Lena and Masie Chapter 2

Len and Masie Ch. 2

To say that Len was nervous would be a serious understatement.

He had slept a bit later than usual which was normal if he had masturbated the night before, and when he first woke, he lay there luxuriating in the warmth of his bed. In his semi-comatose state, that time when you are not quite awake or asl**p, his mind wandered all over the place, then the events of the previous day came back.

He was suddenly wide awake and wondered if it had all been a dream but quickly recalled caressing his neighbours breast and feeling her hand cupping his penis. It was exciting and he was quietly enjoying these thoughts when he remembered the arrangement they had made for that afternoon. 

He sat bolt upright in bed. 'My God what have I done!' he muttered to himself. The thought had been exciting the evening before but now in the cold light of the morning he was suddenly petrified. A whole list of 'what-ifs' crossed his mind accompanied by a number of excuses for not going through with it.

He got up and went through his normal morning routine all the while thinking about what might or might not happen and working himself into a mass of nerves.

At last, when he sat down with his coffee; he'd foregone breakfast; he started to think more rationally. The prospect of what might happen was very exciting but this was very early in their relationship and it had been a good fifty years since he had done any courting – if this is what they were doing. He just didn't know how to go about it especially the accelerated version that seemed to be happening now. 

It was also obvious from what Masie had said that the intimate side of their married lives had been completely different. Hers had been open, experimental and energetic, whereas his had been reserved and restrained and conducted within quite narrow confines of Roses' acceptance. He wondered if the relationship did develop whether he would be able to live up to her expectations, or whether she would find him boring and limited and quickly tire of him.

'Whoa, you're getting a bit ahead of yourself,' he muttered, 'slow down George.' He shuddered as he said it. It had been one of Roses' humorous comments to him if she considered he was letting his imagination run away with him. Then of course there was Rose, or rather there wasn't. What would she think? Would she want him to have a fulfilling life or would she want him to dwell in the memory of their lives together?

The turmoil in his mind was getting to fever pitch. 'You need to give yourself a good talking to Lennard!' he muttered, another of Roses' sayings whenever he was indecisive or worried about something. 'After all, what is going to happen? She'll come round here and we'll watch a film together and if she or I get a bit excited then we'll see what happens. That's all. No big deal.'

Yeah Right!

For the rest of the morning he busied himself around his apartment, cleaning, dusting and polishing, things he didn't feel the need to do too often these days. He rarely had visitors or callers.

He looked at himself as he polished the mirror. 'Haircut.' he thought, he wanted to give a good impression so a trim wouldn't be amiss, and it would help take his mind off things if he went out for a while, so off he went.

On his way back he bought a bottle each of red and white wine as he felt it would be nice to offer a drink but he didn't know what her fancy was or even if she drank at all. He had beer and scotch at home so that was covered, and a drink might help relax them when she arrived. 

He tried to eat something at lunchtime but the butterflies in his stomach now resembled seagulls and a couple of mouthfuls of toast was all he could manage. He had heard Masie a couple of times through the seeming thin wall between them and he wondered if she was in a similar condition as himself. He doubted it very much as she had seemed quite outgoing and self-assured yesterday and was probably taking all this in her stride.

He'd showered carefully and taken a lot of care shaving and had dressed casually but smartly and sat and waited as the clock ticked slowly towards two thirty. He'd got some of the films out and decided he would let her chose which one she wanted to watch.

A couple of minutes to half past there was a light tap on his door. His heart was pounding as he answered it and Masie stepped into the hallway.

'I'm not too early am I?' Her voice was nervous and as Len looked at her he could see she was shaking slightly. His nerves evaporated.

'Are you alright Masie?' there was genuine concern in his voice. 'Come and sit down.' He took her arm and led her to the couch and repeated his question. 'Is anything wrong? Are you OK?'

She nodded and shook her head confused as to how to respond. She gave a nervous little laugh.

'Yes I'm fine'.

'Are you sure?' he said disbelievingly.

She nodded. 'Yes,' she paused, 'I'm just a bit nervous.'

'You? Nervous? I thought it would be just me.'

'Oh no,' she said, 'I didn't know how you would feel about it today. I had no idea if you would still want to and if I'm being honest I didn't know if I'd be able to go through with it.'

