Jimmy's Girls Part 2

Chapter 3

Tiffany was a very proud girl tonight! Though new to
the area, she was at a party with all the big-stud
football players, sexy cheerleaders and other foxy
chicks, the kind football players liked! She was dolled
up good! She wore a short leather skirt and a very
tight halter top that barely contained her luscious
boobs. She had on shiny, red lip gloss that made her
lips look wet and ready for kissing. She was getting
lots of stares.

She was with Jimmy Patterson, the biggest stud football
player on the team. Jimmy's arm was around her waist
and he held a beer in the other hand. He steered her
through the crowd and the guys all whistled their

"Hey, Jimmy, who's the new gash?" or, "Jimmy! Primo
piece, man! Primo!"

One certain girl wasn't too happy though. That was
Patty, the girl Jimmy had nailed the day before meeting
Tiffany. She had put out a pretty fair fuck for him and
she had rightly thought she'd be coming to this party
with Jimmy. She was kinda cute too, and he reflected
that she had wiggled her ass under him pretty good,
but, 'sorry Patty', he thought, 'you just aren't in
Tiffany's class.' The knockers weren't there, for one
thing. Patty's tits were firm and rode high on her
chest, but Tiffany's were plumper, pillowy, bulging
tits, with huge, dark aureoles, big around as a coke
can and nipples that stuck out a mile!

Actually, Tiffany hadn't even fucked Jimmy yet; she'd
been busy. But the way she had sucked his cock and ate
his cum told him she would throw him one hell of a
fuck. He planned on finding out tonight! Oh yeah,
Tiffany also had a little s****r that Jimmy could see
was a prime piece. And the way the s****r, Candice, had
wriggled against him in his parent's swimming pool, he
figured he'd knock her down also!

So Patty stayed in a corner and smoked and sulked while
Tiffany was taken around the room, like a queen, by
Jimmy. Her bulging titties swung freely, contained only
flimsily by her halter top, so all the boys could
admire them. Well, that was what having tits like that
was for, wasn't it?

All the guys had prime pieces of tail hanging off them,
but Tiffany out-classed them all. She knew it and they
knew it. That's why she was with the star! Some of the
cunt got a little annoyed with their dates when they
found themselves being compared unfavorably with
Tiffany. And some of the cunt got downright huffy, just
because the boy they were with openly admired Tiffany's
knockers and flirted shamelessly with her!

But who could blame the guys? They all knew Jimmy would
probably have another cunt next week and then Tiffany
would be up for grabs. They'd all taken Jimmy's hand-
me-downs before. There was no shame in it. They had a
pool of talent and they all shared it.

The thing about Jimmy was that he had a knack for
coming up with new cunt, drawn from outside the fuck
pool at school. It was rumored that Jimmy had also done
a couple of the teachers. No one doubted it. Fucking
Mrs. Schuurman, for instance. Stacked to the limit, she
fucking practically drooled when Jimmy walked into her

She had some dork husband who hardly ever fucked her so
she was constantly on the make for some cocking! One
day she had asked him to write something on the
blackboard and Jimmy had stopped beside her desk,
mischievously stuck his hand down the front of his
jeans and casually adjusted his cock before continuing
onto the board. The class had laughed out loud at the
smile on her face and the lust in her eyes as she
watched the quarterback do that!

Tiffany took a Virginia Slim from her bag and slid it
between her glossy lips. At least 5 guys held out
lighters for her. Tiffany laughed, "Thanks, guys, but
I'm not sure I need them all. Unless you plan on
setting me on fire!"

She finally accepted a light from Jackson, Jimmy's
favorite receiver. As she steadied his hand and leaned
forward for the light, she watched his eyes roaming
freely over her body. Familiar tingles surged through
her and she took a luxurious drag, tilted her head and
exhaled toward the ceiling. Tiffany planned to give
Jimmy the fuck of his life, later tonight, but she
realized that boys didn't want just one girl, they
wanted to fuck them all!

So, in preparation, she would scope out the guys! She
hardly expected that Jimmy would never fuck anyone
else. In fact, she planned to make sure he fucked her
s****r. So, she sure as hell, was not going to sulk,
like Patty, just because Jimmy knocked off a piece with
some other cunt! Tiffany could easily see that she had
a whole room full of guys ready, willing and able to
throw her a fuck. So did Patty if she'd just quit
sulking and realize it.

'Who would sulk about one guy when there was a whole
roomful of guys available,' Tiffany wondered. Patty was
giving her dagger looks and Tiffany felt bad for her.
She left Jimmy shooting the shit with his buddies and
walked over to her.

Tiffany took out her pack and offered a cigarette to
Patty. She took one and Tiffany gave her a light. "I'm
sorry, Patty. I just met Jimmy the other day when we
moved and I guess he liked what he saw! I know I did.
But what's the deal? You are fucking gorgeous. Any one
of these guys would grab you, if you gave them a
chance. I wouldn't mind a piece off you myself!"

Patty dragged hard on her cigarette. She really wanted
to hate this girl but she seemed nice enough. "I know,"
she said. "I've actually done a lot of them. But Jimmy,
well, I waited a year for him to give me a tumble."

"Is he as good in the sack as I hear?"

"You mean you haven't even fucked him yet?" Patty was

Tiffany smiled and exhaled smoke toward Patty. "I told
you, we only met two days ago and I've been busy
helping my Mom unpack. Tonight, though, it's a done
deal. I did suck his cock, though!"

