing them the bone
and, even better, he loved how they loved it! No
fucking around with stupid, immature mind games with a
slut! They knew what they wanted and weren't shy about

Jimmy had different sluts every day throwing cunt at
him and he took the ones he wanted. And being generous,
he spread it around! Of course, he preferred the more
gorgeous twat, like Tiffany and Candice. But even some
of the plainer-looking snatch had been the recipient of
juicy cums, courtesy of Jimmy's big boner! Jimmy
decided there weren't many girls who didn't like the

Right now, Tiffany was going down on him, sucking his
big pussy-pleaser, tasting the mixture of his cum and
her s****r's cunt-cream, which made his cock taste
sweeter than any chocolate treat. Jimmy marveled at
just how much this 14-year-old tramp loved sucking his
cock! He was sure Tiffany could suck the chrome off a

School was starting next week and Jimmy figured Tiffany
would be only too anxious to meet in one of the
bathrooms for a little prick-play between classes. He
knew the kill-joy teachers tried to catch the girls
smoking in the bathrooms between classes, but he didn't
think there was a rule against blow-job-fun in the
cans! He chuckled as he thought of Tiffany going to her
next class, still licking his cum from her pretty lips!

Candice studied her s****r's cock expertise, closely,
for a few minutes, determined she would be just as good
a dick-licker as her s****r! Then Tiffany moved her
head and let her s****r bite the bone a little by
herself, before joining back in.

"Slide your lips up and down that side of his cock,
Candy," she instructed her s****r, "and I'll slide my
lips along this side! Get it good and wet! And don't
forget some hot kisses!"

The incredible feel of two pairs of soft, wet lips
administering feathery kisses to his cock had Jimmy
teetering on the verge of blowing another load. He had
already blasted a good-sized wad into Candice's no-
longer-virgin twat, but, as he had shown Tiffany
yesterday, Jimmy's nuts were a fucking sperm-factory,
on overtime, and he could pump out big, creamy cum-
loads all day! Much to Tiffany's delight! 13-year-old
Candy hadn't tasted any boy-cum yet and Jimmy thought
it was just about fucking time he creamed her mouth!

"Tiffany, cutie-pie," he instructed. "Get your sweet
mouth over my knob. I'm going to crank out a cum-wad!
I'll fill your mouth first, sweetie! When you get your
mouthful, pull off, and Candice, have your mouth ready!
Get down over my knob and I'll fill your mouth too!
Your s****r fucking loves my cum! You'll love sucking
it up, too!"

Candy was more than willing to suck up a mouthful of
Jimmy's nut-juice. What a great plan he had, to fill
each of their mouths! And the s****rs pulled it off to
perfection, so no precious cum-juice was lost! Tiffany
sucked his knob into her mouth and swirled her tongue
all around it until Jimmy groaned and sent jets of cum
up the length of his prick!

She filled her mouth then moved her head so that
Candice, waiting right there, got her mouth around the
knob, and Jimmy, not missing a beat, filled the 13-
year-old's mouth with the first long ropes of cum she
had tasted! Do I even have to tell you that Candice
fucking loved it? With her cherry busted and a mouthful
of cum, she felt like a woman at last!

Jimmy's pecker never felt harder, it almost burned his
hand, as he grabbed his cock and fisted it. He just had
to rub his cock as he was being treated to the sight of
the two s****rs fling themselves at each other in a
sloppy kiss, their mouths both full of his cum! He
watched their tongues pushing his sperm back and forth
between their sweet little mouths! He blew another
whole fucking load in the air, watching the s****rs
each swallow their mouthfuls of cum and then keep
kissing and licking each other! That wasn't enough for
these horny sluts! They dived on Jimmy and licked up
all the cum he had blown on himself! Then they kissed
and giggled some more!

Jimmy wriggled out from under them and held his cock.
Momentarily, he was sure, it had sagged a little and
Jimmy looked at it, hoping it was soft enough so he
could take a piss. He left the girls tangled on the bed
and went to the can.

When he came back, he surveyed the girlie-action on the
bed! The s****rs were both squealing and wiggling as
they muff-dived into each other's crotch! Candice was
on top and her gorgeous ass-globes stuck up in the air.
She felt Jimmy's hands all over her plump cheeks,
caressing and squeezing and poking into her bum-hole.
She wiggled her buns at him and they seemed to be
inviting, 'Come on in, big stud-prick!"

Jimmy's pecker was back to its usual steel-like
condition, watching these nymph s****rs eat each other
out. He spread Candice's labs with his prick-knob and
slid into the squishy warmth where it bathed in cream
while Candy's snatch nipped at his pole!

Candice squealed hard. "Oh, Tiffany, Jimmy's fucking me
again!" Tiffany knew that already, without her s****r's
squeals, as she had to move her mouth to make way for
Jimmy's prick! She licked his balls as they swung to
and fro with Jimmy's thrusts into her s****r! On
Jimmy's out-strokes she'd run her tongue the length of
his pecker. She kept her mouth handy and every 3rd or
4th stroke Jimmy would pull right out of Candy and
stick his cock in her mouth so she could lick up the
Candy-cream! Tickling Jimmy's cock, dripping with her
s****r's snatch-juice, with her tongue, drove the 14-
year-old Tiffany just wild with lust. She wanted
fucked! They needed another cock!

Jimmy read her mind. He pulled out of Candice and
stroked his cock as he instructed the girls, "Roll
over, guys and I'll ream your box for awhile, Tiffany!"
She squealed her pleasure in agreement!

The girl's rolled and Tiffany thrust her head back into
her s****r's box for a whole bunch more of yummy,
girlie-cum treats! Jimmy horsed his cock home into her,
while, taking a page from her s****r's book of tricks,
Candice licked Jimmy's nuts. She had watched her s****r
licking around their crotches, as Jimmy had thrown her
the bone, and she too, held her mouth at the ready so
Jimmy could pull his prick out of her s****r,
sometimes, and feed it into her mouth so she could lick
it good and taste the sweetness of Tiffany-cunt-cream!

Jimmy roared as he blew another load then stood,
panting, as he watched Tiffany snuggle her cooze over
her s****r's mouth. Candice ate her s****r again, this
time sucking out Jimmy's cum along with Tiffany's box-
juice! The 13-year-old looked just dreamy as she
cleaned her s****r's box!

"You two are a pair of real cum-hounds!" Jimmy praised
the girls. "You're going to be very fucking popular at
your new school, take my word for it!"

"Tiffany, after the fucking party, the whole football
team wants to throw you the bone, and wait 'til they
get a look at you, Candy! You two will have the pick of
the cocks and all the prick-time you want!"

After Tiffany and Candice licked each other to another
couple of juicy cums, Tiffany decided she wanted a
cigarette. She rose from the bed, her long, gorgeous
legs trembling with after-cums and lit a Virginia Slim.

"Would you like a whole cigarette for yourself,
Candice?" Tiffany had been teaching her s****r to smoke
but so far Candice had contented herself with just
small drags from her s****r's cigarette.

Candice took a long Virginia Slim from her s****r's
pack and slid it between her cummy lips. Tiffany held
her lighter for her and instructed Candy, "Put the end
close to the flame and just suck a little until it is

Candy did that perfectly. Once it was going, she took
her longest drag yet, filled her mouth with smoke,
breathed it into her lungs and then blew the smoke back
out in a long cone. It tasted warm and good and she
didn't even cough.

Tiffany dragged, "I guess you've got the hang of it,
s*s! Tastes good, right? I always love a cigarette
after a boy has thrown his bone into me!"

Jimmy lay on the bed and stroked his cock. He watched
the s****rs having their cigarette and thought they
looked very sexy doing it. As would be expected,
Tiffany was the better smoker, having smoked longer,
but for a novice, Candy managed to look pretty hot too!

"You girls look sexy," Jimmy said. "Which one of you is
going to be finished first and get over here and lick
my cock?"

Tiffany liked her cigarettes but she liked her cock
more! In short order, she was back in the bed and
exhaled her last lungful of smoke at his pecker. Then
she had Jimmy's rod back in her mouth where it
belonged! He lay back and enjoyed that hot mouth and
all her tongue-tricks as she tried to Hoover another
cum-load from his balls! Jimmy swore Tiffany deserved a
bone-licking trophy as nice as his football trophies!

