Mother love

It had been a bad day at work and I just wanted to get home. I’d had to stay late to complete some designs and had to put my foot down a bit as I’d promised my son a special meal for his birthday. He was good. He knew I had to work to support us as his father was no longer about, and he did his bit around the home. In fact I was slightly worried that he spent too much time helping out when he should have been out with friends doing things teenage boys do.

I left the car in the driveway and let myself into the house. It was quiet so I assumed James had not got home yet.

First things first. Wine!

Sorry but I’m not a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio girl.. Red and full bodied. Cab Sav or if I fancy something a little less sharp, Merlot. Today was a soft, Merlot day.

I poured a glass and took a sip. Heaven! Now, did I have time for a shower before my son got in?

I decided that a quick freshen-up was to be desired and padded upstairs in my stockinged feet.

I nearly had a heart attack. My son’s door was ajar and someone was in there!

It’s a ridiculous thing. You know in your heart of hearts that it’s 99.9% sure to be him but nevertheless your heart gives a jump. I suppose it’s the surprise.

I was about to push the door open and say Hi when I saw him and my heart gave another leap.

He was naked and laying on the bed and masturbating.

Well, what did I expect. He was a fifteen year old boy. Of COURSE he was having one off the wrist. What else do they do?

Now what a decent mother would have done is back away and leave him to it then later make a noise so that he could compose himself and be normal when he emerged.

Guess I’m not a decent mother. I watched.

Hardly daring to breath, I peered through the partly open door and watched as he gripped his cock and slowly eased his fist up and down. His eyes were closed and I envied the woman he was doing this over. Wondering if it was one of the girls at school or a current film or pop star. I wondered how they must feel knowing that there were total strangers out there doing this over them. I wonder whether the thought turned them on. It would me!

I felt the trickle in my panties and smiled to myself. What a dirty slut, getting turned on watching her son wanking. But I was and pressed my fingers to my crotch through the skirt, perhaps a little too short for a 36 year old woman. I had delicious feelings down there and gently massaged the spot.

James was beginning to build his speed and I could see his excitement. His other hand cupped his balls and he moaned. Then, without breaking the rhythm, he let go his sack and reached under his pillow. The hand emerged with a lacy thong. Pure white. He put it to his nose and my heart jumped again.

It was MY thong!

I’d been wearing it last night and watching some porn on the internet and it had been very wet when I removed it and threw it in the washing bin. I’d cum a good few times in them.

Amazed, I watched James take the crotch in his mouth and suck it.

I was further amazed to find that while I’d been watching my hand had been working on autopilot and had found its way under my skirt and a finger was probing into me.

I was hypnotized by the scene and as I watched he shot a jet of thick, creamy spunk up his belly and chest. Another shot, nearly as strong and then the last draining as the cream oozed from his cock and ran down over his hand and into his pubic hair.

I stood as silent as possible and time seemed to stand still as he calmed down and I could see his breathing return to normal.

I needed to relieve my own tension and turned. He must have heard the movement.


“Er……Yes,” I said stepping forward into his room.

“Mum! I’m so sorry…..”

“Don’t,” I said trying to calm him as he writhed around trying not to get his semen over the sheets but also trying to cover himself. “Please, James. Don’t worry about it. I have seen boys wank before, you know.”

He stopped and stared at me. He’d never heard me say anything like that before. I tried to lighten the moment.

“Your father used to do it all the time and I used to do it to him. It’s how we got you.”

He grinned.

“Yes, Mum. I had figured that one out.”

We laughed and I picked up his underpants which were laying on the floor.

“Let me clear that up before it goes everywhere,” I said and moved over to him. He’d lost his erection instantly when he saw me but I could see it building again and I knew what was happening between my legs. I held the pants as I looked down then paused. I could hardly believe what I was thinking so shut it out of my mind and let my reactions take over.

