Son and Lover

Karen bit her lips and gripped the bedrails hard. Her whole body was arching and she could feel the scream building in her lower belly. Lower even. About the spot where Mark’s tongue was flicking and probing. Her hips were writhing and she could hear the sound as his tongue worked on her driving her higher and higher into that plane of pleasure she had come to know since they had become lovers just three short months ago.

The sound was bursting from her and she was at the brink of the orgasmic cliff and about to step off when he stopped. His head moved and she felt his lips on her thighs.

“No!” she cried. “Please! Don’t stop! I’m so close! So very……..”

She twisted her body to try to push herself back onto him but he was between her legs and had control. She could feel the sensations of her orgasm sliding away from her. Her body was slick with her sweat. Five times he had taken her to the brink. Five times he had stopped as she put one foot over the edge. Or was it six. Or seven! She’d lost count and she knew that as the feelings drained from her and her ragged breathing slowly returned to normal,, his face would be back and that tongue - that wicked, evil tongue - would drive her back to the brink of the precipice again.

She had no idea how he knew exactly what to do and at what point to stop doing it. An inbuilt sensor? An Orgasmometer! Who knew but he had found it and it drove her wild because along with it, he knew the moment to just let her take the final step and free-fall in orgasmic lust. An orgasm the likes of which she’d never known. Her whole body bucking and thrashing. Totally out of control. Her language filthy. Words she never knew she had in her mind let alone to scream them out at her tormentor and lover.

Now his tongue was working along the inside of her thighs and every few inches, a kiss. His hands caressing her buttocks. Slowly he worked his way upwards but before her pussy he moved his attention to the front of her thighs and up, skirting her bald mound, onto her belly. Gently he put the tips of his tongue in her navel and she wriggled. She didn’t care for that too much and he knew it which was why he did it.

But then, his hands moved to her firm, 36c breasts and gently squeezed, bringing her nipples up for him to suck. Then a complicated route around her breasts, licking under each one where she loved the feel of his tongue. A small bit and if it left a mark, she didn’t mind. She would often look in the mirror and lift the fleshy mound and smile as she remembered him doing it.

Then onto her neck. From under her chin to her ears, nibbling the ear-lobe. His fingers gently probing between her legs again, parting and stroking along the wet channel, feeling her twitch as he touched her now very sensitive clitoris then back and penetrating her, Forcing her to raise her hips off the bed to take as much as she could get into herself. Their mouths would meet and his tongue, still tasting of her, would work it’s way into her mouth and **** it.

She would hold his massive cock and stroke it gently, making sure not to take him too far. She wanted all that delicious juice inside her and she knew it would be in there soon.

Then Mark was kneeling and parting her legs again. He smiled at her and she watched the fair head go down between her spread thighs and then threw her head back. It was like an electric shock as that tongue once again probed into her.

“Ohhh, YES!” she cried. She had not wanted to say it but the feeling had sent a shock through her body. “Please! PLEASE, DARLING! Don’t stop! Please. PLEEEEEEEEASE!”

She had to beg! He loved to hear her beg to be brought off and he knew how to make her do it. At first it went against everything she believed as a woman but he had MADE her do it! Not by demand, but by withholding it until she did it of her own accord. A Pavlov’s dog training. And she begged. She pleaded and finally he let her have what she wanted.

Now she was at the point and she just hung on to the bedhead and stepped out.

“FUUUUUUUUUCK!” she screamed. “Oh YES! Oh YES! Oh fucking hell! YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!”

His tongue stopped as she hurtled through space in her orgasmic pleasure and she felt his cock ram into her.


She was twitching and shivering as she felt his cock pump the thick juice into her, his back arched, driving his huge prick right up inside her.

Then they were floating together, he, slumped across her body as they panted and laughed their way back down to the ordinary world.

Sweating and kissing, they lay in each others’ arms for what seemed an age before he raised his head and looked at her.

“Time to get up, I’m afraid,” he said. She nodded. “And I said you wouldn’t mind giving Shelley a lift too.”

“No problem. Does she get this treatment too?”

“Mu-um!” Mark said and grinned.

“Just asking. She’s a nice girl. I like her.”