Candice finished her cigarette and returned to the bed
and fed Jimmy her titties. They were sweet and he
mashed her boobies together. While Tiffany made a meal
of his meat, he found he could get both Candice's
nipples into his mouth at the same time!

The s****rs were well on their way to giving Jimmy
another rocket ride when someone knocked on Jimmy's

Jimmy hadn't heard his parents car, hadn't heard anyone
come in the house. He'd been a little busy. "Who is
it?" he asked.

"It's Jackson, buddy. I need a favor."

"Jackson," Jimmy said, "I got two cunts in here. I
don't really have the time."

"Can we come in, Jimmy? I got snatch here, too. That's
what I need to talk to you about."

Jackson was his best receiver and, while not in Jimmy's
class, he was a pretty fair high-school-stud-cunt-hound
also. "O.K. Come on in!"

The door opened and Jackson brought Patty into the
room. Jimmy grinned at them with Tiffany Johnson
sucking his cock while Candice Johnson was letting him
play with her tits!

Tiffany raised her head from Jimmy's cock long enough
to say, "Hi'ya, Patty. This here's my little s****r,

Patty had a cigarette going but she finished it as she
went over to the bed. "Don't let me interrupt your fun,
Tiffany." she said. "Hi there, sweet-stuff! Candice,
you're a real cutie!" And she reached out and gave
Candy's boobs a good feel. They were slick with Jimmy's
saliva, where he had been drooling on her nipples and
Patty slid her hands all around causing Candy to moan
with delight!

"Patty's hootchie's got me fucked out, Jimmy." Jackson
complained. "I can't keep it up all day like you!"

Jimmy pulled Tiffany's head from his cock. "Not even
for a piece like this, Jackson?"

Jackson stared. Patty and Candice were kissing and
Patty was feeling up Candice's little boobies. Tiffany
pulled her mouth off Jimmy's cock, stood and let him
admire her body. She was stacked! Her tits were large
and plump with pink nipples sticking out of darker
aureoles. As she stood there her nipples angled right
at his eyes! Narrow waist, flaring out to nice-sized
hips and a gorgeously sculpted ass, topped off by long,
luscious legs! Jackson thought Patty's hot cooze had
fucked him out, but he felt the stirrings of a boner!

Tiffany felt Jimmy give her a little push. "Go on,
Tiffany. See if you can't get Jackson there up for a
little cunt-fun!"

He reached up and grabbed Patty and replaced Tiffany's
mouth on his cock with Patty's. Patty sure didn't
complain about that! Jackson had fucked her pretty
well, she had to admit, but she loved sucking Jimmy's
rod! It lurched at her now, and she welcomed it with
feathery kisses and licks!

The kiss Tiffany laid on Jackson would have given a
boner to a statue! His hands were juggling her boobies
and Tiffany lowered Jackson's pants and sure enough! He
had a boner all right! She knelt and kissed the head of
it, electricity in her lips, and it dribbled at her,
eliciting a whimper from Jackson.

Candice had resumed feeding her tits to Jimmy, when
Patty left her to suck his prick. But now, she went
across the room and joined her s****r in eating
Jackson's big cock! They had practiced on Jimmy's rod
and when they each started sliding their wet lips up
either side of Jackson's prick, he, who had thought he
was nutted out, fucking near blew a load right there!

Glancing over to the bed, Jackson saw that Jimmy had
pulled his cock from Patty's mouth, ripped off her
clothes and was giving her some good-sized prick-
strokes. Patty loved that kind of treatment and met his
cock-stabs by hunching her pussy right back at him!
Each of the Johnson girls took one of Jackson's arms
and led him to the bed.

"Good thing Mom bought me this big bed, eh guys?" Jimmy
laughed as the girls lay Jackson down beside Patty. She
twisted her head and kissed Jackson but then had to
move her head as Candice sat on his face!

Candice snuggled her warm and wet puss up to Jackson's
mouth and her snatch promptly started drooling honey
into his mouth for him to enjoy. He licked around and
made her squirt out some more! Jackson's boner was
sticking straight up and Tiffany gave it a some
luscious licks before she crouched over it, pulled her
pussy-gates open, made sure the knob was inserted into
her drooling box, and then, with a groan sank down on
it 'til she was sitting on his hips.

From these fun positions, Tiffany sitting on Jackson's
cock and her s****r sitting on Jackson's face, the
Johnson s****rs could lean in and kiss each other and
play with one another's boobies! They bit each other's
lips as Jackson's tongue in Candice's box and his prick
in Tiffany's snatch had both the girl's fun-guns firing
sugar-pop thrills! Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Jimmy thought that looked pretty wild! Without taking
his pecker out of Patty, he managed to roll her over on
top of him. He thrust his hips off the bed, jabbing his
pecker deep up into Patty! She got the message and
started riding the Jimmy-pole, up and down. Patty's
girlie-cum streamed down Jimmy's boner to puddle on his
crotch and soak his cock-fur!

From this new position, sitting on Jimmy with his prick
slid up inside her, she could lean over, too, and kiss
with the Johnson s****rs as she rocked her cunny on
Jimmy's pecker and enjoyed some sugary-thrills too!

Talk about fun! Jackson ate little Candice to some big
cums, as his big cock fucked her s****r into shivery
climaxes. Patty rode Jimmy's cock until she was
squealing. Jimmy nudged Jackson and said, "Let's go,
buddy! Let's blow these girls right off our cocks!"

With simultaneous howls, Jackson and Jimmy tried to do
just that! Like the space shuttle blasting off, the
teen boys fired big cum-loads upward through their
throbbing pricks! Patty and Tiffany could feel the
fiery spurts hitting inside them and clutched each
other and kissed as the boys threw their hips upwards
and the wads of cum kept rocketing into the honey-pots
of their teen-age fuck-mates!

Sometime later the k**s took a rest. The three girls
were sitting at Jimmy's desk, having a cigarette and
still shivering through after-cum-thrills! Jackson and
Jimmy were lying on the bed, idly rubbing their cocks
and talking about the upcoming season. A fun time had
been had by all!

Chapter 7

The day after the orgy started out quietly. Actually
Jimmy didn't think of what had happened in terms of
'orgy'. Five healthy teens just had a pile of fun! What
was wrong with that? Jimmy fixed himself some
breakfast, sat around and wondered where his parents
were. Didn't his dad have to work today?

Jimmy reflected that Patty and the Johnson sluts were
better than your average quiff! They were fine fucks,
for sure, but, unlike a lot of cunt, when they had
finally called it a night from fucking and sucking,
while Jimmy and Jackson had went downstairs and drank
some of his dad's beer, the girls, Tiffany and Patty
and Candice, had stripped his bed and did the laundry.

There was no way he could have slept on those sheets.
They were fucking soaked! The girls had pumped out
tremendous volumes of puss-juice and despite how much
they liked it, the girls hadn't been able to drink all
the cum Jimmy and Jackson had fired out their peckers!
The girls had cleaned their ash-trays and took out the
garbage and, in general, spruced up his room probably
better than he did. Tiffany had even rubbed a cloth in
her pussy-juice and used it to polish his football
trophies. She swore the little metal football players
on the trophies, got boners like Jimmy, as she rubbed

He heard the car and then his Mom came in the house.
She looked scrumptious! Her hair was brushed 'til it
gleamed and done-up nice, make-up flawlessly applied.
His Mom was a knock-out and she was glowing! Jimmy
thought, 'Mom must have got some loving!' And probably
not from his Dad! Jimmy loved his Dad and hated to
admit it, but he didn't think his Dad could sling a
cock like he could! He didn't realize the loving that
had his Mom so glowing, had come from Tiffany's Mom,
Lisa Johnson!

"Where's Dad?" Jimmy asked her.

Sandra Patterson lit a cigarette and said, "I dropped
him at work, Jimmy. We were at a party with the
Johnson's and no one could drive home. Did you and the
girls have fun?"

Jimmy just grinned at her!

"Son, I hope you aren't taking advantage of those new

"No, Mom." Jimmy wondered just how any guy could take
advantage of those two cock-hounds!

"Anyway, Lisa Johnson wants to see you today. She took
her husband to work, too, and I think she has some
chores she needs help with. But maybe she wants to warn
you to stay away from her little girls! Or out from
under their clothes!"