He laughed gently as he put his hand on hers. 'That makes two of us. I had exactly the same feelings and doubts myself and a couple of times I nearly knocked to give you some lame excuse about having to go out or something.' He looked straight at her. 'I'm glad I didn't though.'

She smiled gratefully at him. 'So am I.'

'It's all a bit...too pre-arranged really though isn't it.'

She nodded.

'Tell you what,' he said suddenly decisive, 'why don't I put these away and we'll settle for a drink and a bit of a natter?' He indicated the films as he spoke.

The look of grateful relief on her face told him all he needed to know. He put the films back in the cupboard and got her a glass of wine and himself a beer and sat beside her.

They sat and talked about everything and anything that came to mind, their previous partners, marriage generally, families, holidays, the apartments, Vera, and before they knew it a couple more beers had disappeared along with half the bottle of wine and the late afternoon light was fading.

It was nearly six o'clock when Len looked at his watch, painfully aware that his stomach had been growling at him for quite a while.

'Look Masie, I don't know about you but I couldn't eat a lot this morning and I'm starving now.'

She nodded. 'Me too.'

A sudden thought struck him. 'Have you eaten at that Italian restaurant in the High Street?' he asked.

She shook her head. 'No.'

'Fancy trying it with me then? As my guest of course.'

She smiled at him. 'It would be rude to refuse such a gracious invitation.' she said.

Two hours later saw them strolling arm in arm back from the restaurant discussing the various shops they passed, pausing to look in some windows. It had been an enjoyable meal and the only slightly discordant note had been over splitting the bill, but that was soon settled when Len would have none of it. As they approached the apartments Len gave her arm a little squeeze and was delighted to feel a squeeze back. He looked at her and smiled.

'This is nice.' he said, and it did feel nice, even right. She nodded.

'Are you watching that wildlife programme on telly this evening?' he asked.

When she said she was he suggested they watch together in his apartment. 'After all, there's still a drop of wine to finish!'

She laughed at him and squeezed his arm again.

'Are you trying to get me d***k so you can have your evil way with me Lennard?' she asked with mock seriousness.

He feigned shock at her question. 'Good heavens Matilda, just what sort of a man do you think I am?'

'A lusty one I hope.' came her softly spoken reply.

He stopped dead and turned to look at her. For a few seconds he just stared straight into her eyes before she pulled him into a shop doorway then pulled his head down to hers. She kissed him, a long warm gentle kiss that neither seemed in a hurry to end and which held so much promise. 

'Wow!' breathed Len softly as they eventually parted, 'what did I do to deserve that?'

She smiled and snuggled up against him with her head against his shoulder. They set off again but now his arm was round her waist holding her close.

Later, his arm was still round her when they were sitting snuggled up on his couch watching their programme but his concentration was elsewhere. They had kissed twice more since they had got indoors and now sitting close he kept glancing at her to confirm she was real and was really there. When the programme finished he turned to kiss her again and this time her arm went round his neck to pull him close. 

He was savouring her parted lips when she took her arm away and the next thing he felt was her hand gently resting on his crotch. He moaned into her mouth then felt his hand being guided to her breast which he cupped and started to caress. Her gentle manipulation of his cock resumed and continued for a few seconds before she pulled back slightly to look at him.

'Len,' she said very softly, 'please take me to bed.' then immediately placed her lips back on his.

He pulled back and just looked at her. Although he had been hoping for some intimacy, when this invitation came it took him by surprise.

'I'd love to,' he said softly, 'but what I'd really love is for you to stay with me tonight.'

It was her turn to just look at him. He went on, 'I'd love to cuddle you tonight and wake up with you beside me in the morning.'

She laughed softly. 'You don't want to see me first thing in the morning – I look a sight that would make your hair curl!'

'Yes I do.....and I don't believe you.'

There was a pause.

'Do you really want me to stay?'

He nodded. 'Yes.'

There was a slightly longer pause then, 'I'll need to pop back and get a couple of things.'

This far exceeded his hopes and his excitement was evident in the look he gave her. He gave her a quick peck on the lips then turned practical again.

