Len and Albert Chapter 2

Len and Albert Ch2

It was a few days before Len saw Albert again. He’d gone to the club as usual on a couple of evenings and when Albert didn’t show he started to get a sinking feeling that a line had been crossed that had damaged their friendship.

He had watched the films he’d been lent and they’d had the same affect on him as at Alberts, but it was always the memory of what the two of them had done and Alberts’ subsequent actions that had taken him into his climax. He found it excited him in a way he had never thought possible, and to an extent that matched the resurgence of his intimacy with Rose and Tom several years before. He wanted more but was beginning to think that sadly it was unlikely.

So he was in a pensive frame of mind one early afternoon when he answered his phone

‘Whatcha Cock!’ It was Albert and his cheery greeting immediately lifted Lens’ mood.

‘Hello Bert, where’ve you been? I was getting worried about you. You’ve not been in the club or anything and I wondered if everything was alright.’

‘Oh yeah,’ said Bert, ‘just went up my s****rs for a few days. Thought I’d told you.’

‘No,’ said Len, ‘but it’s good to hear you. I was beginning to think that you were having regrets.’ He went on anxiously ‘Are you at all?’

‘About our last meeting? Good Heavens no,’ came the reply, ‘it was very enjoyable as I recall.’

Lens sigh of relief must have been audible at the other end.

‘You watched those films yet?’


‘Good? Enjoy ‘em?’

‘Yes, very much.’

‘I’ve got more if you’d like ‘em. Did you say you’d got some I could watch?’

‘Yes,’ said Len, ‘anytime you want.’

‘Well,’ said Albert, ‘I’ve just got back and wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a couple of new ones.’ There was a pause then ‘Look, say no if you don’t want to but what about coming over with a couple and you could get a couple more from me?’ He went on quickly. ‘Or if you like I could bring ‘em over to yours……but only if you want to. I wouldn’t want to, you know, push it or anything.’’

He sounded a little anxious but Len could already feel his excitement rising. He could tell from Alberts’ voice that he was probably keen to get together again so taking a deep breath he replied, ‘Come over here if you like, I’ve got some beers in the fridge.’

As soon as he said it he realised that what was likely to happen might well be a step further than last time and his voice started to tremble a little.

‘Perhaps you’d like to look at a couple before you take them.’ he continued

Alberts voice was softer as he replied. ‘That’d be nice, I’d like that. Just let me have a shower and that and I’ll be over.’

As he replaced the receiver his hands were shaking a little and his heart was pounding. What had happened before was very exciting but it had happened naturally and hadn’t been planned like this meeting. All of a sudden he started feeling nervous and wondered if he had made the right decision. The more he thought the more he worried so he decided to take a leaf out of Alberts book and have a shower. It would take his mind off it a bit and besides, he didn’t want to risk giving offence through body odour or worse.

The shower gave him something to do and, although he washed himself thoroughly all over, he didn’t dare caress himself intimately as he sometimes did or it could all have been over before Albert even got there. Afterwards he deliberated as to whether he should get properly dressed or just stay in his dressing gown but decided the latter was a bit obvious. He laid his out on the bed with a spare one he had just in case they might come in handy however, and closed the door.

He went into his small living room and started getting his films out. He didn’t have as many as Albert by a long chalk, but he selected three or four that he’d regularly enjoyed and set them to one side. He kept looking for things to do to lessen his nervousness and was checking on the beers when the front door intercom buzzed.

He let Albert in and told him where the apartment was then opened his own front door slightly. A few minutes later he was standing in the living room and all Lens’ nervousness evaporated. He handed Len a carrier bag which revealed four cans of beer and three dvds when he looked, and expressed surprised at the size of the apartment.

‘Thought these places were a lot smaller than this,’ he said, ‘mind if I have a look round?’

‘I’ll give you a tour, said Len, ‘but it won’t take long!’

They both laughed and Len showed him the few rooms that comprised his home now. When he opened his bedroom door he suddenly blushed deep red when they saw the dressing gowns.

‘You wear them both together do you?’ laughed Albert.

‘Well…no…er,’ stammered Len who was suddenly at a loss for words, ‘they’re …em..well..’

Albert looked enquiringly at him.

‘Well…I thought…er..if we were going to watch..em..a film or anything…we could get..er…comfortable first.’ As soon as he said it he thought it was the wrong thing. ‘Talk about going at it with a sledge hammer’ he thought.

‘Good idea.’ breathed Albert and Len knew then that Albert had been having exactly the same thoughts as himself.

‘Fancy a beer?’ asked Len as they went back to the living room.

He got a couple from the fridge and came back to find Albert looking through the films he had laid out. He held one up.