I looked into his eyes. He was excited. Kneeling beside the bed, I let the pants fall to the floor and bent forward and with the tip of my tongue, into the little pool which had formed in his navel. He was hardly breathing as my tongue touched the sweet liquid. I was lost then and let my tongue work to clean the indentation.

“Oh, Fuck, Mum!” he said. I worked up his body, licking and scooping the thick cum from him. Then back down, onto his belly. I took his hand and sucked the thumb clean of his spunk and then held his cock upright as I licked around the head of it, finally opening my mouth and sucking the hard member deep into my mouth. His hips lifted from the bed, pushing himself into my mouth deeper and I swallowed as much as I could. He was a big boy and I felt it at the back of my throat.

His hand was at the back of my head and holding me in place as he began thrusting. I felt disgusting. A whore, sucking my own son’s prick.

And I loved it!

Pulling my head away I looked at him. He was nervous. I smiled.

“You enjoy sucking my thong?” I asked, standing up. He actually blushed. “Let me see you should suck some more.”

He grinned and turned to look for them. I took his face in my hands.

“Not those - these!” I said raising my skirt over my hips. His face was a picture. I straddled him and lowered myself to his eager mouth. I was flooded and the gusset was soaking. His tongue felt good on the thin material. I let it go on for a short while then suddenly sat back on his chest.

“No, James!” I said. “This is not right.”

He looked shocked but I smiled.

“THIS is right,” I said using my finger to pull the small strip of wet, flimsy thong to one side and easing myself back onto him. My well shaved pubes were tender and tingling as I lowered them to him.

“Oh, Mum,” I heard him say just before contact. “That is so……”

The rest of the words were muffled and I felt his tongue between my tender lips, working over my clit and probing into my hole.

It seemed only a few seconds before I felt the tingle and thrill as my orgasm built. I was grinding myself onto my son’s face and loving the feel of his tongue in me.

Then it hit me. I have never felt such a massive orgasm in my life.

“Fuck, James! I screamed. “Fuck me, son. Fuck my whore cunt you dirty little sod. Yes! Oh fucking hell, YES!”

I was cumming and screaming and humping his face and then it happened. A gush! I’ve never squirted in my life til then and he got the full f***e. I could feel him swallowing and I tried to move but every muscle was twitching and I was like a rag doll.

As I cam back down, James rolled me onto my back and he was kissing me. I could feel him squirt a mouthful of my own cum into my mouth as we kissed.

Finally I looked up at him. He was smiling.

“Did you mean it?” he asked.

“What?” I asked, panting.

“When you were cumming? You said ‘Fuck me, James’. Did you mean that?”

“You want to fuck your mother?”

He nodded.


“But isn’t there a girl at school you’d prefer to receive your not inconsiderable charms?”

“Oh come on, Mum. I think you put yourself down too much. All my friends would love to fuck you.”


“Oh, yes, mother, dear. You are the object of many a young man’s fantasy. Mine too!”

He was sitting astride me and fumbling with the buttons on my blouse. I twisted him off me and stood and slowly stripped for him. I felt a total whore and didn’t care. We’d gone too far to stop and I loved the feeling anyway.

He watched as I eased my blouse over my shoulders and stood in my half cup bra. I’m not well endowed in the chest area so the uplift gives a good cleavage and the smaller tits are firm. Next my skirt dropped over my hips and I stood in my underwear. Turning to put the skirt on a chair (totally unnecessary but it did give him a good view of my rounded bum). Then reaching up behind my back and releasing my bra, I turned back and teasingly held it to me.

“What do you say?” I asked teasingly.

“Let me see your tits,”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Please, mummy, dear. Can I see your tits?” he said. I grinned and removed the bra, letting it drop to the floor. I opened my arms wide so he got the full view.

“You like?” I said. He nodded. “Then why don’t you come here and remove the last item.”

