My Cum Slut

Part 1
I come home from work and tell you that I have plans for you tonight. I ask you if you’re hungry for cum, a lot of cum. Your eyes get big, and you say, “Oh yes! I love cum. I always want cum, you know your cum is the best.” You come close to me, breasts rubbing my chest as you cup my big balls and then slowly stroke my large cock. I laugh and tell you that I know that and that you’re the best Cum Slut any man could want. I rake my hand through your hair and pull your full lips back to accept my deep kiss. I whisper to you while I’m kissing you and playing with your hard nipples, “I’m going to provide you a lot of cum tonight, Darling, but much of it is not going to be mine.”
Your eyes get big as does your smile. I can smell your musky wetness. I grin. You do love cock. You ask me how this will happen. I tell you that I’ve arranged for 4 strangers to come to our home. I found them online on Xhamster. They are on our “Friends” list. You’ve accepted their friendship, like you’ll soon accept their cocks….I’ve seen pictures of them, and they’ve seen pictures of us. 3 of the 4 told me they’d masturbated to pictures of your dripping pussy. The black man told me that he fucks, he doesn’t masturbate. I didn’t know what to say to that. We laugh together.

Now, I can feel your heat, your sexy energy as you listen to my plans for you. Your nipples are so hard. You have your hand down my pants, stroking me hard. I start to whisper the details in your ear. You shiver with pleasure.

I’ve told them that you’ll successively suck their hard cocks while I fuck you. I’ve told them they can be in your hot mouth but not your wet pussy, which belongs to me. They were all disappointed, but ultimately ok with that. I’m going to lie on my back and you’re going to ride my cock while sucking those cocks till I cum. (I know you’ll cum, too. The question is: How many times you will get off on my cock with a stranger’s cock in your mouth?) If I cum before you’ve finished swallowing all their cum, we’re going to change positions, and I’m going to clean your pussy out well, and lick your pussy until they are finished. Between their cums, you’ll suck my cock too, keeping me hard, because we won’t be done even after they cum in your mouth and leave. Each will leave after they cum once.

I feel you moving down to take my cock in your mouth. My instructions are making you so hot. But I hold your head still, continuing to kiss you deeply, knowing my kiss drives you mad. I keep kissing you and whispering to you what’s going to happen.

I tell you that you’re going to be dressed provocatively while you greet them. You’ll wear your black high heels, your short black dress and nothing else. Your pussy will be exposed. You’re going to take their shirts off first, making sure to feel their muscles. Then, you will kneel in front of them, take their shoes off, undo their pants, pulling them down and off. You’re going to rub their cocks through their shorts before asking, “May I please suck your cock, Sir?” You know they’ll eagerly say “Yes.” And you’ll suck them for a minute or two, enjoying the cocks that will be fucking your mouth shortly. You’ll do this for each of the men, including me. I’ll be last.

As I’m telling you this, your nipples are aching to be licked and sucked and your hand is stroking your now wet pussy, which you are taking and rubbing your wetness on the head of my cock. I moan. Your eyes are glazing and you’re breathing quickly. I ask you if you’re going to suck those four cocks. You close your eyes and say “yes”, as you stroke your pussy harder and deeper, hungrily taking in my deep kisses.

I tell you the rules. I tell you that they are allowed to touch you, everywhere. But the first rule is that they can’t touch you in same place as I am touching you. I have precedence, as your Husband and Master. I will let them touch you before I do, all over. You’ll have 8 hands stroking your body. They will be allowed to massage your pussy. I say “Is this rule ok with you?” You whisper, “yes,” barely being able to speak. I move my hand down to your pussy to see if you are excited. Your wetness is dripping. My cock responds; it’s rock hard.

The next rule is that you’ll suck one cock at a time, while the other cocks have to wait. You won’t touch those cocks until it’s their turn. They can stroke your breasts after I cum and I’m licking your pussy, because while I’m fucking you, my hands will be on your breasts. Also, there is a time limit on each cock. Your eyes widen at this. You’ll suck each cock for up to 8 minutes. I will control the timer. At my discretion, and mine alone, I may let this go longer. I want them to use your mouth and throat well, shoot their hot cum down your throat, in a timely fashion. You do have a lot of cocks to suck. If it goes longer than 8 minutes, then they have to whack off. When they’re ready to cum, they have my permission to temporarily move to the front of the line, and shoot in your mouth. You’ll eat all their cum, including anything that spills. You’ll clean each cock well after it cums, like the good cum slut you are. Then you’ll continue with the cock you were sucking previously. I’ll add 4 minutes to their time so they’ll essentially be rewarded for getting interrupted. I ask whether this rule acceptable to you? Your eyes are closed as you whisper yes. I believe you’re imagining a cock is shooting in your mouth now as your mouth is open, ready for a cock.