“Good. She likes you too.” he said climbing off the bed and heading for the bathroom.

Karen got up and padded to the kitchen. She poured coffee for then and Mark arrived adjusting his tie.

“Better make yourself some breakfast while I get washed and dressed.”

“Just get washed. Show Shelley the competition she’s got!”

Karen pinched her son’s cheek as she went past.

“What have you got today?” she asked as she backed the car out of the driveway.

“English, Maths and Science,” he replied.

“Oh! Not great subjects of mine when I was at school.”

“Oh, I enjoy them. Especially the English,” Mark said as they pulled up outside Shelly’s house.

A leggy blonde came running down the path and climbed into the back seat of the car and dumped her briefcase on the seat.

“I had a hell of a job with the maths homework,” she said after the exchange of good-mornings.”

There followed a long discussion which went completely over Karen’s head and soon they pulled up outside Mark’s school. He hopped out and said he’d see them both later.

“I’m leaving early this afternoon,” Shelley said. “So I’ll see you at home.”

“Why don’t you come and eat at our place,” Karen said.

“Oh! OK, the girl replied and a dazzling white smile lit up the car interior.

“See you both tonight then, “ Mark said. “You two girls be good!”

Karen saw the blush pass across Shelley’s face and smiled to herself.

“Want to come and sit up front?” she asked. Shelley nodded but instead of getting out of the car. She climbed over the seat giving Karen a good look at the long legs and a very thin thong. “OK. Next stop your school.”

“Actually, I don’t have school today, Mrs Winters.”

“Really? What are you doing then?”

“I thought I might do some window shopping.”

“You sure about that?”

Shelley looked at Karen and blushed again. She shook her head.

“I have some things to do about the house,” Karen said. “Fancy giving me a hand?”

The smile broadened and Shelley gushed.

“Oh yes, please Mrs…..”

“Stop right there! If you’re going to help me then it’s as a friend. My name is Karen. Kari to my close friends and K to my closest friends - and lovers!”

She looked into the girl’s ice blue eyes.

“What would you like to call me?”

Shelley licked her lips and the blush deepened to almost scarlet.

“K?” she said softly and tentatively. Shelley smiled.

“Then K it is,” she said and placed a hand at the back of the girl’s head, easing it forward. Their lips met, softly and gently in a brief kiss and as Karen leaned back, she noticed that the girl moved slightly forward as if not wanting the kiss to end.

The drive home was silent but they exchanged looks and smiles. As she pulled into the driveway, she pressed the button on a remote control. The integral garage door raised and she eased the car into the garage which closed like Ali Baba’s cave.

The two women climbed from the car and entered the hallway. Inside, Karen took Shelley’s case and jacket and tossed them onto a chair then turning to the girl, held out a hand. Shelley gently took it and was pulled into and embrace. Their lips met, not gently as in the car, but hard and passionately.. They were eating each other, tongues wrestling and writhing. First in one mouth then the other. Karen was pulling the girl’s school blouse out of the waistband of the kilt skirt. Shelly was fumbling with the buttons of Shelley’s blouse.

Karen felt the bars flesh on the girl’s back and spread her hand to fully appreciate it. She slid it upwards to find the bra strap and fumbled to find the catch.

“Fwmmmt” Shelly mumbled as she released the blouse and slid her own hands around the firm waist of the older woman. Karen pulled her face back.


“It’s in the front,” Shelley said and placed her other hand behind Karen’s head and pulled her back into the kiss.

Karen’s hand was now caressing Shelley’s well filled bra and she found the catch. It almost snapped in her fingers and the two cups popped of. She cupped a firm young breast and stroked her thumb over the nipple which responded immediately. Pushing the girl’s blouse all the way up, Karen bent her head and sucked hungrily on the nipple.

“Oh, God, K!” Shelley cried. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.”

Karen twisted her head back and forth sucking deeply on the nipple. Finally she let go and looked at the girl.

“You want to fuck?”


“Then ask me.”

Shelley hesitated for a moment, not used to using language like this to anyone let alone another woman.

“Fuck me, K!” she said finally and then growing bolder. “Fuck me like a whore! Take me and let me be your dirty little fuck bitch.”


