Suck Fuck and up the Ass

Hi my name is Sandra 21y,o. I live in England in a town called St.Albans not far from London. I would like to tell you my story.
My first sex happened when I was 12 my b*****r came into my bedroom after our parents were asl**p and told me to get out of bed and take off my nightie he took off his jp's then he told me to get down on my knees and pressed his cock against my lips I opened my mouth and took his cock in he told me to suck it, it felt good, he was so aroused I soon felt his cock start to throb and a big load of cum shot into my mouth I liked the taste and the feeling as it slid down my throat. After that night he came to my room often for me to suck him off usually after our parents were asl**p but sometimes we would leave our parents watching TV go to the bathroom where I would suck him of, by then I loved sucking cock and getting a mouthful of cum.
I was 13 when one night my b*****r came to my room holding something in his hand I got out of bed and took off my nightie but this time he told me to kneel on my bed with my knees at the edge he stood behind me and began fingering my ass after a while I felt something cold back there he told me it was a special lube then grasping my hips he eased his cock into my ass moving slowly back and forth each time going a little deeper until his cock was completly inside my ass he then began to fuck me long strokes it felt good, the strokes got shorter and faster then his cock started to throb and he shot a big load into my ass he then withdrew his cock and stepped back and told me to push and he watched as his cum oozed out of my ass and ran down my thighs this excited him so he put his cock back in my ass and fucked me again after that night he fucked my ass often I loved it.
We both went to the same school and word got around so it was'nt long before a group of boys and me were going behind the gym and I would get fucked in the ass several times and suck off several lots of lovely cum.
To be continued
95% (9/1)
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1 month ago
lucky bro a 12 yr old sucking him off and at 13 letting him cum in her bum
4 years ago
Nice story sandra