The next rule is that we’ll determine the order based on increasing size of t heir cock. We’ll not go out of order. Is this rule acceptable to you? You nod your agreement as you start rubbing my hard cock.

The next rule is that you will have a butt plug in your ass at all times. It’s ok if the men you are servicing pull it out, as long as they push it back in. I expect them to do that repeatedly. I’ll probably help. You can choose which plug to use, you can switch plugs if you want. This plug will already be in your hot ass when they arrive. I agree to experience this with you, and you are free to choose the plug you’d like me to have in my ass. Is this rule acceptable to you? You say “yes” as you squeeze my hard cock. You kneel down at this point and being sucking my cock as I enjoy your hot mouth.
I say that’s essentially it. We start in an hour. Will you be ready? You moan yes, but you want my cock now. I laugh and insist that you wait. That you go shower and prepare yourself properly.

Part 2
We’re ready. You think they’re late, but actually, I told them to come a bit later than I told you. I am steadily feeding you scotch, you’re compulsively drinking water, knowing how dehydrated you’ll get from the juices flowing from your pussy. We both know you’re going to need the water….

You’ve picked your butt plug, the ribbed one you like so well. And told me I’ll have the vibrating one. I insert yours and play with it for several minutes, rubbing your pussy, kissing you, before allowing you to insert mine. My cock is so hard. You’re dressed in a slutty see through outfit that shows all your assets, you look hot. The doorbell rings and all 4 men arrive at the same time. I invite them in, and introduce you. You keep your eyes down, looking at their cocks. You do take a quick look up when you think no one is looking. But everyone is looking at you. They love what they see. I do too.

The guys are average looking, no pretty boys, no one gross, normal guys, reasonably fit. No one you’d consider for a long term relationship even if you weren’t taken. But they have hard cocks. And I’ve seen in pictures, they will cum a lot. That is important to me. I know you will like it too. It’s what they are there for. You service their cocks, and they return the favor by given you large amounts of hot cum.

You don’t know yet how well endowed they them are. You offer them a drink, and prepare it. Two men are white, one Hispanic, and one black, black as night. He is bigger, muscular. No one is scary, they are polite, and respectful. But definitely hot. We chat a bit, they’re close to you, brushing their hands against you, testing your will, and desire. Your nipples are about to burst. You can barely put two words together your thoughts and feelings are overwhelmed. Your pussy is wet, you feel it dripping down your leg. You ass is clenching the butt plug, loving it. We have a second drink, yours pretty weak. You’re already had a lot. I ask everyone are they ready to play. Everyone says yes. Then I line them up in the living room and ask you to take off each of their shirts, you do this. I ask you lick each of their nipples, sucking them. We learn three of them have sensitive nipples like I do.

I tell you to come kiss me. You do. Deeply, wetly, I squeeze your nipples, then reach down to your pussy. You are soaking wet. I smile at you, waiting to see if you want to change your mind. I rub your pussy gently as I ask you softly if you want to stop. I know you don’t.

I tell you to go to the first man and to remove his shoes and pants. You do this without hesitation. You kneel before him and rub his hard cock through his underwear. You lean forward and kiss it, trying to take it into your mouth. I give you permission to remove his underwear and you do, exposing his hard cock. It is thin, shorter than mine. But I’ve seen this guy cum, you need a bath towel to clean up.

I remind you to ask permission, and you do. “May I suck your cock sir?” Yessssssss, he answers. You pull his underwear off, and easily take it all the way to the base, licking his balls with your tongue. His hands hold your head still as he slowly fucks your mouth. Neither of you are ready to stop when I tell you to move to the next man.

