Taken Part 2

Gloria helped Chastity up and they started to get their
bathing suits back on. I looked down at my well fucked
little girl. She was still lying on the table letting
all that cum pool between her legs. It was an erotic
sight to see that one white stream leaking from that
little cunt, down the crack of that firm little butt
right onto the table. I couldn't help it, I had to be
honest with myself. The sight turned me on.

I heard some shuffling and I looked up to see the fat
bastard already going out the door followed closely by
the mother and daughter. Just before they left, the
mother, looked back at me showing earnest sympathy in
her eyes. I think she was just relieved that she and
her daughter where spared, at our expense.

I lifted Daisy off of the Table and started to help her
get her suit back on. She reeked of sweat and sex. That
musky smell that was making me stir once again. As I
was bringing up one side of her suit, Gloria grabbed my
shoulder and spun me away. "I'll do that." was all she
said. There wasn't any real harshness to the words but
I could definitely hear the undertones of disgust. All
I could do was back off and let Gloria try her best to
make a bad situation a little better.

Feeling a little helpless I glanced over at Chastity.
She had her hands over her mound and appeared to be in
a little shock. I couldn't just stand there. I was,
after all, her father. In their hour of need I couldn't
protect them. Even under those dangerous conditions, a
man just doesn't feel like much of a man when he can't
protect his f****y.

I walked over to Chastity and put my arm round her
shoulders. She flinched and pulled away a little.
Without looking up and in a small voice I hadn't heard
since she was a little girl, she said "If that was me
would you have fucked me to?"

I was shocked and taken aback. Those were hard words to
hear from your daughter. And, how was I supposed to
answer that. How do you tell her that yes you would
have. Even with an explanation her opinion of me would
forever change.

I chose to be honest.

"Well, honey. You saw what happened. I didn't want to
have sex with Daisy, they made me. If I hadn't I didn't
know what they would do. They all had guns and I
couldn't risk it. If they got mad because I wouldn't
listen. They could've hurt me or worse, you."

She looked up at me and there were tears welling up in
her eyes. "I saw daddy, I saw. You really liked having
sex with Daisy. We all saw. Do you want to have sex
with me to? Will it feel as good as with Daisy?" She
crossed her arms on her chest and started away from me.
I grasped at her shoulder, but she just shrugged it off
and went towards her mother.

I looked up and Gloria was cradling Daisy in her arms.
Chastity joined them. I wanted to go over. But, right
then I didn't feel like I was apart of them. I clasped
my hands in a futile attempt to not hit myself. I was
at a loss. I looked down and saw my pouch on the floor.
In all the confusion, the gang forgot to take it. Or,
maybe they thought they had taken enough.

The walk back to the car took longer than when we got
here. For me every step was agonizing. We walked in
total silence but I knew, I just knew that things had
forever changed.

When we got to the car, my two girls slid into the back
as Gloria got into the passenger side. I got in and sat
down. Gloria slammed the car door a little harder than
usual and just looked out the window. She couldn't even
look at me. In the back I could hear Chastity talking
to Daisy. "Look at all that mess. Don't worry s*s when
we get home you can have a good long bath." In the
rearview mirror I could see the two s****rs hugging.

I started the car and pulled out. Gloria continued to
look out of the window. Even though the drive was going
through a wooded area, the effect was totally lost. I
gripped the steering wheel tight until my knuckles were
white. I kept my mouth pinched together. I really
didn't know what to say. So, we sat there in silence
with only the sound of the humming engine.

We drove for a little while longer when finally Gloria
broke silence, "How could you let that happen?" she
said in a low calm but disturbing voice.

Surprisingly I got mad. She was there. She saw what
happened. She knows I would have done something if I
could have. There was an awkward silence between us.
She didn't repeat the question. She didn't turn around.
She just waited.

I didn't want blurt out anything that was going to make
the situation worse. But, I felt backed into a corner.
I was being treated as the criminal. Those bastard's
back at the ice cream shop got away scot free, in more
than one way. I mulled it over for a minute. And, just
as I thought Gloria was going to say something else. I

"O.K. Just so I know we saw the same thing. You did
notice that there were four of them and they all had
guns. Right?"

