Mia Culpa! Mia Culpa!

My name is Sophia Dawson. And I am about to confess to something I would never have done in a million years.

Let me explain. I am a woman of - well I admit to twenty-nine but I have two sons, one of sixteen and his younger b*****r. And before you finish the calculations, I was NOT promiscuous at school or, for that matter, after school. Not until I met Jenny, my friend. We’ll come to that later.

My husband decided that his twenty something secretary was a better bet than his wife and buggered off with her some four years ago now and, thanks to good solicitors and his healthy bank balance, I now live in quite comfortable conditions with my two boys in a nice coastal town in Kent.

We moved here three years ago and Jenny was the first person I met. She, too, is divorced and lives in the other half of our semi-detached. As we were alone together and the boys were really old enough to look after themselves, we used to go out together. Pictures, a restaurant, a drink. Usual sort of thing. Neither of us wanted to repeat our marital experience but I did confess to her one night when more wine than food had been consumed, that I missed the company of a man sometimes.

“I know what you mean,” she said, wistfully. “Sometimes a finger just doesn’t cat-it, does it?”

She laughed as I blushed.

I ought to point out that I had a very sheltered upbringing. As you may gather from my name, I had mixed parentage. My father was Turkish; my mother was an easy lay!

Harsh? Perhaps considering this confession. But I do remember when I was young and at home from school, there were a succession of ‘friends’ who came to the house of an evening and left just after midnight after ‘discussing things’ with mum in her bedroom.

It is because of this mixed parentage I have very blue eyes, a legacy from my Mother’s Nordic ancestry, and almost olive coloured skin and jet black hair (no it isn’t dyed, thank you very much!) I don’t know why they call it olive coloured. All the olives I know are either black or green! Anyway, back to my hair, I have a mass of it and I let it grow so it comes to the pit of my back and always wear it loose over my shoulders. Jenny says I have legs she’d kill to have and a figure the same. Even after I had the two boys, it dropped right back into shape and stayed there but my breasts stayed enormous so I have to admit I wear tops that are cut a little lower than they should be..

My mother always said that the reason she sent me to a Convent school was because she knew the men she brought home would make a play for me and I would become the same whore she was. She loved sex, still does!

So I was a little unworldly when I met Tom, my ex husband and prize asshole! Maybe that’s not fair because the girl he went off with, Sandra, was gorgeous and if I knew her better even I would have had a go at her. You do get SOME sex education in an all girl establishment. But when Tom and I met I knew very little of boys and their wicked ways. I was eighteen and a virgin. I sometimes think he only married me to deflower me. I insisted I wanted to be a virgin when I walked down the aisle and was. It was a close run thing sometimes but I figure fingers don’t count and blow-jobs don’t remove your qualifications.

I remember our wedding night. A disappointment!

I was the blushing bride, laying there naked and with legs wide waiting for him to de-flower me, make me a real woman. He de-flowered me all right. It hurt but I soon loved the feel of him in there and waited anxiously for the thrill of the orgasm but, alas, he came before it did. In fact he was asl**p before it came and my fingers took me to the edge. Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever cumming while he fucked me. He was great with his hands and his tongue. But not when he was pounding away inside me.

But this is all getting away from my confession.

Jenny was away visiting relatives in Scotland and the boys were up in their room doing what boys of that age usually do. I chose not to enquire too deeply! I was reading a magazine and the phrase ‘dogging’ came up in the letters column. I was totally unaware of what it meant and took no real notice but later, as I sat at the computer, I looked it up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And what is more, they gave a list of site where it took place, one of which was a hundred yards from where I live.

The next day I was walking along the cliff-tops and looked down at the hidden car-park. It was virtually deserted but there were wheel marks where cars spun round and obviously had some fun. I tried to imagine what it was like. Were there many cars down there? Did lots of women turn up just to be fucked over and over. Guess there must be a ready supply of men because, if Tom was anything to go by, once was it for a long, long while. I shuddered and gave a smile. I just couldn’t go and have loads of them shag me one after the other. That’s what my mind thought. Down below, a tell-tale trickle said softly ‘but you wish you had the guts to, don’t you?’

It was later that afternoon that Jenny arrived home and I was round there listening to her news. After a few coffees and a good chat, I finally asked her if she’d heard of it. She said she had but hadn’t followed it up. I explained about my computer enquiry and she opened her laptop and we investigated. She told me that a friend had told her that there was a glory hole locally and she then had the amusing time of explaining to me just what a glory hole was. I was amazed and had no idea.