'OK but what about Vera? If she sees you leaving here then coming back with a bag she'll have a field day!'

'I'll use the service landing then she'll never know.' was the conspiratorial answer.

When the apartment complex was built, a service balcony had been built at the back of the apartments at each landing level which joined to a staircase at the end of the block. It was there so people didn't have to take rubbish through their apartments and the communal bins were located near the bottom of the stairs. It was also a short cut to the residents car park at the rear of the building, and each of the apartments had a door from their kitchen area that opened onto it.

They kissed again then Masie made a great show of leaving by the front door and bidding Len goodnight in the sort of voice that would sure to attract certain peoples attention.

As soon as she left Len rushed to his bedroom and stripped the bed completely then remade it with fresh linen. Although it wasn't dirty he didn't want to risk anything putting her off, so he quickly dusted and tidied up as well.


About twenty minutes later the assistant manageress smiled as she looked at the small bank of screens placed discreetly beneath her desk. Although the security cameras outside the building were very obvious, those inside the building were virtually undetectable, but for reasons of safety and security, had been placed to cover all the communal areas within the building. The residents were unaware of these and the screens were not in their view from the part of her office they could access.

The number of people, both men and women, who used the service landing late at night to 'visit' other tenants was quite high and at weekends especially so. Sometimes there was proportionately more activity there than on the high street during the January sales

She smiled as she watched Masie walk the twenty or so yards from her door to Lens'. It was the first time she had ever seen her on that landing at that time and was pleased that it was Len she was visiting. 'So it's Len is it?' she thought, 'Good.'

They were both likeable people and she got on well with them, more so than with some of the others who could at times be quite difficult. She thought Masie was, for her age, still strikingly beautiful which was confirmed by the number of suitors she had seen kept at arms length. 

A slight movement on one of the other screens caught her attention and a face peered briefly out from behind some heavy net curtains in one of the apartments that looked down the front of the row on the first landing. 'No need for neighbourhood watch here tonight Vera.' she muttered under her breath, 'it's all happening where you can't see it.'


Len saw Masie pass his kitchen window and quickly opened the door for her.

'OK?' he asked, 'did you get what you needed?'

She nodded and kissed him briefly, and he took her bag and helped her out of her coat.

'My goodness! What have you got in here?' he queried as he felt the weight of what he was carrying.

'Womens' things,' she said grabbing the bag, 'you don't think this happens naturally do you?' she asked pointing at her face.

Len laughed. 'I'm sure you don't need all that,' he said, 'it weighs a ton!'

'That's how much you know!' she said sticking her nose up in the air in a feigned snooty gesture.

They both laughed and Len pulled her towards him and put his arms round her. They kissed gently.

'Are you sure you want to do this?' he asked quietly. Her response was to take his hand and lead him towards his bedroom.

He had left the two bedside lights burning which gave the room a soft warming glow. She gave a quick appreciative glance round before pulling him to her and kissing him deeply. 

'Why don't we undress each other?' she said softly in his ear and reached to start pulling his casual top over his head. She was wearing a simple dress which buttoned up in the front from top to bottom and he made a move to start undoing them, but she pushed his hands away. 

'Not just yet.' she said reaching for his belt, and in fact it was not until he was standing in his underpants that she allowed him to start on her. As she had crouched down to removed his trousers she had placed a little kiss on the now very prominent bulge caused by his penis and smiled up at him. She stood up and indicated her buttons.

He started to undo them but had only done the top one when he felt her hand slide under the waistband of his pants to take hold of his penis. As she did she leaned forward and they kissed again, Len now aware of the sensory overload he was being subjected to.

He pulled back but she locked his eye with hers as he continued down her dress all the while just gently fondling his erection with her warm hand. When he reached her waist he glanced down at the gap he was opening expecting to see her bra but there was nothing except bare skin. He looked at her in surprise and she smiled back.

'Undo a couple more then put your hand inside and feel how wet my cunt is.' she said softly before resuming their broken kiss.

Her choice of words surprised him and his hand trembled as he followed her instruction and felt down her stomach expecting to feel her panties but there were none, just hair. As he pushed down through the soft curly foliage he felt her move slightly then he felt her lips, hot, parted and very wet. He slid over her little button and crooked his finger slightly upwards as he felt her opening and raised his eyebrows in a silent question as their lips parted and they looked at each other. 

