Becomming a Sissy Slut

Sandy's Life
My name is Sandy Johnson. I chose that name 35 years ago because I like Sandy and I knew a hot female with the last name Johnson. I first remember finding my mothers underclothes in the bathroom closet. We she and my Dad would go out I could go in the bathroom and put her slip on and find a pair of dirty panties in the dirty clothes hamper. I still love the feeling of an old fashion girdle!

I dated in HS and went to college, married, went to war, had c***dren, divorced, married again and divorced again. All this time I kept buying women's clothes and getting bolder and finally started going out dressed. I loved the feeling of being dressed as a hot female and have all the attention from males. I loved action in my she male pussy and could not wait till I could insert a butt plug or a real dick!

When I reached 50, I had prostrates cancer so now no prostrate, cum or dick of any size. I now have such a need for dicks in my mouth! I have become very kinky and have tried most kinds of sex. I now will suck cocks without being dressed. I guess I have now really become a homosexual or queer. I especially like the term sissy male, love humiliation, and being exposed on the web as a sissy! The only way I can now have a climax is to push my tiny cock inside my body and rub it like a woman does her clit. The climax is great now, no cum or mess!

I first met Daddy Peter on Yahoo and he has done an excellent job of exposing my on the web. I can even Google Sissy Sandy and I find some of my pictures. Thanks Daddy Peter!

Your Faithful Sissy Slut Sandy

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3 years ago
Will be glad to spread any of your pics at anytime.....

email me new one
3 years ago
yes yes please write more!
3 years ago
Yes Sandy it was wonderful of you to share with us your experiences. Hope to read more!
3 years ago
Nice start hope you write more about your adventures thanks