As she’d just got back from Scotland, I offered to cook for both of us and at about eight, the boys, Alex and Ian decided to retire to their room and fight some war or other on the computer. I opened another bottle of red and Jenny and I settled down for a chat. We were feeling very mellow and giggling like schoolgirls about the dogging site and wondering just what it was all about.

“Fancy a walk?” Jenny said and I could see the sparkle in her eyes.

“Are you thinking of along the cliffs?”

“I was thinking more of along the prom. Let’s face it, Soph, we might as well get a good close look!”

“You are so BAD!” I said but we were soon strolling along by the side of the sea and enjoying the late summer air. There was a full moon and Jenny slipped her arm through mine and we giggled like schoolgirls as we chatted and walked.

“Excited?” she asked.

“Just so long as we don’t have to take part,” I replied. “I am NOT interested in having a quick screw.”

“Of course,” Jenny said. “We’re just out walking. But if there is anything going on, I’m going to have a bl**dy good wank in bed!”

We laughed and as the car park came into view there were three cars. We could see people gathered and hear laughter. As we got closer we could see some ment grouped around the open door of one car and one guy standing close to it. As we got closer we could see by the way he was standing that he was obviously getting a blow job. There were some flashes of people taking pictures. The guy moved away and we got aaa brief view of a blonde girl, probably our age, smiling as a new man moved into place and obscured our view.

“Hey! New guests!” someone said and the men turned to look at us. Two detached themselves and came over.

Hi girls,” a blonde young man of about twenty said as he reached us.

“Come to join the fun?” his friend said taking Jenny’s arm.

“We were just passing through….” I began to say

“Yeah, sure!” Blondie said. “And I’m the Pope. He was beside me and his left hand grabbed my bum. Jenny let go of me and another guy moved to her. I looked over and she looked really excited. The guy who had originally greeted her had his hand up her skirt from behind and the new guy was lifting her jumper. She looked to me and I could see the excitement in her face and despite myself, I felt it too. Blondie was squeezing my arse cheek and a hand was working under my top and onto my bare flesh. As we walked a car door opened and a leather jacketed woman looked out.

“Oh, she’s pretty,” the woman said. “Hope she likes girl on girl too coz I’m gonna eat her sweet pussy.”

“Feel free!” my e****t said as he pushed me towards the woman. He was behind me and his hands were under my top and forcing my bra up over the mounds of my tits. His hands were strangely soft as he massaged them and I have to say it felt good. bl**dy good to have hands on them.

The woman’s hands went up the sides of my thighs and grasp the side of my panties and pul them down. I was amazed but I didn’t resist.

“My we’ve got a hairy one here,” she said and her hand probed between my legs. There was no finesse, no subtlty. She was going for cunt and that was it. It didn’t matter, I was dripping and two of her fingers were up inside me and her thumb on my clit. I grunted at the feelings that flooded me and moaned as I felt her face close and her tongue working its way between my pussy lips.

Turning my head I could see Jenny. She had been bent forward and was sucking greedily on an enormous cock while the original guy was behind her. Her skirt was over her hips and he was buried deep inside her and pumping furiously. I could feel the guy behind me. He had released on of my tits and was fumbling. I knew he was pulling his cock out and soon I felt it between my legs.

“That’s right, blondie,” the woman licking me was saying. “Get the fucking prick in this whore’s cunt.”

“You want that beautiful?” he asked. “You want to be fucked?”

I wanted to scream that I didn’t. I really didn’t want these strangers having sex with me. Using me for their pleasure.

“Yes!” I heard myself saying. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard. And you, whore. Lick my cunt while he does it!”

The woman grinned and I parted my legs for her easy access. I have never, up to then, had a threesome and I often wondered but it was just natural and the feeling of his cock buried deep inside me and her tongue working on the rim of my hole where he was and then working my clit. I was cumming over and over and the more I did, the more juice flowed. It didn’t take long and I could feel him pumping his thick cream up into me. As he pulled out, she worked her head further under me. Her neck must have been breaking because she had her tongue in my hole, licking all the juice out. As she came up for air, she was grinning and I bent forward and kissed her cum covered face.