Jimmy laughed. "I'll go see her and set her straight,
Mom. You can count on me!"

A few minutes later, Jimmy knocked at the Johnson's
door and entered when Lisa Johnson called out, "Come
in, Jimmy!"

He walked into the kitchen. Lisa Johnson was sitting at
the kitchen table having a cigarette. Jimmy thought she
was a fuller, plusher, certainly not fat, but a more
well-upholstered version of Tiffany! "Jimmy, sit down"
she said finishing her cigarette and lighting another
one of her Eve 120s. "I know you've been having sex
with Tiffany."

"Have I?" Jimmy said, giving her an innocent grin. "Did
Tiffany say I did?"

"She didn't have to say anything. A mother can tell. I
saw what she looked like when she came from your room
the other night!"

Jimmy reflected, if that was true, it was a good
fucking thing she had been out all night and hadn't
seen Candice this morning! Tiffany had said she and
Candice were going early for some shopping. She had
promised to show off her goodies for him later in a
sexy new outfit.

"Relax, Jimmy," Lisa said, taking a drag from her
cigarette. "I didn't say I was angry with you for that,
did I? I'm glad Tiffany has made a new friend. She had
lots of boys for friends at her old school and that's
important, don't you think?"

"Sure, Ma'am," Jimmy chuckled. He'd just bet Tiffany
had lots of guys hanging around! He wondered if her Mom
knew exactly why the guys liked hanging with Tiffany.
She was nice enough, all right, but her incredible
taste for cock might have had something to do with it!

Jimmy smiled at Lisa, admiring her boobs, watching her
as she lazily smoked her cigarette. He saw a familiar
gleam in her eye. There was no mistaking the way she
looked back at him!

"Anyway, Jimmy, don't you worry about it. If Tiffany is
happy, that's all I need to know. But right now, I need
you to come upstairs and help me with something. Do you
have time?"

Jimmy scratched his balls and laughed. "Sure, I've got
nothing on today, Mrs. Johnson!"

"Well then, Jimmy, you just come with me."

He followed Lisa to the stairs. Her skirt was tight and
he could see the outline of her ass as it wiggled in
front of him and he smelled her exhales of her
cigarette smoke. No panties! He chuckled. It figured.

Lisa led him straight to the bedroom she shared with
her husband. She stood there and crushed her cigarette
in the ashtray beside the bed. She waited there,
silent, but smiling, her eyes gleaming as she looked at
him. She hoped Jimmy was as ballsy as he looked and
wondered if, at 16, he'd recognize the signs and make
his move!

She needn't have worried! Jimmy well knew the look of a
cock-hungry slut! He grinned and didn't say a word.
Today was going to be another fine day! He walked over
and grabbed Lisa, taking her in his arms. She made mock
resistance for a just a second saying, "Jimmy..."

He silenced her by pressing his lips on hers! He was no
dummy! Instinctively, he knew what she wanted. She
wanted him to take charge and put the same look on her
face as she had seen on her daughter's face! Jimmy well
knew that, 'I've just had some yummy fucking', look!
He'd given it to enough girls!

33-year-old Lisa Johnson came alive in the arms of 16-
year-old Jimmy Patterson. His mouth was hard and
demanding on hers and she sucked his lips and tongue
and gave him the access to her mouth that he wanted.

"Get that blouse off, Mrs. Johnson," he told her,
roughly, "I can't wait to see that pair you got! I bet
they are honeys!"

Lisa Johnson couldn't wait to show them to him either!
This young stud was so cocksure of himself. She hoped
he had the cock she thought he had, and the skill to
back it up. Most ballsy studs did. Making love with
this k**'s mother has been great, loving and sweet and
lots of cums and all that. But Lisa also loved it when
a real, confident man, that knew how, took her and
roughly gave her the hard fucking that she liked!

Jimmy was that man! Even though he was just a k**. He
had the cock and the balls and the know-how. He knew
it! He kissed Lisa's sweet lips some more, and, once
again, said a silent thank-you to the real estate guy
that had sold the house to the Johnson's!

Jimmy stood back while Lisa threw off her blouse. Then
she arched her back to reach for her bra clasp behind
her, causing her big guns to point upwards! 'Man,'
Jimmy thought. 'This is a sight that has to be seen to
be believed!" Before Lisa knew it, she was naked and
the k** was naked and he had her down on the bed!

"Damn!" she said as his big hands squeezed her tits.
Jimmy was going at her knockers like there was no
tomorrow! Her boobs loved the right man to handle them
and 16-year-old Jimmy was proving to be the right man!
He wasn't cuddling her boobies and caressing them. He
was manhandling them around any damn way he pleased!
Lisa's tits rode high on her chest but Jimmy shoved
them higher. He squeezed them together and licked and
sucked and bit the nipples 'til Lisa was screaming!

Jimmy left those tasty nipples and kissed Lisa. With
his arms around the housewife he rolled so he was on
his back and she was on top of him. "O.K. Mrs. Johnson.
Slide down there for a little prick-loving-time! Show
my rod you love it! And don't forget my balls!"

Jimmy figured he wouldn't have much trouble with the
mother of a cock-muncher like Tiffany! And he didn't!
Lisa Johnson was only too happy to oblige. The k** had
a rod on him, all right! She couldn't wait to gobble on

Jimmy's rod was sticking straight in the air, tall and
proud and already pissing out fuck-juice. Before she
sucked it, Lisa took one of her boobs in her hand,
pressed the nipple to the root of his cock and slid the
nipple up to the knob and rubbed it all around, getting
her nipple wet and sticky with pre-cum!

That felt so felt fucking great that Jimmy exclaimed,
"Fuck, Mrs. Johnson! Your nip feels great on my cock-
knob! Poke your nipple in my piss-slit! Do the same
thing with your other tit!"

Lisa laughed at the boy's pleasure. She leaned down and
buried Jimmy's cock with her pillows. She took one of
her boobs in each hand and with Jimmy's cock sandwiched
between them, squeezed his hot-rod with titty-flesh and
masturbated him up and down, getting her mounds slick
with pre-cum fun-juice!

"What do you think, Jimmy? Tiffany's tits are nice but
she hasn't got the pair she needs to do this for you!"

Jimmy was thinking that also, as he luxuriated in the
feel of that silky tit-flesh cuddling his pecker!

"Get your mouth on my knob, Mrs. Johnson. I'm going
blow a load! I can cream your titties or you can drink
my cum!"

"Not already, honey!" Lisa cried. "Not 'til you fuck me
with that stud-prick!"

"Don't worry, sweetie-baby! I've got lots. Eat up my
load now and I'll be still fucking your gash in no

Lisa had d***k down gallons of this k**'s mom's cunt-
cream last night, but she was still anxious to taste
Jimmy's sperm-juice! Lisa got his prick-head in her
mouth and the feel of her tongue polishing his knob and
poking into his piss-slit let him know it was O.K. to
let the cum flow! His body wracked with spasms of
pleasure as his prick pulsed and he filled Tiffany's
Mom's mouth with his cum.

Lisa Johnson sucked and licked and ate up the boy-cum!
Some of the sweet-stuff she let dribble back out of her
mouth onto the head of his cock so she could lick it up
again. She'd sucked twats with this k**'s Mom last
night, and his Dad had fucked her too, but that wasn't
half as exciting as licking the cock of their son

"Wow, Mrs. Johnson," Jimmy exclaimed as she sucked up
the last of his sperm flow. "You really know how to
lick up a man's cream!"

When she'd licked his boner shiny clean, it was still
standing up hard and proud! Just like a man's dick
should when a sexy woman wanted to get a fucking!

"O.K., Mrs. Johnson. See. I told you! Now, climb
aboard, Blondie!"

Jimmy didn't have to tell her twice! Lisa crouched over
Jimmy and rubbed his pecker-knob in her cunt-snot! She
was just about to sink down on it when she heard
giggling from behind her.

She whirled around. Her daughters, Tiffany and Candice
were standing in the doorway, their eyes wide, watching
their Mom just about to sit her ass down on a teen-age
pecker! The k** next door! Tiffany and Candice's fuck-

Lisa hesitated. But Tiffany encouraged her. "Go to it,
Mom! You won't regret it! I've had that cock and
Candice has had that cock and, trust us, Mom, it'll
drive you wild! Come on, Jimmy. Poke it into our Mom!"