She nodded then pulled him close as he pushed slowly but deeply into her, squeezing his penis as he did.

'Oohh yes!' she hissed softly into his ear, 'Oohh please! Yessssss! Please!'

She pulled back to look at him. 'Please make me cum!' It was a request hoarsely whispered to him as she began to move her crotch backwards and forwards on his finger.

He took hold of her wrist and pulled her hand out of his pants. Although she needed a climax he didn't want to yet as his powers of recovery were nowhere near what they used to be, and it was all getting too much for him. He pulled her towards him and continued to do what she had asked with her breathing and whispering into his ear as he did.

It wasn't long before her head went back and her eyes closed and a series of soft grunts came from her open mouth, each accompanied by a strong pulse on Lens buried finger.

As her climax diminished she lent against him still twitching and moaning softly, and he put his arm around her for support. He lowered her to sit on the edge of the bed his finger still inside her and bent down to kiss her softly as he withdrew it. All his married life Rose had not been enthusiastic about him tasting her or giving her oral sex, something Len wanted to do but was usually refused. A quick kiss on her closed cunt was all that he ever enjoyed and that was very infrequently.

He sensed there would be no such objection from Masie so he raised his wet hand to his mouth and sucked her juice from it. She smiled at him as he savoured her intimate taste and asked him if he liked it. 

'You'll never know how much.' he replied softly, then undid the rest of her buttons. As her dress opened wide he gazed in admiration at her naked body. He breasts were full and drooped slightly and were tipped with dark pink nipples from the centre of which stood lighter pink teats, erect like pencil rubbers. Her stomach was slightly proud but not fat and bore the marks of having borne c***dren, and her dark hair at the joint of her thighs was neatly trimmed and again, liberally streaked with grey.

'My God, you're beautiful,' he breathed, 'you really are.'

He knelt in front of her and kissed her gently. 'Can I kiss you there?' he indicated with a glance down her body.

'I'd be disappointed if you didn't.' came the reply and she lay back, lifted her feet onto the bed and parted her thighs.

He gazed at the sight before him. Her cunt was wet and her lips distended and open. Between them he could see the beginning of her pink interior and the little hair immediately around her opening was matted and stuck to her skin.

He carefully parted her labia and gently pulled the front of her opening upwards to reveal the little pink clitoris he knew would be there. Although he had never been able to examine Rose openly like this he was aware from films and books and feeling her what was where and what effect his fingers could have, but this was the first time he had seen the real thing this closely. 

He looked lower and even her anus was to his mind, neat and beautiful. Again, that was something else he had never been permitted to see properly, but here was a lovely woman giving him complete access to her most intimate parts, and it suddenly came home to him just what he had been missing.

He lent forward slightly and inhaled the musky scent of Masies' excitement before reaching out with his tongue to lick her lips. He hardened his tongue and pushed it into her to enjoy the slightly salty cream before pulling out and pushing the end up under the hood covering her button. He did this several times and each time could feel her react as the sensation hit her, then he pursed his lips and sucked her clitoris between them. 

He was in Heaven. His face and nose were wet from her, the taste was gorgeous and her reactions to his actions were exciting him beyond anything he could remember. 

Her twitching was becoming stronger then he felt her hands at the back of his head pulling his face hard into her crotch. She was jerking against him now which spurred him on to tongue her more roughly when she suddenly arched her back off the bed and went into another orgasm. 

'Push your tongue in......' was all he heard before her thighs clamped against his head and when he did once again felt the really strong contractions in her cunt. Her back remained off the bed for a few seconds, all the while her body was jerking softly, until she calmed down and sank back to the mattress.
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He pulled back from her glad of the chance to breathe again, when she lent forward and pulled him onto the bed beside her. She looked breathless and relaxed and looked at him as she gathered her composure.

Taking his face in her hands she kissed him deeply, not caring that her own cunt cream was being spread onto her face. She looked him straight in the eyes.

'I'm sorry,' she said gently, 'I got carried away. I haven't been touched like that for so long I couldn't help it.' She went on still breathlessly. 'Thank you so much Len, you are wonderful but I do hope I haven't been too much for you.'