‘This looks Ok, is it any good?’ It was an amateur one with pictures of very mature couples in various sexual positions on the cover.

Len took it and put it into the player then settled back on the three seat settee at the other end to Albert. It was all he could comfortably fit into the room from the full suite he’d had at his old house without overcrowding it. They both stared at the screen and watched the action unfold and it wasn’t long before Len began to get hard. He openly adjusted his stiffening penis through his trousers and looked over as Albert did the same then just started rubbing himself like he had before.

The sound of Alberts zip drew his attention and he looked over to watch his friend ease his semi-hard penis out of the opening. He picked up the remote and paused the film.

‘Look, if we’re going to do this why don’t we relax and make ourselves properly comfortable and change into the dressing gowns….?’

Albert nodded and tucked his penis away before getting up and making for the bedroom. Len wondered whether to let him go first but then got up and followed him. He was erect and very excited as they both undressed neither bothering to turn away from the others gaze. When they were naked, as if by unspoken agreement, they just stood there a few feet apart looking openly at each others genitals. Albert reached down and started rubbing himself and Len watched as his penis thickened and became fully erect. Never in his wildest thoughts had he ever dreamt he would be so turned on looking at another aroused man but the clear juice that suddenly appeared at the end of his penis confirmed that he was.

He picked up the gown and put it on then, leaving the front open, headed back to the other room. A few seconds later Albert appeared dressed similarly with his penis sticking rigidly through the gap. They sat back on the settee but this time closer and Len restarted the film. They both opened the gowns wide and started rubbing themselves their attention torn between the film and each other.

They sat in silence until Len cautiously asked Albert if he had much experience with other men. Albert looked at him and didn’t answer for a minute then slowly nodded his head.

‘I’ve known I was bi for quite a few years,’ he said, ‘although I was careful not to let her know. Why d’you ask?’

Len hadn’t been prepared for that. He cleared his throat.

‘Well….it was just that I saw what happened after I went for a pee last time and…..well I just wondered.’

‘Aahhh…’said Albert slowly and for the first time that Len could remember, looked quite embarrassed and stopped his masturbation

‘Look, I didn’t mean anything,’ Len said softly, ‘it just took me a little by surprise I suppose. I never thought…..’ he tailed off wishing he’d not said anything.

‘No it’s OK,’ said Albert, ‘I don’t mind but I didn’t know if you’d be put off if you knew.’

‘I’ve thought about it a lot and if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be like this, look.’ Len took his hand away from his penis and let it stand solid and proud from his thatch of hair. His purple glans was shiny with precum and seemed to swell even more when he flexed it a couple of times. It jerked softly and he saw the look of appreciation on Alberts face and it thrilled him to show himself off like that.

After a little more prompting Albert told him how he had come to get interested in other men and had enjoyed many things over the years. His first experience had been in a public toilet when he walked in on two men masturbating each other and it had developed from there. He’d had a couple of male friends over the years who he’d seen fairly regularly but they had both moved away so his pleasures were few and far between now.

He was rubbing himself again as he talked and went on to say that he had acquired a taste for cum after someone he was sucking had orgasmed in his mouth and he’d found the taste quite pleasant. Since then he’d looked for opportunities to enjoy it again but they were getting fewer and fewer. He hadn’t wanted to frighten Len off so didn’t say anything last time but what he’d had left on the settee, and the fact that he’d left the room, was an opportunity not to miss.

The sounds from the television drew their attention and they both watched as a man pulled out of his wife and grunted as he dribbled his spunk onto her thinning grey pubic hair.

‘I love seeing another man cum,’ said Albert softly, ‘I know exactly what he feels like as he does.’

The scene changed to another grey-haired couple naked on a bed. The man was on his knees with his arse stuck up in the air and she had her face pressed against his buttocks with her hand round his cock. Her hand movements matched those of her tongue which was obviously on his hole and it was only a few seconds before his stomach muscles tensed and his spunk poured out onto the bedspread accompanied by him groaning into the bedding.

‘Oh fuck!’ breathed Albert, ‘that’s fantastic.’

He turned to Len. ‘Have you ever had that done to you?’

Len shook his head.

‘It’s unbelievable. Do you ever finger yourself when you’re having a wank?’

‘Sometimes.’ admitted Len

‘It’s a hundred times better than that.’

Len suddenly found himself in danger of coming so he took his hand away and steeled himself against his impending climax. Although he managed it a large blob of white sperm appeared at his hole which he realised Albert was looking at intently. He could see the lust on his face so taking a deep breath he said quietly, ‘Would you like that?’