Tiffany went over to the bed and stood behind Lisa. She
reached around and cuddled her Mom's boobs, one in each
hand. Candice followed her s****r and kissed her Mom on
the lips, tongue-dueling with her and enjoying the look
of pure pleasure on her Mom's face as she s-l-o-w-l-y
sank down on Jimmy's pole. When Jimmy was in her to the
hilt, Tiffany encouraged her Mom, "O.K. Mom, shake it
all around! Throw him the cunt! Jimmy! Stab it into my
Mom good! Rock her world!"

Tiffany's hands were still cuddling her Mom's boobs,
her thumbs flicked the nipples. Little Candace reached
down and captured Jimmy's nuts! The s****rs knew what
Jimmy's cock could do to a woman! The girls loved their
Mom and were pleased that Jimmy was going to poke some
cums out of her!

While their Mom was busy wiggling her ass on Jimmy, as
his cock bathed in the heat of her snatch, Tiffany and
Candice shed their clothes! They lay on the bed, on
either side of Jimmy, and took turns kissing him and
watching their Mom bounce on his rod. The look of
pleasure on their mother's face pleased the girls. Her
moans and groans as she squirted out cums were sounds
they hadn't heard too often lately.

After Jimmy had blasted an enormous payload up her
cunt, Lisa lay back and enjoyed the cigarette Tiffany
had lit for her, as her youngest daughter lay between
her legs, kissed her snatch and sucked all the juices
out of her! Her oldest daughter, Tiffany, had her head
between Jimmy's legs, cleaning his cock and making him
whimper with delight!

Jimmy tangled his hands in Tiffany's hair, enjoyed the
thrills her talented tongue was bringing to his nuts
and contemplated what could make life any finer! He
decided to give Tiffany that which she liked best! He
fired another load into Tiffany's greedy mouth! He was
about to find out just how fine life could be!


Sandra Patterson lit a cigarette and rubbed her crotch.
Lisa Johnson had made woman-love to her puss all last
night and it had felt great! But her cunt was itchy
again and she wondered what lovely Lisa was doing right
now. Her son had gone next door to see her, but that
was two hours ago. He hadn't come back. Sandra supposed
he had finished what Lisa wanted and had taken off to
see his buddies.

Sandra decided she was going to go see Lisa. She was
sure Lisa would be up for more girlie-cums! Little did
she know, that far from being finished what Lisa had
wanted, right then Jimmy was balls-deep in Lisa, and
Lisa's two daughters were in bed with them too!

No one heard Sandra as she let herself into the
Johnson's and called out, "Lisa, are you here, honey-

Tiffany and Candice, for sure, couldn't hear her. What
with their faces buried in each other's cunts! Their
silky thighs clenching their s****r's head as vibrating
tongues peeled cums from each other!

If Lisa had heard she couldn't have answered because
her mouth was full of Jimmy's cock!

Jimmy, almost out of his mind with the pleasure of what
her mouth was doing to his rod, couldn't hear anything,
except Lisa's gurgling, as her fed her another big load
of his cum!

Sandra could hear moaning from upstairs. She knew
Lisa's husband was at work. 'You horny bitch!' thought
Sandra. 'You either have snuck a lover in here or you
are rubbing cums from your own pussy!'

She followed the moans up the stairs and eased Lisa's
bedroom door open.

She was shocked at what she saw! But her box tingled!
And her nipples hardened and ached!

He son was on top of Lisa Johnson, sitting on her
boobs. It looked like he had just fed her a load of cum
because his pecker was dripping and he was rubbing it
on Lisa's cummy lips!

Lisa's two girls, Tiffany and Candice were naked in bed
also, on either side of their mother. They were kissing
her and each other and were taking licks at Jimmy's

Jimmy turned his head and saw his mother!

"Hi Mom!" he grinned. "Are you looking for me?"

Lisa looked over at Sandra. "I think she might have
been looking for me, Jimmy, dear. Were you, honey-

"I-I, I'm not - not s-sure anymore," Sandra croaked.

Lisa chuckled, realizing this must be a shock for her
pussy-friend. "Why don't you come and join us? Your son
is quite the fucker! What a fine, big cock he has! And
he knows how to use it!"

Sandra was in a bit of a daze but she went over to the
bed. Lisa reached up, grabbed her head and kissed her.
Sandra could taste her son's cum on Lisa's lips.

She didn't think she should be doing this, but, fuck
it! She was too fucking hot! She had trotted her itchy
snatch over here for some twat-licking with her
neighbor. It looked like there was twat-licking going
on here, and more!

Sandra's tongue was exploring Lisa's mouth sucking up
bits of her son's cum. Lisa's hands were on her boobs.

"Oh, Sandra," Lisa moaned, "You never told me that your
son had a wang on him like this! And who taught him to
use it? You? He sure knows how to fuck a woman!"

Tiffany and Candice were sucking on Jimmy's wang now!
Sandra could hear their slurps and her son's moans as
he encouraged the teen girls to eat his meat!

Lisa whispered softly into Sandra's ear. "You said last
night you were frustrated with Bob and the way he fucks
you. Why don't you get your son to throw you a fuck?
What would be the harm in that?"

Sandra knew she should be shocked at that lewd
suggestion, but she was so, so horny! And Lisa was
right! Who the hell would it hurt? She hadn't really
seen her son's pecker for several years. She was amazed
at the size of it! Tiffany and Candice were licking it
and had it standing up tall and proud and drooling! It
was, obviously, one hell of a pole and one Sandra could
really go for!

Jimmy smiled. "Girls," he said to Tiffany and Candice,
"you're going to have to move and make room for my

Almost in a trance, Sandra looked down at her son.
Jimmy took her arm and pulled her down to him! Their
lips met! Vaguely, Sandra wondered what she was doing,
then the hot thrills took over! Her son's lips were
kissing her better than his dad ever had! His hands
were strong and confident, feeling up her tits! She
stroked the back of her son's head and whimpered into
his mouth.

"Oh, son, this is wrong. I'm so bad."

Jimmy's boner had gotten even harder, if that was
possible, at the thought of making love to his
beautiful mother! He spent a long time kissing her and
fondling her breasts through her clothes. Then Jimmy
let her lie back and tenderly undressed his mom! He
kissed each bit of skin he uncovered.

Lisa Johnson had wanted a good, hard fuck. And Jimmy
had given her exactly what she'd wanted! But with his
Mom, Jimmy thought he'd be tender and loving.

The Johnson ladies, respectfully, backed away from the
bed, for the time being, to give it over to a very
poignant moment. Tiffany lit a cigarette then gave a
light to her mom and her s****r. Lisa's eyes widened
when she saw Candy dragging deeply on her cigarette but
she didn't say anything. It would have seemed a little
silly, questioning her about smoking, after just having
her head in Candice's cunt!

Jimmy had his Mom completely naked now and her snatch
was pulsing out juice so he thought he'd lick some up.
That sent his Mom into a sex-frenzy!

Lisa took each of her girl's hands. "Come on, sweeties!
Let's go down to your room and give the Patterson's
some privacy!"

Tiffany really wanted to see Jimmy drill his Mom, but
realized that her Mom hadn't suggested going to the
girl's room to look at their doll collections. No, she
had something more fun and naughty on her dirty mind!

Chapter 8

Jimmy and his Mom never even noticed Lisa and her girls
leaving the room.

Sandra's smooth thighs were caressing her son's cheeks,
as his head was buried in the big 'V'! He was lost in a
world of heat and moisture, punctuated by the sobbing
and whimpering of his Mom, as her body jerked in sugary
cums! Lisa Johnson had licked her crotch like this, but
her son Jimmy loved up her puss even better! Her mind
was a jumble. She'd convince herself that this was
wrong and she should stop, but then her son would suck
her clit, send her over the edge again, honey would
squirt in the air and she'd clutch his head and beg him
not to stop.

Jimmy loved his Mom and had always thought she was
fucking gorgeous, but he got enough tail that he hadn't
really thought much about fucking his Mom before. He
was vaguely aware that his Mom and Dad didn't heat up
the sheets much anymore, but really, he was looking
after so much cunt himself, that he hadn't really
stopped to think much about it.

