The night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and nothing was stirring
The cat by the fireside were dreamily purring
The c***dren in bed in their dreamy heads romping
With Goblins and Fairies on whom they were stomping
The snow lay so thick that the rooftops were covered
And in bed many ladies with kisses were smothered.
Each Daddy was giving each Mummy a treat
By filling her up with eight inches of meat.
While mummy sighed softly and whispered her love
And urged her man on for that hard final shove.
“Oh fuck me, you bastard, my cunt is on fire”
They’d say while her husbands trend not to expire.
And as they indulged in this sexual play
A fat jolly man was about in his sleigh.
Thrice HO! He cried as he rode through the air
And stopped at a house in an elegant Square.
“Now Prancer and Dancer and Donner and Blitzen,
It’s your job to stop Rudolf fucking poor Vixen.”
And having admonished his oversexed deers
He climbs to the chimney and soon disappears.
And down in the bedroom, silently sl**ping
A pretty young maiden from bedclothes just peeping.
Old Santa creeps over and looks for her stocking
And hung by the mantlepiece something quite shocking.
No Christmas stocking for this nubile miss
But Fishnets and both had the garter-belt fixed.
Old Santa crept over and with greatest stealth
Lifted the blanket to see for himself.
A beautiful face of a budding young teen
And he lifted it more, he was getting obscene,
For naked she lay in her virginal bed
And lecherous thoughts filled his dirty old head.
He picked up her present and looked at the card.
‘Miss Fanny Forre-Sayle’, that got him quite hard.
A ten inch long box and he rightly surmissed
That the present had quite a vibrator inside.
Two similar packages quite made him smile
This girl would be really orgas’ming in style.
He dropped all the gifts in the black, fishnet stocking
And turned back to leave til when a thought struck, quite shocking.
Tip-toeing over again to the girl,
Lifted the cover, his head in a whirl.
She lay on her back with her arms ‘cross her chest,
Her legs open wide showing what he loved best.
Full pink were her lips both on face and on pussy
He saw that she shaved, the shameless young hussy!
He studied the form of the sweet sl**ping miss
Then bent his head down to her cunt for a kiss.
The silly old sod must have been rather pickled
He gave not a thought that his whiskers would tickle.
Young Fanny’s eyes opened and saw his white head
She gave a small start and then instantly said.
“Oh, Santa, dear Santa, you’ve answered my prayer,
You’re scratching an itch in my pussy down there.
Don’t stop, dearest Santa, My cunt is on fire,
Your tongue is the object to quench my desire.
So lick, darling Santa, my clit needs to cum
And then when that’s satisfied, start on my bum!”
Poor Santa was caught in an awful dilemma.
A worse situation he couldn’t remember.
“Oh, come, dearest Santa,” the young maiden cooed,
“You know that a lady just loves to be wooed.
And if you are good and treat me like a bike
I’ll give you a ride and be wooed as you like.”
Old Santa looked down. He was having ten fits!
But he buried his face twixt her 38 tits.
The globes filled his mouth and she sighed with delight
“Oh, Santa you pervert, you’re in for a night!”
She twisted her hips, he was flat on his back
And she straddled his face with his mouth at her crack.
“Oh lick me you bastard. Get your tongue in my hole
While I get my mouth round your filthy old pole.
He licked deep inside the girl’s dripping young pussy
While she had his trousers off, cheeky young hussy.
Old Santa groaned load as he felt his cock head
Disappear in her mouth and it filled him with dread.
He wanted this moment to last for an age
But feared that he’d soon shoot his load in this maid.
It may sound too silly to have such a fear
But everyone knows he comes just once a year.
And so as her tongue swirled around his huge knob
He filled up her mouth with a lovely blow-job.
“Oh Santa that’s great,” young Fanny cried loud
“But the time has now come for my cunt to be ploughed.”
“Dear girl, I cannot,” wept exhausted St Nick.
“I’m afraid that your mouth has exhausted my dick.
“Oh, no! You old pervert,” said Fanny, “You schmuck!
Have filled up my mouth now I need a good fuck!
There isn’t a way that I’m letting you flit
Til you’ve fucked me so hard that I can’t touch my clit.”
With that little Fanny took Santa’s huge pole
And guided it gently into her tight hole.
And so she rode Santa again and again
He cried with delight and just suffered the pain.
She rode him on top and she took him like doggy.
Her cunt dripped with spunk, all her bedclothes were soggy.
He begged and he pleaded but to no avail.
“I’m f******n years old so if you don’t want jail,
You’ll fuck me until all my lust you have sated
This is just the present for which I have waited.”
And all through the night Santa shagged the young miss
When he had no more spunk then he filled her with piss.
When dawn filled the sky he lay limp and quite drained
His cock couldn’t rise and his sex drive had waned.
But Fanny had still too much sexual desire
And leapt from the bed and went to the fire.
The presents she took from the black fishnet stocking
And dildoed her self in a manner most shocking.
Old Santa slunk off with his head rather bowed
Flew home to his missus in manner quite cowed.
He told her the tale and she smiled with elan
Cos she’d been out shagging the good old Green Man!
As for Fanny one present she'll always remember
It should be delivered about next September!
Twas the night after christmas and in bed all were tucked
They were all very sl**py and totally fucked!

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2 years ago
awesome & i saved it to my fav's
3 years ago
3 years ago
Well played, sir or madam. Well played.
3 years ago
Very very good. Thanks we needed it
3 years ago
Very good!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Fantastic! Love it!
3 years ago
3 years ago
loving it ahahaha
3 years ago
I love this :)