Jimmy's Girls Part 1

In a continuing series we find Jimmy, a teen-age stud
who likes fuck lots of girls.


Author's Note: In Chapter 1 he meets Tiffany a 14-year-
old who has moved in next door with her parents and her
13-year-old s****r, Candice. In Chapter 2, Tiffany and
Candace discuss Jimmy while in bed together. In further
chapters I describe various combinations of these k**s,
their parents and teachers and other k**s at school.
But in picking codes below I will only pick codes I
think are appropriate for these two chapters.


Chapter 1

16-year-old Jimmy Patterson thought he had died and
went to heaven. He leaned back against the headboard of
the bed and with a shit-eating grin on his face watched
the action that was taking place between his legs.

His hands were tangled in the long blonde hair of 14-
year-old Tiffany Johnson and she was kissing and
drooling and licking and, in general, making love to
his pecker with her sweet, sweet mouth. Jimmy was
guiding the action via his hands in her hair and also
was supplying helpful suggestions on how Tiffany should
best love up his rod. When she would hit an especially
hot spot Jimmy would hold her head there saying, "Whoa,
Tiff, right there, sweet-stuff!" And she would lick a
little harder and a little hotter!

Not that she needed the guidance. Tiffany Johnson was
girl who knew her way around a cock! She had been dying
to get her hands on Jimmy's boner ever since her
parents had bought the house next door to Jimmy's
parents. She had taken one look at the handsome Jimmy,
his toned and tanned body, his ready grin, the cocksure
way his brilliant, blue eyes devoured her body and
decided she wanted some from this cocky stud.

Bob and Sandra, Jimmy's folks had invited the Johnson's
over for a bar-b-que and dip in their pool as a
'welcome to the neighborhood' gesture. John and Lisa
had been quick to say yes and arrived with Tiffany.
Their other daughter, 13-year-old Candice would be over
would be over when she finished some chores her Mom had
given her. What John and Lisa didn't know was that in
this neighborhood Jimmy was stud-master supreme. What
they also didn't know was that Tiffany and Candice were
a little more grown up then they might have liked them
to be.

They hardly batted an eye when Jimmy announced that he
was going to show Tiffany his room. Aren't 16 year old
boys proud of their rooms? It was only natural that
Jimmy should want to show Tiffany, wasn't it? Bob and
John had taken sips of their beers and Sandra and Lisa
barely broke off their chatter when Jimmy had taken
Tiffany by the hand and led her to his bedroom. They
completely missed the steamy looks transpiring between
the teens!

She had went willingly, of course, quite sure that
Jimmy had more in mind than showing her any 'stuff' in
his room. The only 'stuff' she was interested in was
nestled snugly in his swim trunks! She hoped that his
briefs weren't too tight on his nut-sack. She'd heard
that could inhibit sperm production and Tiffany didn't
like that idea at all. She loved a boy's cum, the more
the better, and was sure she was going to love Jimmy's!

As soon as Jimmy had her in his room she laid a kiss on
him that could have melted Jimmy's football trophies in
the case above his bed!

Jimmy liked that! Being a tall, handsome, football stud
he got all the cunt-action one guy could ever want. He
spread it around all the cheerleaders and any other
girls at school he found pretty. They all felt it was
their duty to keep the school 'star' happy! And, of
course, with Jimmy being the cocksmith that he was,
keeping him happy had the side benefit of producing
mind-blowing cums for them! Word of mouth is pretty
good advertising and Jimmy benefited mightily from the
girly gossip. There probably wasn't one girl at his
school that wasn't ready and willing and able to
'suffer' through a session with Jimmy. For the good of
the team, of course.

But though Jimmy got all the pussy he could want, he
always kept his eye out for new cunt. He had decided
that each girl blew him a little differently; each girl
shook her ass and squeezed her puss differently. Each
girl's nipples tasted different. Each girl's cunt-cream
tasted slightly different. Jimmy had decided, early on,
that he would find out just how many kinds of
different' that there were!