Patty put her hand on Tiffany's shoulder and drew on
her cigarette. "Well, girlie, I hope you brought a
parachute. Jimmy puts out quite a fuck and you'll
probably need something to get your feet back on the
ground. Once he fucks you, see if you aren't just a
little bit disappointed when he moves on to his next
piece of ass."

"I realize, Patty, that the next guy might be a bit of
a let-down. But the point is – there will be a next
guy. The sooner the better. And then another and
another. You should just enjoy the fucking. Take each
cocking for what its worth. Some guys put the prick to
you better than others, sure. Don't you think the guys
say the same kind of things about us? Does Patty shake
her cunt better than Tiffany? Things like that. My tits
are bigger than yours. So what? You've got nicer hair
and I'd kill to have those pouty lips of yours. I think
pouty lips like yours would feel better to a guy, when
you're sliding them on his cock, then my skinnier

Patty finished her cigarette. "You know Tiffany, I
didn't think I was going to like you, but you make a
lot of sense. Thanks for the cigarette. Maybe some
night you and I should just go out, scope out guys and
see what we can find."

Tiffany chuckled. "Sounds like a plan, Patty. I bet you
and I would make a good team on the prowl! But for
tonight, get with it, doll! I was checking out Jackson
over there when he gave me a light. His basket looks
impressive. I bet he'd forget about that silly twat
he's with, if he had a chance to throw one into you! So
come on over there with me, bat those pretty eyes at
him, wobble your boobs, and I'll bet you you'll score,
big time!"

Patty finished her cigarette. "You know, I've never
balled Jackson. And he's #2 to Jimmy on the team. Sure,
I'll see how he stacks up in bed!"

Tiffany took Patty's arm and together they went back to
where the boys were standing around, pounding back

Jimmy's eyes gleamed as he watched the two honeys come
towards them. He wasn't the least bit self-conscious
about being here with Tiffany rather than Patty. He
hadn't promised Patty anything. He never did. He took
whatever girl he wanted, when he wanted them. He'd be
foolish to tie himself down to one girl when there were
so many. He knew big rock star studs like Mick Jagger
or Gene Simmons had fucked, like, over 3,000 chicks!
Maybe Jimmy wasn't quite in that class yet but he was
still young. He had run up an impressive number of
girls in the sack for a 16-year-old and he had plans to
run his score just as high as he could get it!

He put his arm around Tiffany. "Glad to see you and
Patty are O.K. Patty can get her claws out sometimes."

Tiffany chuckled, "Oh, Patty and I have a lot in
common, I think."

Then they both stood back and watched what could only
be described as poetry in motion, as Patty worked on
getting herself laid.

She took a cigarette from her purse. "Jackson, have you
got a light, hon?"

Jackson took out his lighter and clicked it for her.
Patty slid the cigarette between her lips, fluffed back
her hair, steadied Jackson's hand and leaned in to
accept his light. Jimmy and Tiffany and Patty all
watched Jackson's eyes go straight to Patty's cleavage.
There was plenty on display for horny football players!

Maybe Patty's knockers weren't in Tiffany's class, but
she was still stacked pretty well for a 15-year-old and
she made sure Jackson got a damn good look! As she
straightened up and blew smoke right in his face, she
made sure to bob her shoulders slightly to make her
tits wiggle and wobble for his viewing pleasure.
'Thanks, doll," she said taking another drag, "Where'd
Cindy go?" Jackson had brought Cindy to the party but
he now saw he had a chance to move up a class!

"She's around here somewhere, Patty. I think she went
to the can."

Patty did a fancy French inhale off her cigarette that
she knew turned boys on. She put her hand on Jackson's
arm. "Well, 'til she comes back, why don't you come
with me and we'll put some better CDs in the changer?"

As Jackson followed Patty, Jimmy chuckled, "Poor
Jackson, he doesn't stand a chance with that one. She
gets what she wants!" He chuckled again. "Usually!"
Jimmy's arm tightened around Tiffany's waist.

Tiffany laughed. "It was Cindy who didn't stand a
chance. Did you see the way she's dressed? A bulky
sweatshirt and baggy jeans? What the hell is that
about? She's not showing any of her goodies at all!"

"I don't think she's put out yet," Jimmy said. "She
better get with it or she won't be coming to many more

Jimmy's hand was all over Tiffany's ass, rubbing and
squeezing. His other hand tangled in her hair and he
spun her around and pulled his face to his. Tiffany
smiled as their lips came together and they played some
fun and naughty tongue games!

It was a good thing there was nothing flammable around
the two teenagers as they kissed and groped each other.
The heat coming off their bodies would have set the
room ablaze!

Terry Stone, the running back, whose parent's house the
party was in, drifted by. "Hey, get a room you guys!"

Jimmy broke his kiss with Tiffany. "Which one?"

"My parents room, first left at the top of the stairs."

"Make sure we aren't interrupted, would ya, buddy?"

"You and I are the only ones allowed to tear one off in
my Mom's bed," said Terry. "Everyone knows that. I have
to hang out down here for awhile anyway. So take your
time. No one will bother you!"

A few minutes later they were in Terry's parent's
bedroom, drooling into each other's mouth. Jimmy lifted
Tiffany's top and she raised her arms to let him take
it off and sling it on the chair beside the bed. Then
he grabbed two big handfuls of her boob-flesh, his
thumbs pressing and rubbing the nipples. Tiffany liked
that! She moaned and arched her back pressing her big
tits more firmly into his grasp.