“On the back seat,” she said standing up and for the first time I noticed she was naked under the leather motor cycle jacket. She slipped it off and my eyes opened wide at her chest. She had magnificent tits. She must have been in her late forties. Certainly not in the first flush of youth but a good firm, if slightly full, figure and a bald mound. I knew I was going to eat that soon.

She climbed onto the back seat and spread her legs.

“Eat it sweetie!” she ordered and I bent forward and munched. bl**dy hell she was wet and was soon writhing under me. I could feel more hands behind me, pushing my skirt up around my waist and pulling my panties off. I managed to step out of them without a break in the working of my lady friend’s clit. And she was crying out. The more she came, the more she flowed and the more I gulped down. I can’t remember how many took their turn ramming into me. I had orgasm after orgasm.

Then she pulled me on top of her and we kissed but there was no let up. The far door opened and a huge, black cock was before my eyes. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and still felt the knob brush my teeth as it went in. Fingers were fucking me and I guessed by my girl friend’s language that they were working her cunt too. She was licking the black balls and shaft. It seemed like an hour but could only have been a few minutes before I felt his knob jerk and a flood of thick, creamy spunk filled my mouth.

“Don’t you dare fucking swallow that,” my lady friend said. “I want some of that black cum!”

When he’d finished, I kissed her. Hard! A lover’s kiss and we shared the rich liquid between us. Another cock was probing me and I guessed the weight on her was enormous but she seemed to love it and we carried on kissing as I was fucked on top of her.

“Time to go,” a voice whispered and suddenly everything stopped.

“What happened?” I asked my lesbian lover.

“Filth!” she said. I guess I looked blank. “Police! It’s almost time for their patrol. Get in your car and go.”

“We haven’t got a car.”

“Then fucking well get in here!” she ordered putting on her jacket but still naked from the waist down.

“Jenny!” I called and she saw us and ran over. I yanked her into the back seat behind me and our chauffeur drove off. We had turned onto the road and gone about two hundred yards when we saw the patrol car. It cruised past and the occupants eyed us as it did but we were well withing the speed limit and they took no further notice.

“Where’d you live, sweet peas?” We told her and she pulled up outside the house. Turning in her seat she offered her hand. Seems a bit silly after what we’ve - been doing but I’m Harry, Harriette if you want to be picking up your teeth.”

“Hi Harry,” I said taking the hand and introducing myself and Jenny. She had a firm grip. Jenny shook hands and said Hi too. We climbed out of the car and bid farewell to our new friend.

“I think you should come into my house first,” Jenny said. “Think we need to clean up before you face the inquisition.”

“I seem to have lost my underwear,” I said as we entered.

“Me too,” Jenny grinned. “And I am so bl**dy full - both ends!”


We looked at each other. Her usually pristine looks were dishevelled to say the least and I guessed that I must be the same. We laughed.

“Shower!” Jenny said and we headed up to the bathroom. Jenny had a large, walk-in shower and as we entered the bathroom we looked to each other, strangely nervous.

“I think,” I said. “Considering what we’ve been doing, it’s a bit silly to be nervous together.”

“Yes,” Jenny said. “The trouble is, that was just sex.”

“And your problem is?”

“I….” she was unusually hesitant. “…I feel a little more than ‘just sex’ with you.”

I nodded.

“I know,” I said.


“No! No, you don’t understand.” I said quickly. “I know because….well, I didn’t think you felt the same way.”

Her eyes widened. Then we were in each others arms and kissing. Her lips were warm and sweet and although there was still the faint taste of semen, her tongue was delicious. Then we were ripping each others’ clothes off and we were in the shower and soaping each other and laughing. To my surprise, she was also shaved and perfectly smooth. She’d obviously only just done it. My bush is a mess and quite long haired. I explained and she suggested she gave me a little trim. A pair of scissors, lady’s razor and soon I was admiring a neatly trimmed little triangle of black hair but between my legs was a bald pair of pussy lips. I noticed how gentle she was parting the lips and shaving but her fingers were often inside me and I loved that.

Wrapped in towels we sat later, sipping a Chardonnay and recounting our experiences.

“My bl**dy hair kept getting it the way,” I said.

“Well that won’t happen now,” Jenny grinned. “They’ll be knocked out by that cute little bush.”

“Not that hair,” I said. “This!”

I yanked at my wet hair.

“Simple,” she said. “Pony tail! Not only will it look good swinging around, they can grip it when they’re face-fucking you!”


