Carol Baker stepped over the threshold of her suburban semi-detached house and into the shade of the hallway. She was a tall, slim brunette with green eyes and a soft, easy smile. Her long hair hung almost to her waist and she wore it loose. Although she’d been at work, her crisp white blouse was pristine and her skirt, possibly a bit too short for a thirty-something, look like it had just come from the cleaners. She was elegant and loved the looks she got from men as they studied her long, shapely legs and the sway of her hips as she walked. It was a turn-on and, a much needed stimulation for her night-time fantasies.

Carol had elected to live alone since her husband had had a silly thought. He thought the road was straight!

She had been left a young widow with her son, Andy, who was seven. However, a life insurance policy made sure they were comfortable and had enabled her to set up a small consultancy business which, thanks to her hard work over the past six years, was thriving and she had a good relationship with her co-director, Ruth.

But she had decided that Andy did not need a step-father and her only romances had been with the middle finger of her left hand and three vibrators. She and Ruth laughed at the fact that she’d burned out the previous two.

Now she slipped her four-inch high stiletto heeled shoes off and padded softly up the thick carpeted stairs. Despite the fact she always managed to look elegant, she still felt she needed a shower to freshen up before her son came home from school.

In her bedroom she stared at her reflection in the full-length mirrored wardrobe doors. A legacy of her husband’s. He loved to watch them making love and had placed mirrors all over the house. The one in the canopy of the enormous four poster bed was covered by a silk curtain and she would often open it and watch her naked body on the bed and remember her husband laying between her legs.

She slipped from her clothes and put on the silk kimono he had bought in Japan for her. She padded out onto the landing and headed towards the bathroom but stopped by her son’s bedroom door. It stood ajar and she heard soft moanings and noises from his room. Gently she eased the door open and saw his feet laying on the bed. Easing the door further open, more of his body came into view. Her gaze had reached his thighs and the door hinge squeaked. Immediately he convulsed into a ball on his bed.


“Andy! I’m so sorry. I didn’t think you were….”

She backed from the room and waited a few seconds before tapping on the door.

“Can I come in?” she asked. “Are you decent?”


Carol opened the door and Andy was sitting up in bed with the duvet pulled up almost to his chin. Carol took a deep breath and went to the side of the bed and sat down. She had known for a while that she had to have this ‘birds and bees’ chat with him but had hoped it would be later.

“I’m so sorry, mum,” he said as she sat beside him.

“What for?”

“For…you know. But I thought you were out, honestly. I wouldn’t have…..”

She put her hand on his and smiled.

“Andy, it’s all right,” she said softly. “It’s totally natural, especially at your age.”

His brow wrinkled as she spoke.

“All boys do it, Andy. It’s totally natural and a part of being human. Even girls do it.”

“Mum, what are you talking about?”

“What you were doing, of course,” she smiled and took the plunge. “Masturbating, having a wank, whatever you call it.”


“Come on, who was it you were thinking of? A girl at school?”

She saw his eyes flick to the end of the bed. She turned and looked. His TV had been hidden from her view until that moment. Her jaw dropped.

“That’s…..” she began but couldn’t finish.

“Sorry, mum.” Andy said. “I’m so sorry. I saw it on your dressing table and thought it was a film you had been watching……”

Carol was watching a video her husband had made of them. He was very keen on photography and not only filmed her naked but also of the two of them as they pursued their very erotic and explicit love life. At the moment she was watching herself in the throes of a massive orgasm brought about by a dildo. Th camera wasn’t shy about where it was going either.

“I suppose,” she managed to say at last. “That I should be flattered that my son is tossing himself off to images of his mother.”

“I thought that’s what you had seen and were going to get mad about.”

“Mad? No! Of course not. Like I said it’s only natural. But shouldn’t you be thinking about other girls. Girls of your age?”
“Jimmy and I don’t think we’ll ever get girlfriends.”

“Why do you say that?”

“He say’s they’ll take one look at our things and run a mile.”

“I take it you and Jimmy compare - things!” Carol said, slightly amused. “And a bit of mutual masturbation?”

Andy blushed and she laughed out loud.

“Don’t worry, your dad used to do it with a friend too when he was your age. But why does Jimmy think they’ll run a mile?”

“Because we’re so big. He say’s they’ll never get it in them.”

“Oh, Andy, of course they will. Vaginas stretch, you know.”

“Do they?”

“Of course they do.” Carol assured him. “One size fits all.”

“Even this?” Andy said and pulled the duvet aside.

“bl**dy hell!” Carol said as she saw the boy’s erection.