They swapped spit and Jimmy played to his heart's
content with Tiffany's jugs. She was rubbing the
outline of his pecker through his jeans. Tiffany was
hot as a firecracker and eager to feel his big prick
poking into her cunt. She had dreamed about this for
two days now, ever since their sex-session at Jimmy's
had been interrupted by her Mom. But she was wise and
she knew the longer she and Jimmy dragged it out, the
sweeter would be the thrills!

Suddenly, Jimmy slung her down on the bed. She bounced
a couple of times, smiled up at him and in a purry,
throaty voice said, "Come on and join me, lover. You
know how hot I am for your prick!"

The quarterback pulled his clothes off in a hurry. He
was used to calling the plays and right now the play he
called was for one throbbing pecker to slide into one
boiling snatch of this 14-year-old fuck-doll! "Get the
rest of those clothes off, baby! Big Daddy is coming to
ream you on out!"

Tiffany got her skirt off and played with her snatch.
She was so hot for his cock, cream was pouring out of
her like Niagara Falls. Jimmy joined his fox on the bed
and lined up his pecker after rubbing it around and
covering it with cunt-honey!

"Wait, Jimmy, let me suck your cock!"

"Fuck that," Jimmy growled. "You can eat my cum later.
I've been waiting 2 days to ream this puss and I ain't
waiting one second longer!"

Jimmy f***ed the knob of his pecker past her pussy-
gates. Tiffany was so fucking wet it slid in easily,
despite its size. He stopped there for a minute and
just soaked the big head of his boner in the cream and
the heat. The tingles shooting up from his knob were
fantastic! For a pussy that had taken as many cocks as
Tiffany's, it was still as tight as a banjo string.
Then again, not many cocks were Jimmy's size.

Jimmy gave her a couple of cock-stabs. Tiffany grunted
and squealed with each one and, like she had advised
Candice, she lifted her ass and wriggled it and thrust
right back. She was dying to suck Jimmy right on in!

And suck him in she did! With a mighty groan from both
of them Jimmy slid right in to the hilt! His cock-fur
and her pussy-hair mingled and Tiffany wailed with the
sheer pleasure of it all!

Jimmy had a shit-eating grin on his face as he soaked
his pecker in Tiffany's cunt-cream. He had fucked a lot
of girls in the last few years, older, younger,
skinnier than Tiffany, a little plumper than Tiffany,
bigger tits, smaller tits, Jimmy didn't care; he fucked
them all! But right now he was hard pressed to remember
a cunt that had treated his cock so lovingly.

Neither one of them was moving right now but Tiffany's
pussy was like it was alive. It was steaming hot and
very creamy, pulsing and contracting to squeeze his
boner like a warm, wet hand. Jimmy had a lot of stamina
but he was pretty sure Tiffany's talented cooze could
get him off, even if neither one of them moved another

Jimmy's lips were glued to Tiffany's and her hands were
caressing the back of his head as she whimpered into
his mouth, telling him all about the thrills she was
enjoying just having his pecker deep inside her! Man,
this was what living was all about!

Jimmy reluctantly tore his lips away from hers and she
moaned, "No-o-o-o-o," as her tongue missed its new
friend. He looked down at this sex-bomb and thought
he'd call the real estate agent, the one that had sold
her parents the house next door, and thank him. "O.K.,
Tiff, you ready to go?"

For an answer Tiffany lifted her ass off the bed and
wriggled it around. That felt great to his cock and
Jimmy began to throw her the fuck he was famous for.
Cock-stabs seemed to be the order of the day and Jimmy
gave them to her! In spades! Long ones, short ones,
fast ones, slow ones. He poked and jabbed at her puss
until 14-year-old Tiffany was freaking near out of her
mind. Her eyes rolled back in her head; her long,
blonde hair flew all over the place as she shook her
head all around. Her pussy was squirting out juice,
pop! pop! pop! Tiffany pounded her heels on Terry's
mom's mattress and just fucking screamed!

The sheets of the bed under Tiffany's ass were fucking
soaked. With just her pussy-juice because Jimmy hadn't
fired off his load yet. But he figured, since Tiffany
had probably never had a fucking quite like this, why
not just blast off? So he did. Tiffany hooked her legs
around him, caressed his back and sucked his lips and
Jimmy's body stiffened on top of her and he pumped out
one of his super big and creamy loads. Tiffany could
feel the cock contractions as his cum took a thrilling
journey up the length of that prick and found its way
into her pussy. It felt great!

Jimmy de-cocked from her, rolled off Tiffany and onto
his back beside her. Tiffany was wrung out like a rag
doll but her fun-gun was still firing! This was no time
to rest!

His cock was still hard, poking straight up and covered
in juice. In fact, Jimmy's whole groin area was soaking
wet with the products of their furious fuck! Tiffany
got an adorable gleam in her eye, went down and
lovingly ran her tongue up and down the length of
Jimmy's prick, cleaning it for him. She swallowed it.
She licked his nut-sack and his thighs and Jimmy pulled
his knees up so she could lick his ass and get any
cream that might have ran down there.