As you move to the next man, I see that your eyes are glazing, and you’re entering your fuck euphoria zone. The zone where you’ll do anything and everything. The zone where you’ll give and receive so much pleasure, which will last for many hours afterwards. The zone where there is no “no”. I know I have to protect you from yourself when you’re like this. You’ll do anything. And I’m ok with that, but in a controlled environment, and not tonight.

You repeat the process with the second man, the Hispanic, remembering to ask permission. The second cock is bigger, and darker. I don’t know this, but I imagine your mouth watering, wanting to get this cock in your mouth. You work to get most of it into your hot throat. He also holds your head and fucks your mouth, slowly and deeply for a minute. I know you want more. You’ve never sucked cock like this. One after the other. Knowing they are hard for you. Knowing you are going to make them cum, knowing they will cum in your mouth. You want their cum NOW.

You move to the third man, removing his shorts. His cock is large and erect, about the same size as ne. You go to kiss it, when I stop you, remind you of your manners. I know it’s hard, all you want to do is suck and fuck. Right now you’re the perfect slut, ready to use and be used….

You begin licking his large white cock. You stroke it with your hands, as it enters your mouth. You’re lost in sucking this cock and I have to pull your head back by your hair to remind you to move onto the last cock, the largest, by far the darkest.

You take off his shoes and pants and worship this large cock. You do remember your manners as you ask permission to suck his cock as you kneel before him, looking up at him. You slowly take it into your mouth. I hear you moan on it. You’re stroking this cock, only half of it in your mouth. Jerking his cock into your mouth, wanting his cum now, but it takes much more than that to get this cock to spew his massive load. His balls are the size of tennis balls, heavy, as you cup them. He grabs your head, pushes your hand away and does his best to get all his cock down your throat. You remember those times I encouraged you to practice. You vow to yourself to do better….You want this cock down your throat…

After some endless minutes, I lift you up, pull your head back, tell them to feel your hot body, while we kiss deeply. You have 10 pairs of hands on, you’re lost in our kiss. Your body is on fire, your pussy aching for cock. At this point, you don’t care whose cock it is. The closest one will do…You find my cock and being as the hands arouse you further, further than you thought possible.

I look into your eyes and ask you whether you’re ready to suck these cocks and eat all the cum these men have to offer? You breathlessly say “Yes, please, I want it now, and I want your cock in me now”. I look at you deeply, searchingly, and ask you if you’re willing to go all the way, to give your mouth to these men? You say Yes, you need to do this. It’s who you are. I laugh and say I know and I take charge and get things moving along.

Part 3
We move to the kitchen and I tell you to get on your knees, with your knees spread wide apart, your dripping pussy exposed, I’m sure your pussy lips are parted, needing to be filled by cock. Thankfully, for me, it will be my cock. I prepare all the men a drink while you move from cock to cock, sucking it for a 10 to 20 seconds before moving to the next one. You have a cock in each hand as you move around the circle of men. We are talking about you. How beautiful you are. How sexy. How hot you look. I tell them how hot you get sucking cock and they each reach down to massage your wet pussy. It arouses them to see how aroused you are. Your musk is so sexy. Your eyes glazed. You moan as finger after finger stroke your pussy, more than one of them entering your tight hot wet hole. You feel like such a slut, and love it. It makes you wetter. I tell them how much you like anal sex, and how at times, you beg me for it. One of them asks you if this is true. You tell them yes, you love cock in your ass. You’d never had one 9 months ago, but now you want it all the time. They love the butt plug you have in your ass. I must admit I’m a little embarrassed about mine, but my cock is so hard.

Once the drinks are done, and you are panting from your sucking, and your need to be fucked, we move to the bedroom. I have the timer. I lie on the bed, with my head to the foot of the bed. You mount my cock and immediately start fucking me facing the foot of the bed. I know you need to cum. I hold you tight, preventing you from moving. I tell you to wait, to wait till you have a cock in your mouth, then you can ride me however you like. You squirm on me helplessly, but acquiesce like the good cock sucker you are.

The first man approaches your hot mouth, which is open, waiting to be fucked. I tell you to ask him again for permission to suck his cock. I tell you to look at his cock and ask “May I suck your cock and eat your cum sir?” You do this. After he says yes, I tell you to thank him “for using my mouth as a cum hole.” This embarrasses you, but you do it. The other men’s eyes are riveted on you. They are all stroking their cocks. No one but me and the first man’s cock is touching you now. You remain our center of attention. And you love it. You feel so alive. So powerful. So terribly hot. So full of need.