“See what I mean,” he said going to cover it up.

“No, no!” she said and stopped him. “That’s not what I meant. It is big but the girls won’t run away from that, son. They’ll be begging for it.”

“Huh!” Andy said dismissively.

“Andy!” Carol said looking him in the eyes. “I promise you that any girl will welcome that inside her at any time. Believe me, As a woman I know. It’s lovely to be stretched and that will stretch a good few girls, I’m sure. I wish your dad’s was as big.”


Carol nodded and a wicked thought was drifting through her mind.

“I can prove it to you,” she said tentatively. “If you would like.”

Andy nodded and watched as his mother eased herself onto the bed and straddled him. The silk kimono parted to reveal her long legs and he was fascinated by the neatly trimmed bush. He was awestruck as he watched his mother grip his cock and guide it between her pussy lips. He felt her wetness on the large knob and then the little indentation slowly opening up as she lowered herself onto him. The feeling in his cock were intense as she slowly rose and fell, each time taking a little bit more inside her until finally, wide eyed and open mouthed, she sank fully onto him.

“There,” she said as she gently rocked her hips back and forth. “All in! How does it feel?”

“Fucking great!” he said and felt the trickle of juice she had involuntarily released at his use of the expletive. He smiled to himself. “You have a beautiful cunt, mum!”

There it was again. That trickle and this time a little twitch.

“I’m not too sure you should be using words like that to your mother,” Carol said and Andy heard the dreaminess in her voice. Her hips were beginning to thrust on him.

“Dad used to,” he said. “I heard him on the tape.”

“Yes but….Oh,shit!” she said as a small convulsion ran through her body. “Oh, God, Andy. We must stop….”

She went to roll off him but he quickly rolled with her and was on top of her, her legs around his and he began thrusting.

“No, Andy. Please!” she was saying, loving the feeling of a man fucking her again. It had been six years. Six years of finger and vibrator. Now she had a hot, throbbing and enormous cock in her and she was loving every thrust of it despite the fact it was her son’s. “Andy we must….Oh fuck! Oh bl**dy hell! Oh my God. Oh yes! Oh yes!”

The feelings were building inside her and she loved the tingling going from her belly and spreading through her. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Her son was fucking her and she was loving every thrust of it.

“Please Andy! Please don’t cum inside….Oh Yes! Oh that’s right. Just there. Oh my God Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, son. Fuck mummy like a cheap and dirty fucking whore. Yes! Yes! YEEEESSSSSSSS!”

Even at the peak of her orgasm she had some senses left.


Even as the peak of her orgasm hit her and she bucked and thrashed about on the bed with her son holding on tightly, she could feel he had thrust in as far as he could go and she could feel the jets of his spunk filling her up.

“Andy! Andy love,” she said as he collapsed onto her, breathing heavily. “You shouldn’t have cum inside me. I’m not on the pill.”

He laughed.
“So I could be daddy to a little b*****r could I?”

“It’s not funny, Andy,” she chastised. “Pregnancy would not suit me at the moment.”

“Relax, Mum. They have the ‘morning after pill’ now. We’ve been told about it at school.”

Yes, well I think that is definitely going to be the one for me.”

“Good,” he said taking his weight on his arms and looking down into his other’s eyes. “That means we can do what we like tonight.”

“Oh, no, sonny boy,” she said. “This was NOT supposed to happen. I was just showing your that a girl can stretch to accommodate……Oh god, Andy. You can’t want to…..Not so soon after…… Of Fuck!”

“Yes, Mummy, dear. I’m going to fuck you so much tonight you won’t be able to sit down tomorrow.”

Carol looked into her son’s eyes. She knew it was wrong. She knew she should stop. She looked at his erect cock and slowly, very slowly, bent her head forward and engulfed the large head in her mouth. She knew that tonight she would refuse him nothing.

* * *

“Good morning,” Ruth said brightly as she came into the office. “Sorry I’m late but had to…..Carol?”

Ruth looked at her best friend and business partner. Carol looked up red-eyed.

“Carol! What’s wrong?”

Carol shook her head and took a deep breath before she spoke.

“Ruth. I really don’t think I know how to start.”

“Right!” Ruth said. She placed the paper bag she was carrying on the desk and pulled out two Styrofoam cups of hot coffee. She placed on in front of her friend. “The world always looks better after a coffee.”

Carol looked up and smiled weakly but took the cup and sipped the strong, black liquid. Ruth had turned and locked the door and pulled a chair up to the desk.