“Yes! My tits are your; my cunt is yours; my whole fucking whore body is yours to use for your pleasure. I am your fucking whore”

“Well then, whore! Come on!”

She took the girl’s hand and almost dragged her to the bedroom where just a short while ago, her son had taken her. She quickly stripped the young woman and admired the firm body, a thin thatch of blonde hair between the legs was not enough to hide the puffy pussy lips, The firm young tits with nipples barely a shade different from the soft, unblemished skin surrounding them.

“Take me,” Shelley said. “Use me!”

“No!” Karen said sternly. “No, we will take and use each other. This is a two way thing. If you are my whore then I must be your one also. Understood?”

“K, I……”


“Understood! But all I wanted to say is that I have no idea what to do.”

“Oh, Don’t worry Shelley my love, my lover. By the time we’ve finished, you will have. That I promise you!”

Karen sat on the bed and stood before her. Slowly she stripped for the girl and was very turned on by the hungry look in her eyes as each garment was tossed across the room. Finally the thin pair of lacy knickers and she stood before Shelley totally naked, her legs astride and the girl admired the older woman’s body.

“You shave,” Shelley said gazing at the puffy lips.

“Yes. I love it bald. What do you think of it?”

“It’s beautiful,” the young girl said and stretched out her hand to touch it. She grinned and looked up into Karen’s face. “You’re going to need another one soon.”

“Then you will shave it for me,” Karen said and as she did so she felt the finger between her pussy lips and gave a little shudder.

“I’m sorry,” Shelley said and withdrew her hand. Karen reached down and took it and put it back.

“That was pleasure,” she said and felt the fingers begin to explore. “Have you touched many women?”

“No,” Shelley said simply, her gaze still on Karen’s pussy. “You are the only one.”

“Really? Why?”

“I only wanted you. Since the first time we met I wanted to touch you.”

“I’m flattered.”

Karen moved and eased Shelley fully onto the bed and lay beside her.

“You have a beautiful body,” she sad as she stroked the young girl. Her firm young tits were standing proud and her flat belly looked inviting. Then the sparse thatch of golden blonde hair. Her long legs, one raised at the knee, stretched down to the foot of the bed. “I bet Mark loves to look at you like this.”


“You are his girlfriend aren’t you? I assume……”

“NO! Mark and I are just friends.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought…….”

Shelley smiled. “Just good friends. I’m not into boys. If you know what I mean.”

“You’re a lesbian?”

Shelley nodded.

“I just don’t get turned on by guys. I love the female form.”

“And Mark knows this?”


Karen thought for a moment, light suddenly dawning on her.

“Does he know you fancied me, his mother?” she asked. Shelley looked away and nodded then looked back anxiously and Karen smiled. “And did the two of you…..”

She didn’t have to finish. Shelley bit her lip

“I’m sorry,” she said. “But I didn’t know any other way to get close to you alone and Mark suggested….Well, he said that perhaps if he could arrange for us to be alone together then maybe it would happen and…..”

“Does he tell you everything?”


“Oh, wow!” Karen said, a little shocked.

“Oh don’t worry. He only talks to me. Like I said we’re really best friends and he’s so excited when you two have - well - you know.”


“Yes. And I thought he was so lucky to have you like that so I told him and we came up with this idea and I’m so sorry.”

“Well I’m not,” Karen said and kissed the girl gently. “In fact I’m very, very happy and very, very horny.”

Shelley giggled and nestled down in the bed.

“Well then, teacher, I guess you’d better begin your lessons.”

Karen grinned and bent forward. Their lips met and her hands explored the firm young tits while Shelley gently squeezed and stroked the older woman’s fuller ones.

Slowly Karen kissed onto the girl’s neck feeling the soft smooth skin and stroking it with her tongue. She heard the sharp intake of breath as her kisses reached down to the young chest and her hand began to trace a line from the navel to the blonde thatch. As she continued kissing, she twirled her finger in the thin hair and found the parting of the young pussy lips. She eased the tip of her finger between them and was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath. Shelley had her hands on Karen’s head
d, holding the long, auburn hair as if she wanted to make sure the head wouldn’t move from it’s task

Gently, Karen probed along the wet channel and found the hard little button of the clitoris. Shelley moaned loudly as the older woman’s finger gently massaged and circled it then probed further and found the tunnel into the girl. She was very wet and moaning as Karen’s middle finger eased deep inside.

