Ellen and Kens Farm Part 1

Ellen awoke, in her warm bed, the sun pouring in the
farmhouse window. She was lying on her side in her
evening attire of lacy bra, stockings and garter, with
no panties. I had awoken her, as my hard cock had
separated her pussy lips, and buried itself deep within
her. I had touched her clit and pussy from the front
until she was soaking wet. Then I slid my manhood deep
within her, slowly pumping her till her wetness covered
my cock and I was able to pump harder.

She awoke slowly, moaning, as the feeling of being
filled and fucked flooded over her body. Then she
moaned louder, knowing her k** s****r, Susie and her
boyfriend Billy, in the other bedroom, would be able to
hear her enjoying the feel of my cock getting her hot.

"Oh Ken, fuck me harder! Yes! Spread me wide and fuck
me harder! Pull my nipples. Oh yes I'm cumming! Yes!
Yes! Yes!" And cum she did A the mixture of her juices
and my cum filled her pussy. I pulled my cock out...
coated and shining.

As I breath hard, I say loudly, "Ellen, that cock needs
to be cleaned and you have just the mouth to do it,
you're such a cum slut." She opened her mouth, hungry
for the taste of the two of us. She grabbed my balls in
one hand, my cock in the other and started licking it
clean. Soon she is taking the whole length deep into
her throat. I moaned and thrashed as she sucked and
licked me clean. I pull her around so I can spread her
legs and see her wet and dripping pussy over my face.

I heard a sound and looked over toward the bedroom
door. It was slightly open a crack and I thought I saw
the two of them watching.

"You want this licked clean?" I ask. You moaned in
agreement. "Would you like me to do it, or would you
rather have your s****r lick it?"

You lifted your head, "I want you to, but I would love
to stick my cum coated cunt over her innocent little
face and make her clean me, and eat her at the same
time." The thought of that made her wetter, so I buried
my face between her legs and sucked her clean as I
stiffened and filled her mouth with another load of

I heard the door close and figured there would be a lot
of interesting things to do today ... like fuck Ellen
and her little cunt s****r a dozen different ways, and
I bet Ellen had plans for them also.

Soon we heard the shower start; the two of them were in
the bathroom. We crept to the bathroom door and

"Billy, I'm soaking wet from watching them... I never
saw anyone do that before; eat their own cum. Then she
said she wanted to do that to me... her own s****r!"

Billy laughed, "I'm sure she was k**ding, she would
never do that to you, we only have sex with the lights
off and you always go wash as soon as we are done, you
have never even TASTED cum before."

Susie was fixing the temperature of the water as Billy
stripped. I heard Ellen gasp as his cock was exposed;
it was semi-limp and a good 8" long! Susie turned her
head as Billy came up behind her, "Billy, stop that, we
already did it last night and you know I only do it
once a day!"

Billy laughed, "But Susie, I was so fucking hard
watching them fuck, can't you do something."

"Oh, All right, but no fucking or sucking, I will just
grab it with my hands and jerk you off, and watch were
that cum goes!"

We watched as they entered the shower and turned the
water on, soon they were both wet. Susie grabbed some
body wash and covered his cock and balls with it,
making him very slippery. By now he was hard and a good
10" long.

As we watched, I spread Ellen's cheeks and buried my
10" of manhood into her and she leaned back so I could
be deep within her.

Billy was leaning back against the wall, his stiff red
cock sticking straight up with Susie jerking him with
both hands. Billy had one of his legs between Susie's
so she could feel it rubbing against her as she rubbed
his cock. They were both starting to breathe harder as
they were both close to cumming.

Billy had his hands wrapped in her hair as she slid her
hands over the head of his cock and then his balls. As
we watched, Ellen was going up and down on my cock, her
fingers playing with her clit.

"Billy!" Susie moaned, "I'm so close, rub my clitty

Billy grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to his
cock, "I bet you wish that was Ellen rubbing your cunt,
and Ken's cock you had in your hands, ready to spill
his seed!"