“Now, tell Auntie Ruth all about it and I warn you, it had better not be ‘man-trouble’ because you promised to tell me all the details if you ever went out with a man and you haven’t said a…..” she saw how Carol was looking at her. “….It IS ‘man-trouble’? Why haven’t you told me?”
“It’s not - exactly - man trouble. More ‘boy-trouble’.

“Boy…Ahhh! Andy! OK What’s the little sod been up to? And don’t lie to me. You know I’ll get it out of Jimmy later.”

“It’s not him so much. It’s me!”

“You? What you mean?”

Carol looked straight at Ruth.

“You’re going to hate me Ruth.”

“I don’t think you could ever do anything to make me hate you, love. We’ve been friends too long. Now stop sodding about, you’re worrying me. What is it?”

“I fucked him!”

There was silence for a while as the two women faced each other. It was Ruth who broke it.

“That’s a very awkward thing to admit to,” she said.

“I know and I wouldn’t have told you if I’d been able to compose myself…..”

“Yes. I was lucky. It was over the weekend you were away that Jimmy fucked me.”


Ruth looked at her friend and smiled.

“Like you said, it’s a very awkward thing to admit to and the one thing I didn’t want to lose was our friendship so I chose to keep it to myself.”


“Three weeks ago - when you went away for those few days. He came hoe early and caught me having a sneaky wank and it developed from there.”

Carol was laughing despite the tears.

“I caught Andy having one and decided to give him a birds and bees talk and before I knew it he was…..Well - you know!”

“Oh yes, I know!”

“I know I shouldn’t have but, Ruth. It felt so good. So bl**dy good to have a cock in me again. And he’s a big boy……”

“Jimmy’s about the same size,” Ruth interjected. She saw the look on Carol’s face and added. “Jimmy told me!”

“Yeah! Andy said the same thing.”

They looked at each other and giggled.

“Don’t they have some stamina at that age?” Ruth said.

“Oh God, Yes!” I hardly got any sl**p. And he cleaned up afterwards too - if you know what I mean!”

“Lucky him!” Ruth said. There was a moment’s silence. “Oh fuck! Did I say that out loud? I’m so sorry Carol.”


“I’m sorry. Forget what I said.”

“Not likely,” Carol said. Her tears had now gone and she looked at her friend and business partner who looked away, a heavy blush on her face.

Carol got up and knelt next to Ruth and took her chin and turned her head til they were face to face. Slowly, she moved forward and their lips met. She tasted the sweetness of her long standing friend. Their tongues met and they pressed their lips tighter together, arms going around each other.

It was like a porn movie. They were ripping the clothes off each other while trying to maintain the kiss. Laughing, Carol finally stood while Ruth eased the short skirt over her hips and hastily pulled down the thong. She moaned as her friend pushed her face to the neat bush, her hand sliding up between Carol’s legs and finding the wet gash. Carol sighed as a finger probed between her pussy lips and stroked the length of her, finding the hard nub of her clitoris and then plumbing the depth of her hole.

Ruth slowly stood, kissing her way up Carol’s slim figure. She moved from one smallish breast to the other, sucking and nibbling the hard nipples. Finally she stood and began kissing Carol’s neck.

“On the desk!” Carol said, pushing her friend back onto her desk. Ruth sat and let herself be push back. Carol’s fingers were working on the catch on the waistband of her friend’s skirt. She unfastened it and lowered the zip. Her fingers gripped the waistband and pulled both skirt and panties down. As they came away, Ruth parted her legs.”

“Oh, wow!” Carol said. “You shave!”

“Always have. Bob used to like me to be the way he first saw me!”

“Can I kiss you there?”
“Are you k**ding?” I want more than a fucking kiss there girl! Get that fucking tongue working!”

“Yes, mistress!” Carol said giving a mock salute but she bent her head forward and as she got close, she could smell the musty sweetness of her friend’s pussy.

“You have a beautiful cunt!” she said softly and then her face was at the wet slit. Using her fingers she opened the lips and probed her tongue into her friend. Ruth was moaning and urging her on. Carol buried her face in there, holding herself there until she was f***ed to breathe. Her tongue was in Ruth’s hole and working up and down, trying to thrust also.

“Oh, Fuck, Carol!” Ruth moaned. “Oh yes baby. Fuck me! Fuck your mistress!”

Carol came up for breath but kept the flat of her tongue over the clitoris and began rubbing it as she held Ruth’s legs, pulling her harder onto the working tongue.

“Oh God!” Ruth moaned. “Oh you sweet fucking bitch. Oh yes! Oh fucking hell! Yes! YES! Lick me you fucking whore. Lick my fucking….Ohhhhhhhhh!”