“Oh that feels so good, Shelley,” Karen said to the girl.

“You are the only person to have felt it and it feels sooooo good.”

“No one else?”

“Just me and mum’s vibrator.”

“Is that what…..”

Shelley nodded.

“Oh poor little pussy,” Karen said. “I think she needs a kiss don’t you?”

Shelley nodded again and smiled.

“Oh, yes. I think she’d love a good, long kiss.”

Karen sat up and Shelley parted her legs wide. Gently, the older woman took her place and using her fingers delicately parted the soft young lips.

“Oh you have such a beautiful cunt,” she said, gazing at the pink channel. “Such a beautiful, little, fucking, cunt.”

With each word, she placed a soft kiss on the lips then her two middle fingers probed into the hole and Shelley cried out as Karen’s tongue began to work on her clit. Within seconds she was writhing and Karen had to fight to stay in contact.

“Oh Fuck!” Shelley cried. “Oh my God YES!”

Her hand were on Karen’s head, forcing it into her as she rode the older woman’s face. She was going wild and Karen had to snatch breaths as she could but her tongue was working on the young cunt and she slurped the copious juices as the girl reached her first orgasm.

“Fuck me K,” she cried. “Fuck my hot cunt you filthy fucking bitch. Shag me! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!”

She came loud and hard and Karen swallowed as a jet of hot juice shot from the girl but she couldn’t swallow quick enough.

“Oh my God!” Shelley said eventually as she calmed down. “I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry?” Karen said looking up, her face coated with the orgasmic fluid.

“I pissed myself,” Shelley said. “I’ve never done that before. I’m so very sorry.”

Karen grinned and moved up the girl’s body.

“Don’t be silly,” she said. “That wasn’t piss and I wouldn’t care if it was. You came and you squirted.”


“Mmmmm.” Karen said, licking her lips. “And it was delicious. Taste.”

She sc****d some of the juice off with a finger and put it to the girl’s lips. Shelley tentatively licked the juice and smiled.

“Mmm. It is,” she said. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Well I hope you do it a lot more. I love it.”

“I’m sure I will if I have your tongue to work on me.”

“You will. Now it’ my turn.” Karen said rolling on to her back. “Down you go my sweet little whore.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Shelley said and kissed her way down Karen’s body to the bald gash. Gently opening it, she blew across Karen’s clit which made the older woman jump slightly. Shelley looked upp and grinned.



She blew again and worked the stream of air along Karen’s channel before the tip of her tongue began working on the soft flesh. Karen writhed and felt two finger probe into her and begin pumping.

“Oh, that’s right, darling,” she said. “Finger fuck me. Hard! Oh! Yes! Fucking hell YES!”

She could hear the wet slapping as her orgasm begin to build. Perhaps it was the novelty of having a woman lover but she was already reaching her peak and just a few more strokes would take her……..

“Fuuuuuuuuck!” she cried as it hit her. Hard and filling her body with sensations she hadn’t even felt when her son fucked her. This girl had dragged new sensations from her and she was riding them.

Down below, Shelley was licking and probing her tongue deep into the older woman and she was pumping it as much as she could. She loved the taste of Karen’s juice and guessed that some of Mark’s spunk was in there but she didn’t care about that. All she wanted was to fuck this woman whom she’d wanted for so long.

2Oh, my God, Shelley” You are so fucking good. Do me! Fuck me you dirty little fucking whore. Oh yes, you filthy fucking slut. YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

She orgasmed hard and her body bucked and writhed. Her legs were curled over the young girl’s back holding her in place until she full orgasm had gone and they lay in each others’ arms.

“That was so good,” Karen said, stroking the hair from Shelley’s face. The girl siled.


“Oh yes. I think we have a great future for us.”

Shelley’s smile faded.

“Only a few more weeks I’m afraid.”


“My dad’s been posted overseas and we’re having to move.”

