Len and Masie chapter 5

Len & Maisie 5

As they entered the bedroom Masie stopped and turned to face him. Looking straight into his eyes she shucked the gown from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She stood there apprehensively awaiting his response, the first time he had been able to look at her closely without touching, offering herself for his gaze and reaction.

His sharp intake of breath and soft moan relaxed her slightly but his barely audible ‘God, you are beautiful!’ set her completely at ease.

‘Sorry it’s not much to look at.’ she said looking down at her body and he laughed softly as he took her in his arms and kissed her gently.

‘You are the most beautiful person I have ever set eyes on.’

‘Huh!’ she snorted with feigned annoyance. ‘Get off with you! You’re only saying that so you can get into my knickers!’

He stepped back slightly and with equally feigned indignation said

‘Madam! What do you take me for?! What sort of a man do you think I am?!”

Pulling her close again he went on.

‘Anyway, I’ve already been inside your knickers and it was jolly nice thank you very much!’ He looked up at the ceiling. ‘But as I recall, you didn’t have any on last night!’

She laughed and playfully smacked his arm before pulling his head to her shoulder.

‘Oh Len,’ she said softly, ‘you are so lovely to be with.’

‘So are you Masie.’

With her hands behind his neck she pulled back to look at him. He could feel her pubis pressed against his and her nipples pressed into his chest but for all of this his penis was shrinking back to it’s normal state.

‘So, what sort of a man do I think you are?’ she mused. ‘Let me think.’ She screwed up her face as if in fierce concentration making him laugh.

It briefly occurred to him that only half an hour before he had been petrified that he would lose her but now here she was happy and relaxed in his arms joking with him. He couldn’t remember feeling so happy.

‘Well,’ she went on thoughtfully, ‘you are a kind, warm-hearted person, a gentle and caring man and someone who has given me more hope beyond my dreams for the future.’

She suddenly looked at him anxiously.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…….I wasn’t………’

Len silenced her with his finger on her lips.

‘Shhhhh,’ he said softly, ‘I know what you meant, and since yesterday I have been having similar thoughts myself’

He went on more seriously.

‘The only thing is Masie darling…….’

He stopped and it was his turn to look at her anxiously with wide eyes.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that………’ but was silenced by her smile before she rested her head on his chest. He could feel her shake it a couple of times before she pulled back and looked at him.

‘No, it’s lovely. I have so missed having someone feel that way about me.’

She leaned forward and kissed him gently for a long time.

‘Shall we lay down and cuddle?’

He nodded and dropped his gown before laying beside her and taking her in his arms.

They said nothing for a little while, content to just lay together her head on his shoulder touching his face. Her skin felt warm against his and the sound of her breathing further reminded him of what had been missing for so long. He pulled her close and she twisted to look at him.

‘Penny for them?’

He smiled. His thoughts were in turmoil at the moment and the highs and lows of the last 24 hours had rolled over him like a train. Not even in his wildest dreams or fantasies had he ever thought about anything like this, but here he was, cuddling the most wonderful person he had met in a long time, and still recovering from the wildest sex he had ever experienced.

Roses’ reserve would never have permitted the openness and sheer intensity of last night he thought with a tinge of regret. He cleared his throat more to disguise a slight lump in it than out of necessity.

“I was just wondering where we go from here,’ he said softly

She pulled slightly away and lifted her head to look at him intently.

‘Where do you want it to go?’ It was a hesitant question and a slightly anxious look appeared on her face.

He looked at her and smiled before caressing her face gently.

‘Last night was something I would never even have dreamt of……and I hope it isn’t going to disappear as quickly as it arrived. A one-off.’

He paused.

‘I would love us to be together but I am frightened that we might burn out………or that I might not be able to always meet your expectations or needs.’

Now it was his turn to look anxious until she leaned forward and kissed him softly and gently.

‘You silly man!’ she said softly, ‘you would never disappoint me like that. I know last night was a bit hectic……..’ he could hear the smile in her voice,’…..but I think we both had a bit of catching up to do. It wouldn’t always be like that. I promise. It couldn’t be!’ she said with some conviction. ‘Not at our age!’

He smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder again.

‘And I would like to be with you if you would have me.’

They lay in a comfortable silence again happy and content with each other.

‘Now then,’ she said getting all practical and pushing herself up from him, ‘what would you like for dinner tonight?’

‘Well…….’he said pushing his head into the pillow and studying the ceiling for a few seconds, ‘……let’s see. I wouldn’t mind caviar to start with then lobster followed by a nice pavlova! And a decent bottle of wine wouldn’t go amiss!’

She pulled away and looked at him intently.

‘Ah…em….OK…….beans on toast it is then!’