For instance, for all his experience, Jimmy had never
felt a girl use her lips and tongue on his rod and nuts
quite like Tiffany! He wondered how her s****r,
Candice, would be in the sack. Had Tiffany taught her
s****r any of the pleasure tricks she was drooling out
onto his pecker? He expected he would just have to find

But, first, the business at hand. Jimmy's nuts were
rocking and rolling in Tiffany's hot little hands. She
kissed her way up to his drooling knob making sure to
caress her tongue all around that head, licking up pre-
cum, and she was just in time!

"Cap it, Tiff! I'm going blow my nuts!"

The thrills coursed through Jimmy's pecker and shivered
up his spine as the cum Tiffany had been working for
sped the length of his prick right to where Tiffany
wanted it! She capped his prick-knob and filled her
mouth with cum then swallowed to make room for some
more. Some she let dribble out, to run down the length
of Jimmy's cock to lick up later. Earlier, she had been
concerned that Jimmy's swim trunks were too tight on
his nut-sack. She needn't have worried. Jimmy's nut-
blasts were legendary around school. He could shoot a
load that would make any cum-queen happy. Speaking of
which, he had a primo cum-queen licking up his spunk
right now!

Tiffany was pleased with the sweetness of the sperm and
the sheer volume that Jimmy kept pumping into her
mouth. Must have been exquisite for him, she thought,
idly, as she licked and ate sperm, to be able to 'cum'
for that long. Tiffany liked it so much that when Jimmy
finally quit blasting sperm in her mouth, she kept
right on licking. Jimmy stayed hard and, kissing his
nuts a loving thank-you, Tiffany blew him again and
then, just on the outside chance that he still didn't
know how much she liked him, she blew him a third time!

Tiffany Johnson was amazed. Jimmy Patterson had just
blasted his third load, in under an hour into her mouth
and she would have been hard pressed to see any
difference in the volume of cum that he fed her from
one blow-job to the next. She blessed the day her
parents had moved here!

Chapter 2

Later that night Tiffany Johnson was beating her heels
on her mattress and wriggling her cute little ass all
over her bed. Her cunt was pumping out girlie-cum and
orgasms were carousing through her little body.

The cause of all this was her s****r, 13-year-old
Candice. Her face was buried in her s****r's pussy-fur,
her tongue was licking her s****r's clit a mile a
minute, her tiny hands were full of the lush cheeks of
her s****r's ass and she was hanging on for dear life.
The incredible thrills sweeping through Tiffany had her
literally wrenching and wriggling all over the bed,
giving her s****r one hell of a ride.

But Candice loved her s****r's pussy juice almost as
much as Tiffany had loved Jimmy's sperm. No way was she
going to take her head away from where Tiffany was
pumping out that luscious treat for her. She swallowed
it up in big mouthfuls. If Jimmy Patterson could pump
out world record cum-loads, Tiffany could squirt cunt-
cream to match.

Tiffany and Candice had been licking each other's twats
for several years. They were close and the first night
that Tiffany had stroked her pussy for a big O, she
promptly woke her little s****r and showed her how too.
From there it was only natural that the girls rub each
other's pussy. Then one day, Tiffany, when she was
about ten, had the brain-wave that if rubbing a pussy
with fingers could make it purr and squirt, imagine how
that same pussy would react to something wet and soft,
like a tongue!

Only one way to find out! She had crossed the room to
Candice's bed, where Candice had her eyes closed as she
played with her cunt and was tickling her way to those
shivery thrills. She gently moved her s****r's hands
out of the way and where Candice's fingers were
rubbing, she started licking. Candice had jumped and
squealed like an electric shock had hit her and maybe
it had. She had grabbed her s****r's hair and made sure
Tiffany didn't stop!