“Isn’t that exciting?” Karen asked. Shelley shook her head.

“I don’t want to go. For a start I didn’t want to leave before I’d got to know you and now that we’ve done this, I don’t want to leave you. Also I don’t want to go to a new school for the last few years.”

Are there no relatives you can stay with?

“No! Both dad and mum are only c***dren.”

There was silence for a short while before Karen spoke again.

“We have a spare room.”

Shelley looked up.

“You mean it?”

“Of course. I have a spare room. That’s all your parents need to know. Actually you’ll have to share the bed with Mark and me.”

“As long as I don’t have to fuck him.” Shelley said and grinned.

“No! I’ll fuck him and I’ll fuck you too.”

“Mmmm,” the girl said snuggling down again. “You are going to be a busy lady.”

“Aren’t I just,” Karen said and placed a kiss on the girl’s blonde head. “Now get comfortable and rest. You have a busy day ahead of you and I feel very, very horny.”

“I’m glad,” Shelley said. “Because now I’ve tasted the fruit, I want to be a glutton. And I feel such a dirty, dirty little whore.”

They kissed and Karen turned the girl onto her back and began to explore her body in full. Shellley moaned as the older woman once again began her sexual assault. No part of her body was spared and no part of her body was immune to the feelings flooding through her. She felt Karen’s finger probing between her legs and spread them wide to give full access to wherever she wanted. Her tender nipples were sucked and nipped between teeth and the slight pain was electric and heightened her sensitivity. Her whole body was one playground of pleasure. She felt a finger penetrate her. She moaned loudly as it sank deep inside her.

“K, darling,” she finally said. “That’s not my cunt.”

“I know,” Karen said leaving her licking of the tender young tits. Another finger penetrated her other hole and she let out a laugh and relaxed to the rhythm of both holes being finger fucked together.

Karen stopped and looked into the girl’s eyes.

“Do you have any problems with sexual toys?”

“I don’t know,” Shelley said. “I used my mum’s vibrator often and loved that.

She watched as Karen got off the bed and went to her wardrobe. Inside she opened a drawer and withdrew a large strap-on which she fastened in place, pulling the straps tight. Shelley’s eyes grew wide as she watched it bobbing as Karen came back to the bed.

“It’s so big!” she said. “It’ll never get into my hole.”

“Oh, it will, darling. It will!”

Shelley lay back as Karen climbed back and took up her position. She touched the tip of the massive dildo to the young cunt and Shelley twitched and gave a little cry. It was vibrating and opening her up. Gently back and forth, coating it with her juices and each thrust forcing it deeper and deeper inside her until, at last, it was fully in and the older woman was laying on top of the girl. Shelley twisted her legs around her lover’s legs as though she was frightened that Karen would go.

“Mmmm,” Karen said taking her weight on her arms. “Our tits press together so beautifully.”

She lowered herself onto the girl and they kissed and Karen began thrusting like a man. Shelley was coming. Slowly it was building inside her belly and she was loving the feeling of being full and the weight of her lover on her.

“Is this how Mark fucks you?” she whispered.

“Yes. Do you like it?”

“I love you doing it,”

“Then I will fuck you and he can fuck me.”

“That will be perfect and now I must…..Oh Fuck! Yes! Yes! Fuck me K. Fuck me hard. That’s it. Just like…….OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Karen was quick. She pulled out and had her head between Shelley’s legs in a second. Her tongue working like mad in the very wet channel and she was rewarded with a flood of juice. She covered the girl’s cunt with her open mouth and swallowed like mad until the last drop which she held in her mouth. Moving back up the girl, they kissed and shared the juice.

“I think we’re going to be very happy, my darling Shelley,” Karen said.

“Me too. Now can I go down on you again?”

“Only if you promise never to ask me again.”


“Never ask! If you want to fuck, just take me. Whenever, wherever. Because that’s what I’m going to do with you.”

Shelley grinned.

“It’s a deal now open wide. Your turn to be MY whore..”

“Yes, mistress.” Karen said and watched the blonde head between her legs for a while before closing her eyes and giving herself over to yet another orgasm.
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Beautiful story. Lucky mother. Lucky kids.
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