She finally looked over. "I saw. I also saw a man who
didn't even try. He just let those monsters fuck us all
and you just sat there and watched!"

"That is not fair! What could I have done? When I did
try, I just got beaten, or did you miss this swelling
on the side of my face!"

"You could have not enjoyed it so much!"

I didn't have anything to say to that. Even though
Gloria didn't really have proof. I think it was self
evident how much I liked having sex with Daisy. Just as
I was about to deny her accusations Chastity yelled
from the back, "Stop it! Stop it! Your scaring Daisy!
Your scaring me! I can't stand it anymore." I could
hear Daisy whimpering in the back. After all that
happened today, I think it was all just starting to hit
her. Gloria and I knew we had to quit. We had an uneasy
understanding. I just concentrated on the road and
Gloria went back to ignoring me.

The ride home was eerily quiet. When you are used to
the girls constant nattering and fighting, coming from
the back. It was hard not to notice. It just
punctuated, the point, that our lives had forever

After an agonizing ride home. Their was some relief
when we finally pulled into the drive way. There was no
rush to the door. Everyone just shuffled to the door.
Gloria and the girls hugged each other and went into
the house. I've never felt so ostracized from my f****y
as I had at that moment.

Gloria was already in action.

"Chastity, bring your s****r upstairs and get her in
the bath. Then I want you to take one just after. I'll
be up in a minute to take your suits. I think it will
be good to get into your housecoats."

The girls hesitated for a second then made their way
upstairs. Just before Daisy went up the stairs she
looked back at me and gave me a smile. It was just a
little thing. But, at this moment I'll take anything.
Just that little smile buoyed my spirits.

The rest of the day was no better. The girls all had
their baths and I was regulated to going last. Half way
through my shower the hot water ran out and I had to
finish it in cold water. I guess it was fitting
considering my whole day.

Feeling a little trepidation I entered the living room
where all my girls where. I could hear the low murmurs
of voices. As, soon as I entered the room, they all
stopped talking and looked at me. Gloria did a quick
glance at the girls, motioned for them to come over. As
each did, she gave them a hug.

"Go to bed sweeties I need to talk to your father."

I knew this was coming. But, it still put a knot in my
stomach. Even still, Gloria sat on the couch and she
maintained her feral beauty. She looked at me with fire
in her eyes. "You might as well sit down. We need to

I paused for a moment. I felt more like bolting out the
door. But, I also wanted to defend myself. I didn't
know what was going to happen. Was she going to ask for
a divorce? Did she just want to fight some more. If
there was one thing I did know, I wasn't going to get
laid in quite awhile. I felt my courage return and with
some confidence I looked Gloria straight in the eye I
made my way to the lounger. I didn't feel like sitting
beside her.

Gloria finally looked away, looking at nothing in
particular. I tear made its way down her cheek. In calm
almost c***d like voice she said, "I know it wasn't
your fault. I just, I just...well seeing my little
girls being violated like that. I felt as helpless as
you. I can't imagine how you felt when you were f***ed
to do, well it is probably better if I didn't say."

I shifted uncomfortably at those words. I guess there
was an understanding that we wouldn't speak of what
really happened. I suspected Gloria really knew what
happened. I just don't think she was ready to deal with
it. I didn't know how I was going to deal with it. I am
going to, forever, look at Daisy in a different way. I
felt as though Gloria had to get things out. So, I just
put on a listening posture and waited for her to
continue. She saw that I was just going to listen so
she continued.

"The harsh reality is, that, what those bastard's said
was true. I could be pregnant, Chastity could be
pregnant hell even Daisy could be pregnant. With
Chastity and me it would be a black baby. At least
Daisy has a chance that hers would be white. God, John
we can't have black babies! I can't even begin to
imagine what people would say! This is the time I
regret not taking any kind of contraception. But,
making you wear a condom just seemed easier. When he
was fucking me that was all I could think. What if he
gets me pregnant! But to think that both Chastity and
Daisy could have black babies makes it is doubly worse.
I mean Chastity is young enough but Daisy! My god how
could a 12 year old have a baby, let alone a black
baby. We have to do something!"

