Len and Masie Chapter 1

Len and Maisie Chapter 1

Masie looked up and burst out laughing.

'Oh Lennard, if only you could see your face! It's a picture.'

And a picture it was. A combination of horror and acute embarrassment.

He had walked back into his living room with her coffee to find her sitting on his settee studying the dvd case of the elderly couples sex disc. He suddenly broke out in a cold sweat and his face clearly betrayed his dismay.

After Albert and he had enjoyed themselves the previous afternoon they had watched television for a while, quite comfortable in each others company, and then they both dozed off to sl**p.

He had awoken when Albert had gently called him to say he was going. He had got dressed and was holding a couple of Lens' films and just wanted to say cheerio before leaving and no doubt they'd see each other in the club fairly soon.

After he'd departed Len dressed but remained pretty lethargic for the rest of the day and decided he'd clear up in the morning. After a simple supper he retired early and was asl**p in minutes. He'd slept late the next morning and ran through the previous days events while snuggled under the duvet. He was OK about what had happened and decided he would see if and how far things developed with Albert before he felt uncomfortable with it.

He'd got up and dressed and had his breakfast and was just about to drink his coffee when there was a tap on his door. He opened it to find Masie standing there. She occupied the next apartment to his and from the few occasions they had talked, Len had warmed to her. She was a widow but she had a bubbly personality and would easily break into a smile, unlike several of the other residents who were generally pretty miserable.

She apologised for disturbing him but said she was thinking of organising a coach trip to a local attraction and wondered if he would be interested in going. He invited her in and she accepted his offer of coffee and sat down while he disappeared into his kitchen to make it. It was when he returned that he cringed.

'You look as if you've seen a ghost.' She laughed.

Len coughed embarrassedly, his face bright red.

'Well....' he stuttered, 'it's not...erm..what...it looks like...' He dried up because it obviously was what it looked like.

'Oh don't be so silly,' she said patting the seat beside her, 'come and sit down and don't worry about this.' She held up the case. 'It's probably no worse than some I've got!'

Len stared at her as he sat down, his eyes widening.

'You look surprised.' she said.

'Well...I am really...it's just that....'

She interrupted him. 'What's a little old lady like me doing taking an interest in that sort of thing for? Is that what you're thinking?'

'Well...that's not quite...er...how I would have put it.'

'Len,' she said putting her hand on his knee, 'just because you get old it doesn't mean that the feelings you've had all your life disappear when you're suddenly deprived of the person you shared those feelings with. In fact it's a terrible blow.'

She took her hand away and just looked down at the floor for a while in a silence that Len was reluctant to break. She looked at him again.

'You know Lennard, ever since you moved in a while ago I've thought you're far more of a gentleman than a lot here. You keep yourself to yourself and I've never known you to have a bad word to say about anyone. I feel I can talk to you as I've never talked to any of the others and that I can trust you with anything I tell you.'

She looked at him.

'I really feel I need someone I can talk to openly who won't judge me or criticise me and your reaction to this,' she indicated the dvd, 'leads me to think you're a decent person who wouldn't be offended if I did.'

Len didn't say anything initially. It was nice to hear the compliment and it was a lift to think that someone like Masie could confide in him. It was a strange situation for him though, as all through their married life he and Rose had rarely opened up fully to each other.

He cleared his throat.

'Well...I'd always be happy to listen if you wanted to talk,' he said, 'but whether I'd be able to be of much help....'

'Just offering a sympathetic ear would be enough.' She suddenly laughed at what she had just said. 'I don't mean you should feel sorry for me, just...well,' she shrugged her shoulders, ' you know what I mean.'

Len nodded and wondered what was coming next.

'I lost Freddy just three years ago and we loved each other right to the end. I still miss him terribly for many reasons and this,' she indicated the dvd, 'is one of them.'

She went on more softly now. 'He was a lovely man and attractive in many different ways. He made friends very easily and women seemed drawn to him like a magnet. Early in our marriage I could see what was happening and I set out to make sure for the rest of our time together he had no reason to cast his eyes elsewhere.' She looked at Len. 'Do you understand what I am saying?'

He nodded slowly. 'I think so.'

'I read everything about sex I could, which wasn't much in those days -- not like now, and I couldn't discuss things with friends or my mother and there wasn't the internet to turn to for inspiration.'

'I initiated intimacy at every opportunity even when I didn't really feel like it, but I was truly frightened of losing him.'

She paused for a moment, looking straight ahead.

'What happened though was that we started getting more and more inventive with each other, all the time looking to feed our excitement until we both knew that nobody to come anywhere near matching what we had.'

She stopped suddenly, her face reddening. 'Oh hark at me going on.' She looked at him. 'I must be embarrassing you. I'm sorry.' and got up as if to leave.