He laughed out loud and pulled her close again. Not only was she a lovely woman but she was fun to be with as well. Life could be very pleasant with her beside him.

He kissed the top of her head.

‘I’d love anything with you especially beans on toast on one condition.’

She looked at him expecting him to say he’d bring some drink but was a little surprised when he pushed his face into the pillow and his lips to her ear.

‘That after dinner I can fuck you!’

Now it was her turn to laugh, long and hard.

‘Why, you lovely dirty old man! Of course you can fuck me, I’d be very disappointed if you didn’t.’

‘In fact,’ she went on, ‘you can fuck me whenever you want.’

He leaned towards her and they kissed, their lips pressed together for a long time. Len could feel himself hardening again which didn’t go unnoticed by the woman pressed against him. He twitched slightly as her fingers curled round it but the kiss continued unbroken. When they did part she looked into his eyes.

‘Looks like this little fellow is coming back to life again.’

She continued to caress him and he ran his hand down her back to her buttocks. As he felt round her hip towards her crotch she lifted her knee and opened her thighs for him. He pushed his fingers gently through her hair and into the space between her legs marvelling at the heat he encountered. As he touched her lips her eyes closed and her breathing slowed.

‘Oh yes,’ she whispered at him, ‘yes.’

He pushed a little way inside then felt forward for her clitoris feeling her twitch and gasp softly as he found it. He rubbed it gently lubricating it with the slick moisture now gathering at her lips and she pushed her head back and groaned.

‘Oh Len,’ she said barely audibly, ‘please take me again before I go.’

‘I will……….but I might not be able to finish.’

She suddenly stiffened.

‘Oh god, I’m being selfish. I’m so sorry Len.’

She started pulling away from him but he held her tighter.

‘Don’t be silly. Do you think I won’t enjoy it all the same?’

She was pushing against him quite f***efully now.

‘No, it’s not fair.’

He held her tighter.

‘I love being inside you, ’he said softly, ‘and I want to now. I’d just like to save my fireworks for tonight.’

‘No, it’s selfish.’

Suddenly he pushed her flat on the bed and lay on top of her. She could feel his penis hard against her pubis and he could feel her hair on his glans.

‘A moment ago you said I could fuck you whenever I want. Did you mean that?’

She lay still and then nodded slowly.


‘But nothing. I want to now.’

She looked at him then slowly opened her legs. He pulled back slightly then moved slowly forward, his glans naturally finding her splayed wet lips and kept moving easily until he was fully inside her. Again it was an experience that he would never get enough of and the feeling of this lovely woman giving herself so freely to him was wonderful.

He rested in her for a moment and felt her legs wrap round his and her arms round his back before he started to move gently in her. She was so wet he slid effortlessly in her body and her head went back into the pillow, her eyes shut now. He could feel her juice on his balls as they hit her gently with each thrust

‘Oh Len,’ she whispered, ‘oh God, this is so good.’

He started moving more f***efully until he was fucking her hard and she was gasping loudly.

‘Fuck! Fuck!............Fuck me hard…………as hard as you can!’ she groaned, he body rocking on the bed under his onslaught. The sound of their fuck was as loud as her breathing and spurred them both on.

‘Go on!’

He could sense her orgasm was not far off so he thrust into her even harder then dropped his head and sought out a nipple with is mouth. He sucked it in and closed his teeth on it causing her to gasp out loud and pull his head tight to her.

‘You bastard! You beautiful bastard!’

He could feel his own approaching so he left her breast and pushed himself up to look down at her and stopped his movements completely. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

‘Don’t! Don’t stop! Please!!’ she implored earnestly, her crotch grinding against him desperately seeking her release. He shook his head.

‘If I finish now I probably won’t be able to tonight.’ he paused, ‘And I do so want to just go to sl**p with you again afterwards.’

‘Oh god Len! Please don’t leave me like this!’

He suddenly pulled out of her and moved quickly down the bed to place his face against her open cunt. Pulling her lips wider with his fingers he started to lap at the moisture that had flowed so freely from her before pressing his tongue into her as deep as he could. Finding her clitoris, her exposed little pink button, he pressed his flattened tongue against it and just moved his head from side to side quickly and continuously.

He was rewarded seconds later with her knees lifting towards her chest and her hands pulling him tight to her as she convulsed noisily over and over as her orgasm ran it’s course.

As she calmed down her body relaxed and she let go of his head. He moved up the bed to lay beside her and cuddled her close, his penis wet and hard against her thigh, and his face wet inches from hers.

She turned to look at him.

‘Thank you,’ she breathed, ‘I needed that so badly.’ She reached over and caressed his face. ‘But what about you?’

He smiled at her before kissing her softly. ‘Tonight.’

