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when I was a 19 year old girl I went on holiday to Greece.
it was a gift, from my aunt bell. we landed in Greece at 6 pm on a Tuesday evening.
the sun was setting in the sky and It was a soft summer evening on July the 21. 65.
On the way to the hotel my best friend said to me, "hey sandy why don't we go out clubbing tonight". The taxi driver said "ah yes I come and take you both 2 the best club in town".. he seem nice and genuine and trustworthy f****y type guy a bit of a podgy belly and a greasy looking beard but an average guy never the less so when he droped us off at the hotel we made arrangement to be picked up a 9pm.
later that evening we had gotten ready and had a bit to eat. We went to the folia and he was waiting. he said we'd have to hurry coz he was off shift at 915pm.
we got into his car and his radio started.. he was singing loudly to himself.
we were driving for a little while when I started to notice we were heading out of town.. I said to him r we nearly there ?.
yes yes he said banging his hand on the steering wheel we go to best club in town silly girl don't worry.
then about half a mile later the taxi juddered and the taxi started slowing down coming to a stop slowing to a stop.
the cab driver started suggesting that he needed to put some water in his tank and that we should wait until the engine cooled down.
After 10 mins of him fiddling with his water cap a truck pulled up on the other side of the road.
The guy in the front seat nodded to the cab driver who then went a cross to speak to him, long before this had happen, I had felt uncomfortable about the situation.
the cab driver got in the truck and 2 large men got out and started walking towards the taxi.
i panicked and tried to lock the doors but they had the car keys. I knew we were in trouble and the pit on my stomach started be continued
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what did you do thin