Jimmy laid back and enjoyed the sexy feelings produced
by Tiffany's talented tongue. From the other day in his
bedroom he knew how much Tiffany loved sucking him. He
also had learned how much she loved drinking mouthfuls
of his cum. Jimmy was nothing if not generous. He
figured he'd shoot another load for her to enjoy. After
all, she had put out quite a hot fuck for him!

Jimmy tangled his hands in her hair and reflected that
some of the older women he had fucked, like his
teacher, Mrs. Schuurman, with their experience, could
throw a pretty fine fuck his way. But none of them
could match the enthusiasm that Tiffany threw into her
fucking. Ah, youth!

While Tiffany was enjoying another big mouthful of
Jimmy's cum, down the hall in another bedroom, Patty
was getting the bone thrown to her, quite nicely, by

She had squeezed close to him as they looked at CDs,
making sure her boobs rubbed his arm. Jackson, liked
the looks of Patty better than his date and, being no
dummy, realized that whereas he'd be very fucking lucky
if Cindy put out tonight, here was Patty just fucking
begging for it!

He had grabbed her and kissed her and that sealed the
deal. Barely a minute later they were in another
bedroom upstairs, removing their clothes.

Patty couldn't help but think that Jackson's cock could
not match Jimmy's. But you know what? He was drilling
it into her pretty good and it felt just fine, thank
you very much! 'That tramp, Tiffany, is no dummy," she
thought as she caressed Jackson's back and wiggled her
ass, clenching her pussy muscles around his boner. She
sure had been right about one thing. This fuck Jackson
was throwing at her might not have been as quite as
thrilling as what Jimmy had done to her, but it sure as
hell beat going home without any bone-time at all!

So Jackson stroked her pussy pretty good, she got off a
couple pretty fair cums and now, could go home and tell
her mom that the party had been pretty damn good, after

Chapter 4

13-year-old Candice tickled her clit and hunched her
ass around for a cum. She was in her bed, masturbating
and missing Tiffany. Her s****r was at a party with
Jimmy, that big high school stud from next door. She
was probably getting a good cocking! Even though
Candice had never had one, she imagined it was pretty
fucking good.

Tiffany sure seemed to like it and when Candice and her
s****r licked twats, Tiffany assured Candice that the
thrills she was getting were a lot like getting boned.
Depending on the guy doing the boning, of course.
'Someone like Jimmy,' Candace imagined. He was dreamy!
With the right guy, the thrills might be even better
than her twat-licking, Tiffany assured her.

Candice heard her s****r at the door then Tiffany
entered their bedroom. Her hair was a mess and Candice
could smell her all across the room. She could
recognize that sex-smell! Candice was jealous but knew
that she and her s****r would probably do some twat-
humming while Tiffany told her about the party.

Tiffany had a fresh cigarette in her hand and Candice
decided that this was another thing that was going to
happen. Tiffany was going to teach her to smoke. Most
all the girls at school smoked, even in her grade. If
Mom didn't like it, too bad! Why should Mom and Tiffany
get to smoke and Candice be left out?

"You still up, Candy?"

"Yeah, I just had a couple of cums! But I was hoping
you would come home and we could have some better

Tiffany dragged hard on her cigarette. "I don't know,
Candy. Wait until I tell you! I'm pretty sore! Jimmy
threw a few fucks into me! Big fucks! Stretched me out
pretty good!"

Tiffany sat on Candy's bed. Seeing the disappointed
look on her face Tiffany thought she'd give her some
good news.

"Jimmy was pretty impressed with you in the pool the
other day. He wants to lay you. He told me that. When I
told him you were cherry, he fucking near blew his mind
and I don't mind telling you, he got so excited that he
boned me extra hard! He fucking near split me in two!"

Candy's eyes got big and bright. "Thanks, s*s. Was
fucking with Jimmy as good as you hoped?"

"Better! He puts out one hell of a fuck. I came so many
times I lost count. And I sucked his cock and swallowed
his cum. I think my legs are still quivering."

"Tiffany," Candice asked, "can I try a drag off your

"Sure, honey. Here. Just drag a little to start, hold
the smoke in your mouth for a bit, and then blow it
out. Don't try inhaling just yet."

She handed her Virginia Slim to Candy. Candy held it
the way her s****r did, feminine and sexy. She brought
it to her lips, sucked a little. The smoke tasted warm
in her mouth and she held it there briefly then slowly
let it escape.

"Now watch me, Candy." Tiffany dragged hard on the
cigarette and filled her mouth with smoke. She kept her
mouth open, so Cindy could see the smoke swirl in her
mouth, and then she simply breathed it all into her

"Do you think you can do that, Candy?" she asked, as
she exhaled. "Don't drag hard and get too much smoke
the first time. When you learn to smoke better then you
can let a guy see you inhale like that with your mouth
open. It must remind them of a girl's mouth full of
their cum or something, because it drives some of them
nuts. Sexy smoking is a good tool to attract guys."

Cindy did it. A small drag and once the smoke was in
her mouth, she held it, then inhaled cautiously, and
the smoke went into her lungs. It seemed to burn in her
throat and she coughed a little but not too much. She
felt a little jolt of something, then she breathed all
the smoke out."

"That's fucking neat, s*s."

"I was going to let you try soon anyway. You are going
to be a real woman, once Jimmy fucks you! If you can
fuck, you sure as hell can smoke. Mom doesn't need to
know about either one right away. I'll sit her down and
talk to her some night when Dad isn't around."