You lick his head as I start the timer. He lets you worship his cock only for a few seconds, because he wants to cum in your mouth now. You’ve driven him mad with desire, as your own desire has mounted. He grabs your head and starts fucking your mouth deeply. You’re lost in the sensation until I start thrusting up into you. You moan onto that first cock as you ride mine. Your eyes are closed, you’re lost in the sensation. Knowing you’re safe, knowing I’m there, and knowing that you’re sucking a stranger’s cock, that you will soon have his load in your mouth. Knowing you will swallow all of it. Knowing you will want more, and there will be more….Knowing you are loved by me.

He doesn’t last long. As his cock starts to swell, I feel your orgasm building. You’re breathing heavily as you cum, moaning, as you pull his cock deep into your mouth, just like I’ve encouraged you. You’re driving him crazy and he climaxes while deep in your mouth. You’re bringing him so much intense pleasure. I see you swallowing multiple times. This guy cums like 6 tablespoons each time, maybe more this time. I can’t tell if you’re trying to swallow his cock or if it was a huge load. Maybe both! I watch you swallow again and again as he pours his hot semen into your hungry mouth. You rest on my cock, your pussy clenching my cock so tightly with each contraction. You milk his cock, stroking a few last drops of cum out. I remind you to be polite, and you look up at him while licking his cock and say “Thank you Sir”. You look like you’ve just had a fix, so blissful, so satisfied. So ready for more.

The second man approaches, but before you start servicing his cock, you lean down, kissing me deeply, as you start riding my cock again. You tell me you love me, and you thank me for allowing you to satisfy this urge. You saw that was incredible, so much cum. Tasted so good to you. I lose myself in another deep kiss with you before pulling your head back. It’s time for the next cock.

Part 4
I start the timer as you start licking the Hispanic cock. He is more patient, wanting to enjoy all his time. It’s not long till you’re trying to get his cock into your throat. Stroking his balls, licking his cock, pumping it into your mouth. Soon he takes things into his own hands, and begins fucking your mouth well. You begin riding my cock in earnest, wanting to cum again. It’s not long before you do, sucking his cock as the climax rolls through your body. We have a nice rhythm now. And I’m so hot watching you suck this cock. I start squirming a little as I feel my climax nearing. The guy has a lot of endurance and I don’t want to cum so soon. My ass clinches on the big butt plug, which thankfully is not vibrating, which enhances the overwhelming feelings I’m experiencing. I’m encouraging you on, telling you to suck that cock as he starts cumming. I feel your own body respond, relaxing onto the cock that is filling your mouth with hot cum. I see you swallowing, milking, swallowing some more. You’re moaning telling him how good it tastes. I’m so glad you’ve stopped riding me. I’m about to burst. It’s agonizing as I’m so aroused, so excited, so happy that my wife is getting the cum that she needs, and cumming on my cock while she does it. You remember to thank him properly, looking up into his eyes before he leaves the room.

You kiss me deeply as the third cock approaches. Your eyes are closed and your breathing heavy as you ride my cock. I know you want to cum again, just the two of us. I let you this time, kissing you deeply, our eyes staring into each others as we make love in front of these two men who haven’t yet cum in your mouth. We both cum, deeply, deliciously. Yes, I cum too, I can’t hold back. It’s too intense, too exciting. The intensity is increased as my ass clenches the big butt plug in my ass. I’m lost in you and the feelings of oneness, wholeness.

As we calm down, luxuriating in the after effects, you ask me if I enjoyed the butt plug. I look away, and you tell me it’s ok, did I like it? As I look into your eyes and tell you I loved it, I kiss you deeply again. I feel myself starting to grow hard.

I ask you if you want to stop. You look up and see the large cock inches from your mouth, and say “No…is that ok with you?”. I tell you it’s more than ok, it’s good with me, but I want to change positions. Its time for me to start licking your pussy. You’d forgotten about that, but love the idea.

I’m still on my back, but facing the other way, your dripping wet pussy above my hungry mouth. You lower yourself onto my face. You tell the 3rd man that he has to wait a little longer, you have a duty to your husband. You then clean my cock well, licking our cum off of my enlarging cock. It feels so good to me. While sucking me, you reach under my ass, pulling out the buttplug. My cock is rock hard in your mouth now. You then turn your attention to the 3rd cock.

