Shopping with Mother

“Oh, Mother! What ARE you wearing?”

Stella spun round and faced her daughter.

“They are ger-ossse!” the girl emphasised the word for the dramatic effect that only a f******n year old can give.

“What do you mean?” Stella asked, a little taken aback by the verbal assault turning back to the cheval mirror and studying herself.

“Mother! That underwear is positively Victorian! How do you expect to get laid wearing things like that?”



“You are a f******n year old girl. You mustn’t talk to your mother about getting laid.”

Penny shrugged her shoulders and put on her defiant face.

“And what the hell do you know about getting laid anyway at your age?”

“Oh come on, Mum! This is the twenty-first century! Not the middle ages like when you were born!”

“I was NOT born in the middle ages!”

“Really? Your underwear was!”

Stella peered at her reflection.

“What the hell’s wrong with it. It’s functional and……”


No! Not really boring. More - everyday……”


“Boring,” Stella finally agreed. “But it’s not as if I have to get dressed up for anyone. Not since your father…..”

“The Arsehole!”

“Don’t call your father that!”

“Oh come on, mum. You’re too nice for your own good.” Penny said and came up and slipped her arms around her mother, peering round her to look at their reflections. “He’s a git and shacked up with that airhead who’s not much older than me.”

“Janet is not an airhead.”

“You sound as if you like her.”

Stella thought for a moment then an evil grin spread across her face.

“No! I hate the fucking whore and hope her pussy dries up like an old prune and shrivels up so quick it strangles that cheating bastard’s cock.”

“Yes!” Penny said and hugged her mother. And you, mummy dear, are going to get some really, really sexy gear and get yourself well and truly…..”

“Penny!” Stella warned. “Well and truly?”

“Whatever! But, well and truly whatever!”

“I don’t know how I bred such a daughter.”

“Luck! Now get those thing off before I get back.”

Penny dashed from the room leaving her mother standing there looking in the mirror. Perhaps her clothes weren’t the latest fashion and her underwear was - functional. That really was the best that could be said for it. But Hell! She was nearly forty years of age. Well, OK she could pass for thirty. She peered closely at her reflection and revised her estimate upwards. As she was studying, Penny came back in.

“Here. Put these on.”

Stella took the proffered material.

“What is it?” she asked.

“A thong.”

She held it up in front of her eyes and then looked at Penny.

“It’s a piece of string, Penny. That’s what it is.”

“Oh, Mother!” Come here,” the girl said in mock exasperation snatching the minute item and holding it out. “Now get the bloomers off and put this on.”

“I can’t!”

“Oh yes you can,” the girl said and grabbed the side of Stella’s knickers. Stella laughed and wriggled and they collapsed on the bed. Soon Penny was astride her mother and yanking at the soft material while Stella laughed and tried to hold on but it was no use. They were pulled down her thighs and at her knees.

“Wow!” Penny said. “You shave.”

“Now, stop right there!”

“Mmmm, mum! You’ve got a really nice pussy. Nicer than mine.”

“What? Nonsense!”

Penny twisted round and yanked the knickers right down her mother’s legs and off.

“It is, mum. It’s neat and beautifully smooth and has a great shape. Mine’s, well, just a slit.”

Stella was stunned and lay there and watched as her daughter looked at her naked pussy. She couldn’t move. Suddenly they both came back to earth and Penny grabbed the thong and guided her mothers’ feet into it, easing it up her long legs.

“Lift your bum, mum,” she said and giggled at the little rhyme. Without thinking, Stella did so and felt the tiny garment between her legs. Then Penny was off her and dragging her by one hand from the bed also. “Look.”

Stella stood before the mirror and looked at her reflection. Once again her daughters’ arms were around her waist and Penny peered round her mother at the reflection. Stella had to admit it looked a lot better than her plain old knickers and despite her thoughts, it made her feel very sexy and a little trickle between her legs confirmed her suspicion of that.

The thong was only about an inch thick at the waistband and narrowed as it went between her legs. It nestled neatly between the folds of her pussy and she could feel it coming up between her buttocks.

“Fuck, mum! Your figure’s stunning.”

“Too thin,” Stella said, ignoring her daughters’ expletive.

“No way! You’ve got a fantastic shape for a woman your age.”

“You, young lady, are heading for a slap!”

Penny giggled and hugged her mother.

“Pity you’re my mum. I could fancy you myself.”

Stella froze for a moment and if Penny noticed, she made no comment. Instead she let her mother go and began unfastening the hooks of Stella’s bra. The moment passed and the bra was removed. Penny placed her hands on her mother’s waist and turned her. Stella looked at her daughter who was gazing at her chest.