Later Candice returned the favor to Tiffany. Candice
couldn't for the life of her think why it had never
occurred to them to try this before. The s****rs always
licked their fingers after making their boxes squirt
and they both loved the taste of girl-cum. Funny thing.
Candace liked Tiffany's cream better than her own and
Tiffany preferred Candice's. Candice had no trouble
having 'cums'. She would shiver and shake and she got
plenty wet all right but she was jealous of the larger
amounts of lube that her s****r's box could pump out.

Tonight, after a couple of big orgasms apiece, Tiffany
and Candice relaxed and cuddled.

Tiffany had just started smoking a few months back and
she lit one now, a Virginia Slim from the pack her
mother had bought for her. Candace hugged her and laid
her head on Tiffany's pillowy breasts, keeping her
mouth close to her s****r's big nipples so that she
could latch on and have a taste, whenever she wasn't

"What did you think of Jimmy, Candice?" Tiffany smoked
with one hand and stroked her s****r's hair with the

"He's real cute," said Candace. "I loved it when you
guys came in the pool with me. When we played that game
and he caught me a couple of times he rubbed me pretty
good. I think he likes me."

"I sucked his dick," announced Tiffany.

"You didn't!"

"Sure I did. Me and him went up to his room before you
came over and he blew three cum-loads in my mouth."

"Slut! Did he fuck you?"

"Nah. I wanted him too but Mom yelled up the stairs for
me to come and help Mrs. Patterson set the table. He's
got a really nice wang on him. I'm going to a party
with him Friday night and you can bet I'm going to let
him throw a fuck into me! I heard he's poked his prick
into lots and lots of girls at this new school we are
going to go to."

Sometimes Candice was a little jealous of her big
s****r. She was just that one year older than her, but
Tiffany got to do everything! Tiffany was allowed to
smoke, but mom said Candice was too young! Lisa Johnson
knew Tiffany fucked with boys but said Candice was too
young! Candice was getting sick and tired of being too

"You know, Candy," Tiffany said thoughtfully, as she
exhaled a large cloud of smoke. "I wasn't much older
than you when Mom started letting me do neat stuff. I
don't know why she is being such a hard-ass about your
age. You've never had a cigarette. You've never touched
a boy's cock or blew a boy and ate his cum. And you
haven't had a fuck yet. But I have an idea. Mom doesn't
need to know everything we do."

Candace sucked her s****r's nipple and then released
it. "I love you, Tiffany," she said. "It is time Mom
realized that I am all grown up."

"So you really like Jimmy?"

"I think he's neat. You know what, Tiff? I am sick and
tired of being cherry. I think I'll have Jimmy punch it
out for me!"

Tiffany nodded as she took another drag off her
Virginia Slim. "That's what I was thinking. Jimmy's got
a really neat cock. I think he's just perfect to poke
that cherry out for you!"

"But do you think he likes me enough?"

"Candy, boys don't have to like you, to fuck you. When
he's throwing me a fuck, I'll just mention that you'd
like one too! I'll guarantee he's willing!"

"But you said he gets lots of fucks at school."

"Don't matter, Candy." Tiffany finished her cigarette
and crushed it out. "No boy turns down a fuck.
Especially not from a sexy little thing like you!"

"But how will I know what to do?"

"Don't worry, silly," Tiffany said, "I'll be there if
you need me, but really it is nothing. Jimmy knows how
to use his cock. To get fucked all you really have to
do is be there. Now to throw a good fuck, that's
different, but for the first time it doesn't matter so
much. Long as that cherry gets poked through and
through! Right?"

Candice nodded in agreement. "Can I suck his cock too?"

"Of course you can. Jimmy loved it when I sucked his

"But I've never done that either. What if I don't do it
right or I'm not as good a cocksucker as you?"

"Silly, you use your mouth on my cunny all the time,
don't you? You make me squeal and cum, don't you? Just
use your lips and tongue on his wang the way you do on
my cunny and Jimmy will love it. And Candy? You think
my cream is sweet? Wait until you taste Jimmy's
payload! When you start licking Jimmy's prick, at first
there will be clear liquid leaking from his piss-slot.
That's called pre-cum. Lick it all up. You'll like it."

