Love from a stranged

“Oh, it’s my turn is it?” I said as I felt the handcuffs clip around my wrist holding my arm to the iron bedhead.

“Uh-huh!” Jenny said as she pulled my other arm up and cuffed it to the other side of the bed. “Consider it our nine month anniversary present.”

Jenny and I had met at work and moved in together within three weeks. At eighteen she was a beautiful woman and the target for lots of the guys we knew but for some obscure reason she had chosen me. I have no illusions as to my macho image. It doesn’t exist. But she obviously saw something and from our second date we knew what it was. I was a kinky bastard just like her!

Neither of us preferred either sub or dom and used to take it in turns and neither of us had any restrictions whatever. If we wanted to do it - we did it!

“Is it a present I’m going to like?” I asked. She smiled, kissed a finger and placed it on my lips then turned and pulled my right leg to the edge of the bed. Ankkle shackles were permanently fixed to the foot of the bed and she soon had my legs wide. For those of you naïve enough to want to know why a guy needs his legs wide all I’ll say is she has a couple of strap-ons!

When I was strapped and totally at her mercy I watched her. She smiled and walked to the wardrobe. I loved her body. Slim, with long, shapely legs, a pert little round bum and a flat belly. Her tits were a nice 36c with neat, erect little pink nipples. A long neck with dark hair that fell in a cascade over her shoulders and hung to her waist. It was the only hair she had on her body. She hated bodily hair and not only on herself. She hated it on me too. Said she didn’t want a mouthful of hair when she went down on me. So we shaved each other completely

She was beautiful facially too. In fact she was gorgeous. A neat little nose over full, pouting lips. Large green eyes and a smile that made you think the sun had burst out. She had a soft, husky voice which just reeked SEX!

As I watched she took out her leather jeans. These were tight on her and showed her legs perfectly. I turned my head to watch her ease them over her hips and, turning to face me, zip them up and fasten the waistband. I loved her wearing them. When they warmed to her body, they fitted like a skin and she never ever wore underwear.

I was a little surprised when she took out her motorcycle jacket and pulled it on and I was very envious of the material as she zipped it up and her delicious tits were encased inside it.

“Had a good look?” she asked.

“I could do with seeing it closer,” I replied. She laughed in her ball tingling way and came over to the bed, kneeling on the side.

“Treasure that look for a while, lover,” she said. And remember it while I’m away.”

Her hand had gone under the pillow and she brought out a blindfold and fixed it over my eyes. The world went dark and I felt her lips next to my ear.

“I’m going out for a while. I may be some time.”

I hoped the quote wasn’t as permanent as Captain Oates’ were. She laughed and I felt the bed move as she climbed off.

“Jenny?” I called. “Jenny where are you going?”

There was no reply and soon I heard the door of the flat close.

Now those of you who indulge in bondage will know that you put a great deal of trust in your partner. The main one being that you know, if panic set in, they will always release you. We had that trust but now, Jenny was off out and I was firmly chained to the bed.

Panic started to build.

I told myself not to be so stupid. She’d be back soon. She was just off to the shops. What harm could come to an eighteen year old girl shopping - on a 600cc Yamaha!

“OK,” I told myself. “Stay calm and relax.”

It obviously worked because I was soon drifting and sl**p was enveloping me.

I had no idea how long I slept. My only sense was taste and hearing and it’s very awkward to check the passage of time with those. Just how long had she been? How long was she going to be? It’s very disturbing when you lose some senses.

A noise!

I heard a noise. I strained my ears to listen. It was the front door opening and closing. I was about to call out but then stopped. I grinned. It was what she wanted wasn’t it? To have me panic, so I kept quiet, straining my ears to pick up the sounds. Were they footsteps? She was still wearing her motorcycle boots. Ha! Gotcha! I know you’re there lover! Boy was she going to be surprised when she found I was not drooling and jibbering like an idiot and begging her to let me go.

The bedroom door thumped lightly against the chair which stood behind it and I heard the breathing. That was unusual.

“Thought you could worry me, Eh?” I said.


I knew she was there but she said nothing. I twisted my head to catch any sound. I must admit I was getting a little suspicious now.

I could feel movement. Someone was moving to the bed. Slowly. I was trying to picture her and how she was moving.

The bed gave as a weight went on to the side of it.


Silence. Then I felt it. I fingernail tracing a line down the centre of my body. I jumped slightly at the first touch.

“Don’t piss about, babe,” I said. “Take the blindfold off so I can see my girl.”

The fingenail traced circles around my nipples and my navel.


Jenny didn’t have long fingernails! It wasn’t good in her job so she wore false ones when we went out and she wasn’t wearing them this morning.

“Hang on!” I said suddenly. “Who are you?”

Silence again.

“Just who the fuck are you?!”

Same reply only louder.
The nail had moved down to my groin and was tracing circles on my thighs and stroking my balls. Sorry guys, I’d like to say my cock was rigid and the nails traced along it but when you’re like that hard is not an option.

Then I felt breath on my chest. I jumped as something warm and wet flicked over my nipple. A tongue. Whoever it was was licking my nipple. Then lips around it and the nipple was being sucked into a mouth.

It’s got to be a woman! Long nails and gentle sucking. It HAD to be a woman. But who?

I could feel the breathing on my skin. She worked her tongue over to my other nipple. I could feel a blouse. Silky! It was a silky blouse and a full chest. Yes it WAS a woman.