Carol licked furiously taking all the sweet juice that flowed from her friend and holding her tightly as she came.

Slowly, Ruth came back down and lay, smiling on the desk as Carol came up and kissed her friend.

“Better?” she asked. Ruth smiled and nodded.

“Thirsty though.”

“You want some coffee?”

“Don’t be silly!” Ruth said. “I want juice. Pussy juice!”

Carol grinned and climbed on the desk, straddling her friend.

“Well, Now it’s my turn to be the mistress,” she said, gently lowering herself onto her friend’s eager tongue. “Now lick me!”

“Wish I had a cock to fuck you,” Ruth said as her friend’s pussy came close.

“I have a son who will do that,” Carol said. “Now I want tongue and cunt and you have both. Lick me your fucking whore!”

Ruth pushed her face into Carol’s hairy pussy and heard the moan of pleasure. This was going to be a long day and hopefully, a very tiring one.

Carol let her head roll back as she felt the pleasure of her friend’s tongue working between her pussy lips. Ruth wass trying to close her teeth on the little clitoris and the effect of the hard teeth on the soft flesh was gorgeous. It was only a few minutes before she felt her orgasm building in her lower belly and let the feelings flow through her body. It was almost like an anaesthetic, spreading from her seat of pleasure and tingling through her to the extremities of her body. Then it exploded and she was crying out and bucking with the relentless tongue which dragged every drop of orgasm from her.

Finally she pulled herself back from Ruth and sat on her belly, panting and laughing. She looked down, seeing her friend’s face covered in the wet juices. She bent and they kissed before she climbed off and left her friend laying, panting on the desk. Carol moved to the window. They were high enough in this office not to be seen from other buildings.

“You really are a dirty bitch, aren’t you?” Ruth said. Carol looked back over her shoulder and watched as her friend and now lover, walked over to her. “I didn’t know you knew such language.”

“You object?”

“Oh, no,” Ruth said sliding her arms around the slim figure and cupping each small breast in her hands, pressing her body against Carol who rested her head back against the warmth. “I love it dirty!”

“Andy, my husband that is, used to love it too. And I must admit, it does make me bl**dy randy!”

“Good! I’ll use it often!”

After a while they disengaged and went back to retrieve their clothes. As they dressed, Carol asked.

“What are we going to do about our sons?”

“Fuck ‘em!”

“Is that literal or…..”

“Well,” Ruth said with a smirk. “I think we both like a bit of man-meat but one thing I do know, Carol, is that now we’ve done this, I don’t want it to stop.”

Carol looked to her friend and smiled at the slightly anxious expression. She moved to her and took her face in her hands and kissed her.

“Neither do I. I’ve always thought you were the sexiest woman I’ve ever met and I wish I had your figure.”

“MY figure?”

“I really wish I had tits like yours instead of these tiny little things.”
“You are joking of course!” Ruth said. “I would die for a pair like yours. Neat and they don’t beat you about the ears when your run. Look at them!”

“I have been! For ages!”

“They’re so bl**dy heavy sometimes.”

“I can always hold them for you,” Carol suggested. They laughed. It was suddenly cut short by a knock on the door. Scrambling to finish dressing, Carol went and unlocked it.

“I’m so sorry, she said to the man outside. “We were in a meeting and forgot to unlock it.”

The day was passed with many looks, laughs and touching.

It was a late afternoon coffee before they spoke of it again.

“Who were you thinking about when Jimmy caught you?” Carol asked.

“You,” Ruth said simply. “It just sort of happened. I was feeling a little horny and began and suddenly you sprang into my mind.”

Carol grinned. “I’m glad of that. I have had the - odd thought - about you and me too.”

There was silence for a moment

“Do you want it to develop?” Carol asked. Ruth looked up and thought for a while.

“Yes!” she said finally. “Yes I do. I want that very much.”

“And the boys?”

“Well I don’t mind you giving Andy one if you don’t mind about Jimmy.”

Ruth’s jaw dropped.

“You dirty bitch!” she said. “I love it. And your Andy is a good looking boy. I’m going to enjoy him between my legs.”

“Likewise Jimmy,” Carol added. “Why don’t you come round this evening?”

“Is that ‘come’ or ‘cum’?

Carol bent forward and kissed her friend fully on the lips.

“Don’t be a blonde,” she said. “You know it’s both.”

“Can I see the videos of you and Andrew?”

“We’ll watch them in bed,” Carol said over her shoulder as they left. “All of us!”
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