It had been a bitch of a day. I was NOT in a good mood. I’d skipped out of the office early which meant I would not be getting sacked for smacking my boss in her over smart mouth. It was good driving along the motorway. I could let out some aggression when the road was empty but I knew the only thing to really calm me down was my wife.

I had the image in my mind of storming into the house, dragging her by her long auburn hair to the bedroom and r****g her like a cheap whore and making her do the dirtiest things I could imagine.

I could hear her voice in my ear, begging me not to fuck her so hard.

Begging me to stop.

Telling me how I was hurting her.

She would be crying. And I would tell her to stop and just take it like the filthy slut she is.

Maybe I’d tie her hands and feet and use her over and over. Every hole.

Then we’d lay in each others arms and laugh.

We had a great sex life. From the day we first fucked, our second date, we had made a vow that sex would be our main thing and fantasy was everything. And we’d lived up to it!

I parked the car in the drive and went in. The house was quiet. I was about to call out when I heard a noise. Very faint and muffled a little. A buzz. I stood still and strained my ears. Quiet. But, No! There it was again. Very quiet and coming and going.

I crept along the hallway and eased up the stairs. The door to our bedroom was ajar and I knew what I was going to see. Guess she was having a rough day too and needed a little R&R. Well she was going to get it good and hard.

Why I didn’t burst into the room and ravish her I don’t know but I didn’t. Instead I crept up and eased it open slightly. I wanted to see the whore using her vibrator before I ravished her.

She was on the bed, her head thrown back and obviously in that pre-orgasmic state where every muscle is tensed and about to trip over the edge on the freefall of a climax. Her long legs, bent at the knees, and parted as she drove the vibrating dildo into her hot wet hole. Her mouth open ready to cry out her orgasm, her small tits like two gentle mounds on her chest.

My daughter!

I was frozen to the spot. My eyes couldn’t believe it.

Obviously not a virgin then, I thought as I watched the large vibrator disappear inside her body. bl**dy Hell! Her Mother couldn’t even get it that far in!

And as I watched she tipped over the edge and her back arched and the cries came. Her language was filthy and I couldn’t believe it.

“Oh! Fuck! Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck me, daddy! Fuck me like you fuck mum! Oh, Yes! Fill my belly up you dirty fucker. Fuck my little cunt! Fuck your little girl’s hole. Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Ohhhhhh! FUUUUUUCK!”

She went limp, the vibrator still inside her buzzing softly, The occasional twitch showed she was still getting the little aftershocks. I should have backed out but I was fascinated. As I watched, she withdrew the vibrator and turned it off then brought it to her lips and sucked it into her mouth. I could see her tongue licking it. Finally examining it to make sure it was clean, she reached over and replaced it in the bedside cabinet where we keep our ‘toys’.

I was about to go when she suddenly turned. I don’t know whether I’d made a noise or what but she spun round on the bed like a startled rabbit.


“Er….Sorry, Toni,” I said. What a bl**dy stupid thing to say! But in the confusion I had no idea what I should be saying. “”Er….You OK?”

She looked at me and silence reigned for a moment.

“Yes,” she said. More silence

Just what the hell do you say in a situation like this? ‘Had a good day at school?’ or ‘Is your mother about?’

“I was just…….”

“I can see what you were just….” I said.

“Sorry,” She said it rather solemnly then after another pause. “Did you…..were you…..”

“Long enough,” I said.

“Oh shit!”

I went over to her and sat on the edge of the bed.

“It’s quite normal,” I said. “We all went through it and still do it. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here if your mother and I hadn’t…….”

“Fucked?” she added. I don’t know if she was trying to be helpful or just funny in an embarrassing situation.

“Well, yes,” I said. “I suppose so.”

I put my arm around her to re-assure her and she turned and looked into my eyes. My beautiful daughter. My growing-up daughter.

I kissed her forehead. I kissed her nose. We looked at each other.