Len gently caught her arm and guided her back down. Here was a person who needed to open herself up to someone and he was the only one she felt able to trust. He knew whatever happened he couldn't let her down.

'Please stay and talk to me,' he said softly, 'and if I can help in any way...'

'You already are.' she said. She hesitated before going on. 'Are you sure you don't mind?'

'Please go on.'

She looked away from him again. 'We tried anything and everything we could think of, and I do mean everything,' she said candidly, 'and what we liked stayed but if one of us didn't like anything, well at least we'd tried it. It was surprising that once we opened our minds to it there were only a few things that we didn't want to repeat.'

'Freddy said once we shut the bedroom door we should leave our inhibitions outside and really do whatever we wanted or felt like and we certainly did.' 

She paused and started to look a little embarrassed.

'It varied from gentle romantic lovemaking to out and out sheer pornography I suppose you'd call it, but it was never less than exciting or fulfilling whatever we did. I suppose Mills and Boon would describe him as a "lusty lover"'

She looked straight at him and said somewhat ruefully. 'Now all I've got are my vibrators and fingers and I can tell you they're poor substitutes!'

This last revelation was a lot more than Len had anticipated and his cheeks coloured at the information. Here was a warm friendly woman admitting she masturbated without any embarrassment, something he had always thought was a male preserve and kept firmly under wraps. He was sure Rose never did, at least he thought she never had, and the topic would never have arisen anyway.

As if she suddenly realised what she had said she went bright red and with profuse apologies stood up again to leave.

'Look,' said Len remaining seated, 'whatever you want to tell me or say will never leave this room. I promise you that. Secondly, I'm not shocked just a bit surprised. I though it was only men that did that but I obviously got that wrong.'

She sat down again, and he began to realise that at this late stage of his life he was learning a lot, first with Albert and now his next-door neighbour. He wondered what else there was to come.

She picked up the dvd again. 'It was seeing this that brought it to the surface again.' She looked at it more closely. 'Mind you, I've never seen one with people as old as this in it. I didn't think people of our age would do such things'.

'Just like I didn't think women took care of their own needs.' he said softly.

She laughed gently.

Touche!'. 'I wouldn't mind looking at this though. It looks interesting'.

The candour of the conversation encouraged Len to respond in a way he would never have dreamt of previously.

'Yes, I like that one and you're more that welcome to borrow it if you'd like'.

She looked at him. 'That's very kind of you but I haven't got anything to play it on. All my films are on tape'.

'Ah,' said Len, 'well if you do get a machine you'd be welcome to it any time'.

She seemed a little crestfallen at this and put the film down. Somewhat abruptly the conversation returned to the coach trip and after some small talk she stood up to go.

'I do hope I haven't shocked you too much Lennard, and you won't repeat anything I told you will you'. It was more of a statement than a question and she looked at him enquiringly. 'I probably said far more than I should'.

'I won't, provided.....' Masie looked at him with alarm, '....you call me Len not Lennard! I can't abide that name'.

She smiled. 'How do you think I feel about Matilda then!'

They were laughing as she went out.

For the rest of the day Len could not get their conversation out of his mind and he now looked upon Masie in a completely different light. He had never met anybody like her before, self assured and relaxed but inwardly vulnerable and needing support, and despite her happy disposition, quite lonely. In all their years of marriage he and Rose had never conversed like that, and even in their most intimate moments there had always been restraint. Things had never been as Masie put it 'uninhibited'.

She was still a very attractive woman as well, he thought, and must have been quite a beauty in her younger days. Despite what she said about her husband he had probably had fears about her being charmed away by another man and equalled her effort in their relationship to ensure she stayed with him. It had probably been a contented marriage because they had each worked hard at it.

Her shoulder length dark hair was liberally streaked with grey which she made no attempt to disguise, and she always dressed presentably. She was a little shorter than Len and although she no doubt considered herself to be a bit heavier than she would have liked, she still had her curves and had obviously taken care to look after herself over many years.

Their conversation itself had not left him unaffected either. He had definitely felt a stirring in his groin when they were talking and several hours later the memory had the same effect. Despite every effort he could not rid himself of the image of her masturbating. It was a frustrating day for him knowing there was a sexually active woman so close who probably would be receptive to his advances but he hadn't a clue about how to go about it.

What if he was misreading all the signs and it was just wishful thinking on his part? Any approach he made could be completely misconstrued and it could harm a blossoming friendship. On the other hand she had opened up to him and seemed to be a person who knew what she wanted. But there again....

Len decided he would do nothing unless the invitation was more obvious, but it came quicker and more obviously that he had ever anticipated.

He spent a bit of a restless day doing lots of things to divert his attention then finally decided an early night with his book would be the best thing. As he settled into bed he thought he heard a noise from the room next door.

