Len and Masie Chapter 3

Len and Masie Chapter 3

For American readers, 'fanny' has a different meaning here. It means 'pussy'.

Len woke a couple of times during the night and felt strange, pleasantly strange, then he felt Masie beside him and the memories of a few hours earlier came flooding back. He snuggled up against her warm body and her deep breathing was interrupted as he once again took hold of her breast. He gently pressed his lips against her shoulder not wishing to disturb her further but a soft 'Mmmm....thank you' was succeeded by her returning to sl**p.

He lay there for a while listening to her, feeling her warmth and her gentle heartbeat, and felt totally content. Tonight had been an experience for him, one he had never thought possible and it made him slightly sad to think that this was what his married life could have been like if only Rose had been as open minded as this lovely person laying beside him.

His thoughts turned to Albert and he felt himself inwardly cringe. It had been exciting, very exciting, and the thought still was, but now he felt as if in some way he had betrayed Masie even though it had all happened before any of this.

He desperately wanted a relationship with her but was frightened that his association with his friend might be a barrier. He could either keep it to himself or he could tell all, but again how would Albert feel to be suddenly cast aside? If he was being honest it was also something Len wanted to continue -- but not at the expense of losing Masie.

But again, was there a future for them? He had declared his thoughts before falling asl**p but now felt perhaps he shouldn't have. It was a serious consideration at any age and he knew they would discuss it soon now she had heard him. Perhaps she didn't want that. Perhaps she would prefer a more relaxed, flexible relationship.

'Slow down George' ran through his brain. He was getting ahead of himself. 'Think about it in the morning.' and with that he dozed off again.

When he opened his eyes in the morning it was to find her laying awake and looking at him.

'Good morning.' she said quietly.

'Good morning.'

He stretched and reached out for her. 'Did you sl**p well?'

'Better than I have for a long time. What about you?'

'Me too.'

He went on, 'Thank you so much for last night, it's never been like that for me before.'

She smiled. 'I enjoyed it a bit too you know.'

Now he smiled. 'I'm glad, but it was an eye-opener for me. I think I've got a lot to learn....'

'and I'd love to teach you .' she interrupted him.

He paused while he studied her face.

'Really? Do you mean that?'

She nodded.

He moved forward to kiss her and flinched slightly as he felt her hand take hold of his penis again. She started fondling him and he could feel his natural reaction as he stiffened slightly. She pulled back and smiled before resuming their kiss then pulled away again.

'I can smell me on your face,' she said.

'I'm sorry I'll go and wash.'

'No don't, I like it.' she whispered before placing her lips on his again.

He could feel himself getting bigger and felt down her body to her groin. Her legs opened enough for him to feel between them and his fingers found their destination. She was warm between her thighs and still slightly sticky, and when he pushed gently forward he slipped between her lips into the wet, lubricated heat of her cunt. He groaned softly into her mouth and felt her tongue push through into his. She was getting turned on again.

He pulled back and they just looked at each other as they caressed the others genitals until she whispered 'Would you like to fuck me again?'

'I'd love to but....'

'You need a little help down here.' she said holding his still not fully erect penis.

He nodded. 'Sorry.' he said.

'Don't be. I think I can sort it out!' and started to wriggle her way down his body.

He stopped her.

'Masie don't, I haven't washed yet.'

'I know.' She continued moving down.

'No please don't. I don't feel comfortable with you doing that.'

'It's OK, I really don't mind and we do want to get this fellow up don't we.' She gave his penis a little squeeze.

'Yes I know but....look there is another way.'

She looked at him.

'I'm almost too embarrassed to ask but....well, Rose would never let me go down on her properly and would certainly never have considered it like now.'

He blushed profusely as he went on hesitantly

'...It's just that I've always.....wanted to...well ...you know...'

'Go down and lick her out after you've fucked her?'

He nodded blushing furiously.

'Look I'm sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned it.'

'Don't be silly. Freddy used to say there were two good things about waking up in the morning, my "morning fanny" as he called it or my "morning after fanny" which he thought was even better.'

She looked at him tenderly and smiled.

'I'll be honest,' she went on, 'the second one was always my favourite as well. He'd spend a lot more time down there on those occasions'

'You mean you wouldn't mind?''

'I'd love it.'

His heart was pounding as he moved down her body, only pausing briefly on the way to plant a kiss on each of her nipples, not quite fully aroused yet but well on their way. As he disappeared under the duvet the full aroma of her arousal and last nights' sex became more evident the lower he went. When he finally reached the junction of her now widely opened legs it was intoxicating and he breathed it in, almost heady with her scent.

He placed his lips over hers and sucked them into his mouth savouring the strong flavour of their combined juices, then pushed his tongue inside. It was a garden of delights and something he knew he could very quickly become addicted to.

He sought out her clitoris with the tip of his tongue and flicked it across time after time feeling her jerk and twitch with each pass. He could hear her groaning softly even under the duvet and knew it wouldn't be long before she came. He kept it up for a little longer then sucked the little nub into his mouth and very, very gently sc****d it with his teeth.

Up to now her movements had been getting more pronounced but at this she started jerking violently then the same as the previous evening, her legs clamped on his head and her crotch was arched up off the bed as she orgasmed.

