The History of Kim, The Final? Chapter

This will probably be the final chapter in my nsaga about Kim. Unless something happens worthy of an additional chapter. I will tell about some of the things that made her the way she is.

As related in the second part, her parents were forcing her to marry a neighbor boy, who she outright HATED. He was lazy, and VERY ugly, and his mother was a mean, nasty, old hag.

Kim, luckily, on her wedding day, was having her period, so, after the wedding, she was sent out to the rice field to work. She decided to run away from home. She borrowed some money from her grandmother, who approved of what she had planned, caight a bus, and went to Saigon to stay with her steps****r.

Kim had been there only a few days when the steps****r sold Kim's cherry to a friend of her husband for $200. Kim was taking a nap in her bedroom, and the steps****r sent the friend into the room with her, and locked the door so Kim couldn't get away.

Kim woke up feeling someone touching her pussy. She tried to escape, but the door was locked. She was trapped. The friend told her that before she left the room, she was going to be fucked over and over, and that he was going to shoot all his cum INSIDE her pussy, whether she liked it or not.

She decided that she had better do as he wanted, so he wouldn't hurt her, and took off all her clothes, a shirt, her pants, and her panties. She lay on the bed, determined to make the best of the situation, and after having her pussy thoroughly eaten, licked, and kissed, decided this wasn't suck a bad thing after all. The friend was gentle, and took his time so she would (hopefully) enjoy what he was doing to her. She was induced to have MANY orgasms, and ended up asking him to PLEASE fuck her some more. Before they came out of the bedroom, he had fucked her four more times, cumming inside of her each time. Kim had not only discovered that she truly loved sex, she loved feeling a man shoot his cum inside of her pussy.

Kim also had a tiff over the money, which her steps****r didn't want to share. Kim managed to get a little more than half of it, and went to a friend who lived a short distance away.

While staying with the friend, Kim went for a job interview on the American Military base, trying to get a job as a waitress in the servicemen's club.

KIm was tricked into taking her clothes off, so she could try on a uniform, and ended up as guest of honor in a gang-bang. She was naile by f******n men over a twelve hour period. Most of them fucked her three times, and one of them screwed her five times. She was fed, taken to a shower so she could clean up, and paid $50.00 for her services.

Kim decided that if total strangers were that crazy about getting some of her pussy, she might as well start selling it. She moved again, going to stay with an aunt in Vung Tau who worked in a bar. She usede some of her money to rent the apartment next door to her aunt and went to a hotel next door to the American R&R Center.

KIm got a job as a hostess. She drank with the customers, but didn't have sex. A week or so at this, and she was summoned into a room so the owner's son could take pictures of her to be hung in the lobby of the hotel. Slowly, the oictures got sexier and sexier, until he was taking pictures of her completely nude. He kept working with her, touching and feeling, until he had her turned on enough to let him fuck her. She didn't know it right away, but, a movie camera was on them the whole time. He fucked her three times, in every position she had ever heard of, and it was ALL on film. A couple of weeks later, he showed her the movie she had starred in, along with five of his friends and a couple of other girls, Kim found out what sa thrill it was to watch herself dancing on the end of a cock. No wonder the others had stood and watched while she was gang-banged. She knew that her pussy was very nice looking, but, watching it swallow a cock, and spit out cum, afterward, was REALLY great. And it felt so fucking good, too. The next day she told Mama-sam that she would start fucking G.I.s.

Kim took a few trips upstairs for "short-timers," but really enjoyed having the customers that spent the night with her. She would take them to a room, and suggest that they take a shower, and that she would join them in a second. She would undress, and walk in alowing them to see her totally naked in one blast. She loved to see the look on their faces when they got that first look at her, and enjoyed even more watching their dicks rise to attention because of her. She would join them in the shower, washing EVERYTHING for them, and letting them do the same for her. They usually ended up on the floor of the shower for their first fuck. They would clean up, dry off, and head for the bed, to keep things going. Very seldom did a night pass without Kim getting fucked at least five times.

Kim soon discovered it was a thrill to show off to total strangers. She would wait until friends of the other girls had gathered, and go to take a shower. The bathroom/ shower was an outhouse type of arrangement. It had two sections. One was just a toilet and sink, and the other a toilet, sink, and a shower.

She would wait until there were several men sitting on the patio, drinking and talking, and would walk in front of them wearing only a towel around her. The towel would "slip" om the way, getting their attention, and giving them a quick peek at a nipple, or a flash of pussy. She would go on into the shower, and start her clean-up. While she was showering, the door would "accidentally" open and they would see her standing there covered in soap, "unaware" that she could be seen, and was being watched by everyone. She would rinse off and, SURPRISE, SIRPRISE!!! Everyone was looking at her naked body. She would apologize, close the door, and finish her business.

