Gym Teacher

This is actually a true story. Many people on this site say that and that's also the reason why I'm inspired to post a true story.


Gym Teacher

It was half way through my fourth year in highschool and I had the time of my life throughout the years at my school. The only thing that had troubled me during those years was the fact that I was gay. The fact that I was gay didn't trouble me, but the fact that I was into older men was what made it harder to get into a relationship with someone.

My definition to this day of my perfect man is someone from 35 to 50 years of age, white, somewhat tanned, good amount of hair, and an athletic build while looking like a daddy bear.

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Back to the story...

My school had 4 boys gym teachers who were all good looking men, but one of them stood out to me. He was about 40 years old, salt and pepper hair, beautiful eyes, and had the most beautiful body. His name was Mr. Hanson. We had a pretty good relationship and he liked me and helped me and was basically my personal trainer to become a better athlete.

Mr. Hanson would often times join us while we worked out to give us tips.

Since the first year at school, I had had a crush on him. His hairy strong legs and beautiful hairy barrel chest were eye popping. Absolutley perfect.

During a last period gym class, near the end of the year, we were working out in the weight room.I would always be staring at him during class. Sometimes, he caught me staring and I would immediately start doing something; acting as if nothing was going on.

At the end of the class in the weight room, I asked him for some help with techniques for a leg press machine. Most people were already in the change rooms getting ready to go home. Mr. Hanson led me over to the leg press machine, and I got on it. I started using it and he started correcting my technique, but this time, he was touching my thigh and putting his hands a bit higher towards my cock.

He told me to get off the machine so that he could demonstrate, so i got off and watched him. I decided to stand opposite from him to peek at his beautiful hairy quads and hamstrings. As he was half way through is set when his gym shorts slipped down from his knees and his whole leg and a bit off his round, beefy butt was showing. My eyes shot in that direction, and he saw me. He made a joke of it saying I had the "hots" for him, but then he got back into his normal tone and continued, but with his shorts all the way hiked up. I caught a glipmse of his balls and his bush.

We finished the exercise and it was about 4:00 PM and just the janitors were left in the school. He followed me into the changerooms as I kept on looking back at him. At that point, I knew what was going to happen and it was making me very excited. I started to get butterflies as I stripped down and jumped into the shower. He followed me in. Naked.

It was the first time i had ever seen his beautiful body like that. His bearish body was gleaming as he took out his soap and started lathering his body. I was in awe and was just staring at him as he continued as if nothing was wrong. But i could see he was getting aroused because his meaty daddy dick was starting to thicken and rise up. It had to be at least 8 inches.

" Are you just going to stare at me or are you going to do something. Do you have any soap", said Mr. Hanson.

"No, I forgot mine at home", I lied, " Could you lend me your's".

"Sure", he said," I can help you out".

I walked towards him as he face me and fully exposed his body. We were both fully erect and i was a little embaressed because my body wasn't as big as him since I had only just turned 18 and he was around 40. The head of his penis kissed mine, and that's when it started.

To be continued...
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2 years ago
Awesome beginning!
2 years ago
OMG my cock is dripping with precum. This was my fantasy with my gym teacher !!
2 years ago
"...and that's when it started"
..and then...

FUKIN HOT part 1 here my Man..looking forward to more! thanks
2 years ago
Waiting for this to be continued. Hot story so far
2 years ago
Get with it, son- more! I'm sitting here thinking about the head of your fat dick "docked" inside Mr. Hanson's foreskin while you shower and the steam smelling like Irish Spring soap... aaahhh! But I'm sure it was even better than that, so tell us!
2 years ago
Look forward to reading more....
2 years ago
2 years ago
Give us more!
2 years ago
oh more please!!!!!
2 years ago
HOT story! Hope you post more of the sexiness.