He shook his head. She held his eyes with hers.

'The thing is,' she continued in almost a whisper, 'once I start cumming I can have several in a row, it's like being on a plateau, and the slightest thing can set me off again.'

Len smiled at her and suddenly took charge. 'What, like this?'

He reached down and started to gently rub her clitoris again so lubricated now with her cream. She moaned softly and opened her legs wide and half closed her eyes.

'You bastard, you lovely fucking bastard!' she groaned at him as the sensations began to affect her. He rubbed her gently and then harder as she pulled him towards her and started kissing his face. 'Oh God.' she gasped, her hips moving now in response to his fingers, then more urgently into his ear 'I'm cumming!' This time she did cry out but softly and her body shook visibly with each spasm as it passed through her. 

She pushed his hand away. 'No more ....pleeeeease!' It was not a command or request, more a plea, then her convulsions gradually began to die down.

She lay there with her eyes closed and her chest heaving from the exertion of three orgasms in quick succession and slowly calmed down. Len lent over and kissed her softly before laying down and cuddling her close.

'You are amazing,' he said, 'I've never seen anything like that before. Are you alright?'

She nodded. 'Just give me a minute or two and I'll be fine.'

His erection was painful now and he felt her hand reach over to rest on his pants. 

'Why don't you take those off.' she suggested so he reached down and removed them and was just going to drop them on the floor when she took them from him. She held them up and saw the large glistening wet patch his precum had made and smiled at him. 'You get as wet as I do.' she commented, 'I like that.'

'Do you really? I find it a bit embarrassing sometimes.'

He winced slightly as he felt her hand encircle his penis. She started moving it loosely up and down his shaft spreading his liquid along the whole length. 'Oh no,' she breathed, 'it's so slippery and hard and I'm going to love it inside me.'

She continued this for a few seconds but he knew he was so aroused it wouldn't be long before he came if she kept it up. He gently removed her hand telling her of the danger. She smiled and lay back into his arms.

'I'll take care of you in a little while then...' he was wondering what she meant when she went on her voice a whisper in his ear, '...then I'm going to fuck you rigid!'

His eyes opened wide as she said this and he pulled away to look at her. Even in their early, now comparatively innocent, sexual experimentation Rose had never been keen on 'gutter' language as she called it. But here was a woman, a lovely woman, exciting him both with the way she spoke and the movements of her crotch on his leg as she rubbed herself against him. 

'I'll get on top of you and slowly sink my cunt down on your cock, my very wet cunt on your lovely slippery cock, then I'll slowly start to fuck you. I'll sit upright so you can see my tits and hard nipples and play with them then I'll lean forward so they dangle in your face and you can suck on them. I'll kiss you and all the time we'll hear the sound of our wet fuck and smell ourselves.' 

Her voice had dropped to a hoarse whisper and her movements against his leg were getting stronger.

'I'll feel you getting close to your cum and that will take me up as well then I'll feel you jerking and your hot spunk spitting in me and you'll feel the contractions in my cunt milking it out of you.......Ooooh Goddddd....!!'

Her voice tailed off as she pulled him hard against her and he could feel the involuntary twitching of her body as she climaxed yet again. She had talked herself into an orgasm while using his leg to masturbate against.

It was as much as he could do to hold back his own. He had never in his wildest fantasies dreamt of a woman like this yet here she was laying on his bed beside him completely uninhibited and wanton.

'Fucking hell Masie you are unbelievable!' he whispered as she calmed down, wondering how much more of this he could take. He looked at his penis and the blob of white spunk at the end of it where he had only just managed to stop himself cumming.

'I'm not going to last more than a few seconds inside you.'

'Are you really that close?' she asked

'What do you think.' he said pointing at his cock

'I'm sorry. I'm so sorry,' she said, 'perhaps we should calm things down a bit. I get very carried away once I've started and it's been such a long time. It must be quite frightening for you but I don't want it to be.' She pushed herself up on her elbows. 'I'm going to the toilet but don't touch yourself at all 'til I come back. I want to taste that but if I do now I'll probably get a lot more than I bargained for!' She smiled at him as she got up then lent over and pecked him quickly on the lips. 'You're really lovely.' she said and steered a wobbly course out of the room.