I start the timer as I hear you sucking the cock. I can’t see what’s going on, all I see is your pussy, dripping our cum, slowly out onto my tongue. I am imagining you working that cock well. You’ve swallowed two loads, and you want the next one. You love the feel of my tongue on your pussy. You imagine our cum, dripping out into my mouth. All of these make you so hot and it’s only a short time before I feel you tensing up, I hear you gagging a little as you f***e that big white cock deep into your mouth. I can see you shuddering as you climax on my mouth and tongue. I slow down and lighten my touch, giving you a short time to recover. I can see in my mind this man holding your head like the last two men, using your mouth as a fuck hole, fucking your mouth deep. I lick you more, deeper, wanting you to cum again. Wanting to eat more of our cum. It takes some time, and I wonder if the man is going to make it in time. But you do cum again on my tongue, just before the time goes off. I turn it off and give you a few more minutes to work that large cock. But it’s not enough. He’s like me, needs more time.

I tell him and you that time is up. He knows what he has to do. You suck my hard cock for a minute or two, while I use this break as a chance to slowly insert our pink vibrator into your pussy. Once it’s in I pull your butt plug in and out several times to ensure you haven’t forgotten about it. You moan as I lick your pussy while doing this.

Part 5
The fourth and largest man comes up to you, and as you’re mouth is already open, he quickly puts his huge black cock deep into your mouth. You pull back, and he lets you lick it, admire it, drool on it, kiss it. He watches you put it back into your hot mouth. I’ve started the timer, but think, hmmmm, this man said he doesn’t masturbate, he fucks. I hope he fucks my wife’s mouth and cums before time runs out.

I can feel your body accept his cock with each stroke. I imagine it going a little deeper each time. I’m licking your slit while the vibrator slides in and out. I can tell you’re getting close to cumming again. I want you too. The free hand of the third man is pinching your nipples as he strokes his cock. He tells you repeatedly to “take it deeper cock slut”.

Both men can tell my slut is going to cum again as well and the black man asks you if sucking his big black cock excites you. You answer honestly, “yes sir”. He asks you whether you can handle all his cum. You look up into his burning eyes, with your lips just kissing his cock head and say “yes sir, I think I can. I want to. I want it.” He laughs and says we’ll see. He shoves his cock in deep and begins fucking your mouth hard and deep as your pussy explodes again on my tongue. He laughs again and says you’re such a good cocksucking slut. He says he’s lost count of how many times you’ve cum. Truthfully, I have too. He asks you if you need cum every day, you first look up at him, then down at his cock, and say “yes sir, I do need cum every day. I love it.” Then he tells you to get ready for it. It seems to me that you’re now having a bunch of little climaxes now, with each stroke of the vibrator. My tongue is in rhythm with the cock fucking your pussy. You’re shivering groaning with each stroke.

He continues to fuck your mouth hard as the third man, yells out, “Stop, I’m cumming”. The black man pulls back, and the large white cock explodes deep into your mouth. I hear you slurping it up as I continue to pleasure your pussy. You’re still shuddering with each stroke of the cock and lick of the tongue.

The black man has moved around behind you as you clean up the white cock, taking your time. Enjoying the cum. There is a great deal of it. I can hear you sucking in the cum that spilled from your full mouth. The black man reaches up and pulls out the butt plug, you squirm as it comes out. Your ass is wet and open as he sticks two fingers deep into your ass. He tells me that it’s tight. I tell him I know. He tells me that he wants to fuck your pussy. I tell him no, that it’s mine. He tells me that you’ll love it. That if I lick your pussy and he fucks you that it will drive you crazy. He tells me to ask you. He believes you want it. I know you’re listening to us talk, I can hear your heavy breathing as the third man leaves and you take my hard cock back into your mouth. He tells me that you’ll love sucking me while getting fucked by his hard cock. I tell him no. He tells me that if I want he’ll pull out and cum in my mouth if that’s what I want. I laugh and tell him no thanks. But you feel my cock tense up, swell, as the my ass clenches. He sees me looking away and tells me come on, you’ll like it. Have you ever sucked cock or eaten cum straight from a cock before? I tell him no. My cock as hard as steel as you continue to suck me, listening. He brings his cock close to my face, telling me to lick it. I don’t but he puts it on my lips. I can’t see him anymore, all I see is that cock.