"Thanks, Tiff," Candice reached for the cigarette and
took another small drag and cautious inhale. She had a
long ways to go but she already liked smoking and she
was determined to smoke just as sexily as her s****r.
She had watched the boys watching Tiffany, as she
smoked. She thought she would like it if they were
looking at her like that. She didn't have Tiffany's big
tits yet, but she was filling out some and her knockers
were starting to be bigger and fatter!

Cindy tried another inhale and handed the cigarette
back to her s****r and started to be a little light-
headed as the nicotine did its work. "Does Jimmy like
it when you smoke?"

Tiffany laughed. "Jimmy likes his pecker in me so much
I'm not sure he's even noticed. Anyway, I don't have
time to smoke much when I'm with him. His prick is
either in my mouth or my box, like, all the time. He
even wants to do me in the ass! He never quits!"

Candice giggled. "You're such a slut, Tiffany! But I
love you and I love everything you do and want to do it
too. Thanks for letting me smoke. And thanks for
talking to Jimmy about me. I'm sure I'm going to love
it when he throws a fuck into me!"

Candice got her wish the next night!


Jimmy's parents were going out, so at 8 o'clock the
Johnson girls showed up at the Patterson's door.

Jimmy's mom yelled up the stairs, "Jimmy, the girls
from next door are here to see you." She kinda
chuckled. Didn't all mothers wish their boys would look
for that girl-next-door type? And here were two right
here, looking for her son. Sandra might have been
surprised if she knew what these particular girls-next-
door had on their dirty little minds!

Jimmy didn't answer.

"He must be on the phone or something," Jimmy's Mom
said. "Go on up, girls. Tiffany, you know which one is
Jimmy's room. Have fun but, don't do anything I
wouldn't do. Tell Jimmy we'll be late!"

Tiffany wondered if Jimmy's mom knew what a stud her
son was and the things he got up to and the girls he
fucked. She wondered what exactly 'don't do anything I
wouldn't do' 'mounted down to. What exactly did that
leave for them to do! Not that she had any intention of
keeping that particular suggestion. Jimmy's perpetual
boner was her newest fuck-toy and tonight she was going
to share it with her s****r!

Before they had left home Tiffany had helped Candice
dress appropriately and do her make-up. All Candace had
on was a little bikini-type halter top and a small
white thong. That way it looked like they had come over
for a dip in the pool. The swimming pool, not Jimmy's
gene pool!

The little halter top barely contained her tits and
even the tops of her aureoles could be seen. Her actual
nipples were covered but threatened to poke through the
tight fabric. It was a very sexy effect! Tiffany had
found a new shade of light purple lip-gloss and matched
it with the same color eye shadow. When she was done
applying this make-up to her s****r's face, she
reflected that Candy looked a lot older than her 13

Tiffany knocked on Jimmy's door and she and Candy
entered. Jimmy wasn't on the phone. He was lying on his
bed playing with his cock! He had heard the girls
downstairs and stroked himself a nice hard-on for them.
He grinned as he saw the beaming looks on their faces!

Tiffany laughed. "I should have known what you were up
to, stud. Candy here wants a lesson! Why don't I go out
by the pool and have a cigarette and leave her in your
capable hands!"

"No, Tiff, I want you to stay," Candice said. Now that
the moment of truth was here she was a little nervous.
Not that she wasn't looking forward to it. But could
she please Jimmy enough that he would want to bang her

"You can have a cigarette here, Tiffany. Don't you be
nervous, Candy," Jimmy said gently, "I'll try not to
hurt you too much. But it will probably hurt some
though. Come on over here."

Candice was delighted when Jimmy's cock gave a lurch
when he saw how little she had on! His prick-knob was
already leaking clear juice and Candy reflected that
that must be the pre-cum Tiffany had told her about.

She went over to the bed, trying to wiggle sexily as
she walked and Jimmy reached up and pulled her head
down and kissed her!

Candice had kissed a few boys before but they mostly
grossed her out, slobbering around her mouth. Jimmy,
however, knew how to do it! His lips were hot, but
gentle, and he licked her lips nicely, and probed her
lips easily until she felt comfortable enough to open
her lips and invite his tongue inside. Man, that felt

Jimmy kept moving his lips against hers and licked all
around inside her mouth. When he rubbed his tongue
along the roof of her mouth, Candice could feel her
body starting to shiver and tingle.

Tiffany pulled up a chair beside the bed and lit a
cigarette as she watched Candy and Jimmy making out.
She smoked with one hand and used her other hand to rub
her pussy through her jeans. She was here just to make
her s****r be more comfortable. She'd join in and get
her thrills later!

Jimmy took Candy's hand and placed it on his prick.
"Play with my cock a little, Candy. Rub it up and down
and jiggle my nuts!"

Candice did. She could not get one hand all around that
pecker so she used two. She fondled Jimmy's rod and
stroked it up and down. The clear fuck-fluid wasn't
leaking out of the end of his prick any more, it was
pouring out! It got Candy's hands all wet. Remembering
how Tiffany said she'd like that pre-cum, she licked it
off her hands and, yep! She loved it! Impulsively, she
bent down and gave Jimmy's knob a big kiss! Jimmy's
knob liked that so much it drooled out a bunch more
pre-cum for her to lick up!

Candy was taking to the bone like a fish to water.
Tiffany watched with pride as her little s****r started
licking the boner from the root to the tip, always
remembering to polish the knob with her tongue and run
her tongue under the ridge, like Tiffany had told her.