“It seems I have inherited your tits though,” the girl said. “And I have just the bra for these.”

Once again she went to her room and left Stella standing there for only seconds before the girl re-appeared.

In her hand was a small bra. Stella, now lost in bewilderment, just turned so that her daughter could place the small bra on her.

“It’s far too small…..” she began to say but looking in the mirror, she could see that, although it was indeed small, it was cut for her 36c bust. Half cups lifted her breasts and showed the pink nipples off.

“Penny, love,” Stella said softly and gazing at her reflection in the mirror. “There is no possible way that I could wear…..”

Penny turned her mother and placed a finger against her lips.

“Sssshhh, Mum! You are a beautiful woman and you know you feel good wearing those clothes, don’t you?” Stella nodded. “Then let’s get dressed and go shopping and get some stuff that’ll get you well and truly…..”


The girls grinned and left the room. Stella turned again to the mirror and smiled to herself. She hadn’t felt this good for a long, long while. But she’d need to really wash her daughters’ thong well. The way it nestled between her pussy lips and rubbed as she moved meant it was very wet at the moment and she guessed it would be a good deal wetter.

Hours later they sat in Costa Coffee. Penny with a Caramelatte and Stella with a Black Americano. Bot were indulging in a slice of cheesecake and giggling like teenagers which only one of them was. In the intervening time, Stella had bough a couple of dresses (far too short she thought but had been assured that with her legs they looked great) and two skirts even shorter.

But, whether she wore them or not, the day was worth it as she and Penny were now not just mother and daughter but friends.
“Thank you,” she said to the girl and held her hand. It was warm and Penny squeezed. They were looking into each others eyes and the gaze lasted for quite a long while. “I am really proud to have you, not only as a daughter, but also as my best friend.

There was a moment’s silence as they looked at each other and slowly, Penny leaned forward and, almost trancelike, Stella eased forward too. Their lips met, softly and gently. The whole moment couldn’t have lasted more than a couple of seconds and they parted, still looking into each others’ eyes. Stella saw Penny’s tongue nervously flick across her lips and saw the worried look in her eyes. They each sat back. Stella looked around the café but no-one was noticing. She leaned forward again to whisper.

“I’m so sorry, Penny.”

“Sorry? What for?”

“Sorry for kissing you like that.”

“I thought I’d kissed you.”

“You’d kissed….?” Stella said. Penny nodded. “You……”

“You are very beautiful, Mum and after this morning and all that….I sort of got carried away….You’re not mad at me are you?”

“Mad at you?”

“For the kiss?”

Stella laughed.

“Of course I’m not. In fact I’m a little flattered that my daughter wants to kiss her mother. Bet the boys like that kiss.”

“I’m not really into boys.”

“No,” Stella smiled. “Perhaps a bit early but you will be.”

They smiled at each other and Stella hoped her daughter didn’t notice the little tingle of pleasure she felt as their lips met.

Penny looked at her mother and wondered if she really didn’t understand.

Another hours shopping followed before they reached home. Laughing they dumped down the bags and headed for the bathroom, struggling to be first in there. Penny won and had her skirt up and the minute thong she wore down and sat to relieve herself. Stella looked at the girl. Her eyes came up to meet Penny’s and they grinned.

“Wow! I needed that,” she said taking a small square of paper and drying herself. She stood but didn’t pull her clothes back immediately. Stella took her place and watched as Penny stared at herself in the bathroom mirror.

“What is it, love!”

“Do you think I should shave?” Penny asked.

“I….Well….I really don’t know,” Stella said, a little flustered.

“You see what I meant about it though. It’s just a slit. Not like your cunt.”


“Oh come on, Mum. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard it called a cunt before.”

“Yes! Of course I have,” Stella said. “Just not by my daughter.”

“You told me earlier that we were more like friends.”

“Yes, We are!” Stella admitted.

“Well I like the word ‘cunt’ and as a friend I can use it with you.”

Stella had to admit hearing her use the word certainly made the juices flow. She watched as Penny examined herself and, using her fingers, parted herself and stroked the little lump of her clitoris.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I don’t know if this feels normal.”

“Here, Let me feel,” Stella stretched out her hand and her finger slid easily between her daughters’ cunt lips. She felt the little nub of her clitoris and slid the finger further to find her hole. She was looking up at Penny’s face and saw the pleasure that spread over it. She eased her finger back and drove it forward again. Penny was breathing softly. Again Stella moved her finger and knew the thrill thaat was flowing through her daughter’s body. She was watching her finger getting wetter and wetter as she moved it back and forth and she knew she was bringing the girl to an orgasm. She knew she shouldn’t be doing it. She carried on doing it.