I was a little stunned. Of all the things I had
expected, this came out of left field. But to me, the
solution was obvious. "Well I really don't think we
have anything to worry about Daisy. I mean she is too
young..." Gloria broke in.

"You don't do her laundry John."

It took a minute for me to process that. It wasn't
immediately obvious. But, as the haze cleared it was
Gloria's way of telling me that Daisy had officially
had become a young woman. I hung my head to think it
through. But, all I could think was who's baby would
she have. One of those gang members, the fat garlic guy
or worse me, her father. The solution was still there.
For all of them. It was the only thing I could think

"If any of you do get pregnant you could always get an
abortion." As soon as I said I knew what Gloria was
going to say.

"You know how I feel about that John. It's not even a
consideration. I will not kill an innocent c***d."

"But, in this case the circumstances would suggest for
that to change. How could you have or allow for
Chastity or Daisy have a **** baby?"

"That doesn't change the fact that the baby is
innocent. It didn't ask to be born."

I knew all to well that she wasn't going to change her
mind. If this situation couldn't move her, then
alternatives would have to be found.

"Well I really don't know what to say. That seems to be
the most logical solution. I can't think of anything

"You don't half to. I think I know what we have to do.
It's not an ironclad solution but it's the best chance
we'll have."

I was curious to what could possibly make this better.

"What those gangsters said was true. If two men's sperm
are in the same woman they'll fight each other to get
to the woman's egg. I think it is very, manish. I saw
it on Discovery channel. A long time ago women used it
to disguise that they had a lover. Do, you see where
I'm going?"

I shook my head, yes. I couldn't believe what she was
suggesting. The problem was I didn't know how to
respond. Or, even come up with an alternative.

"Time is not on our side. It is important that we
implement this as soon as possible. Uh... we don't have
to worry about Daisy. For now."

For now! I thought. What did she mean for now!

"But I think it is important that we get someone to...
well... to service Chastity as soon as possible."

I was flabbergasted. This was moving fast. Getting out
of control. It was like it was a done deal.

"The problem is, Chastity has just had a traumatic
experience. So, whoever it is must be gentle and
someone she trusts and loves."

It was 11:00pm how in the world were we going to find
someone like that. Let alone someone who would.

"The problem is we won't be able to find anyone this

I was a little relieved. Maybe Gloria was coming back
to her senses.

"So it will have to be you."

I just sat there. I'm sure Gloria saw the stunned
expression on my face. I couldn't even get any words
out. My mouth opened but nothing came out. I shifted
slightly. The thought had aroused me. I knew the
heavenly feeling of being with Daisy and the thought of
how it would be with Chastity resided just below my
conscience. Gloria's gazed down to my crotch.

"I see your not totally against the idea."

I started to protest my innocence but Gloria cut me

"Don't John. I saw how you where with Daisy. If you
could feel that way with her, it doesn't take a genius
to see that you could do it to Chastity. This is simply
going to be something you'll have to do. Our girls
can't have black babies. I'd rather they have their
fathers baby. At least it would be white and it would
kind of like if we had another baby."

Her acceptance was compelling and convincing. If I had
to be honest with myself. I really wanted to do this.
To get Gloria's permission, took off some of the taboo
that is associated with i****t. My will to argue
against this plan disappeared. But, I had to leave a
little bit of my dignity on the table. "But, what about
you? After I am with Chastity I'm afraid I'll be no use
to you."

"I know John. But it is the sacrifice I'm going to have
to make. Better me than her."

That sealed it. We just looked at each other. The
conversation had ended. Now I had to do what was right.

Gloria looked at, and with words of clarity, "I'll have
to go with you to explain it to Chastity.

I think hearing it from both of us will be easier on

I nodded, got up and with Gloria in tow, we started up
the stairs to Chastity's room.

As my foot landed on the first stair a sense surrealism
hit me. My head swam with conflicting emotions. On one
hand I felt as though I was walking the last mile. On
the other hand there was a certain eroticism as to what
I was about to do. It was just a short time ago that I
had done the same thing to my youngest daughter, albeit
under very different circumstances. I was f***ed to do
it. In this case it will be consensual. I couldn't deny
how wonderful it felt when I joined with Daisy. I
couldn't deny that it was better than anytime I've ever
had sex. And, the source was my little girl. Those
words, from Chastity, now haunted me.

