She felt it like she always did. His large head stretching her open as it drove into her body. She loved that feeling, being opened up and the long shaft of his cock right up inside her. His muscular body on hers soft one, his chest pressing hard against her tits. His tongue in her mouth. It would soon be by her ear and she would hear his heavy breathing as he pumped in and out of her. His hands round and under her, gripping her buttocks. Her hands gripping his and her legs curled around his legs, holding him firmly in place.
He pulled his face back and looked into her eyes, smiling at her. She smiled back.
“So are you going to fuck your little whore or just look at me?” she said.
“I’m going to fuck that sweet cunt until your scream,” he said and began his thrusting, watching her eyes roll up as the delicious feelings ran through her body.
“Oh, yes,” she said. “Fuck me good and hard you big cocked bastard.”
Michelle closed her eyes and felt the large cock stretching her and pumping into her. She was nicely wet. He always made sure she was wet before her drove it into her.
John Davis had put his arms around her as he always did and kissed her. Softly and gently. She loved his tenderness before the urgent ravishing he would give her and she wanted.. His hands running from her waist up to her shoulders and down to her bum. Then he released the buttons on her blouse, easing it off her shoulders and throwing it on the floor. She had put her arms around his neck and he had bent and kissed and nibbled her long neck as he fumbled with the catch on her bra, finally releasing it and throwing it on her blouse. Cupping her small tits in his hands, he bent to kiss and suck her nipples as he released the waistband on her skirt and went down on his knees, easing it over her hips and down her legs On his knees he was in the perfect position to kiss her flat belly and pull her panties down so he could kiss her bald pubes. She parted her legs and his tongue worked her soft gash and she felt the juices flowing. He loved to make her cum on his tongue first.
Then it was his turn to be slowly undressed. The same way, she started with his shirt, running her hands over his well muscled chest and sucking his nipples.
“I’m not a girl,” he laughed. “They’re not good tits to suck.”
“They’re good for me,” she said. “And no you are definitely not a woman. You are my master.”
“And you are my little mistress.”
“I’m your whore. I’m your dirty little fuck-bitch,” she said as she also knelt to remove his trousers and underpants. His large cock sprang out at her and she cupped his balls in one hand while her other hand gripped his shaft and held it as she engulfed his knob in her mouth and licked and sucked him.
“Oh, Mish,” he said. “You are certainly a little whore. MY little whore.”
After a while he lifted her up and carried her over to her bed, gently laying her on it and climbing on beside her. They kissed and rubbed their naked bodies together, his hand working down between her legs and opening her cunt lips and stroking her. She loved the way he gently fingered her clit and then probed deep inside her hole. She could feel her body responding and the tingling in her loins was building.
“Fuck me!” She said. “Fuck me hard! I need your prick in me you bastard.”
“Not yet, my little whore. Not yet. Want you to cum loads today.”
“I’m cumming now! Oh shit I’m fucking......Ooooohhhhh Yessssssss!”
She had cum hard and the juice was flowing like crazy from her and he moved and climbed onto her, guiding the head of his cock into her still tingling wet cunt and thrust. She moaned slightly as it opened her up.
And now he was pumping and fucking her, his breathing ragged as he drove himself on and she whispered into his ear.
“That’s my good master. Fuck your little whore. Go on! Drive that fucking prick into my little cunt and fill me up your dirty fucker. Give me a bellyful of that lovely sticky spunk and I’ll suck your cock clean afterwards. Go on. Fuck me! Fuck me!”
And fuck her he did. She felt him arch his back and give a cry and she felt the spurts of his cum inside her.
He collapsed on her for a few moments before rolling off and they cuddled, her head against his shoulder and he gently caressed her body and kissed her hair.
“God I love you, Mish,” he said. “I wish things were different.”
“Sssshh!” she said. “Things are as they are and we are lucky. We can fuck as often as we like.”
They rested for a while before he checked his watch. He looked at her and she smiled.