Len watched her backside as she went and wondered what he had done to deserve this. It had never been anything vaguely like this with Rose. He lay there willing himself to think about other things which wasn't easy but eventually he was able to take his mind off what had just happened.

She came back a few minutes later and sat on the bed beside him. 'Better now?' she asked. He nodded. He looked down at himself and the spunk was still where she had seen it but he now noticed that a large patch of his pubic hair was wet and glistening from his own juice. 'I'd better go and clean up.' he said but was amazed when she ducked her head down and gently licked the sperm from the tip of his penis. She then took him fully in her mouth and he could feel all the tension rising again as her tongue danced round his glans and tried to enter his pisshole.

'Oh God Masie, no!' he grunted and to his relief she pulled away.

'You taste lovely,' she whispered, 'but I think we'd better fuck before you cum anywhere else.'

She climbed over him and held his penis upright as she lowered herself onto it. He could feel the warmth and wetness of her body as it enveloped him and she slowly slid down him until their hairs were pressed together. Once there she kept quite still for a little while but he could feel her clenching him with her cunt, much more strongly than he had imagined possible.

'God Masie that's fantastic.'

'Years of muscle training,' she replied softly, 'Freddy loved me to just milk him off like this.'

'I can imagine, but please not now!'

She stopped and once again Len got control of his body. She sat upright as she had promised and her breasts looked even more magnificent from that position than standing in front of hr. He reached up to them and began to caress them gently.

'Pinch my nipples,' she said, 'not to too hard to start with.'

He started to do what she wanted then she urged him on to do it harder until he was pinching them hard and her face was grimacing with the pain. 

'Oh God! Enough!' she cried then lent forward. 'Suck them!' 

He could feel the urgency in her movements on him and knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. He pulled her to him and fastened his mouth round one distended teat and gently caressed the other with his fingers before swapping over to the other one.

Her strangled 'God! I'm so fucking high!' did it for Len who gave up trying to hold back and told her he was about to cum. Her reaction was to push herself up from him at the same time as pushing her cunt as hard down on his penis as she could. He could see the strain on her face as she tried to time her climax with his then she suddenly flopped down on him gasping loudly as she felt his hot sperm being ejected inside her.

Len lay there jerking and grunting softly as he emptied himself into her body and was startled by the fierceness of the spasms in her cunt, each matched by a gasp and soft groan in his ear. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her against him until they both lay there satisfied, relaxed and exhausted, but with him twitching each time he felt her clamp on his penis.

He kissed her softly and gently for a long time then told her he could feel what she was doing.

'Aftershocks Freddy used to call them, they're involuntary I'm afraid. I'm sorry.'

'Don't you ever apologise for anything,' he whispered, 'you're wonderful.'

They lay there joined intimately for a few minutes before she made a move to get off. He held her tightly and asked her to stay where she was.

'I must be suffocating you,' she said, 'and it's a bit messy down there.'

He laughed gently.

'No you're not, and I've got some tissues here when we need them. Please stay on me for a little longer.'

She snuggled her head back into his shoulder.

'You know Len, I never thought I could be like this again after Freddy. I thought this had ended with him.' She crooked her head to look at him. 'Thank you for showing me it hadn't.' she whispered before craning her neck to kiss him again.

Len didn't think it was possible to feel any better than he just did but her words boosted him even further.

They separated and cleaned themselves up and individually used the toilet than settled back in bed.

'Are you sure you want me to stay?'

He looked at her quizzically. 'What do you mean?'

'Well,' she hesitated, 'now it's over do you still want me here?'

'Masie, I don't want you going anywhere,' he paused, '....ever.'

She looked at him wide-eyed.

'We'll talk in the morning,' he continued, 'now turn over, cuddle up and go to sl**p.'

She opened her mouth to say something but he blocked it with a kiss.

'In the morning.' he said.

She turned on her side and snuggled back into the warmth of his body. He could feel her against him soft and warm and her buttocks against his now soft penis, and gently kissed her back and shoulders. The last thing he remembered was her taking his hand and cupping it over her breast…….

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