"If that was me would you have fucked me to?"

Yes Chastity. Yes I would. It was the most honest thing
I had ever told myself.

After that initial step it was like time sped up. I was
at the bottom of the stairs and before I knew it we
where at Chastity's door. As, excited as I was it still
didn't take away the rolling in my stomach. I could
feel Gloria's body so close to mine. It gave me
strength. I balked for just a moment. I turned around
and with a motion with my chin, I pointed to Daisy's

"Before we go in don't you think we should look in on

Gloria gave a little grin. I knew she could feel how
nervous I was. She relented without any argument. "Good
idea John. Considering what has happened it is
important to make sure both our girls are safe." And,
she emphasized the word safe.

Without making too much noise we crept to Daisy's room.
Her door is just across from Chastity's. With slow and
careful movements we opened the door to peer in. I
didn't know what to expect. But, I had thought we would
find a little girl weeping in her pillow. As sad as
that would've been it would have been a good diversion.

We opened the door just enough so only part of the
light made its way into her room. Like some kind of
beacon. The ray of light cascaded on her face. It lit
up and gave it a glow not unlike that of an angel. To
our surprise Daisy was sl**ping. She was curled up and
resting so peacefully. It was though nothing had
happened at all. I wished that was true.

Gloria slowly closed the door and eased it enough so it
wouldn't wake Daisy. She turned to me. "It's time to
take care of your other daughter. Just know that this
is done out of love. It is something that needs to be
done. Remember that and everything will be fine."

I gave a terse, unconvincing nod. Gloria took my hand
in hers and guided me to Chastity's room.

Like Daisy's room...we gently opened her door. We
didn't take as much time because we knew that we would
have to wake Chastity anyway.

Chastity was lying on her bed, on her back. Her hand
was under her blankets and before she realized that we
where in here room, I definitely saw some motion down
buy her pussy. I really didn't know how to take that.

It didn't take her long to see that we where in her
room. She abruptly sat up, and a look, like she had
done something wrong, said, "Mom. Dad. Is something

Gloria went over to her bed and sat down. She reached
over and turned on her bedside lamp.

It was a small lamp. One designed for reading... but it
might as well been a spotlight.

Gloria took a moment. I think she just realized that
she really didn't know what to say. For god's sake I
certainly didn't know. And I didn't think that after
all that had happened that day this should be something
she should hear from her mother. I knew what Chastity
had said to me, Gloria didn't.

Gloria took both of Chastity's hands and covered them
with hers. She started to move her hands, ever so
slightly- up and down- as though she was praying. The
silence was an eternity. Chastity could sense that
something important was about to happen. She looked
helplessly from me to her mother.

Gloria finally rested hers and Chastity's hands on the
bed, never letting go. She looked deeply into her eyes.
She said the only thing that could be said, "Chastity,
you know that your father and I love you deeply."

Chastity threw me a quick glare. "Yes momma, I know you
love me."

"We understand that what happened today was a very
traumatic experience. And, you have to understand that
what your father did was, in the end, to protect us."


"No, buts. You have to believe that. Your father would
never hurt you or Daisy. He has been your father for 16
years and has he ever hurt you in that time?"

"No." Chastity, oddly, looked defeated. Like she wanted
to carry her hate around for me. I was glad that it was
Gloria saying these magical words. If had been me... I
fear there would have been irreparable damage done.

Chastity's head sunk down and she was now looking down
at her blankets.

"For 16 years your father has provided for you, cared
for you and has always made you feel safe. I know that
didn't happen today. For once you saw your dad as a
real person and not some kind of superman. It must have
been hard to see."

A tear dropped from her eye striking her quilt. She
gave a little sob. Gloria took her in her arms and they
both hugged each other tightly.

Through the tears Chastity sobbed, "I'm sorry daddy,
I'm so sorry."