“I know,” she said. “Come on. Let’s get dressed.”
Dressing was in silence and John was adjusting his tie when he spoke.
“Mish, I know we’ve spoken about......”
“If you are going to say that again I will scream,” she said. “Honestly, I do know we have to be discrete about our affair.”
He smiled.
“Sorry,” he said kissing her gently. “I know you do.”
“Now go back to work, Dad, before mum comes home and wants to know why you’re not out earning your wages! And I have some homework to do by tomorrow.”
John kissed her again and left. She smiled and finished dressing then went to the bathroom before going down to the lounge to finish off her homework.
When Eileen came home, Michelle was in the kitchen boiling water for coffee.
“Hi love,” her mother said.
“Hi mum. Just making a drink.”
“Good. I’m gasping,” her mother said putting some shopping in the fridge. “What you been up to?”
“Just finished off some homework.” She said and Eileen came up behind her and put her arms around her daughter.
“And have you finished it?”
“Of course. Don’t I always?”
Eileen laughed and with one hand brushed her daughters’ hair aside.
“Does that mean you have the evening free?”
“I get the feeling that you have something in mind, mother dear.”
“How well you know me,” Eileen said and began to kiss her daughters neck. Michelle turned and put her arms around her mother’s neck and kissed her fully on the mouth. Eileen’s hand massaged her daughters tit through the material of the blouse. Soon Michelle was unfastening the buttons on her mother’s blouse and freeing her chest. She undid the front fastening bra and cupper her mothers large breasts in her hands.
“I used to love the feeling of you sucking the milk from them when you were a baby,” Eileen said. “But it’s much more fun when you suck them now.”
Michelle laughed and bent her head and took one of the large globes in her mouth. Eileen sighed and leant back against the table. Soon her daughter was on her knees and lifting the short skirt. Eileen always wore very short skirts, not only because John liked them but also because she had good legs and liked to flash.
“No knickers, mother,” the girl said mockingly. “Who got the pleasure of a view today?”
“Oh lots and lots and Ohhh Michelle, that feels so good. So very good.”
Michelle had pushed a finger into her mother and was pumping it.
After a short while she pulled her daughter up and kissed her hard.
“Bed!” she said and almost dragged her into the bedroom. As they stripped, the girl studied her mother. She was looking good. Slim and with incredibly long legs. As she stepped from her skirt, Michelle saw the neatly trimmed triangle of hair forming an arrow down to her well shaved cunt lips.
“You are so beautiful, mum,”
“So are you,” Eileen said as she put her arms around her now naked daughter. Tilting her face up, she kissed her full on the lips and their tongues wrestled with each other. She felt Michelle’s hand probing between her legs and opened them slightly.
“Who’s a wet mummy then?” then girl asked with a grin.
“It comes from having a little lesbo slut for a daughter,”
They laughed and climbed onto the bed. Eileen tried to place her daughter on her back but the girl had other ideas.
“I think a nice 69 would be the be a nice treat for both our cunts, don’t you?”
“Mmmmm. I know mine could do with a good tongue-lashing.”
Michelle sat astride her mother and lowered her wet slit to the waiting mouth. She thanked all the fates that she’d had the sense to have a quick shower after her father left and the slim shower head had really cleaned her out and it had only taken 20 minutes of warm water and two orgasms. She smiled and bent forward, burying her face between the spread legs and they both licked and sucked. Eileen came quickly the first time. Great gushes of warm fragrant juice which the girl drank eagerly. With her arms around her mother’s legs, Michelle used her fingers to open her mother’s cunt fully so that her hole was clearly open. Her tongue worked into it. Eileen was doing the same and moaning into the wet orifice as she came. And then it was her turn. The orgasm hit her and she clamped her legs around her mother’s head. She knew what she was going to get and wanted it. Eileen knew the exact time to do it, Just before her peak and it drove her wild. She was building to it now and her hips were shaking then, as her orgasm struck, Eileen thrust two finger, one in each hole, hard into her daughter. Michelle screamed her orgasm.