He climbed from the bed and came over to me. I expected him to just kneel and pull them down but instead he put his arms around me and pulled me close and kissed me full on the mouth. My arms went around his neck and we stood, our tongues wrestling each other. He was the same height as me and I could feel him pressing his body against mine all the way down. I could feel his hard cock against my belly and pubes. He was eating my lips and our faces twisted this way and that as we kissed. No longer mother and son but passionate lovers.

He began to kiss my neck. I could never resist that as a few men have found. His hand stroked up my body and onto my right tit, squeezing it and massaging it. Soon he was kissing down my shoulder and onto my chest. Cupping my left tit in his right hand, he sucked the erect nipple into his mouth.

“Oh, God, son,” I moaned. “You haven’t had that in your mouth since I fed you as a baby.”

He looked up and smiled.

“I hope you’re going to feed it to me every day from now on. At least three meals a day.”

I smiled as he went back to his feast, moving between them. Soon his fingers probed beneath the elasticated waist of my thong and his hands slid down onto my bum, squeezing and massaging it.

Slowly, he began to kneel and as he did so, he kissed his way down over my belly and pushed my thong down my thighs until they fell about my ankles. Then he had reached my mound and his tongue probed the smooth skin.

“I love that,” he said.


“I love to see the start of your cunt.”

His finger probed the cleft of my pussy lips and he placed a kiss on it. His finger worked between them and stroking between them.

“You have such a beautiful cunt, mum.”

I could feel my juices flowing. Hearing my son use language like this certainly made my juices flow and his fingers had found my hole and were probing. I stepped from my thong and as my legs opened, his fingers slid in and he began pumping them in and out.

“Oh Fucking hell!” I moaned. “Just put me on the bed and fuck me, son.”

He stood up grinning and pulled me over to the bed. I sat on the edge and he pushed me back onto it, joining me as I wriggled over to make room. I lay on my back, legs wide and he lay beside me. Bending his head, he kissed me and his fingers were working my cunt again. Finally he moved oto me and I gripped his rigid shaft, guiding the head between my cunt lips and into my hole. My eyes actually fluttered as I felt him ease it into me. Slowly, very slowly.

“I want to remember every moment of this, the first time I got into my mother’s fuck-hole.”

“Second time, darling,” I said with a grin. “You came out of it remember.”

“Wish I did remember coming out of it,” he said. “But I’m bl**dy-well going to remember the first time I came into it.”

It felt so good as he eased the full length into me.

“Ooooh you’ve got such a lovely arse,” I said, gripping his buttocks firmly.

“Well you’re going to be feeling them a lot more from now on,” he laughed and began thrusting.

We were kissing and I was cumming over and over and squirting. I’d never done it before but now it was like a bl**dy shower.

“Ohhhh Yes! Fuck me, Darling. Fuck your whore mother hard. Come on, James. Drive that fucking cock into my whore belly you dirty little sod. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder. Oh Yes. Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeesssss!”

“Oh fuck mum her it comes. Oh! Oh! OHHHHHH! FUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKK!”

He slumped on me and we lay breathing heavily and giggling. Then he kissed me again and soon I felt him begin to thrust. I pulled my face away and looked at him.

“Again? Wow!”

He grinned.

“You complaining?”

“Noooo. Not at all. It’s just…..”


“Y-Your father was a one-shot wonder, That’s all.”

“Well, it’s not every day you get to fuck your mother, is it?”

“Pity. I could do with a daily dip.”

“Oh, shit, James. I’m going to cum again.”

“Yes? Good! Now fucking enjoy, Whore! My fucking whore!”

He had cum twice already and it took him an age to empty his balls again and I just lay there and took it all. When we finally sated our passion I got off the bed and bent to pick up my clothes.

“Don’t!” he said. “Don’t get dressed.”

“But I….”

“Please? I want to look at you. I want you to be naked for me. Always.”

I smiled. I was flattered. A virile young man wanting to see me naked? What more could a girl want?

He’s now at university and I only see him occasionally but when he comes home, I have to be careful sitting and walking for a few days.
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Wish I was him. I came 2 times just reading it.
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