Her big s****r had already fucked and sucked this stud-
pole and she had said that would drive Jimmy nuts and
she was right! He clutched Candy's head and wiggled his
ass to the thrill of it all.

"Gee, Candice, you sure you never went down on a prick

Candice smiled up at him, loving it all. "First time,
stud! Do you like it, Jimmy? Am I doing O.K.?"

"You are going to be one champion bone-licker!" praised
Jimmy. "Lick my nuts a little too, Candice!"

Candice lowered her head and licked his ball-sack all
around. She tongued those big nuts and sucked one right
in her mouth causing Jimmy to thrash around and moan.
Both balls were too big a mouthful for the little 13-
year-old so she had to be content with one at a time.

When his whole nut-bag was thoroughly wet with her
spit, Candy slid her lips back up to the prick-knob.
Instinctively, she opened her mouth and took that prick
inside to give it some loving there! Jimmy's hands were
busy in her hair but he didn't f***e her. He didn't
have to, as Candy really liked sucking his boner. It
felt alive in her mouth and very hot! His moans of
delight told Candice that he loved what she doing. She
f***ed her head down and took as much of his prick as
she could. Of course, she couldn't get all of Jimmy's
monster wang in her mouth but she still had a good slab
of meat in there!

The sight of Jimmy's prick buried in her s****r's mouth
brought a long groan from Tiffany. The front of her
jeans were soaked and her ass wiggled all over the
chair she was in, as she squirted out a cum.

With Jimmy's prick buried deep in her mouth, Candice
swirled her tongue all around it. Jimmy considered
cumming but decided he'd save the first blast of the
session for the cherry-popping. Reluctantly he pried
Candy's mouth from his prick and pulled her down beside

Cindy still had her clothes on, that little bit of
clothes, but Jimmy didn't care. He kissed her fiercely
and squeezed her jugs. Then he kissed his way down her
body, jerked that damn thong out of his way and kissed
the prize! A thoroughly soaked, cherry pussy!

Jimmy couldn't figure out who was moaning louder, Cindy
as he kissed her puss or her s****r, sitting by,
watching the action, fingering her own pussy!

As Jimmy had noted in the past, with different girls
that he bedded, Candy's cunt-juice tasted entirely
different than her s****r's. He took note of that
briefly, on the first lick, then stiffened his tongue,
poked it into that cherry puss and ate little Candy
from hell to breakfast!

Candice whimpered and moaned and cried and screamed and
her box pumped out juice in record amounts. She was
hot! Hotter than she had ever been, even when her
s****r licked her slit. The cums just kept coming! And
Jimmy just kept licking.

But soon it was time for the main event!

Jimmy rocked little Candy way back, so her ass was
pretty much off the bed and got her to hold her own
ankles in her hands. He lined his cock up with the

His big knob was tickling her labes, knocking on the
doorway to heaven.

Tiffany couldn't sit back any longer! "Wait," she
moaned. "I want to help!"

Tiffany was excited to see her little s****r take her
first cock! She grabbed Jimmy's pecker and slid the
knob all around the lips of her s****r's puss! There
was so much pre-cum and cunt-juice that it was hardly
necessary, but she bowed her head anyway and took a
quick lick to ensure there was enough lube and then she
eased the pulsing head of Jimmy's pecker past Candy's
cunt-gates! The knob was in!

Jimmy let it rest there for a moment so Candy could get
the feel of it. She was moaning and groaning and urging
him to poke it all the way in. He tried! Candy's cunt-
walls had a bear-hug on his rod despite the gallons of
lube that pussy was churning out! The snug fit felt
just fucking fantastic on his throbbing meat! He
stabbed in deeper and then hit a wall.

He wasn't all the way in yet! "I've hit the cherry," he
declared. He licked Candy's ear, stuck his tongue in it
and whispered, "Candy, I really hope this doesn't hurt
too much but I'm going to have to poke hard to get by
it!" Raising his head he looked at Tiffany, "Kiss your
s****r! Maybe that'll help her with this!"

Tiffany glued her lips to Candy's and nodded to Jimmy
to go to it!

Jimmy poked hard!

Tiffany sucked her s****r's tongue and caressed her
face as Candy screamed, "A-r-r-g-h!" But Candice was
determined. The pleasures she had felt so far was worth
a little pain and she had a feeling that more and
better thrills were just ahead!

She pulled her mouth from Tiffany's and yelled, 'Poke
me again, Jimmy! Poke hard as you need to! Poke that
cherry right out of my cunt!"

Jimmy did! One more huge cock-stab was all it took.
Candy's cherry-wall busted wide open! There was a
little bl**d, a little pain, but Jimmy's nuts were
slapping Candy's ass because his big stud-prick was in
her to the hilt!

"Mama-Mia!" Candy yelled, "That feels fucking awesome!
I'm a woman now! Jimmy! Fuck the piss out of me!"

Jimmy felt Tiffany's hands all over his nuts as they
kissed Candy's ass again and again. He was giving her
all the cock-strokes he could and little Candy was
taking every one and loving it!

The cum-puddle on the sheets got bigger and bigger as
little Candy's box churned out cream. Candy had been
always jealous because she couldn't squirt as much
cream as her s****r but tonight she was taking a back
seat to no one!