“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it. I got a glimpse of you and the black guy. You were in heaven.”

I blushed.

“Big bastard, wasn’t he?”

“You should have had it up your cunt! Thought I was going to pass out.”

We laughed and kissed and suddenly we wanted each other and there, on her sofa, I first fucked my neighbour, friend and lover.

Jenny and I became lovers after that. We kept it away from the boys, only slipping into each others’ house when they were at school and we became regulars at the Dogging sessions. Harry would meet us there and I always wound up face down on the back seat of her car being rammed from behind while I sucked some fat cock. I never got to see who was there. They just gripped my pony-tail and used me. And I fucking loved it!

Alex and Ian used to go to their boys’ club on the nights we went dogging so that never caused a problem.

It was a cool October night and I was well into my third blow-job. A nice fat white cock was thrust down my throat and I sucked heartily as I felt another in my cunt. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had another filling and sure enough the cock in my mouth started to throb just as an explosive orgasm hit me. The jet of his cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed and bucked and thrashed about.

“Fuckme!” I yelled at the cock behind me. “Come on you filthy fucking cunt! Fuck me like the whore I am. Shoot your fucking spunk in me you dirty bastard!”

I sensed the cock in my mouth being yanked out suddenly and twisted my head to look up to see wha the trouble was.

“ALEX!” I screamed, and I felt the shot of hot semen in my pussy.

“MUM!” he yelled, staring down wide eyed at me.

There was silence in the whole area. Everyone had heard. The cock behind me shrivelled and I twisted to see my other son, Ian, staring at me, his limp prick still dripping his cum.

“Time!” someone shouted and Harry pushed the boys in the car on top of me and Jenny hopped in the front seat.

They were trying to fasten their flies as she sped up the ramp and onto the road.

“Bit late for that young man,” Harry laughed, looking in her rear view mirror. “I think mummy’s seen and had it all now!”

We thanked her and, in silence, entered the house. The boys went straight into the front room and Jenny and I made coffee.

“What the hell are you going to say?” she asked.

“”Fuck knows,” I said. “But I’m glad you’re here with me.” She took my hand and squeezed it and together we entered the lounge where they both sat side by side, no doubt expecting a right royal bollocking. I stood for a while and looked at them. They had defiant looks on their faces and I knew if I said anything they had the perfect come-back. Never mind what were they doing there, What was I doing there?

“Whoops!” I said. They looked at each other and laughed.

“Well that’s sorted that out,” Jenny said. “Coffee everyone?”

She went to the kitchen and I walked over to where the boys were sitting.

“Sorry boys,” I said. The y both hugged me and I noted hands where they shouldn’t be but said nothing. Jenny returned with the coffee and placed the tray on the coffee table.

“We really didn’t know it was you, mum,” Ian said. “Neither of us knew you wore your hair in a pony tail and we never saw your face.”

“Ian, love. You shouldn’t know any girl at your age.”

There was an embarrassed silence for a few minutes.

“Mum,” Alex finally said as I took a seat next to Jenny. “Have you had that tattoo on your bum always?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I saw it last week and I‘ve seen one like it.”

“Really? Where?”.

“At Dad’s,” he said.

“At your father’s?” I said a little incredulous. “The fucking bastard! He had her fucking arse tattooed too?”

“Sophie,” Jenny warned. I looked at her then it dawned on me. “Hoe the hell did you see that tart’s arse?”

“She wears a bikini and it’s…..well…..it’s…”

“It’s a thong!” Ian cut in.

“I see!,” I said. “And you check her out I take it?”


“We prefer your figure,” Alex cut in.

I looked at them and laughed.

“I take it he doesn’t let you fuck her!”

They grinned.

“You’d be the better fuck,” Ian said. I was about to reprimand him when Jenny spoke.

“Did you fuck me guys?”

“We never got a chance first week,” Alex said.

“That Carl was shagging you.” Ian added.


“The big black guy. He’s our music teacher.”

“You are k**ding!” I said. I was really shocked.

“Pity you didn’t get a chance,” Jenny was saying wistfully. I looked at her and she smiled. “Let’s face it, love. They’re good looking pair of guys. And judging by the bulge in their trousers, they’re ready for it. What you say? One each and swap later?”

I looked at the boys and saw their expressions. Smiling I walked over to Jenny and, taking her hands, I pulled her up from the sofa.