“That’s it, my darling,” Eileen was saying, her words muffled by the young cunt on her face. “Cum, my baby. Cum my lover. Cum all over mummy’s face!”
And she came. Over and over for what seemed an eternity.
Then they twisted around, Each eager to get to the other. Their lips met and they were writhing, the girl between her mother’s legs doing a very manly thrust, pressing her mons to her mother’s and getting wonderful feelings. She kissed and licked the juice from her mother’s face and in turn was cleaned by her mother. Like two cats mutually grooming. Then she went to Eileen’s large tits.
As the passion eased she looked up at the older woman.
“I hope mine get this big,” she said gently massaging the soft globes.
“They will, Darling,” Eileen said. “Big tit’s run in our f****y and once you’ve had a baby dangling from them. You were a greedy little madam. I think you had lesbian tendencies even then.”
They laughed and cuddled together, each gently stroking the other all over their bodies and slowly working towards their anticipating cunts.
“Do you want the vibrator?” Michelle asked.
“No, darling. Just my lover’s fingers.”
They made love more slowly and more tenderly again later and it was approaching ten when Eileen spoke.
“Time for you to return to your own room, lover. Dad will be home soon.”
“I know and I musn’t say anything. It’s OUR secret.”
“I wouldn’t care if you did say something, love,” Eileen said. “But it would get us both into a lot of trouble and would mean we couldn’t see each other for years. But I’m proud of loving you like a woman and maybe, one day, we can live openly. We’d have to pretend you were my young lover of course.”
Michelle, having picked her clothes up, bent forward and kissed her mother on the forehead. Come on, Mum. There’s only f******n years difference in our ages. Dad knocked you up early.
Eileen grinned. She had been promiscuous as a girl and John had taken full advantage but a slip-up meant that she was a teenage mother. They’d married when she was sixteen and Michelle had been their bridesmaid. Now she watched her slim daughter slip from her bedroom after having fantastic sex with her. She lay for a moment before rising and dressing . She was just on her way to the kitchen when she heard the front door.
“Hi, love,” she called, a little louder then needed. This was to warn her daughter just in case she was indulging in some after sex self help.
“And how’s my favourite girl?” he asked coming up behind her and sliding his hand under her arms and cupping her ample breasts.
“Well, fuck-slut then.”
“Sssshhh!” Eileen said. “Your daughter’s only just gone to bed. You woulldn’t want her to hear you calling her mother a fuck-slut.”
“Why not? She’s getting to and age when she should know how she got here and how I still love fucking the little whore who I chose all those years ago.”
Eileen turned around in his arms and put hers around his neck.
“Do I take it that you still want to fuck the little whore? Judging by the lump that’s pressing against my stomach.”
“Well, whore. I suggest you just get it out and see.”
She felt between them and found the zip on his trousers. Lowering it, she felt inside and grasped his erection. They were looking into each others’ eyes as she eased it out. Going on tiptoe, she guided the head under her short skirt and into her wet pussy.
“Well,” John said smiling. “No knickers and very, very wet.”
“I am a whore, remember,” Eileen said as she felt the thick cock slide into her.
In her bedroom, Michelle sat on her bed, naked, her knees pulled up and her laptop balanced. She turned her head as her mobile phone chirped softly.
“Hi, Macie,” she said into it softly and listened to the girl at the other end for a moment then grinned. “Yes! Both of them. How about you?..........Great! We’ll exchange dvd’s tomorrow. I’ve just been looking at mine and they’re really good. Your b*****r is an electronic wiz. And a little bonus, the two of them are going at it like rabbits over the kitchen table right now........OK, Marcie. See you tomorrow..........Yeah! I love you too babe!”

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lol that is great
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I loved it, I hpe to hear more about her and her actual girlfriend :)