I kissed her hard on the lips and she kissed me back. Her tongue was electric in my mouth. I had my hands running over her soft, smooth shoulders and slowly brought one round to caress her small, firm mound of her growing tits. She was trying to unfasten my shirt. She was biting my lips as my right hand probed between her open legs and found her wet pussy. I don’t know how many times she’d come but is was not so much a pussy, more a well! A well of a thousand delights.

She ripped buttons from my shirt and her head went to my chest, her teeth were sharp as she bit my flesh and my nipples. In between bites she was giving me instructions.

“Finger me!” she was saying. “Finger my cunt! I want you to finger fuck me. Wank me like you wank mum!”

“How do you kno….”

“I listen. I fucking listen. Oh Yes! That’s right! Right up my hole! Oh, Yes, Dad! Oh fucking yes!”

“You dirty little whore!”

“Yes, I am! I’m a fucking whore. YOUR fucking whore! Fuck me like a dirty cunted whore, Daddy!”
I pulled away from her and stood facing her. As she watched I released my waistband and lowered my zipper. My trousers fell about my ankles. I eased my brief pants over my hips and allowed my erect cock to bounce free.

“Suck it, you filthy little whore!” I demanded. She looked up at me, her eyes sparkling and her tongue moistening her lips. With her right hand she gripped my shaft and eased my foreskin well back over my knob. She leaned her head forward and her soft lips pressed a kiss on my knob before she opened her mouth wide and engulfed it, sucking it right to the back of her throat. Had she done this before?

I gripped her hair and used it to move her head and pump her back and for the on my rigid cock. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the semen was rising and I felt the first twitches. Easing my hips back she sensed what I was about to do and her hand gripped my buttocks, her sharp little nails biting into the soft flesh and almost seemed to swallow my shaft whole.

“Darling,” I said softly. “I’m about to come.”

She began bobbing her head and her tongue worked around the head of my cock and I just threw my head back and let it go. I don’t remember ever cumming so much. It seemed to go on and on and Toni sucked it out of me. In the ecstasy I looked down and saw her head and the beautiful auburn hair at my groin. I could so nothing of my cock it was buried deep in her mouth and she, my daughter, was sucking me like a fucking whore.

As I watched, she pulled back, her lips following the contours of my throbbing knob-head. She kept them closed with that look of a woman with a full mouth and I knew what it was full of. I stood up and I watched her smiling face, lips tightly closed. She put her arms up and around my neck. I knew exactly what she intended. For fuck sake, her mother had never done this!

She brought her face to mine and kissed me and opened her mouth and I felt my cum oozing into my mouth and her tongue playing in it.

Of course I knew what my spunk tasted like. bl**dy hell, her mother and I had been shagging for the past fifteen years and I loved going down on her after I’d shagged her. But she’d never brought me a mouthful. In facct, she didn’t really like giving me a blow-job and it was only high-days and holidays I got one from her. Now, here was my daughter who’d just given me a blow to die for and was sharing it with me.

“Toni….” I began when we broke the kiss. She placed a finger against my lips.

“The next time I want all that in my cunt, dad!” she said softly. “How long before you’re ready to fuck me?”

“I….I….”, I stammered. “Love, the way I feel after that…….”

She laughed and seemed to know exactly what I was going to say. Grippng my still rigid cock, she backed towards the bed, dragging me with her.

“Good. Come on, daddy. Come and fuck your little girl. Take your little girl’s cunt and make her a woman. A well fucked woman.”

She sat on the bed and wriggled over to make room for me. I sat beside her and removed the remnants of clothing as she watched. Finally I lay beside her and she cuddled up to me, her right leg went across my body and her thigh pressed against my erect cock. She slid her hand between the thigh and my erection and massaged it.

“Mmmm, Daddy is nicely ready to fuck his little girl I think,” she said, a hint of a lisp in her voice. “I think Daddy ought to slip that nice fate prick into his little girl’s hot, wet virgin cunt and fuck her hard like she wants?”

“Toni, please….” I began a touch of pleading in my voice. I wanted to say stop but I knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t.

“Fuck me!” she said. “Fuck me Daddy. I’ve been saving it all up for you.”

“But the vibrator….”

She giggled.