Sandra Patterson squirmed her ass through another cum,
thanks to her son's talented tongue and lips. "Jimmy,
honey," she moaned. "Come here, baby, let Mommy suck
your cock!"

'Oh, wow!' thought Jimmy. He lifted his face from his
mother's snatcheroo and kissed her so she could taste
her own cunt-honey. He didn't know if his mother had
ever tasted her own juice before and thought she should
know how sweet she was!

Jimmy didn't know that Sandra had sucked a lot of her
own cream last night from the sexy lips of Lisa
Johnson! But right now Sandra thought she'd like a
taste of her son's cock-cream. Her stuffy husband
wouldn't cum in her mouth. When she was a teen, like
Tiffany and Candice, Sandra had liked the taste of a
boy's cum! She loved her husband but was starting to
realize just how stuffy he was and how much sexy fun
and games she had been missing out on!

Now that he was getting into it, having his Mom suck
his pecker sounded like a right fine idea to Jimmy. He
sucked around her mouth some more and then slid his ass
up her body so that his mom's big tits made nice
cushions for his ass! Taking his prick in his hands he
rubbed his knob over Sandra's lips. The heat and
softness of her lips felt great to the teen, as his
Mom's red lip-gloss polished his knob!

Sandra's mouth opened and her tongue appeared, to swab
down the head of her son's big boner! This excited
Jimmy no end, and his prick drooled a bunch of pre-cum
juice to reward his Mom's efforts. Jimmy wondered if
his Mom could suck a cock as good as Tiffany. That
little slut was a champion bone-licker! A fucking

But, right now, Jimmy had his Mom munching on his bone!
And she was good, too. She polished his knob with her
hot tongue until it was tingling and shiny like an
apple polished for eating. The end of her tongue probed
into his piss-slit and more pre-cum drooled out for
her. That feathery tongue roamed all over his boner
accompanied by wonderful, sucking kisses. His nuts were
banging around in their sack and Jimmy's Mom didn't
forget them either. She laid her son's boner across her
face and sucked his ball-bag right into her mouth! Oh,
the sweetness of it!

Jimmy's nuts were getting ready to clang out a cum! He
didn't know if his Mom was a cum-guzzler or not so, he
thought he'd better warn her.

"Mom, my nuts are boiling over! I'm gonna cum, Mom, I'm
gonna cum!"

Jimmy was delighted when his mom sucked his knob back
into her mouth. That meant she was going to eat his
creamy load and Jimmy loved that. He knew how much he
blew and hoped his Mom could handle it.

Jimmy needn't have worried. Sandra might have been out
of practice but she had sucked the cum out of a lot of
teenage boys back in the day! Not that they ever blew
loads like fucking this!

Her son's cock was pulsing and throbbing and jerking
and the ropes of cock-cream just kept coming! Sandra
would get a good-sized puddle on her tongue then barely
have time to swish it around before she had to swallow
to make room for some more. No way was any of her son's
precious cream going to dribble out to be soaked up by
the pillowcase! No Siree!

When Jimmy's cock-spurts finally subsided he wiped the
length of his pecker across his Mommy's lips. He was
still hard and Sandra tongue-tickled the head.

"Oh, Jimmy," she moaned into his piss-slot. "My pussy
could use a reaming out! Give your mom your wiener,
son. Stick your cock in my slush and stir it all

Jimmy grabbed himself a handful of Mom's tits and sank
his bone into a tight fire-ball inferno of a snatch!
There was no way his Mom could match Tiffany's snugness
or the bear-trap that was Candice's nearly-virgin
snatch. Only nearly, thanks-to-him! But his Mom made up
for it by the way she threw that cunt around!

The ferocity of the way her cunt sucked at his cock,
like it was starving for it, couldn't be matched by the
teens. Jimmy hoped the skin wouldn't be sucked right
off his boner! Suck! Relax, Suck! Relax! Squeeze! Suck!
Suck! Jimmy's mom's puss mauled his pecker with an
intoxicating rhythm. Sandra had a way of twisting her
ass on the sheets so it seemed like her puss was
corkscrewing around the meat it was being treated to!

Cums were banging out of Sandra one after the other;
her son had her sailing from one sugary peak to the
next, each peak a little higher and a little hotter!
Even better than the twat-licking of Lisa Johnson!

Jimmy's fingers were almost lost in tit-flesh he was
squeezing his mom's bazongas so hard. Sandra was
flailing and roaring as her fun-gun fired again and
again. "Oh, Jimmy, where'd you get such a pecker?!? I'm
cumming again!"

Jimmy was panting and stroking hard! Sweat was dripping
down his back. "This time we go together, Mom!"

He hunched for his shot!

Jimmy got his nut just as she screamed and pumped out
the biggest cum yet! Sandra's eyes rolled back in her
head and she just whimpered and whined while Jimmy kept
cock-stabbing his Mom until the spasms in his prick
finally quieted down.

In the next bedroom down the hall, more sex-cums were
being enjoyed in the Johnson house that day!

Lisa Johnson and her two daughters, the 14-year-old sex
machine called Tiffany and the newly de-cherried
Candice. They were sucking cums out of one another.
Tiffany couldn't help but laugh. Two days ago, while
she and her mother were having a cigarette, Lisa had
asked her if Candice had started smoking yet. She also
asked if Tiffany knew how far Candice had went with

Tiffany knew that she asked these questions because she
thought Candice was too young for smoking and sex. All
the pleasures teen girls enjoyed! Lisa wanted Candice
to not grow up too quickly.

Tiffany stood and moved away from the bed and lit a
cigarette. She surveyed the hot action on the bed and
laughed right out loud. She reflected that remaining a
quiet c***d was no longer an option for her little
s****r, and she guessed her Mom could quit worrying
about it! Right now the quiet c***d of two days ago was
muff-diving with her Mom and they were sucking cums out
of each other to beat the band!

Tiffany smoked her cigarette and watched all the
licking and kissing and squirting going on in front of
her. Little Candice was shaking and shivering and
booming out one cum after another. "Jesus, Mom,"
Tiffany praised her. "I had no idea! You sure know how
to lick a slit!"

"Fuck, yeah," wailed Candice, pausing a moment in her
own box-nibbling. "Mommy-dear, you sure are sucking up
all my cream!"

Tiffany went to the bed and pulled her Mom's head from
her s****r's box and kissed her, enjoying the familiar
tang of Candy's squirtings on her Mom's sweet lips.
While Candy's box was free she treated herself to some
yummy licks of her own.

By spreading little Candy's legs to the limit and
mashing their pretty, blonde heads together, Mom and
daughter could rub noses and lick the little teen's
clit together, sending Candy into more spasms of

Then they all rested and had a cigarette.

Candy was quite comfortable as a smoker now, and
enjoyed her cigarette very much, smoking just as well
as her older s****r and her Mom.

Tiffany tapped her ashes. "This has been a blast, but I
vote we go back and join Jimmy and his Mom! I know
Jimmy. He'll have creamed his Mom a few times now!
They've had their privacy. I don't know about you two,
but I want some more of his prick-meat!"

Lisa agreed. "Sure, we gave them their first time
together in private. That Jimmy sure knows how to sling
a dick! Better than your dad, girls. I want more and I
don't blame you all for wanting more of that prick

Then she remembered a question she'd been meaning to
ask. "Candy, when did you have Jimmy bust your cherry?"

"He didn't just poke it out of me, Mom." Candy said,
"He atom-bombed it! Just last night!"

Lisa thought, 'And where was I, when my daughter was
getting cherry-busted? Just getting laid by the guy
next door and sucking cunts with his wife, the parents
of the cherry-buster!'

Tiffany laughed. "I was there, Mom! You should have
seen that cock stretch out Candy for the first time!
Her snapper was, like two sizes too small at first, but
Jimmy kept poking and Candy's twat kept spreading and
when Jimmy's pecker finally squeezed in there, you
should have seen Candy! Her eyes about bugged out of
her head!"

Lisa laughed. "Man! That must have felt really good to
Jimmy! And to you too, honey-pie!"

Tiffany said, "Boys say that my box really knows how to
snap down on a pecker but Jimmy said Candy's box was
like a vise! Well, you know, first time and all that!"