"O.K., sugar-pop," Jimmy yelled, "I'm going to fill
this new cunt with cream."

"Go ahead, Jimmy. Shoot me a load. Shoot me a big one!"

The cunt got full. Jimmy's prick was pouring out a load
for posterity and the sheets were soaked, soaking all
of them. All three of them sank to the sheets in a
tangle, kissing each other and celebrating Candy's
triumphant entrance to womanhood.

Chapter 5

At the exact same moment that Jimmy Peterson was
busting Candy Johnson's cherry, John Johnson, Candy's
Dad, was throwing a pretty fair fuck into a woman also.
But that woman wasn't Lisa, Candice's Mom. No, the
women wriggling her ass under him was Sandra Peterson,
Jimmy's Mom!

They were in a motel room with two double beds and on
the other bed, Bob Peterson was fucking the living shit
out of Lisa Johnson!

The two men would look over at each other, once in
awhile, and wink as they kept drilling their peckers
into each other's wife.

The Petersons and the Johnsons weren't normally
swingers. Bob and John had hatched this plan over beers
by the pool, the night of the bar-b-que. Each had
sprung a boner when meeting the other guy's wife.
Couldn't really blame them. Both Lisa and Sandra were
gorgeous beaver. But you know, as Jimmy was finding
out, even at his young age, no matter how gorgeous was
the piece you were currently doing, a strange piece was
sheer delight! Or to put it another way, fucking the
same cunt, day after day, no matter how foxy, could
lead to boredom. Strange boobs in your mouth, a strange
tongue on your balls, a strange box dribbling into your
mouth. That was the way to go!

So Bob and John, despite the fact they had only known
each other only a couple of hours, started to discuss
doing each other's wife. To start, it was probably just
beer talk and, maybe, neither one of them was totally
serious. But with each beer they put back, watching
their sexy wives wiggle their asses around, as they
prepared the food, they got bolder and more serious
about their idea. But, each was a little chicken to
approach his wife. They hatched elaborate schemes to
con them into it. But, in the end they were both shit-
faced with beer and just came out and proposed swapping
the wives. They were amazed, maybe a little hurt at
their enthusiasm, when the woman clinked their glasses,
put down their cigarettes, smiled and said, "Sure!"

Turns out the ladies had been eyeing up the other's
spouse all night too! If the guys hadn't approached
them with this scheme, the ladies might have suggested
it! It seems they were a little bored themselves at
screwing the same pecker, too, day after day, and
thought some strange cock would taste pretty good!

And this night, at the motel room they had rented to
hide from the k**s, the women found out they were
right. The men might have been throwing winks at each
other, but the women weren't. They were far too fucking
busy enjoying the sensations of new cock! Both had been
the fuck-queens of their high school but somehow had
remained faithful to the guy they married! Bob and John
had both had a couple of strange pieces over the course
of the years they were married, but Sandra and Lisa had
taken the bone only from their husbands.

Right now Bob was balls-deep in Lisa and John was
rammed to the hilt in Sandra. Both women were flinging
their hair around and groaning with pleasure as Bob and
John rode them to the land of the big O. The room
smelled of sex as the new pricks stretched out those
boxes to strange positions, and caused them to flood
the sheets with girlie-juice.

"Good gosh, Bob, what a snapper your wife has!"
exclaimed John. "It's squeezing my dork so tight that I
can't stand it. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm blowing my load!"

Bob looked down at John's wife as she sc****d her nails
down his back and urged him to cum in her. Her snatch
was nipping at his pecker and Bob gave one last mighty
thrust and unloaded his hot nuts into the overheated
cunny of his buddy's wife!

Bob and John were pooped. They collapsed on the beds on
their backs and promptly were snoring. Sandra and Lisa
moved to sit at a little night table to enjoy a

"How'd you like my husband, Lisa?" Sandra smiled at her
friend as she held her lighter for John's wife.

Lisa grinned and exhaled smoke at Sandra. "Probably as
much as you enjoyed mine! Tramp! First new cock I've
had in years. It was terrific!"

"Ditto," agreed Sandra. "I enjoyed your husband's
jabbing! But look at our two studs now!"

Bob and John were snoring. "Yeah, big studs," said
Lisa, sarcastically. "John's not a bad screw, as long
as you're happy with one go. And it looks like your Bob
is good for just one pop, too, Sandra."

Sandra took a drag. "Your husband wrung a cum out of
me, all right. Any new pecker would have I think. It
did feel great! But you're right. We're both in the
same boat. We don't ever get seconds."

Lisa crushed out her cigarette, reached over and pulled
Sandra's head across the table. She looked deep into
Sandra's eyes and said, "And why shouldn't we have
seconds? I don't know about you, hon, but I've still
got the itch!"

Sensing no resistance she leaned in and kissed her!

Lisa's lips were sweet! Sandra sucked them. This was
something she had not considered, but as Lisa's tongue
snaked past her lips into her mouth she felt thrills
running up her spine! Her tongue sprang into action and
rubbed all over Lisa's tongue and mouth! Their kiss
lasted a long, sweet, wet time and both boxes were

Lisa Johnson had slept with her college roommate, the
first time almost by accident but several times after
that when cock was in short supply. Sandra Patterson,
on the other hand, had never kissed a woman, nor
contemplated it. Cock had always been enough for her.
Right now though, the sweet sugar of Lisa's lips were
making her wonder, why the hell not!