He held onto her until her spasms passed then gently pulled himself away. His face was wet from her, soaking wet, and the taste of her was on his lips and in his mouth. He started kissing his way up her now relaxed body and suckled on each of her teats when he reached her breasts. She groaned softly at him and he felt her stomach rise off the bed slightly as the thrills started again.

She suddenly reached down under his arms and pulled him up to her face. She kissed him passionately with her arms wrapped round him holding him close. She was panting slightly as he pulled his face off hers and they just looked into each others eyes. He could feel his cock, now rigid, touching against the place his lips had just left and her groin straining to accept him.

'For Christs' sake fuck me Len!'

It was a command hissed through clenched teeth and carried the urgency of someone who was desperate.

'For Gods sake just do it!'

So he did. He eased forward and once more felt himself engulfed by the warm wet flesh of another very willing human being. It was idyllic. She wrapped her legs round his and clasped his buttocks with her hands pulling him tightly into her and started moving her hips against him.

Her breathing beside his ear was ragged and halting and every now and then she would urge him on with a few well chosen words, words that had never passed Rose's lips throughout their entire marriage. Once again the thought flashed through his mind how different this woman was to the one he had spent most of his life with.

He knew that it was unlikely that he would be able to cum again so soon after last nights' emission but that did not detract in any way from the wonderful sensation he felt as he pushed in and out of the woman beneath him. He varied the tempo sometimes fast and furious, sometimes soft slow and gentle, and could feel Masie respond in kind. Eventually she pushed him up from her and looked him straight in the eyes.

'Make me cum Len, please'

He gradually increased his speed and penetration all the while looking at her face and revelling in the increasing intensity shown on it until her head suddenly went back into the pillow and she softly coughed a string of obscenities interspersed with his and Freddys name. As if she realised what she had said her eyes opened wide in horror as she looked at the man who had induced the spasms coursing through her right now.

"Oh my God!' she gasped, 'I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!'

She pulled Len close to her and clasped her arms round him. He could feel her cunt still clenching him rhythmically but less strongly now as her orgasm faded, but these were overtaken by other movements as she buried her face in his shoulder and started sobbing.

She cried for a long time, great wracking body shaking sobs that were accompanied sometimes with his name and sometimes her late husbands, and Len just held onto her tightly, his arms wrapped round her protectively. He felt himself soften and slip out of her but that was unimportant now and he rolled off to hold her close beside him.

After a while she quietened and lay and just looked at him with a tearstained face.

'Oh Len,' she whispered, 'oh Len I'm so, so sorry.'

He pulled her close.

'I didn't mean to call....I don't know why I....'

He pulled her close to him and gently kissed her forehead. He too had a lump in his throat seeing her distress and wanted to comfort and assure her that it didn't matter in the slightest. He had also had immensely sad feelings after he had cum with her and he too was missing Rose more than he had up to now realised.

'It's alright, it's ok.' he said softly, 'don't worry, please don't worry.'

He held her tightly as he spoke.

'It's going to happen from time to time, with me as well probably,' he paused, 'we've both lost long-time partners and it's still painful sometimes.'

She nodded.

She lay in the security of his arms for a long while then pulled back and looked at him.

'I spoilt it for you didn't I.'

He looked at her.

'You didn't cum did you.'

He felt her reach for his penis but he gently took her hand away.

'It doesn't matter, really it doesn't. If I'm being honest I probably wouldn't have been able to anyway.' He smiled ruefully. 'I'm not as young as I used to be and it takes a while to recover nowadays.'

She snuggled back to him and his arm closed round her to hold her tight.

'Would you like a cuppa and a bit of toast?' he asked suddenly, 'I don't know about you but I'm starving.'

'That would be lovely but what I really think I need right now is a shower so I'd better be getting back.'

'Why? You can do that here while I get the kettle on if you like. I'd love to share breakfast with you unless.........'

'Unless what?' she asked

'Well......unless you think I might be pushing things a bit too quickly for you......or you've got something else to do right now.'

She smiled up at him and gently stroked his cheek.

'No I don't think you are going too quickly and no I don't have anything else to do today, and if you don't mind me using your shower I'd love to have breakfast with you.'

'That's settled then.' Len kissed her gently on top of her head then on her forehead then pushed the bedclothes back.

'Of course, you are not to come and peek at me in the shower,' she said with mock modesty, 'unless you feel you want to wash my back and my fiddly bits!'

He laughed.

'I might be tempted to fiddle with your bits but then I'd get wet too and I've got to watch the toast.'

She laughed softly and gently at him.

'Look, let me go and have a quick splash first then I'll sort out the breakfast while you're freshening up.....that's if you don't mind me going first? I'll put out a towel for you as well.'

He showered and put on the dressing gown that Albert had worn and went through to his little kitchen.

A few minutes later he could hear her humming to herself as she showered and was tempted to go and help her but then the sudden thought of Albert made his stomach churn and he concentrated on the toaster. He did not want to lose what he had just gained but was frightened by the thought that his relationship with his friend could well do that.

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1 year ago
I do so enjoy this writing,,,it brings back memories,,,yes I've been there too.
1 year ago
Don't worry shes smart enough to work it out
1 year ago
Another great piece of prose. Thanks again for sharing.
1 year ago
Thanks for posting :)
1 year ago