Tiffany lowered both her hands to rub her Mom's box and
Candy's. Then she licked the sweetness from her
fingers. "You guys are just itching for it, aren't you?
Let's go get some dick! Let's spread this sweetness

They found Sandra Patterson having a cigarette with one
hand and playing with Jimmy's balls with the other.

Jimmy grinned. Here were some more dick-lickers! Good
thing his 16-year-old cock was never tired. He admired
all the girlie-flesh on display. Jesus! How could a
cock go soft when it had all this nookie to play with?

Sandra Patterson dragged on her cigarette, while she
rubbed fuck-juice around Jimmy's cock-knob with her
thumb. "Come on, ladies. I believe now we've all met
this cock and know what it can do! Who wants to be next
to suck it up?"

Tiffany loved her s****r. She pushed Candice forward.
"Candy here has had the smallest amount of prick-time!
Jimmy, give her the first poke and make it a good one!"

Jimmy grinned. "Get your ass over here, Candy. Squeeze
your honey-pot onto my prick and go for a ride!"

Candy did. The other girls could hear the distinct
'oozing' sound, hard to describe, as Jimmy's big cock
spread her cunt-walls as she lowered herself onto his
prick! When Candy bottomed out, it was like someone had
thrown a switch and swiveling her hips to cause Jimmy's
boner to twist in her snatch, Candy started some big
bounces, like she was on a trampoline.

Without the generous amounts of cream her box was
pumping out, the near-virgin snugness of Candy's snatch
would have made her prick-bouncing very difficult. As
it was, there was enough lube to allow her to ride that
cock right up a sugary peak! To the top!

Jimmy lied back, enjoying the feel of her honey bathing
his cock and her snatch gripping and squeezing it!
Candy's tits were the smallest in the room but they
were firm and cute and she had them really bouncing!
Jimmy amused himself by trying to grab them. When he
caught a tit, he would squeeze it, then let it go and
watch it bounce some more!

"Go for the gusto, Candy!" he yelled, "Ride 'em

All the other women moved close and took turns
presenting their tits to Jimmy for some cuddling and
sucking. When one was getting her tits sucked the other
two would kiss and feel the silky skin of the other.

Tiffany tapped Candice on the shoulder. "O.K. sweetie,
don't be greedy. Let the rest of us have a go with that

Candice reluctantly slid Jimmy's pecker out of her. His
rod waved invitingly in the air, slick with her cream,
beckoning to the next cock-rider!

But not for long! Tiffany hopped aboard! But she had a
new idea. She had slicked her hands with cunt-cream and
rubbed them all over her ass, buttering up her shit-
pucker! She hoped with that lube and with Candy's cream
all over Jimmy's cock, she could get his bone up her

She lined it up. "Oh, Tiffany, you honey-girl!" Jimmy
cried. "I've been wanting to ass-fuck you so bad!"

Jimmy's knob pressed at her bung-hole but Tiffany was
having trouble getting it in!

Her Mom, Lisa, wanted to help! "Raise your ass,
sweetie! Lean over and feed Jimmy your tits, dear. Let
Mommy take care of this!"

While Jimmy sucked on Tiffany's nipples and tongued the
aureoles causing her to squeal, Lisa tongued her
daughter's ass and lubed the opening some more with her
spit. She sucked Jimmy's knob too, drooling spit,
adding to the slipperiness of his cock. She held his
ass-pricker steady.

"O.K. honey, sit back down on Jimmy's cock!"

As Tiffany sat back on the pecker, her Mom rubbed the
cock-head around her daughter's ass-opening. Tiffany
applied as much weight as she was comfortable with and
Jimmy raised his hips to apply pressure from his end!

"Arrrrgh, shit! damn! fuck!" Tiffany cried as the spit-
covered cock-knob slowly spread her ass-hole and
disappeared inside! A few inches of Jimmy's prick
followed and the heat and tightness beat even the
incredible snugness of Candy's prick-hugging snatch!

Candice and Sandra Patterson, the 13-year-old
schoolgirl and the 34-year-old housewife, were kissing
and masturbating one another at the incredible sight of
Jimmy ass-fucking Tiffany! By lying across Jimmy,
feeding him her boobs, Tiffany's Mom was able to lick
and kiss her daughter's cunt as the big boner stretched
out her daughter's ass! Oh, what fun this was! Lisa had
been ass-cocked once, as a teen, and envied Tiffany the
feelings she must be having with Jimmy's big pecker up
her bum!

Tiffany had started something! They all wanted ass-
fucked now! Jimmy had always thought Tiffany had an
incredible ass and he let her bounce it on his pecker
for a while, but that indescribable squeezing soon had
his nuts unloading their payload right into that
gorgeous bum!

Tiffany pulled off the prick and plopped on the bed on
her stomach. Immediately Sandra was on her, licking and
sucking her bum to slurp her son's cum, as it dribbled
from her asshole! Candice, meanwhile, had dived on the
pecker that had been in her s****r's bum, and was
enjoying the taste of boy-cum and her s****r's ass by
licking it off Jimmy's cock!

Then women and girls, moms and daughters, lined up on
their hands and knees beside each other on the bed.
Jimmy went up and down the line, inserting his pecker
into each of their bums and wiggling it all around in
there, all the while fingering their clits or bouncing
their tits in his hands! What a great day!

The girls were biting their lips and moaning and
twisting their heads to kiss each other as Jimmy moved
up and down the line giving each one an ass-pricking!
Each woman groaned and whimpered as his big prick-knob
would stretch their bum-hole! Jimmy enjoyed pronging
each lady's ass and tried to decide, as he moved from
one bum-banging to the next, which one he liked the
best. Finally he settled on Tiffany. She really did
have a honey of an ass!

When Jimmy felt his next cum-load ready to burst he had
his Mother and Lisa Johnson lie side by side on the
bed, their beautiful faces smiling up at him. He
started with his Mom and gave her a few good solid
ropes of sperm in her mouth and then he filled Lisa's
mouth. When their mouths were full of cum, Lisa and
Sandra grabbed Tiffany and Candice and kissed them and
all four shared the creamy bounty of Jimmy's nuts!

Jimmy lay back and fisted his prick and watched the
ladies play with his cum!

Tiffany filled her mouth with Jimmy's cream, given to
her by Jimmy's Mom. She turned to where her mother and
s****r were kissing. She grabbed handfuls of her Mom's
tits and gently pulled her away from Candy. She wanted
to kiss her s****r and feed her more of Jimmy's sweet

Tiffany bent Candy's head back. Candy opened her mouth
and from a few inches above, Tiffany released her
mouthful sperm and it plopped right down into Candy's
sweet mouth! Then they shared a sensual kiss, licking
each other's mouth and lips, sucking down the cum!
Sandra Patterson and Lisa Johnson, proud of their k**s,
kissed and hugged and promised each other more days
like this one!

Jimmy lay back, watched all the horny girlie-action and
contemplated life! School started next week which meant
a whole new crop of ninth-grader-pussy! He had a new
24-year-old history teacher, whose jugs already had the
football team abuzz! Jimmy's hands hugged his pole and,
unlike a lot of k**s, realized he was really looking
forward to school and he'd see just what new adventures
he could have!

Chapter 9

Jimmy Patterson, star quarterback, backed his ass
against the cold wall of the 3rd floor bathroom. He
poked his prick around in Tiffany Johnson's mouth and
felt her hot tongue cuddling his rod. One more sweet
suck and he unloaded a creamy cum-load into the hot
mouth of the cum-queen-teen! He knew how much Tiffany
loved his cream! Jimmy really liked feeding it to her!

Jimmy had gotten into the habit of sending Tiffany, or
her s****r Candice, a text message from his class, to
tell her in which bathroom she should meet him. Then,
between classes, one of them, or both, would relax
Jimmy with a cum-sucking, knee-knocking, blow-job!

Tiffany had no illusions that she was his 'girlfriend.'
They were just two teens sharing a common interest.
Jimmy had an abiding interest in shooting cum-wads from
his prick and Tiffany had an unquenchable interest in
drinking up those wads! So they combined their
interests whatever chance they got!

Tiffany clicked her lighter to light a Virginia Slim
and stood at the mirror while she brushed her hair.
Jimmy cuddled close behind her and felt up her bum and
her tits.