Finally we felt like a f****y again. I sat down on her
bed and embraced both Gloria and Chastity in a grip
that wanted to take all the hurt away. My resolve of
not having sex with Chastity melted away. This was
perfect. I was getting my f****y back and I feared that
if we did this I'd lose this forever. It was unbearable
to think of.

By this time all three of us had tears in our eyes. Not
of sadness but of joy and healing.

Chastity smiled for the first time that day.

I rubbed Chastity's back and looked at Gloria, "Uhm, I
don't think..."

As though she anticipated my change of heart she
interrupted me. "No, John. No matter what, this has to
be done."

Chastity looked from me to her mother with a confused
look on her face. "What? What has to be done?"

The mood broke and became very serious in a very short
time. Everyone sensing the change pulled back, but not
uncomfortably so. There was still a want to stay close
enough to be safe and secure.

"Chastity, your old enough to know the consequences of
what happened today." Gloria said with a seriousness
that was appropriate.

Chastity flushed in embarrassment, "Yeah, I know."

"And, it is obvious that you have not had sex till

Chastity averted her eyes and nodded yes to her
mother's question.

"Well, that means-if you're pregnant- it is going to be
that bastard's baby."

I thought Gloria was a little too angry when she said
that. I feared she was going to scare Chastity. But, up
until this moment Gloria had handled this well and I
figured she knew what she was doing.

"We simply can't have that. It's bad enough that your
going to have a baby,"

Have a baby? I caught that.

"But, you are going to have a black baby. I can't, no
you can't let that happen."

It was dawning on Chastity just what her mother was
suggesting. "You can't be serious mom!"

"Oh I'm very serious. And, that means you have to have
sex right away. As, far as w know that black sperm is
making its way, to make a baby, right now."

I had to really question Gloria's tactics. To this
point she had been gentle, loving and understanding.
Now she was overbearing with a no-nonsense approach.
She meant business and she was going to take control.

"But, mom I don't even have a boyfriend!"

"Do, you think I'd let some pimply faced boy get you
pregnant? No, you need someone who loves you and will
help look after the c***d when it is born."

"I can't even think of anybody like that."

"Oh...I can. And I know someone who can do it tonight.
When you need it the most."

A look of confusion ran over Chastity's face. You could
see her mind going a hundred miles an hour trying to
figure out who her mother was talking about.

"Is he here right now?"

"Oh, yes. He is here. I told you time is of the
essence. You've got to have sex as soon as possible."

Chastity looked over at her door expecting her mystery
man to come in. Her mother followed her eyes in
amusement. "Oh, no dear. He is not outside."

"Then where is he?"

"Standing right in front of you."

Our eyes locked. There was no hate this time. I could
see all sorts of emotion fly through her eyes. Shock.
Fear. Confusion. Intrigue and oddly acceptance.

Chastity folded one of her legs under her and let her
mouth drop down just ever so slightly. She needed time
to process this. All I could do was give her a
reassuring smile. She pulled her other leg back into
the lotus position. She looked at her mother in utter
disbelief. Gloria just sat there, smiling, waiting for

Chastity looked back and forth between myself and
Gloria. Finally she stammered, "Mom? You want me to do
it with daddy?"

Gloria put a hand on her knee, looked her in the and
with a loving tone said, "Yes, honey. It is the best
thing for us all. Your dad will be gentle, loving and
caring. You'll appreciate that after what happened

Gloria held out her hand to me and I took it. She
guided my hand till it touched Chastity's.

With that one hand we gripped each other like we were
trying to connect emotionally.

Leaving our hands there Gloria gently got up and stood
beside us.

"No, time to talk. No time to think. It is now time to
show your love for each other. For your dad to love you
enough to help you and for Chastity to allow you to
help her."

Without another word Gloria turned around and silently
extracted herself from the room.

With Gloria's leaving so to did the comfort that we had
all shared. Now, there was a definite tension that
existed between Chastity and myself. I said the only
thing I could think of.

"I know this is difficult so I think it would be best
if we just go ahead and do it before we think too

Chastity shook her head in acknowledgment. Taking her
legs, out from under her, she started to lean back on
her bed. There is nothing like the female form. It is
so soft and lithe. Their moves are graceful and
sensuous. As, I watched Chastity I realized that she
possessed the same qualities. There is no doubt
Chastity is a beauty. Those men at the beach showed me
that. But, seeing her. Seeing her here, before me just
highlighted the obvious.