Lisa caressed Sandra's hair and rubbed her cheek on
Sandra's, "Which one of us is going to wake our
husband," she murmured, "and get him the fuck up so we
can have a bed! I think I'd like to fuck you, Mrs.

"O-o-o-h-h, Lisa! I've never done that!"

"Trust me, sweets, it'll be heaven!"

Sandra was excited. Lisa's lips were sweet, she had a
gorgeous body and the thought of cuddling with her and
kissing and licking that honey flesh was causing her to
shiver and her box to drool!

She got up and shook her husband. "Bob, wake the fuck
up and get on the other bed with John!"

Bob Patterson shook his groggy head and wanting nothing
more than to go back to sl**p and not argue with his
wife, collapsed beside his new buddy and they proceeded
to have a snoring contest.

That didn't bother their wives. The sheets of the bed
were pretty much soaked from the cocking Lisa had
received there but Sandra ignored that. Her hot body
warmed up those cool sheets and she held her arms out
to Lisa. "Come to me, honey!" she purred. "Show me how
two women love each other!"

Lisa kissed her mouth and then shoved her boobs higher
and concentrated on sending Sandra into a frenzy by
licking and sucking the shit out of her tit-peaks.
Sandra's nipples hardened and poked out at her! One of
Lisa's hands squeezed boob-flesh and the other hand
cupped and rubbed Sandra's drooling box!

"Oh, Sandra! You box-juice is sticky and hot! Can I
taste it?"

Sandra's box was twitching and pulsing with
anticipation. Her husband never ate her cunt and Sandra
had always wondered what someone kissing and licking
down there would feel like. Lisa showed her. And how!

The first kiss Lisa's lips bestowed on her box sent
Sandra squirrly! It was a gentle, loving kiss at first
but became a fierce, demanding French kiss as Lisa's
mouth lips wandered over Sandra's cunt-lips and her
tongue probed into the heat of her snatch. The honey
was sweet and hot and plentiful and Lisa licked so the
hot box would pump out more of the tasty treat for her!

Lisa chuckled at the thought of their husband's lying
dead to the world not 4 feet away. Most guys would have
killed to witness a girlie-show like this and their
dorky husbands slept. Lisa made love to Sandra's
snatch, realizing that she would never again be lonely
for a bed-mate after her husband had thrown his nut and
passed out on her!

And there were other things of interest next door at
the Patterson's! Tiffany might not have thought so, but
her mother had not failed to notice the glow about her
when she and Sandra's son had come down from being in
Jimmy's room. It set Lisa's mind to spinning with
luscious possibilities! It was obvious to her that
Jimmy and her daughter had been up to some sex-play.
She liked the look of Jimmy. If he was going to give it
to Tiffany, Lisa doubted he would resist if given the
chance to throw it to Tiffany's Mom!

But, right now, Sandra's thighs were squeezed tight
around Lisa's head! Lisa figured that with all the
wiggling and writhing Sandra's ass was doing as she
sailed from one cum to the next, that her neck was
going to be sore tomorrow!

But that was tomorrow! Nothing mattered at this moment
except sucking up all the honey-dew that Sandra's
snatch could pump out!

Sandra had never experienced cums like this! Never! Her
husband would be lucky if he ever got his pecker back
in her where Lisa's tongue was now! Sandra supposed
she'd give him a mercy fuck now and again but from now
on her pussy belonged to Lisa! Lisa, who was loving her
box like her husband never had. Lisa, who paused now
and again to tell her how much she loved her and the
taste of her offerings. Lisa, who was sucking out
sweeter, wetter cums from her than Sandra had ever

Much later, the two women were cuddled together sharing
a blissful cigarette. The husbands still snored! Sandra
was dragging deeply on her cigarette trying to calm
down. Her body was still jerking and twitching from the
frenzy that Lisa Johnson's had licked her into! Lisa
had so enjoyed turning Sandra's luscious female form
into a raw bundle of sex-flesh that she had squirted
out some cums of her own without hardly touching

They kissed sweetly. Lisa's lips with still wet with
Sandra's honey. Sandra had never tasted her own juice
before, never tasted anyone's cunt-honey. She wondered
if all women's cream tasted the same. She was sure
liking the taste of herself on Lisa's adorable lips!

"Oh, honey-bunch, that was just fantastic," murmured
Lisa into Sandra's mouth. "You really rock when you
pump out a cum! I could drown in your sweetness and be

"Lisa, you horny little tramp, I think I love you. You
do know that, don't you? You can fuck my husband any
time you want from now on! He won't be getting his
pecker in me too often, as long as I have you next

Lisa took a last delicious drag from her cigarette,
licked in Sandra's ear and kissed her hair. "Sandra,
I'm always here for you. You're a gorgeous piece of
tail and I'm honored that you love my loving. Cumming
with you is so much sweeter than with my husband!"

"I want to taste you too, Lisa. But I've never licked a
cunt before. Will you teach me how to love you, like
you loved me?"

Lisa cuddled her even closer. "I've got a feeling you
are going to be a natural. Why don't you start by
kissing my titties and I'll lie back and you can do
anything you want to me!"

Sandra filled her mouth with Lisa's nipple. Lisa's
motor began to hum and she lay back giving Sandra easy
access to everything. Bob and John continued to sl**p
peacefully, missing out on the night of love their
wives were having.

End of Part 2. Part 3 to follow

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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