"Great suck-job, as always, sweet-stuff!" Jimmy praised
her, whispering in her ear.

Tiffany dragged smoke into her lungs and laughed. "You
call me sweet-stuff all the time, Jimmy. But especially
when I have a belly-full of your sweet-stuff!"

"So, what?" Jimmy chuckled, giving her boobs a squeeze.
"You're just a fun-loving, cum-loving girl!"

"Don't wrinkle my blouse all up!" Tiffany giggled and
playfully slapped his hands where they were cupping her

Jimmy knew that Tiffany Johnson loved it when he played
with her plump tits but realized she had to look
presentable going back to class. He stood back and
watched her remove the cigarette from her mouth so she
could apply some new lip-gloss. With her blouse
straightened, her hair brushed and her make-up re-
applied, Tiffany showed no signs of just having enjoyed
an in-between-class snack of Jimmy's cum-load! Jimmy
gave her a smack on her taut little ass and sent her
back to class!

There had only been 4 lunch periods so far in this
school year but Tiffany and Jimmy had used 2 of them to
rip off fucks! Jimmy knew the football team training
room was always deserted at lunch so Tiffany would meet
him there. Jimmy would pin her back against the cool
metal of the lockers, she'd drop her skirt and panties
and he would slam home the bone!

The gorgeous teen would clutch and scratch at his back
and suck his tongue and enjoy the cool metal of the
locker on her hot ass as she wriggled at the end of his

After a few juicy cums, Tiffany would sit on a changing
bench and wipe her dripping pussy with her panties.
She'd dispose of these, produce a new pair from her
bag, light a cigarette and be ready to go back to

Her Mom, Lisa, wondered briefly why she had to buy her
daughter new panties, after the first few days of
school. Then she saw her daughter kissing Jimmy, as she
got out of his car, when Jimmy gave her a ride home.
She smiled knowingly. Lisa had fucked Jimmy herself and
figured her daughter was getting her fun-buttons
punched at school by the teen football-stud next door.

It had been a great week for Jimmy. Every day he walked
by the area where the new crop of ninth-grade-pussy
congregated to smoke and gossip before and after
school. He eyed up the cunt and let the horny young
girls check him out! He liked the possibilities he saw
in this new cunt-crop. Most of them had heard of the
star quarterback and gave Jimmy those kinds of looks
that he knew translated into fucks!

Today Jimmy stopped and surveyed the prospects more
closely. "Hi'ya babes," he grinned.

One little sex-pot Blondie finished accepting a light
from her friend and blew smoke at Jimmy, as she eyed
him up and down.

Jimmy liked that - that and her smile when the little
sex-pot's gaze lingered on his basket! The quarterback
approved of it, but marveled that the school allowed
these girls to wear the crotch-hardening outfits that
they did.

"You're Jimmy Patterson," she purred at him, taking
another luxurious drag from her cigarette. "My name's
Virginia. You can call me Ginny!"

"How old are you, Ginny?" Jimmy asked.

"I'm 15," she said blowing smoke at him. "You're the
quarterback of the football team, right?"

Ginny had fairly big, plump knockers, not as big as
Tiffany's, but eye-pleasing just the same. They were
partly covered and her nipples weren't showing and
Jimmy guessed that must be technically enough for the
school dress-code. But they were swinging wild and
free, and generous amounts of boob-flesh were on
display for Jimmy's viewing pleasure. There was a gap
between her top and the hip-hugging jeans that someone
had spray-painted on her long legs.

He had just enjoyed one of Tiffany's second-to-none
suck-jobs but Jimmy could feel his boner stirring
around in his jeans! Jimmy got a kick out of the way
the girls these days seemingly tried to out-slut one
another, leastways as far as they way they dressed.
Jimmy thanked Britney and Christina, two girls who
couldn't really sing, but had shown young teen girls
how to flash their goodies around! Ginny had obviously

She was a girl who had the goodies, knew it and
flaunted it, but Jimmy thought for pure sexiness she
still wasn't in Tiffany's class. Still, he figured
she'd look pretty enough swinging on his dick! He
wondered if she had much practice. It was hard to tell
with these young slutty-looking chicks!

They all looked like they took the bone, with their
tits hanging loose and free and their sexy make-up! But
Jimmy knew, with some of them, it was all an act to fit
in! How many true sex-fiends, like Tiffany, were in
this creamy-looking group, he couldn't say. But he sure
planned on finding out. No matter how many were dick-
lickers and cum-suckers at this moment, he'd bet by the
end of the year almost all of them would have swung
from a dick or two!

"You're a real cutie, aren't you?" Jimmy said eyeing up
Ginny's pointy tits!

"And I hear you're a real stud," Ginny countered. "All
the girls around here want you to poke them with that
thing between your legs!"

Jimmy chuckled. "Big talk, Ginny. Football party, my
house, Friday night, cute-stuff," he told her. "If you
want to come, bring along some of your sexy friends.
You can ask anyone where I live. There will be lots of
action," he added, smiling and hoping she would catch
his drift.

Ginny put her hand on Jimmy's arm. "Hey, stud, we a got
a little while before class. Why don't we find some
place private and I'll thank you for the party invite!"

She licked her glossy lips. Jimmy thought how beautiful
those lips would look sliding on his rod. If she wanted
to thank him he couldn't think of one reason why she

He took her arm, grabbing a good feel of her boob as he
did so. Ginny smiled and did not object. "You come with
me, Ginny. I got just the place for you to show me how
glad you are that I asked you to my party!"

Jimmy knew all the places around school where he could
rip off a quickie fuck or have a cutie like Ginny blow
his nuts for him.

Right now he led Ginny to a 1st floor stockroom. Once
inside he grabbed her and kissed her.

Ginny thought that was A-OK! She slid her glossy lips
all over Jimmy's and her tongue into his mouth. 4 days
at high school and the star quarterback was kissing her
and feeling her up! She'd dreamed about this!

Jimmy took his hands from her plump boobs long enough
to undo his zipper and take out his prick. "Go to it,
Ginny!" he exclaimed. "Show me how much you appreciate
me inviting you to my party! Show me you deserve it!"

Unlike Tiffany, Ginny hadn't sucked a whole lot of
dick. Some, but only boys. Last year in grade 8 she and
her friends had thrown one of those 'lipstick' parties.
That is where the girls all went out and bought
different colors of lipstick. Then, at the party, the
boys would take out their dicks and the girls would
take turns sucking them. The goal was to paint a
'rainbow' of color on each boy's pecker. Needless to
say, the boys thought this was a humdinger of an idea
for a party!

But those were 'boys'. Ginny had never been confronted
with a man's dick before. At least not a throbbing,
drooling piece of meat like Jimmy's!

But she was game. Ginny had thick, soft lips. Jimmy
thought that they were designed specifically for dick-
sucking. She had on a pink lip-gloss that colored his
pecker as she rubbed those lips all over his bone!
Ginny was trying hard and it felt fucking fine, but
Jimmy could tell she was a novice, not like Tiffany who
seemed like she was born with a dick in her mouth. But
just as he had taught Candy how to love up his rod,
Jimmy would teach Ginny. She was gorgeous enough to be
worth it. And, again like Candice, what she lacked in
skill she was certainly making up for with enthusiasm
and love of her work!

Like any ninth-grade-girl worth her salt she seemed to
just love Jimmy's pecker. She kissed it, over and over
and her wet, smacking kisses on his bone were sending
thrills up Jimmy's spine. Ginny didn't forget his
dangling nuts either. His ball-sack was shiny with her

Jimmy had Ginny's head in his hands and he gently moved
her so her lips slid up the length of his bone and got
her to wetly kiss his cock-knob. "Polish my knob with
your lips and tongue, Ginny," he instructed her.

Ginny's teachers could only hope she would pay as much
attention to what they wanted her to learn, as she did
to Jimmy's bone-sucking lessons! I suppose it depended
on how much Ginny wanted to learn. She was attentive to
Jimmy's rod-licking instructions because she loved
sucking Jimmy's boner and wanted to be good at it so he
would let her do it again.

"O.K. Ginny, suck my knob into your mouth," Jimmy told
the blonde bone-licker. "I'm going to unload a sack-
full into your mouth. I'm a big cummer, so swallow fast
so you don't get my cum dripping all over the place! Do
you like cum, Ginny?"