Since everybody had already seen her naked, what was the use of covering up to go back to her apartment? She would have her towel in her hand, or around her hair, and step out of the shower. If someone spoke to her, she would stop and talk to them, as long as they wanted, and if they wanted a feel of the goodies, what was the harm? She would go on into her apartment, and if a big, strong American follower her, what was a little girl to do? She would just have to submit to there wishes. And if their friends followed them in to see what was happening, she couldn't stop them. They were ALL much bigger than she was. There was nothing she could do to stop them from having their way with her. She just had to lay there and take it. Sometimes as much as three times from each of them. Then she would have to go take another shower, and since they had all seen everything she had, inside and out, what use was ther in closing the door? Most times, she would end up going out with one of them dancing, to supper, or to a movie. They would come back to her apartment, and spending the night, together. Many times they would take up a collection, and give it to her. When they left, she would give them a nice send-off.

Kim also loved going to the beach with her dates. She had a collection of bikinis, which she would model for her date, letting him choose which one to wear. While at the beach, she would lose a part of her bikini several times leting the other men on the beach see what her date was getting when he wanted. A lost portion of her bikini was garaunteed to be greeted by applause and whistles. Sometimes, if thing were going right, she would lose both pieces at the same time. This made the dates day.

Kim and Mama-san's son had an affair that lasted for three years. If she was alone, he would come to her house in the afternoon, snd sstay until they had to go to work.

After Kim and I started living together, she asked if I minded if she kept on eorking. I told her to go ahead and work if she wanted. I enjoyed watching her every chance I got. She even told me that if I wanted, I could bring friends over for a piece of her ass. As a result, I found out that she was insatiable. There was never such a thing for her as too much sex.

We had been together for about a month when I found out she had never fucked with a black man. I had a friend who had told me that he would enjoy if I would let him fuck Kim. We had a party in the section where we worked, and we got Kim giggling d***k. There was a small room in the back of the office, where we hid things during inspections, and it was also equipped with a bed. He asked Kim if she had ever seen it, and offered to show "it" to her. They went back, and I waited a couple of minutes and followed them. He was kissing her, and had his hand cupped on her pussy. This was going to be an easy lay for him. She was breathing hard, and was getting REALLY turned on. He told me that her panties were soaking wet, and that he could feel her pussy biting his finger, which was inside of her. I simply asked him what he was waiting for, then? It was time for him to split her fuzz. He asked me if it was okay for him to cum inside of her, and she looked up and told him, flat that she wanted his cum INSIDE HER PUSSY.

He took her clothes, then his, off, and laid her on the bed. I had never seen him with a hard-on, and he was HUGE!!! He was carrying at least a foot of dick in his pants. She wanted to feel it first in her hand, then she wanted to taste it. After a few kisses and a bit of licking she told him to out that beautiful, black cock inside of her pussy. It took almost thirty minutes for him to get it all inside of her. She spent the whole time groaning, and encouraging him to push it deeper. He got it all inside of her, finally, and managed to stay with her for almost an hour. Kim was NEVER quiet when she was getting fucked, so, of course, everyone there went back to watch. They got a better than average show, and she not only got the best fucking of her life, but, three loads of cum from him, and two more black cocks stuck inside of her. I took her home that night, carrying ten loads of black cum, and four loads of white, and one load of Spanish seed. When she walked, she had a steady stream of cum running down her legs. One added bonus to this was that after that day, when we had a party, Kim always wore a short dress, with NOTHING UNDERNEATH. As soon as she arrived she would have a drink or two, and a quick bite to eat, and head for the back room so she could start the REAL party. Someone would bring her a bowl of water, and a couple of towels for clean-ups, and would be given the first shot of pussy for the day. Everyone who wanted some pussy was welcome, as ,amy times as they were able. She ALWAYS left the parties well fucked. The amazing part was that her pussy stayed tight as if she was cherry. It wouldn't get loose until she had been fucked ten or twelve times, and, evern then, it wasn't sloppy.

She has carried on the same way for 45 years, now. She is 65 years old and still works two nights a week in a massage parlor. She normally gets fucked five or six times in a night. She is s big favorite with guys in their teens and early twenties, who have heard stories from older guys about getting pussy from Vietnamese girls, and how good they can fuck. She NEVER disappoints them. She makes sure that she empties their balls before they leave, even if it taakes five or six tries.

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