My Master

Cc: Sandy Layne <>; Sandy Layne <>
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2011 8:46 AM
Subject: Your Submissive Slut!

I would love you to be my master!! HARD FUCKING IS WHAT I DESIRE!

From: david fish <>
To: Sandy Layne <>
Sent: Sunday, September 18, 2011 12:53 PM

I sandy layne a submissive SLUT of the highest order do hereby make this voluntary commitment to my master David Fish,
1) to be the true submissive slut that my master David deserves and wants and needs. I do so David.
2)To attend to his whims and desires offering him everything without interfering with his need to guide, teach and train me in the ways of pleasure. You have my word!
3) To offer my master the use of my mouth , to kiss, lick , nibble, slide his cock into, fuck , or use for any pleasures he chooses ……. Oh yes!! For whatever you choose, I am your fuck toy! And if it pleases my master those same lips and tongue will devote themselves to his pleasure by licking his entire body Yes, bathing his balls and cock with soft licks which will excite and arouse him Oh and I arouse you!…cradling his cock with my tongue and sucking all his precum too!, and tonguing his ass as he desires, love the ass!……… my tongue will explore every inch of my masters body from his toes to the top of his head and EVERYTHING in between But of course!!
4) To give my master free reign of my tight sweet pussy for his pleasure, my pussy is yours to do with what you wish! his wish here is my desire to fulfil, and I will!…….. He will have many ideas of how to make my pussy responsive and dripping with sensory juices which will taste wonderful, make access into OUR pussy easy for his cock or any toy of his choice not to mention his mouth and tongue, this pussy will respond to the demands of master, weather it is gentle love making or HARD FICKING IS WHAT I WANT!hard fucking .It matters only that master wishes it and it is his.
5) To let my master access my ass for the many pleasures it offers him…Fuck me in the ass oh master, weather it is to spank caress to lick, to fondle, to fuck it will be offered proudly and lovingly and obediently. Oh yes!
6) To provide romance, fantasy, reality or what ever my master wishes, including r****g me too?
7) To provide toys which will please and amuse master Whatever you wish!
8) To please my master and exist for that purpose when I am with him I will forever please my master in any way he desires!
9) I will respond to this email to I am doing so as I speak to my master!!
100% (4/0)
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2 years ago
I am completely devoted to my Master
2 years ago
As a Master you should perhaps address your property and her grammer. When addressing You, Master, Sir, Dave etc You should be given the common curtosy of a capital letter. When referring to herself, slut, slave, propery, i etc they should lower case. A simple sigh of devotion she seems to have over looked
3 years ago
devotion to a man in this way is how it should be