The fingernails had stopped and her hand had grasped my soft cock, gently massaging it and it was responding. She let it go and cupped my balls, gently squeezing, then harder and harder. Slight pain but not too much. Whoever it was didn’t want to hurt but she did want it erect.

As she squeezed, a fingernail gently scratched the little area between my balls and my arsehole. That always does it for me. I was rigid.

The lips stopped on my chest and then I felt them on my lips. The tongue which had toyed with my nipples was pushed between my lips and a kiss that felt like my very soul was being sucked from me.

Then she moved, kissing her way down my body. My chest, belly, her tongue invading my navel. And then it was on my cock. Kissing and licking along the length of it as my balls were squeezed and mauled. I moaned as she sucked my cock-head into her mouth and swallowed it as far as she could and believe me, that was a long way.

Then she was gone. I twisted my head this way and that to catch the slightest sound. I heard something. Material! My hearing was at it’s peak and I could definitely hear clothes being removed. The slight snap as a bra is unfastened and the elastic suddenly eases. The slight rustle as clothes fall down to the floor.

Then the bed moved again and I felt something come across my body. A leg! And then the weight on my chest. She moved and I felt her legs on my arms as she knelt astride me. I knew what was about to happen and soon felt the soft hair as she lowered herself onto my face. Her fingers moving between us and then the soft, wet skin. She had pulled her cunt open and lowered it to my mouth.

I licked: she writhed and I heard a slight moan. She tasted good. Sweet. Jenny tasted sweet and this was very much like Jenny but the hair confirmed what I already knew. It was NOT my Jenny.

She was bearing down on me, grinding her cunt onto my mouth. I could smell her juice. It was delicious and I licked. I could feel her hard little clit and loved the moan she gave as I worked it with my tongue. Then just below it. I tiny hole. She loved me probing that. I knew Jenny loved that too, Her piss-hole. It drove her wild especially if she was bursting to go and this woman felt the same. I wondered if I’d be treated to a golden stream. But she had a mission and wanted my tongue further under her. Her fuck-hole. I pushed it in as far as I could and was rewarded with a flood of hot, sweet juice. I lapped it up and felt her begin to quiver as I lapped at her. A grunt from high up above my workspace and I lapped harder. A low moan and then her body went so rigid she was shaking. She came in a flood and filled my mouth. Then the bucking as she rode her orgasm like a bucking bronco.

Another loud grunt and she suddenly sat back onto my belly. I felt a tit at my mouth.

“Suck it, fuck you!” the voice was gruff with lust. Did I recognize it? Not when she was like this. “Fucking suck my tits you cunt!”

I sucked. She changed tits. They were large. A lot larger than Jenny’s and her nipples were large too. My mind was racing. All her friends went through my mind. There were a couple who had massive tits. Could it be one of them.
The tit was pulled away and she wriggled her way down me. I could feel the snail’s trail of her cum on my skin and then her cunt was covering my cock. Her fingers pushed my knob into her hole and she was so wet it slid all the way inside her. She was looser than Jenny and knew what she was doing. Her hips rising and falling. She was sitting upright and riding me like a horsewoman. And a bl**dy good horsewoman too.

“Oh, you fucking whore!” I said. I knew she was smiling at that and she rode me harder, her body slamming against mine as she drove my prick into her. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I erupted inside her and sure enough, as I thought that, I felt that tingle.

“Oh, Fuck!” I said. “Oh yes ride me you fucking slut. Take it all you whore. Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck YESSSSSSSSSS!”

It shot into her belly and she came at that moment. Once again, her muscles clamped up. She was gripping my cock hard with her cunt muscles and then she was shaking which pushed me to further heights of pleasure and she was screaming. My cock was soaked, my balls felt like they were in a warm bath. I could feel her cum running down between my buttocks and a pool over my belly. This girl was one hell of a squirter. She fell back and another long squirt went the length of my chest and onto my face.

Then she was off me. Suddenly. My cock slapped back against my wet belly.

“Wait!” I said. “Who the fuck are you?”

The bed moved and her lips were against mine for a kiss then she whispered in my ear.


I rolled off a couple of names of Jenny’s friends who I thought might fit the feelings I’d had but silence was all that came back. I strained my ears but nothing. Then the door.

I was alone again.

I slept.

I don’t know how long but I woke to feel the blindfold removed from my eyes and Jenny smiling down at me. She was still in her leathers.

“Hmmm, my boy looks like he’s had a hard time,” she said, her hand going down to my cock. I could feel the tightness of my skin where the juice had dried on my body.

Jenny released me and I eased my way off the bed and padded to the bathroom after her. I needed a piss. As I stood there she stripped.

“OK,” I said. “Who was it?”

She smiled and knelt before me as I turned away from the loo.

“Can’t speak with my mouth full,” she said with a grin and engulfed my hard cock, still covered in the remains of the mystery woman. She gave me a tongue bath.

Later that night she told me that one day she would reveal the name of the mystery woman.

Jenny was killed in a road accident four months later. Oddly enough not on her motorbike. I will always miss her and I often look at her picture and grin thinking of that time.

“Just who was that woman?” I ask the picture. So far she hasn’t told me. Maybe one day.

(This is a true story. It happened a number of years ago now and I still find the thought of it bl**dy exciting.)

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very good
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great idea, sorry about Jenny
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Wonderful story..sorry about the ending.

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very nice