Massage with a starnger: Part Two: Anal Sex

Sorry it took so long to finish this but here is how the rest of the massage went.
I reached for the bag of goodies I brought and pulled out the body rub. I poured some in my hands and rubbed them together and began at her toes. I rubbed each foot and then worked my way up her calves and then up to her quads. I pushed her legs apart and pressed my chest against her ass. I rubbed my hairy chest up and down and breathed hot air into her crack and on her ass. Then I slid all the way up to her neck and kissed the back and side of her neck. I pressed my crotch into her ass and slid my cock between her cheeks. She began pushing back against my cock and I just wanted to shove my cock in her hole but I knew if I played my cards right I would be invited over again. I slide off to her side and re-lubed my fingers. I began circling her ass with my index finger and ever so lightly penetrating. I could feel her ass and body tense up so I began to work my pinky in. At the same time I kissed her deep and she began to suck and bite my tongue. By the time I got my 2nd knuckle in I could feel her relax so I pulled it out and she gasped, “No put it back in” she said. So I began to rub her asshole with my index finger again and when she pushed against it I pushed it in. She was pushing hard against my finger so I knew she was ready for my cock. I kept my finger in her ass and got to my knees and shoved my cock in her mouth. Then she said, “Yes put it in!” I grabbed the lube and poured some over my cock. I stroked my in front of her face for a minute and then slid on her back. I began to slide cock in and out of cheeks again and then pressed against her brown hole. She pushed back against my cock and I felt it penetrate the tight rim. She began clasping and releasing, pulling my cock in deeper, so I pushed further and she began moaning loudly. I pushed all the way in and then pulled all the way out to the tip. Again she said, “Put it all the way in!” I began slow at first and then went faster. Her ass was so tight that I knew I was going to cum fast. I slowed down a little but she begged me to fuck her fast and hard. I began pumping her ass hard now and my balls were slapping against her clit. She reached between her legs and began milking my balls. I tried to pull away but I shot a huge load of cum in ass first. I slid off to side of her again and she was just breathing heavy and smiling.

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7 months ago
Dude your my fucking hero. I could only dream to be like you!
7 months ago
Your my fucking hero! I can only dream to be like you!