Tiffany paused to light another cigarette. Although she
had only been smoking for a few months she really
enjoyed it. And she enjoyed the attention it got her
from boys. She knew she looked sexy when she smoked and
the boys all watched her. She figured the boys thought
that 'bad girls who smoked' probably put out also. She
didn't know if that was always true but for her it sure

Her Dad didn't know she smoked yet. Her mother didn't
think her Dad would like it, so she told Tiffany to be
careful not to let him catch her smoking. Until her Mom
had found a way to tell him. Right now though, Tiffany
knew that her Dad was throwing a fuck into her Mom. She
knew that the way her Mom threw her cunt around while
Dad was fucking her there was little chance of Dad ever
leaving that room to catch her doing anything!

Tiffany held her s****r's head while she sucked on her
nipples. "After you lick up the pre-cum I was telling
you about, make sure you polish his cock-knob with your
tongue. There is a ridge where the knob joins to the
pecker and run your tongue all around under that ridge.
That'll fucking drive him nuts!"

Candice was loving the taste of her s****r's nipples.
She always did. But she was listening attentively to
her s****r's instructions. She not only wanted to lose
her cherry. She wanted to throw Jimmy one hell of a
fuck! At their last school all the boys said Tiffany
was one hell of a piece of ass so who better to teach

Tiffany exhaled a large cloud of smoke. "By now, he'll
be grabbing your hair and head and maybe poking his
cock into your mouth. That's fine. But always remember,
you are in charge. Probably now would be a good time to
hold his cock up against his belly and go down and lick
all over his nut-bag. Remember, Candy, just use your
lips and tongue as if his pecker and nuts were my

"What if he wants to cum in my mouth?"

"I'd advise you to let him. I really think you'll
really like boy's cum-loads. And Jimmy's cum is sweet!
I know you like the cream I pump out; I'll guaran-
fucking-tee that you'll like his!"

"But what if he doesn't want to fuck me, after that?"

"Trust me, Candy. Jimmy will. I sucked three big loads
out of him tonight and he was still ready to rock and
roll. If Mom and Dad weren't there I'd still be getting
the shit fucked out of me!"

Candice desperately wanted to start licking her
s****r's snatch again but she knew that would drive her
s****r fucking bonkers and she really wanted Tiffany to
keep telling her about how to fuck Jimmy.

"So whether he cums in your mouth or not, sooner or
later Jimmy will grab you and throw you on your back.
Let him. Spread you legs wide and maybe pull your knees
up to your titties. Later maybe you can hook your legs
over his shoulders. The main thing for now is to get
your box opened up for easy access for him."

All this talk was getting Tiffany plenty hot also and
she figured she and Candice would be licking cunts
again soon as she finished her cigarette. Another
couple creamy cums and she would sl**p like a baby!

"Now, Candy, Jimmy has a big prick and when he first
starts shoving it into you it might hurt a little.
Ignore that and encourage him to get it all in. He'll
hit your cherry and he might have to poke hard to bust
it and get all the way in. It will hurt a little and
maybe there'll be a little bl**d but then it will start
to feel good. Wrap your legs around him, if you can,
squeeze your legs and that will urge him farther into
you. When he does a cock-poke you lift your ass off the
bed and kinda thrust you cunny back at him. Squeeze
your pussy muscles. Rotate your hips.

"Remember he'll be helping and Jimmy's bold and vocal.
He'll tell you what he likes. Just make sure you do it.
Anytime a guy you like is banging you, you should make
it feel as good for him as you can. That way he'll
always want to drill you! In case you haven't noticed
there are a lot of fucking girls around so if we want
to get the best fucks, we have to give the best fucks!
Make sense?"

Candice was hanging on every word. She was proud of her
s****r. She was one of the best fucks around and
Candice was determined she would be considered a 'primo
fuck' too!

To be continued...

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.
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