She reached under her bottom and felt the bed.

‘I’m sorry, I’ve wet the sheet again.’

He laughed.

‘Just a little more to add to last night……..but this time it’s all your doing!’ he said with mock severity.

A little while later they had dressed and she was ready to go home.

‘What time shall I come round tonight?’

‘About seven would be nice.’

‘Can I bring anything…..apart from my toothbrush?’

She smiled. ‘No, just your appetite and your enthusiasm.’

He headed towards the rear door but she just stood still.

‘Len’, she said, ‘are you at all ashamed or embarrassed by what we’ve done?’

He turned to her in astonishment.

‘Good God no!!’ he exclaimed. ‘Why do you ask?’ He paused and asked in a quieter voice ‘Are you?’

She shook her head. ‘No not at all.’

She went on. ‘It’s just that people are soon going to know about us……if we are together that is,’ she added quickly, ‘and I wondered how you would feel about it.’

He came and stood in front of her.

‘I would be proud to have you on my arm Masie, and I don’t mind anyone knowing.’ He added as an afterthought, ‘But it might be difficult for me to keep the silly grin off my face.’

She smiled.

‘In that case I think I will leave by the front door and I would be obliged if you would come to mine this evening.’

‘Are you sure?’

She nodded. ‘Yes.’

‘I’ll see you out.’

As he held the door open for her and she stepped out, she turned and kissed him lingeringly on the lips, a lovers parting kiss.

‘I’ll see you at seven.’

Neither of them bothered about the curtain twitching at the end of the landing.


Major Alex Goodwin (retired) was engrossed in the Telegraph in the communal lounge. Of upright bearing and neat appearance as befitted his former status, he was searching the obituary columns for any name he might recognise. A daily duty to make sure he didn’t send any Christmas card unnecessarily.

A few seats away and at a slight angle to him, as she was every morning, sat Millie Thompson similarly hidden behind the Guardian and to all intents and purposes, studying it intently. Only she wasn’t. Her sole reason for sitting where she did was that it afforded her surreptitious glances at the Major for whom she had long held suppressed feelings. She always dressed smartly in the hopes that he would take an interest in her but up to now these had been slightly forlorn.

She admired everything about him, his upright bearing, his tidy appearance, his pleasant friendly manner, but above all his neatly trimmed silver moustache. ‘That could do wonders to a woman’s parts.’ she thought to herself deliciously.

The peace and quiet was shattered by the door bursting open and sudden appearance of Vera on a mission. A slight woman with a high-pitched voice it was nearly at falsetto level as she relayed her news.

‘You’ll never guess what!’ she exclaimed with uncontrolled excitement, ‘I’ve just seen Matilda leaving Lennards’ apartment and she kissed him and she had a bag and she must have been there all night!’ The words tumbled out in a rush.

Behind his paper the Major turned to Millie with a look of surprise on his face. This was matched by Millie’s and a little shake of her head. It was as much news to her as it was to him.

‘I wonder what they were doing and what his wife would have said if she was here. And what about her husband? He wouldn’t have been very pleased at all…………..’

She prattled on at some length and the Major eventually raised his eyes to heaven, then gave a deliberate wink at Millie before flicking the corner of his paper down and looking at the excited bearer of the news.

‘They’ve been together for a few weeks now,’ he said before retiring behind his paper again, ‘I’m surprised you didn’t know.’

A muffled cough covered the sudden laugh Millie fought to control.

‘Didn’t you know?’ she asked flicking down her paper. ‘Everyone else seems to.’

Vera’s face was a picture. It was as if the world had just disappeared from beneath her feet.

‘What…….how……when……’ she faltered not willing to believe her ears.

‘Oh yes…….weeks’ smiled the Major from behind the paper.

Totally crestfallen, Vera turned and shuffled out of the room muttering to herself about selfish people keeping things to themselves, her party cracker having been well and truly pissed on.

As she left the Major and Alex afforded each other a big grin.

‘Len and Masie eh? Well good luck to them.’

Millie nodded. ‘Yes.’ she said. Oh that moustache!

Turning back to the obituaries the thought crossed the Major’s mind as it had many times before, as to what she would be like in bed.


At a few minutes after seven a smartly dressed Len knocked on Masies’ door, a bottle of wine in one hand, a bunch of flowers in the other and his toothbrush lodger discretely in his shirt pocket.

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2 months ago
nice story well written, and well observed, wel done that chap
1 year ago
I do enjoy reading these tales,,,so well written and in no rush,,,so relaxing and satisfying. Thank you.
1 year ago
Excellent continuation to the story...please keep the stories going, they alwasy give me a hard on when I read them
1 year ago
Nice chapter - well written story. Thank you