Susie closed her eyes and moaned, "Oh Billy... I would
never do anything like that... that's so dirty!"

"Sure you would... say it for me!" Billy said.

"Oh Billy. Yes, I want to see you cum. Oh yes... let me
stroke your cock like Ellen does... let me feel your
cock cum Ken. I want to feel your balls empty... Oh
yes! Harder, harder!" Susie was stroking his cock and
riding his leg, her legs spread wide trying to cum.

Ellen was soaking wet and taking my entire length in
long strokes. She turned to me and said, "Fuck my ass,
I want it in my ass when he cums, hurry... just fuck
me!" So I spread her ass cheeks and buried my hardness
in her ass.

Billy is panting now, and so is Susie.

"Yes Ellen," says Billy, "I want to cum, stroke my cock
you slut and feel my load." Billy has his hands deep in
Susie's hair and her mouth is wide open and she's close
to cumming.

Billy just grabbed her head and buried his cock in it
and as he did, he came. Her eyes were wide as his cock
started shooting and we could hear her trying to
swallow his load, as she was cumming on his legs.

Ellen came at the same time as my cock unloaded deep in
her bowels ... she felt the hotness, as my cum filled
her ass.

Even as Billy let go of her hair, Susie continued to
suck him. She was so hot she did not want to stop, the
first load of cum she had ever tasted! Billy lifted her
up and kissed her... with their tongues deep in each
other's mouths tasting his load.

We closed the door and decided to get dressed and start
breakfast before I needed to fuck again.

We dressed and went into the kitchen; we heard them
yell they had to go into town and would be back in a
while. Ellen smiled and said, "I guess it's just the
two of us for breakfast, what would you like?" As she
peeked inside the refrigerator, her cotton top was
showing her full breasts and the cheeks of her ass
showing around the sides of her shorts.

"Well, what do you want?" she asked, as she started
taking food out. There is pancake mix, eggs, milk,
Kilbosa, and toppings for the pancakes. We put all of
the food on the counter.

She says, "I have an idea!" She led me to the table and
had me lay down on it; quickly she tied my hands to the

"I want to make you into breakfast and have a good
fucking to boot!"

She got the pancake batter and slowly poured it all
over me, being sure to coat my cock and let it go down
the crack of my ass. She also poured it across her
breasts and her hardening nipples. Then she took the
blueberries and whipped cream and covered my chest and
balls and licked a little off.

"What should I do with this?" she asked, holding up the
2 feet of Kilbosa. "I know!" she said, as she started
running the sausage up and down the crack of my ass and
then poked the end into me!

"Oh Ellen, what are you going to do! Are you going to
fuck me with that? Oh baby... slide it in as much as
you can!"

I spread my legs as she fucked me slowly with first 2
or 3 inches... then 5 or 6... then 8 or 9! I'm so full
and still she kept sliding it in more 10... 11... 12! A
foot of that sausage is deep in my ass and she has been
stroking my cock at the same time.

"Now for me!" she said as she climbed on top. "I want
your cock in me and that long sausage up my butt hole!"
She fed it in and soon she was riding my cock. She
started riding up and down on the two "sausages", one
in each hole and fucking my ass at the same time. I
felt my cum building as I tightened around the meat in
my ass and the pussy on my cock. I scream as I came.
She slid off and pulled it out of my ass. I can't
believe how much she had buried in me.

"I owe you one Ellen!" I said. "I hope so!" she

A little while later the Billy and Susie returned.
Susie headed off to the barn while Billy and I decided
to have a beer on the porch. King, our German Shepard
was laying on the porch, resting while we talked and

We heard a car coming... then one stopped. A women got
out, all dressed up in a business suit, hair in a bun,
very formal and proper. With her was a younger girl,
about 20, in a pretty summer dress. They got out and
came to the porch.

"Hello, my name is Ms. Dotty Prim and this is my
daughter Sally. We are collecting money to control the
over-population of cats and dogs in the county and
wondered if you would help?"

"Well how do you plan to do that?" I asked.