She turned her eyes upwards. Penny was looking down at her with that soft gaze of the pre-orgasmic woman.

“What the fuck am I doing?” she thought to herself. “I’m sitting on the loo wanking my daughter off.”

After a short while, Penny took her mother’s face between her hands and bent and kissed her full on the mouth. It wasn’t the brief touch of lips which had happened in the coffee shop. This was a mouth locked, tongue wrestling, passionate kiss.

Stella stood and pulled the girl to her , turning her slightly so she could massage her cunt hard as she kissed her Her hand worked hard and she felt the wetness of her daughter as she rubbed. The girl’s breathing was rough and Stella knew she was about to cum. Penny was mummbling muffled cries into her mothers’ mouth until finally she broke free and cried out as the orgasm tore through her body.

“Fuck me, Mum!” she cried. “Finger fuck my cunt you dirty fucking whore. I want you, you fucking bitch! I want to eat your fuck hole out you….Ohhhhhh, Fuuuuuuuck! YEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

Her orgasm made her wriggle and buck. Her legs buckled and Stella was supporting the girl as she came with cries and shudders.

Suddenly they were separated and Stella rested her buttocks against the sink but was breathing heavily and looking at her mother like a hunter.

“Darling!” Stella said. “I’m so very……”

“Shut up!” Penny said. “It’s my turn now!”

“Penny! I…..”

The girl grabbed her mother by the wrist and dragged her from the bathroom. Stella, hobbled by the thong around her ankles, managed to get one foot free as she was draggedd to her bedroom. There, Stella pushed her back onto the bed and pushed her legs wide open.
“Penny, Please!”

The girl didn’t answer but plunger her face to her mother’s cunt and Stella felt the soft tongue working on her clit.

“No! No! We mustn’t! We…..” she gave up. Time enough later to worry about what had happened. She hadn’t had contact from another human since her husband left and the feel of the girl’s tongue on her clit was driving her wild. Then she felt fingers probing into her. Two finger, all the way inside her and pumping as she licked. The feelings were wonderful and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she was at the peak of her orgasm.

“Oh, you dirty little bitch,” she moaned and felt the licking and pumping increase. “Fuck me! Fuck me you dirty little slut. You fucking whore.”

Penny looked up. She had the look of a hunter on her face revelling in the kill.

“What am !?”

“You’re a whore! A filthy little fucking cunt-licking slut whore!”

Penny grinned and buried her face back into Stella’s wet cunt. That was it! Stella’s eyes rolled back and her head rolled back. Her mouth opened and a long, high shriek heralded the explosion of her orgasm. Every muscle in her body was so taut it quivered. She hardly notice Penny turning and entwining their legs so she could press her own cunt against her mothers.

Stella had never felt anything like it before. Another woman’s cunt, wet and hot, rubbing against hers. It was too much. She came again and did something she’d never done in her life. She squirted. Penny cried out and pushed herself hard against her mother and also squirted. Stella felt it hit her and swore it went deep inside her.

Each woman rode their orgasm to the hilt and then lay still. Not sure what they were going to say to each other but Penny was kissing Stella. Kissing her feet and her toes.

Finally they pulled apart and the girl turned and lay beside her mother who put her arms around her daughter. They looked at each other for a few moments and slowly, kissed.

“I think you fucked me mum!” Penny said softly. Stella laughed.

“I think we fucked each other, darling.”

“Did you honestly not know I was - well - that I prefer girls?”

Stella shook her head.

“Like mother, like daughter,” she said and Penny looked into her eyes. “I have had women lovers too. In the past.”

“Well looks like you’ve got another one now, doesn’t it?”

“And your other girl friends?” Stella asked.

“Well, I only have one, Jill. And I’m sure she’ll understand and maybe we could - bring her into our arrangement.”

“Oh, we have an arrangement do we?”

“Don’t we? I mean. We are going to do it again. Please!”

“We will, I’m sure,” Stella laughed. “When you need it again.”

“I need it NOW!” Penny said rolling on top of her mother.

“Oh, my God! I’ve bred a monster. I was hoping for lunch.”

“Your lunch is between my legs, mother dear. Mine starts here!” Penny said and bent forward to take Stella’s right tit in her mouth.

Stella gazed at her daughter suckling on her. She remembered her as a baby. A baby who not only sucked but used both hands to hold her tit as she did so.

“Feast, Darling,” she said. “Feast on mummy and I will feast on you later.”
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great story
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that was so hott brings back great memories. i love that now i am making the same memories with my niece
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