“Well, OK. I broke myself in with mum’s dildo but you are my Adam. You are the first man to enter my garden of paradise and I want you in there doing a lot of seed planting, Daddy, dear!”

“You are a very dirty little girl,” I said. Any thought of stopping now had gone from my mind. My cock was ruling and it needed a nice tight warm and wet cunt.

She was smiling as she rolled onto her back and I moved between her legs. Her head was raised, watching as I guided my prick to her. I could see the soft folds of her pussy, light downy hair showing. Her hands came round and she parted the lips so I could see her fully and then my cock was at her. I guided it up and down, coating it in her copious juices before I found her hole. I wished I had a video because I didn’t want to miss a thing. I wanted to see her face as I slid it into her, opening her up. But I also wanted to see it slowly disappearing into her young body. I switched between the two, loving her mouth open in an ‘O’ as I opened her up and fascinated by the covering of her juice as I eased my cock back and forth into her, each thrust going deeper until our bodies touched. I looked in her eyes - no! we looked into each others eyes. In my thoughts I was looking to see if she was sure. In her eyes was the answer that she was. Very sure!

I began to thrust as we looked and her eyelids lowered and her breathing became harsher.

“Oh, yesssss,” she sighed. “Oh fuck, yes! That is so good. So fucking good.”

Her arms came up around my neck and we were kissing. Her legs came p around my waist and I pumped into her. I was driving into her and she was cumming. I was kissing and biting her neck. Talking to her.

“Fuck you, you dirty little bitch.” I was saying. “You fucking whore. You dirty fucking whore.”

“Yes!” she panted. “Yes, daddy. Take your whore daughter and fuck her! Fuck her like the filthy slut she is. Yes! Yes! Oh fuck I’m cumming, dad. I’m fucking …….YESSSSSSSSS!”

It was all I needed. A thrust to push my cock as deep into the little whore’s cunt as it would go and my cum was spewing from me, filling her hot little belly. Her back was arched and she was crying out loud as I filled her.

Then we were floating gently back to Earth. I collapsed onto her and her legs lowered and she locked her ankles behind my knees, her arms around my waist pulling me to her.

We lay there panting for a few moments before I rolled off her, She gave a massive intake of breath as my weight left her. I lay on my back with and arm around her and she cuddled to me.

“It feels all lovely and sticky between my legs,” she giggled. “Sticky Daddy spunk.”

“Toni,” I said softly. Once again the finger against my lips.

“I know,” she said. “It’s between just you and me. No-one else will ever know from me, I promise you, Dad.”

“That’s good,” I said. “But I was actually going to say that now I’ve fucked you, perhaps you should call me Dave.”

She laughed and her hand went down to my cock.
“No way!” she said. “You’re my dad. My Fuck daddy. You have my virginity. I’m going to call you daddy. OK?”

“OK!” I said and we laughed.

“Tell me,” she said after a while. “Does this thing ever lose it’s erection?”

“It will do, Love,” I said. “But it’s pretty excited at the moment and I think it will need your help to go down.”

“Mmmmm. Me on top this time then.”


“Oh, I should mention I have watched those films you keep hidden.”

I was flabbergasted.

“Your mother doesn’t even know about those,” I said. She grinned as she guided my cock into her dribbling cunt.

“Perhaps if you showed them to her she’d be a better shag than she is.”

The shock must have registered on my face. She laughed and lowered herself to sit on me. It felt as though I was up somewhere near her throat.

“You really should close the bedroom door when you fuck her, you know.”

That was only a year ago. I’m looking at my daughter now, revising for her exams, gently turning the page on a text book with her right hand while she holds our baby to her tit with the other. Maybe I should have checked if she was on the pill first.

My wife knows. Hell she came home half way through the second cumming. Shocked is a good word but we were all surprised that she took it so well. Turns out she knew Toni had been using her vibrator and it excited her. She is sitting on the other side of the room. As she sits reading, she too has a baby feeding off her.

I was very VERY excited that day and all that night.
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Well written... encompasses both the physical and emotional aspects. Outstanding work.
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LOVE daddy/daughter stories. Thanks for posting!
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wow get cake and eats it all very hot!
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