I new that our union would escalate fairly quickly so I
deftly started to remove my clothing. Chastity taking
the clue pulled her pajama top over her head. Just at
that brief moment, where Chastity's view was obscured
by her pajama's I took a hard leering look at her perky
16 year old breast's.

My b**st was growing. There was little I could do about
it now. She tossed her pajamas onto the floor and as it
was released from her head, it caused her hair to
cascade around her face and body. It was like it all
happened in slow motion.

I had managed to take my own clothes off in record
time. In doing so it required me to stand up. As I
looked down at my little girl she was lying, on her
bed, in an innocent suggestive way. The look on her
face was one of anticipation not revulsion. Her
blankets where that of pinks and frills. Her walls
adorned with posters of the latest hottest guys. I
couldn't help think that it was me here. It was me and
not them that she would be thinking about.

Her gaze followed down to my crotch. She put a playful
smile on her lips.

"Why daddy it looks like your ready."

I thought this was just going to be a perfunctory act.
It seems that I had thought wrong.

Chastity leaned over and snapped off her bedside lamp.
My vision went black for just a moment, then as it
cleared, the light of the moon was streaming through
Chastity's window. It seductively hit all the right
curves and bathed her in a delectable blue light.
Propped up on one elbow, lying on her side with her
legs loosely together and slightly bent. She waited for
her father.

I leaned down on her bed. Feeling the heat of both our
bodies starting to mingle. The aroma of her room, of
her was overwhelming. I put my hand up and brushed her
shoulder. It came back and with courage I placed it on
her shoulder. Remembering the last time I tried and she
pulled away. This time was different. I pulled her
close and our lips grew closer and closer. She reached
up and stroked the side of my face that had gotten
pistol whipped. Our lips met followed by our tongues.
This was not a kiss of a father to a daughter. This was
a kiss of two lovers.

The kiss became more intense. I had a hard time
remembering that this was my daughter. Our hands
started to roam about each others body. Feeling,
exploring in gentle strokes. I consciously tried to
avoid Chastity's most sensitive parts. I wanted it to
be at the right moment. I was just happy holding her
close running my hands on her back and my fingers
through her hair.

Our lips parted and mine found it's way to her neck.
She gave a little gasp as I kissed then sucked on it.
She threw her head back and pulled me closer. It was
getting more and more difficult to resist my little

Just when I thought I was going to break, Chastity's
hand grasped my raging penis. Gently, at first, then
more playfully, tugging it up and down. I'd be lying if
I said I didn't enjoy it. It also gave me permission to
start my own exploration.

With her hand still on my cock, I moved my kisses down
to her two little beauties. I started to pay attention
to one nipple then another. This started Chastity in a
round of heavy breathing. Showing her inexperience all
she could do was maintain a grip on my cock. It must
have been a wonderful experience for her. Feeling the
hardness but the silky skin all mixed into one. Then
feeling the bl**d pulsing through the veins and
arteries that keeps my cock so rock hard.

I leaned her back, onto her bed. It f***ed her to
release her grip on my manhood. But, sensing that
something exceptional is going to happen, she
reluctantly let go.

I kissed and sucked both of her breasts, some more,
till I felt her arch her back and let out a low moan. I
then paid my attention to her hard well defined
stomach. It was tanned and sleek. It showed off all the
figure a 16 year old could have. I found her belly
button and played with it. I moved my body around so it
was now in between my daughters legs. I put an arm
underneath each of her thighs leaving her 16 year old
pussy just inches from my face. The aroma was
intoxicating. I wanted to dive right in, but I knew I
had to make this a positive experience for Chastity.

I pulled back and lifting her thigh, I started to kiss
from the inside of her knee all the way down her thigh
getting closer to my hearts desire. Just as I was close
enough, I gave one of her pussy lips a little lick then
pulled away. Chastity shook, then pushed her pelvis
down searching for the object of her pleasure. I went
back up and repeated the same thing on her other leg.
When I got to her amazing pussy, instead of licking it,
I got close enough to breathe some hot air directly on
her waiting cunt. This was bringing her to a frenzy.