The apartments were mirrored so his bedroom was next to Masies' and he had on occasion heard some muted sounds coming through the wall as she coughed or moved around sometimes. This was different though. He listened carefully and could hear a moaning or groaning sound which, although not constant, was repetitive and sounded as if she was in distress.

He listened to it for a while before putting on his dressing gown and going along the communal passage to her front door. He tapped softly a couple of times but when he didn't get any response he knocked a bit harder. Even then it was a minute or two before the door opened slightly. When she saw who it was she opened it wider.

She looked at him questioningly, 'Yes?' she said.

'Are you alright?' asked Len anxiously.

She looked a little perplexed. 'Yes I'm fine. Why shouldn't I be?'

'Well, I thought I could hear you moaning through the wall and I was worried you were ill.'

'Moaning?' she said furrowing her brow then suddenly her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. 'Oh!'

You'd better come in.' she went on softly opening the door wider.

He stepped in and she closed the door. She was hugging her dressing gown around her and at once looked at him sheepishly. She continued softly.

I'm sorry about that, I didn't realise I was making so much noise.'

'Oh it's not a problem, I was just concerned you were ill. You aren't are you?'

She shook her head. 'No, I was ...um... just ... um ...taking care of my needs I think you called it.' She looked bashful as she said it.

'Sorry?' said Len quizzically -- then the penny dropped.

'Oh my...' he stuttered as his face went bright red. 'I'm so sorry.' He was totally flustered. 'That's the second time today I've embarrassed you! I'm so sorry.' and turned round to go.

She took hold of his wrist and stopped him. 'No Len, I think it's me that's embarrassed you. It's me who should be apologising.'

'No no not at all,' he paused, 'I just didn't realise...'

'There was no reason why you should have,' she said still holding his wrist, 'it was our conversation today and seeing the film that started me tonight.'

'You know Len I would love to see that film,' her voice little more that a whisper,' and I was wondering...'

Len looked at her.

'...if I could watch it at your place....with you?'

Lens' eyes widened. This was completely unexpected.


Masie continued quickly. 'Look, like me, you probably watch them for self stimulation...' she looked at him questioningly, '...you know what I mean? and if you could stand the sight of an old lady rubbing herself off beside you...'

Now it was Lens' jaws' turn to drop.

'Look, I know I'm being very forward but to be quite honest I'm getting fed up using these' she held up her hand with her two middle fingers closed together, 'and my imagination to get myself off. I need something more and ever since I saw what you have in the way of films, I've been thinking about them.'

Len was totally lost for words and just stared at her.

'I've really blown it now haven't I.' She said slowly taking her hand away. 'I shouldn't have done that to you. I'm sorry. You must think I'm a terrible person.' She looked away with a mixture of sadness and embarrassment. 'I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to speak to me again.'

She reached to open the door.

'What time?'


'What time. What time would you like to come round?'

She looked closely at him. 'Do you mean it?'

His face was bright red as he nodded.

'Are you sure Len?'

He nodded again as if he was incapable of speech.

'Would after lunch be OK, about half past two?'

'Fine.' he managed to get out before turning again to the door.

She pulled him back and stood close to him.

'Thank you Len, thank you so much.' She took his hand again and he wondered what she was doing then she suddenly pushed it down the front of her gown. 'Go on feel.' she whispered as his hand made contact with her breast. He looked straight into her eyes and could see the offer was genuine so he moved to cup her breast completely. She felt full and firm with just a slight natural sag and he got the impression she had nothing on under her gown. The stiffness of her nipple was not lost on him nor was the warmth of her body.

He groaned softly as he caressed her then suddenly twitched as her hand found its' way through the opening of his dressing gown and the front of his pyjamas to gently take hold of his not so soft penis.

'Tit for tat.' She smiled at him and snuggled her head into his shoulder

She rested against him for a few seconds then suddenly moved back and pulled her gown closely round her, just as he was well on his way to a full erection.

'You'd better go now and I'll see you tomorrow.' She looked at him. 'Goodnight Len,' she said softly, 'sl**p well.' and opened the door.

He looked down at the now quite prominent bulge in his dressing gown.

'I hope Vera's not hanging out of her door.' he said. She was the landing busybody and there wasn't much that went on that she didn't know or gossip about.

Masie looked down as well. 'Well if she sees that she'll have something to dine out on for weeks!'

They laughed softly and Len left and made his way quickly back to his apartment.

It took him seconds to get back into bed and his masturbation lasted less than a minute. As he settled down after his climax he distinctly heard a long drawn out contented moan through the wall. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.
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we can but hope when our turn comes....
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Great first chapter, well done.
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Lovely,,,,it's real it happens and it's natural.
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Lovely wee tale, and very well written too!
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