"Well, strays are captured and either fixed or
destroyed," she replied.

"Well, that seems like a waste of a good a****l," I
told her. "Maybe you should sit down and we can talk
about it" So they did.

We offered them a beer, but they both had some iced
tea. Ms. Prim sat with us as Sally sat on the front
step. Billy of course, could smell the scent of sweet
pussy and went over to Sally to find where it was
coming from. When I heard a moan, I turned my head and
say that Billy's head was under the front of her skirt.
Doing what he liked best... his tongue up a girl's

I noticed that Ms. Prim was trying not to notice but by
the way her nipples were poking through her blouse, she
was wishing it was her. I was betting that this was not
the first time she had watched her daughter getting
eaten. My beer bottle was near her leg and I started to
rub it by the inside of her knee and as I rubbed... her
legs started to slowly spread.

Soon she was turned, watching her daughter, her legs
spread as I ran the cold bottle of beer slowly up and
down the inside of her legs up until it touched her
panties then back down. Her daughter was leaning back
against the steps, trying to be quiet but her moans
were getting stronger when she lifted her skirt and
told Billy, "Oh boy... put your tongue deep into me...
Oh yes... Fuck me with it!"

Her mother just moaned. She reached down and pulled her
panties aside, saying "Rub that cold bottle on my hot
pussy, while my slut daughter gets eaten."

"I've got a better idea!" I replied, as I took the
bottle and taking the head tilted it back, pouring the
cold beer into her pussy and sliding the whole bottle
in too and then pulling her panties back over it. Her
hips started arching back and forth as she tried to
fuck herself on the bottle... pulling her blouse open
and freeing her hard nipples... twisting them with her

By now Billy had stripped, his cock rigid and waiting
for Sally to turn around. He sat down beside her, and
when she saw his 10" of fuckmeat, she pushed him down
on his back and climbed on, taking it in one stroke in
her well-licked pussy. Well, to hear her scream as his
cocks fucked her, you would have thought she came 20
times... but it was only 5 or 6.

And Ms. Prim... Well she liked the feel of that cold
beer and beer bottle so much; I turned her over and
gave her some more beer. I ripped the rest of her
blouse and skirt open so her tight little ass was
exposed and proceed to empty a cold one up her
backdoor. She was humping the floor, trying to fuck the
bottle in and out of her cunt. She begged for more of
the cold beer up her ass. After the second beer I had
to shake them so the beer would "blast" into her ass.
Then I took the bottle and put it in her ass to keep it

By now Sally was lying on the porch, cum running out of
her... with a very happy smile on her face.

"Sally, are you thirsty?" I asked.

"Sure am." She moaned.

"Well come here," I replied.

Billy took her hand and led her over.

"Keep your eyes closed and open wide," I said.

And as she stood about 6 inches behind her mother I
pulled the bottle out. And a column of beer hit her in
the face and she took a long drink as the beer covered
her from head to foot.

Billy and I gathered up their stuff and took the two
over to their car. Ms Prim wanted the bottle in her
pussy to stay. She said she wanted Sally to fuck her
with it on the way home, that she hoped somebody would
see them like that and maybe give them a hand. I think
she wanted more than a "hand".

Billy headed off to the barn to find Susie, to see what
mischief she was into. Ellen watched Billy head to the

"Hummm," she thought, "I hope he finds her, and I will
enjoy seeing what they are doing, I am sure!"


About a half hour later, in the other end of the barn,
Ellen's little s****r Susie, was teasing her boyfriend
Billy. Poor Billy was naked; his back against the
railing of one of the stalls, his wrists tied to the
railing. Susie only had her shorts on, her hand around
Billy's cock, rubbing the head against her left nipple.

"God that feels good, makes me crazy rubbing them like
that, against me," moaned Susie. Poor Billy was
straining against the ropes, his cock in her hand, the
head being rubbed against her, her nipple working his
pee hole. His cock was pumping a wet juice out, and she
was rubbing it over her nipple, then pulling the nipple
to her mouth to suck.