Sex-pot that she tried to let on she was, Ginny didn't
really know. The seventh and eight grade boys that she
and the other girls had dick-painted at their
'lipstick' party had climaxed from the tongue-action on
their dicks all right. But as Ginny recalled most of
their 'cums' were weak 'dribbles'.

She had watched her Dad blow a load on her Mom's face
one time and she knew there was the world of difference
from those 'boys' little loads and the way a man blew
his nuts! She was sure Jimmy would have a good-sized
cum-load and she was determined she would suck it all
up, no matter how much there was or what it tasted
like! She knew guys weren't happy with girls that
wouldn't drink their dick-cream. She didn't want to be
one of those girls – a spitter. No, that cum was
sliding down her throat!

As Jimmy had instructed her, Ginny had his prick-head
in her mouth. He had told her to polish his knob with
her tongue and right now Ginny's tongue was rubbing all
over his glans in wicked, unbearable circles!

Nothing that delicious could last forever and with a
loud groan Jimmy's balls released their payload!
Thrilling Jimmy every centimeter of the way, his cum
roared up the stalk of his cock and filled Ginny's
mouth! As instructed, she swirled it around her mouth
once, then swallowed, as more ropes of cum kept her
mouth full.

When, at last, Jimmy's blasts became dribbles, Ginny
could slow down and relish her mouthful of cum. She
liked it! Jimmy told her what to do next. She closed
her hand on the root of his cock and squeezing, ran it
up to the ridge where the cock-head joined the pecker.
This f***ed more cum to squeeze out of Jimmy's piss-
slot and Ginny's tongue swabbed that around for a
minute then she sucked it up!

"How was that, big football stud-man? Do I know how to
say thank-you?"

"Not bad, Ginny, not too fucking bad!" Jimmy praised
her. "I can tell you've haven't ate a man's bone too
often but you seem to like it! At my party the whole
football team will be glad to let you practice your

Ginny lit herself a cigarette and smiled. She knew she
wasn't supposed to smoke in the school but she didn't
suppose she was supposed to blow guys in the storeroom

"How's your cooze, sweetie-pie?" Jimmy asked watching
her enjoy her cigarette as she licked the last of his
cum-load from her lips. "Still a virgin?"

Her crest-fallen expression told him all he needed to
know. "Well, honey-bunch, if you want to kiss that
cherry good-bye, Friday night will be a perfect time.
Show up, looking foxy, like you do now, and the
football team will take care of it for you."

Ginny beamed him a smile that could have melted the
fillings in his teeth.

Jimmy reached out, squeezed a feel of Ginny's sweet
ass, pulled her to him for a good-bye kiss, then sent
her off to class! He whistled as he strolled off to his
history class!

This was Jimmy's first history class of the semester.
He'd heard rumors about the new 24-year-old history
teacher but he'd never seen her. He'd heard she had a
body that just wouldn't quit. As he found out when he
entered her room that didn't quite cover it! She didn't
look like any history teacher Jimmy'd ever seen!

Mrs. Hanson looked like she had stepped out of a porno
movie. Jet black hair, perfectly straight right down to
her bum. And what a bum! She was wearing a tight, tight
skirt and the lush cheeks of her incredible ass were
making themselves impossible not to notice. Jimmy's
hands envied the way her skirt got to cuddle those
glorious cheeks! Long silky legs. Narrow waist. And, up
above, a pair of very generous boobs. They were covered
now, completely, but Jimmy could bet they were a pair
of honeys! Just watching them proudly jiggle, as Miss
Hanson walked toward him, make his tongue tingle and
his palms itch to get at them!

Jimmy Patterson had received 2 wet, hot suck-jobs from
2 gorgeous teen sluts in the last 2 hours. Didn't
matter. As Mrs. Hanson, with that body, came to where
he was standing he sprung another full-blown boner in
his pants!

Only then did Jimmy realize that the class was full and
in session. "You must be Jimmy Patterson?" Mrs. Hanson
had a purry voice. "The quarterback who thinks he is
special and doesn't have to be in class on time?"

Jimmy watched her eyes wandering to his basket where
his jeans were stretched tight, outlining his boner! He
realized that Ginny's exquisite lips had felt so good
on his rod that he had lingered a little long.

"I am special," he said, "And if you have some time
later I'll show you just how special!"

"You're pretty cheeky," said Mrs. Hanson. "So happens I
am staying after school and you are going to sit here
with me and explain why you don't think you have to
come to class on time."

"No can do," Mrs. Hanson. "I've got football practice."

"You know what, Jimmy?" the teacher said, "I had heard
so much about you and expected trouble from you, so I
went to the coach and asked if I could keep you from
practice time to time. Do you want to know what he

She continued still staring at Jimmy's crotch. "He said
you were so good that if you missed the odd practice
that didn't bother him at all. Especially so early,
when you are just starting practice. He said I could
have you any time, except for a day or two before an
especially big game."

Jimmy wondered if his horny coach has thrown the bone
to Mrs. Hanson before making her that offer. He
grinned. "Well, teach, then I guess I'm all yours!"

So, after school that day, Jimmy didn't go to football
practice where the horny cheerleaders and other high-
school fuck-kittens were waiting for him. No, Jimmy was
doing something a little more interesting.

He walked into Mrs. Hanson's class, after the last
bell. Jimmy was chuckling. He couldn't be 100 % sure,
of course, but he could smell a good fucking. Mrs.
Hanson had given him those certain kinds of looks.

Jimmy thanked the 'God of Cocks' if there was one, for
blessing him with this girl-pleasing pecker and thanked
the loose lips of the honeys at his school. If they
weren't using their mouths to suck his prick they were
using their mouths to talk about it! No doubt, Mrs.
Hanson had heard the cream-puffs gossiping about their
fucks with Jimmy and wanted some for herself.

That is exactly what had happened! Mrs. Hanson wanted
more fuck-action than her older husband could supply.
She regularly scooped up cock-action from the high-
school studs that she taught. History was so boring!
And the little slut-kittens she taught liked to brag,
right outside her door, about all the tail they got.
Getting a bone-thrashing from Jimmy was a considerable
status symbol and they all got dreamy-eyed when they
bragged about it to their friends!

Mrs. Hanson sent Jimmy to the blackboard. "I want you
to write 'I will not be late for Mrs. Hanson's class',
on the board. Jimmy grinned. As he went to the board
Jilly Hanson quietly locked the door.

When she turned she saw what Jimmy had written on the
blackboard. 'Mrs. Hanson is one foxy chicken, with big
fucking tits, and I best she bangs out one hell of a

"I see a little discipline is in order, Mr. Patterson."

"Why don't you come on over and spank me?" Jimmy

Mrs. Hanson walked over the quarterback and raised her
hand to slap his face!

Jimmy grabbed her wrist, pulled her in tight, and
kissed her!

It was an amazing kiss, full of tongue and lip action
and spit. Jilly Hanson was right where she wanted to
be, had fully intended on being, since she first saw
Jimmy in person, earlier, when he was late for her

Jimmy was rough, sensing that, like Lisa Johnson, what
Mrs. Hanson wanted and needed was a good, hard fuck! He
intended to see that she got it! His hands were full of
those amazing ass-globes and he was squeezing and
rolling the lush cheeks as their lips remained glued

Then Jilly wrestled free. Jimmy let her go and received
a stinging slap. "You've got lot of nerve kissing me
like that!"

Jimmy laughed, grabbed a tit and pulled his teacher
back to him. Jilly went willingly for some more tongue-
fun with Jimmy. She had asserted some authority with
the slap of Jimmy's face but to hell with that now. Her
pussy was creaming and pulsing and itching to snap a
strangle-hold on Jimmy's dick!

Jimmy could fucking tell. So he did what every red-
bl**ded male would do. He laid his teacher on her desk
and threw a fuck into that she wouldn't soon forget!

Later, Jimmy, putting his cock back in his pants,
watched Jilly Hanson light a cigarette. He chuckled.
Guess after fucking her student on her desk in the
classroom, smoking in the schoolroom wouldn't seem too
bad! Jimmy cuddled his rod back into his shorts,
grinned and thought, life sure was great for a fine,
young stud like himself!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.
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