Before anything else happens, he tries another tack and reminds me that I never said anything about not fucking you in the ass. I thought with dismay and said that’s true, as I watch his two large fingers slide in and out of your ass. I tell him that your ass is mine too. He laughs and says I don’t think so. He tells me that he’s going to fuck one of your holes and ask me which one. I don’t answer, and he answers for me, putting his huge cock up to your asshole.

I tell him that he’s too big for your tight ass, but he just laughs and says, lets see. Neither you or I object in time as he pushed the huge head of his cock into your ass. I watch in shock as your ass slowly, but steadily opens up around his large black cock head. You’re sucking me harder. I feel you pushing back against his manhood, wanting his cock in your ass. You do love anal sex too. I realize you do want this, you do want his black cock deep in your ass while you suck my cock.

I lick your dripping pussy and shove the vibrator in harder and faster, wanting you to cum. Wanting to distract you from the huge cock in your ass. I laugh now thinking about it because his cock is too big to be ignored. You cum for the first time with his cock in your ass, while he has maybe 3 inches inside you. There is so much more to go. I can see you squeezing his cock with every contraction of your climax. You’re moaning deep on my cock. You pull off and say “I love it, please don’t stop” as you take my cock deep back into my mouth. It feels to me that I’m deeper in your mouth than ever. I can tell you’ve been practicing this past hour. Mmmmm, that makes me happy as I watch inch after inch disappear into your ass.

He can’t get it all in. It’s just too long. But you have maybe 8 inches deep in your ass. You’re meeting each of his thrusts with f***e, moaning on my cock. You tell us to not stop, you’re going to cum again, his cock deep in your ass. The small vibrator deep in your pussy, my tongue circling your clit, my cock deep in your throat. You do cum, collapsing, my hard cock falling from your mouth as you just lie there, wave after wave of pleasure rolling through every nerve of your body. He continues to fuck you hard, deep, and well. You’re limp now, just accepting the cock in your ass. I can see you squeezing his cock, but you’re not moving. I don’t even think you can feel my tongue anymore on your pussy. He is stroking his cock fast and deep. It’s not long before he starts grunting loudly. He seems to shoot a couple of time deep in your ass, before pulling his huge cock out, spraying your back from your neck down to your ass with each burst of cum. He is cumming so much. I’m watching his cock spew from below your pussy. He spreads your ass cheeks and shoots the last couple of shots at your asshole, now tightly closed again. He looks at me and laughs. Tells me that if I love you, he expects me to eat your pussy one last time, as his cum drips down your ass towards your pussy.

He looks at both of us and thanks us for the fine evening. He tells us he can’t wait to come back and fuck again. Then he leaves, leaving us alone.

I’m ready to get up as his cum has dripped on my face, but you stir, and start sucking my cock, undulating your hips, encouraging me to lick your pussy. I’m so hard, you feel so good, so I clean you well, you’re dripping wet.

Now that I’ve cleaned you, gotten you ready for my cock you roll off of me, onto your back. You pull me on top of you. And tell me to make love to you. My hard cock is so past ready. I enter your sopping pussy easily, and deeply. You kiss me deeply, looking into my eyes. You thank me for the evening as you lick some of the black man’s cum from my face. I ask you what your favorite part is, and you answer this is – as your lips meet mine. We kiss deeply and longingly as our bodies, minds, and souls merge. You cum twice, the second time right before I do. I fill your pussy with more cum, kissing you deeply. I lose myself in you once again.

Later, we rouse ourselves, lock up, and kiss. You look at me and tell me that “I only had three loads of cum, and you promised me more….”. I laughed and said there’s always tomorrow….

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1 year ago
very hot hot hot and a story that makes you horny.
3 years ago
excellent story!
3 years ago
Super hot story!

Can only imagine some of these fantasies you're acting out.

Do tell!
4 years ago
loved the story so horny x
4 years ago
Damn Hot story,it would be fun taking all that cum like that
4 years ago
A very hot story, if it is. It sounds more like an experience. Could it be?
4 years ago
wow, great story!
4 years ago
OMG, you have a dirty mind !

I like that in a person !