"I am going to do this to you till you run out of fuck
juice Billy," said Susie as she pumped his long cock.
By the spreading wet patch on the front of her shorts,
her fuck juice was flowing nicely.

In the shadows was her older s****r Ellen, already on
her third cum from watching, thinking of what she
should do to her little s****r with the horny
boyfriend. She knew what she wanted to do, she just
wanted the right moment.

Susie was so busy pumping his cock, feeding the steady
stream onto her nipples and then into her mouth she did
not hear Ellen come up behind her.

"What are you doing to him Susie?" shouted Ellen. "You
should be punished for what you are doing to him, his
balls are almost blue!" She grabbed her wrists, spun
her around and before she could move had her tied to
the same railing.

Susie did not know what to say her s****r was tying her
up and was naked to boot.

Billy watched as his girlfriend was tied up arms
outstretched against the railing, and by the looks of
how hard her nipples were, she was enjoying it.

"Teasing him like that, how would you like someone to
do that to you? Maybe make you beg to stop, moan as you
were f***ed to cum again and again as he watched? Would
you?" Ellen asked as she ran her fingernails over her
nipple and the other hand over Billy hard cock.

Susie's nipples spoke for her. Both were rock hard and
a good inch long while Billy just moaned as his cock
bobbed up and down.

"Oh look at this Billy, little Susie is hiding how wet
and hot she is... Look see." At that, Ellen pulled
Susie's shorts down; to find a soaking wet little box,
steamy hot and ready for a fuck.

"Let me get something Ken made, I am sure if he was
here he would enjoy sharing it with you." Ellen left
and quickly returned with a box.

She opened the box and took a hose out, and plugged it
in a valve above their head. "You will love this, Ken
made it for me and now I get to share it with you."

She reached in and brought up to clear milking machine
nozzles, specially flared out so they would suck both a
willing nipple but a good part of a naughty breast.

As Ellen slid them over her nipples, they quickly
sucked her breasts into them and started to slowly
pulse back and forth. Billy and Ellen watched as
Susie's mouth opened but nothing came out till a long
low moan started.

"Ahhhh... sisssss... you fucking slut... Whhhhhhat are
you doing to meee!"

Her whole body was rocking as they worked back and
forth... the cups milking the nipples deeper and deeper
into their willing never ending mouths.

"Here cums part 3!" and at that Ellen brought another
cup up, this one with a curved opening, perfect for
over a wet pussy.

Susie looked down, her mouth open, seeing her nipples
being sucked back and forth, her pussy lips and clit
plastered against the inside of the see-thru cup. About
the 4th suck and she started to cum, the clear tube
getting wetter and wetter as her fuck juice flowed.

Susie's head was back, as the machine slowly drove her
again and again to a hard cum...

Ellen looked over at Billy. "Looks like you like
watching her get what she deserves." Billy could only
nod his head as most of the bl**d in his body was in
his hard cock.

"Seems only fair that she gets to enjoy the same as you
are Billy." Billy could only watch as Ellen reached in
and came out with another special attachment.

"I know you will enjoy this Billy, I have watched this
drain Ken many times as he eats me," as she slipped his
hard cock in.

Billy's hips quickly were in sync with the machine, as
each slow pulse pulled his cock and hips into it.

"Ahhh... Ahhhhh... Ahhhhhh..." Billy moaned over and
over as he and Susie were milked.

"Funny thing Billy, because it keeps the same pressure
on over and over, sometimes Ken doesn't cum for 30
minutes!" Ellen said as she started to leave." There is
a timer, set for 30 minutes, so it will end then. I
hope the two of you can think of some ways to get even
with us, as we are looking forward to it.

Ellen slowly closed the door as she watched the two of
them. Billy had managed to get his mouth To Susie's and
the two of them busy tongue fucking the other. Ellen
thought what nasty fun it would be to collect their
juices after they were done, fill her pussy with them
and let Ken have a taste.

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Good story
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great part 1!! cant wait for part 2.