Albert looked at him with wide eyes then suddenly leant over and took the head of Lens’ penis in his mouth. Len hadn’t expected this. He thought Albert would take it with his finger and was prepared for the touch of his hand not his tongue. The sensations from the warmth of his mouth and the movement of his tongue were almost more than Len could take and he quickly pulled Alberts head away from his lap. Albert looked at him surprised.

‘Sorry,’ he said softly, ‘did I go too far?’

‘It’s not that,’ Len replied slightly breathlessly, ‘I just didn’t want to cum just yet.’

He sat there watching Albert savouring his taste then looked down in surprise when he felt his friends’ hand gently take hold of his erection. Again, the sensation was completely unexpected but not unwanted so he looked and enjoyed the feeling as he was slowly masturbated. When he rubbed himself there was no sensation that his body didn’t anticipate and to a large degree, control. With somebody else doing it to him the movements were unpredictable and unusually exciting and he responded by pushing his crotch forward slightly.

‘This OK?’ asked Albert quietly.

Len nodded then reached over to take hold of Alberts penis. It was the first time he had ever had another man in his hand and he was surprised at how it felt. It was very firm, almost solid, and hot and twitched in response to the unexpected touch, and the skin slid easily up and down the whole shaft not just over the glans. His was the same only he had never recognised it until he saw and felt another one.

Albert was moving his crotch a little in time to Lens movements, making little fucking movements into his closed fingers, the film now virtually forgotten. They both revelled in the sensations the other was providing and Len could now feel Alberts precum coating his fingers. He rubbed his thumb across the tip of the glans and felt Albert jerk in response before he too was subject to the same attention. At that moment he glanced at the television and murmured ‘Watch this bit, it’s good.’

They both looked and saw a naked elderly woman riding her partner, who was laying on his back, and obviously getting close to her cum. She was grinding her body backwards and forwards with him deep inside her when he suddenly started his orgasmic convulsions. She froze for a second then fell on his body twitching and jerking hard as she gasped and grunted softly into his ear, the two of them climaxing into and onto each other. It was one of Lens’ favourite scenes.

Already on a prolonged pleasure plateau, Len felt his orgasm approaching rapidly.

‘I’m gong to cum,’ he said hoarsely, ‘do you want it?’

Albert quickly looked at him then lowered his head to Lens’ lap again. Although Rose had had him in her mouth many times it was never to completion and she had never used her tongue in the way Albert was now. The sensation as he caressed the underside of his glans along with the gentle suction he was applying took Len over the edge to one of the most intense climaxes he had experienced in years. Time and time again he felt his sperm flow into his friends mouth, convulsing strongly with the intensity of the feeling in his penis until the pleasure started giving way to pain. He was aware of Albert swallowing as he emptied himself into his face.

He pulled him off his erection and sat there dryly twitching as the spasms gradually died down. At some time during his climax Albert had got off the settee and was now kneeling between Lens legs, his penis rigid and swollen. He sat back on his heels and started to rub himself in earnest when suddenly Len lent forward and took hold of it.

‘Let me.’ he whispered as he rubbed the foreskin back and forth. It didn’t take many strokes before Albert suddenly knelt up and pushed himself forward. Len could feel his penis start pulsing before the sperm appeared which, when it did, went onto his wrist and into his hand. He was surprised at how hot it felt and kept rubbing but slower and softer now as the flow decreased and his friends jerking got quite strong. Finally he fell back on his heels while Len reached for some tissues. He wiped his hand and fell back in the settee completely washed out.

Albert was now spent and surprised Len by leaning forward and resting his head on the seat between Lens legs. He wearily reached up and gently kissed the end of Lens rapidly softening penis before looking up at Len and thanking him.

Len switched the film off and they stayed resting like that like that for a few moments until Albert pulled himself back up onto the settee and reached for his beer. They sat in silence for a few minutes watching but not concentrating on the television until Albert turned to Len.

‘You OK?’

Len nodded. He was OK. He hadn’t given a thought beforehand as to how he would feel afterwards but he felt in some way contented. The lack of intimate human contact over the last few years was becoming depressing, and even if it was not what he would have chosen or thought of, his activities with his friend relieved that.

‘Yes,’ he smiled, ‘I’m fine.’

Completely relaxed they turned back to the television.

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1 month ago
a brill story must be from life experience...perhaps a portent of our futures, though we would never admit it, better male male than no sex at all perhaps.
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thanks for a great story - so good
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lovely story, very sexy end
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What a beautiful story, you just discribed my long time dream to be with another man
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I have just had afucking great cum reading that.
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Superb - great continuation of the tale.
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my kinda thing mate
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Like this one too, very sexy
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