"Oh! God daddy! Make me feel good! Please! Pleas..."

Before she could finish I dived right into her pussy.
My mouth and tongue working in complete unison. I
sucked and licked her little nub until it was a hard
pink. I licked her labia until they were swollen with
desire. I stuck my tongue as far as it would go up her
snatch. Sucking at her hole. I could taste some of the
spunk of the guy who ****d her, but I didn't care I had
to do my duty...as a father.

Chastity grabbed my head forcing it into her cunt. She
pulled on my hair with a death grip. Her moans gave way
to small cries of ecstasy. Finally she gave a hard tug
on my hair forcing my face into her pelvis. Her little
pussy gave her away. It started to gush the most divine
sweet nectar. This was closely followed by a high
pitched howl, that only an orgasm can bring.

Her body shook a couple of times then totally relaxed.
Arms and legs falling to the wayside in utter
exhaustion. As, I pulled away I could see her juices
dribbling out of her cunt and making small rivulets.
Her body was sweaty. But, not as sweaty as it is about
to become. I followed my gaze up her body to appreciate
every inch. I got to her face. Her eyes were glazed
over but, she had the best come-fuck-me look I've ever

I crawled up on the bed up between her legs. Chastity
pulled her legs up and spread them for me. I pulled
closer until the head of my cock was just touching the
outside of her pussy. With each arm extended on either
side of her body, I looked down on her and said, "I'm
doing this because I love you."

She just nodded and I started to push into her silky
hole. Every inch was tight. But, after her intense
orgasm the penetration was easy and enjoyable to both
of us. Her pussy drew my cock in like a sucking mouth.
She took every inch without problem. The strain on my
cock was unmeasurable. Sensing an uncontrollable orgasm
I started to piston in and out of my 16 year old
daughter for all I was worth. The slurping noise of my
thrusts in and out of her pussy was the most erotic
sound I've ever heard. I went faster and harder than I
thought possible. I felt little control, like I was 16
again. My i****tuous seed was building ready to burst
in my daughter's unprotected womb. My god I was going
to do it. I was going to cum in my daughter. I couldn't
think of anything more natural or anything more

It was time for me to release. My cum raced down my
prostrate and started to unload rope after rope of
sperm into my little daughter. I jammed in hard I don't
know how many times just to release another shot of my
i****tuous cum deep into my daughters willing body.

I don't know if it was the heightened senses, or a body
reacting to first time experience. But, Chastity
grabbed at my chest and arms. She grappled her legs
around my waist and started bucking as another orgasm
racked her body. We had an orgasm at the same time. It
just made the experience that much more memorable. In
all the years with her mother we had never had an
orgasm simultaneously. And, here- with Chastity- we did
it on our first time. Utterly incredible.

All that time I did not collapse onto Chastity. I kept
my body up and away from her. That did not diminish the
amount of sexual sweat that now covered both of our

I stood up and my cock slid out of her little pussy. My
cum was now intermingled with her own juices. She lied
there and stretched out, emitting a gutteral,

Without a word, I put my pants on, grabbed my shirt and
headed for the door. As I started to turn the nob I
heard Chastity's voice.


It was a beckon not a question. I looked over my
shoulder at her.

"Thank you daddy."

I smiled and mouthed the words... I love you. I opened
the door and headed out.

A little weak, in the knees, I headed back downstairs.
The after effects of good sex now ran through my body.
I composed myself as best as I could. I reached the
living room and my wife sat, stretched out on the coach
reading a book.

She looked up at me and with a sly look said, "Well
from the sounds of it, things went well."


Author's Note: This is a story based on fantasy not
fact. The author does not condone any kind of acts
portrayed in this story. This is only a work of
fiction. The details are based on assumptions and not
fact, used solely to progress the story and titillate
the reader.
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1 month ago
I like to know what happened to the family
2 years ago
3 years ago
Great story. Part 3 ?
3 years ago
Fucking excellent
3 years ago
Great story - please do a part 3
3 years ago
Excellent both part 1 and 2. I figured Dad had set the whole thing up but Mom was even better.