“Now watch this, guys,” I said over my shoulder and took Jenny in my arms and kissed her. A long, lingering, tongue wrestling kiss then turned back to them. “She is mine! We are an item but we both still need cock occasionally. If we let you have all the pussy you want, you promise it stays between us four?”

The boys nodded eagerly. I smiled.

“Which one’s going to have you first, love,?” I asked her.

“Makes no matter, lover,” she replied and I heard the lust in her voice. “I’m going to have both eventually. Let’s just take them as they come.”

We turned to face the boys who were now standing and looking very eager. We moved to them. Ian was in front of Jenny and Alex faced me. Together my lesbian lover and I knelt before them and massaged the bulges in their trousers. The boys did variations on the orgasmic moans theme and we opened their flies and took out their very swollen cocks. Alex was a big boy and a glance over to Ian showed he was very similar. Jenny’s mouth was wide and she engulfed my younger son, taking him down as far as she could. I looked up at Alex and smiled.

“Be filthy with me,” I said and sucked his cock into my mouth. He felt gorgeous and I soon felt his hand at the back of my head. He gripped the pony-tail and began pumping my head back and forth on his cock.

“Oh! Yes, you fucking whore!” he said. “Suck it! Suck your son’s cock you bitch. Just like you did when all those dirty fucking pricks were using you.”

I sucked and licked and gripped his shaft. With his free hand he unfastened his belt and let the trousers drop so I that his cock was free and I could play with his balls. With my forefinger I scratched the little strip of flesh between his balls and his arsehole and he moaned with pleasure and louder as the digit eased it’s way into him.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked down.

“I want to fuck you mum!” he said. “Not like I fucked you in that car. I want you naked and on your back.”

“Me too,” Ian said.

“Bed!” I suggested standing up. “Come on Jenny, Let’s take these two dirty bastards up to bed and really fuck them.”

“Oh, yes!” she said.

We raced to the bedroom and let the boys strip us. It didn’t take long. We’d both lost our underwear at the car park.

Naked, we climbed onto my Emperor size bed and turned to each other while the boys were finishing stripping. We hugged and kissed.

“Enjoy my sons,” I said. She smiled and assured me she would.

“Enough of that you dirty dykes,” Ian said. I was surprised he knew the phrase but he pulled Jeny onto her back and climbed between her spread legs as Alex turned me and mounted me. His cock stretched my cunt which, despite the pounding it got earlier, felt remarkably tight.

“You OK with this,” I asked him. “I have had a lot of cum in there tonight.”

“And you’re going to get a lot more, mother, dear,” he said driving his cock hard into me and beginning to pound away.

His technique wasn’t great. He was more concerned with getting himself off but the size of his prick and the thrill of this situation had me bucking under him quickly. I could feel and hear Jenny urging Ian to fuck her hard and then her stream of filthy invective urging him on to greater heights then her screams as she orgasmed. I was right there with her.

“Oh fuck! Alex! Fuck me, baby! Fuck your mother you dirty boy! That’s it. Just there. Yes my fucking cunt is just…….Ohhhhhh! Fuuuuuuck! YESSSSSSSSSSS!”

I came loud and at my peak, through the haze of orgasmic fog, I felt my son spurting his rich, creamy spunk inside me. In that moment I remembered the night his father had shot his load into me and created this boy. I knew the night because he had managed to get one night’s leave from his regiment before going to Northern Ireland. It was the only night it could have been. Now his son was filling that same cunt.

As I came back down, he was laughing.

“Mum!” he managed to say. “Oh, mum what a great fuck!”

“First of many?” Jenny said. I looked over, Ian was resting his head on her tits and smiling.

“I can’t see us stopping it, lover. Can you?” I said. She smiled and shook her head. “As long as we’re ok, too.”

“Oh I think we’re ok. I don’t think the boys will mind us doing our thing as long as they’ve got sex on tap. Is that right, Alex?”

He smiled and shook his head.

“Good,” she said. “Cos I want you next! Then mummy can lick me out.”

“Give them a chance to get their breath back,” I said but I could feel Alex’s cock, which had been deflating in me, hardening again and I knew that we were in for another good shagging before dawn. The virility of youth.

So that’s my confession!

I live with a lesbian who is also a whore for both my sons.

And so does Jenny!
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Great. Thanks
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Absolutely hot style. Whoever wrote that knows what to do.
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Good build up.
Good story line
Well done