Who's the boss?

“OK,” Ann said as she bustled about packing her bags. “Now you know what to do and where everything is, don’t you?”
“Yes dear.” I replied. My voice must have given my thoughts away. She came over and stood in front of me.
“And don’t adopt that tone of voice with me Robert,” she said sternly, her smile belying the irritation she was trying to inject. “You know what a useless sod you are without me around to organise you.”
I reached out to slide my hand up the inside of her shapely legs but she pushed it away.
“Don’t think that will help you either,” she said. “I’ll be gone about a week.”
“Her mother was ill and Ann had to go and look after her and was leaving me alone at home. The home she ran with beautiful efficiency whilst I went out to earn the bread.
OK, we were a successful couple. I had a profitable business which I ran from an office in the centre of the town. We had met at Uni where she was studying English and I was studying History. Just the degree you need to succeed in MicroSolutions. Computer software that did all thse little things on your computer which would take you half the time with a pencil and paper. But Hey! It paid the bills. And handsomely. I now had a custom built office, all glass and brushed steel, and a nice home. A very attractive wife in Ann. Nearly six feet tall and willowy. She had a thirty-six inch bust, twenty-four inch waist and thirty-five inch hips. Her legs were, as you can imagine for a woman that height, long and very shapely. I am five feet eight in height. So she kind of towers over me. She offered to wear flat shoes but her legs are so stunning in high-heels I insisted she wore them. And the higher the heel the better as far as I’m concerned.
“Oh, come on, Annie,” I pleaded. “I’m not going to have you here for a whole week. At least let me have a feel of that sweet pussy.”
She looked around at her bags then checked her watch.
“You have half an hour,” she said. “Reckon you can fit in a quickie?”
I was on my feet in a second, my hand all the way up her skirt.
“No knickers?” I said. She took my chin in her soft hands and bent to kiss me.
“You didn’t think I’d go without a fuck did you?” she said. I took her hand but she stopped me.
“Where are you going?”
“Bed?” I said.
“What’s wrong with the table? Or the sofa? Or the floor?”
Ann was a dirty fuck-bitch from the first day I met her. She was, remarkably enough, a virgin when we met at Bath Uni. It was the day of registration and she stood out from the crowd – literally. With her height she stood out. I didn’t think I had a chance but manouveured myself next to her anyway. She turned and smiled and I smiled. We exchanged a few pleasantries and, with a lump in my throat, I asked her if she fancied getting a drink and checking out the town. A smile spread across her face and at 6 o’clock we met and wandered down. A little wine bar close to the Baths and a bottle of – don’t laugh – Blue Nun! For some reason the chemistry worked and we laughed and chatted like we’d known each other for years. It was a beautiful night and we strolled back, taking in the weir. It was a clear night and the moon was almost full. She looked stunning.
“I’d kiss you if I could get up that high,” I laughed. She looked at me, looked around and then dragged me over to a seat. Sitting down she said.
“Is this better?”
Her tongue was like an eel in my mouth and I was in severe danger of a premature. I chanced my arm and slid my hand up her crisp, white blouse and squeezed her tit. She pulled her face away from me and looked at me for a second. I thought she was going to object but she just came straight back and began chewing my lips. My hand went sown to her pert bum and she wriggled a little closer. I couldn’t believe my luck. A little stroll with my fingers and my hand was between her thighs and slowly moving upwards. She responded by parting them and I just went for it. What a shock. Not the silky feel of sexy knickers but hair. Wet hair. She pulled her face back and looked at me, a slightly worried look on her face.
“I don’t wear them,” she said simply. “Shocked?”
“Excited,” I said. Her hand went to my groin and she squeezed my hard cock through my trousers. She smiled and we were kissing harder than ever.
I probed into her wet slit and could feel her fiddling with the zip in my trousers.
“Can I help?” I asked.
“No! No, you keep fingering me!” she said.
She had gotten my zip down and her hand was inside, down the waistband of my underpants and she was gently massaging my cock. Suddenly it all stopped. She pulled away and twisted off my finger.
“What did I do?” I asked.
“Nothing,” came the reply and she turned and looked at me, slightly worried. She was struggling to say something then finally blurted it out. “I’m a virgin! Is that a problem?”
I was shocked. Honestly shocked.
“Er – No? Why should it be?”
“Well, I’m not – experienced – you know?” she said. I laughed and pulled her to me.
“Well I don’t mind de-flowering you if you don’t mind de-flowering me,” I said.
“Really?” she asked. I nodded and she laughed. “Well let’s get back to my room and get ourselves well and truly – DE-FLOWERED!”
It was the stuff we dream of. And I can still feel that wonderful feeling of first penetration. It was the first cunt I’d fucked and we didn’t sl**p until nearly five in the morning.
That was twenty years ago and she is still as tight as she was then and even dirtier, I’m very pleased to say.
Now she had her bum perched on the table, her skirt around her waist and her legs around me as I slammed into her. She had her hands at the back of my head and was demanding I fuck her harder and harder.
“Come on you little bastard!” she said. “Where’s that fucking spunk. I want a bellyful before I leave you dirty fucker. Give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”
My trousers round my ankles, I hammered my cock into her and could feel the orgasm building. Her cunt muscles tighten around me just before she cums. They were tightening now and I knew she was almost there. I let myself go and felt my own orgasm build. Then it was there. I cried out and thrust my cock deep inside and heard her cry out as I shot my load into her belly. Once, twice, three times my cock twitched and muscles pumped my cum out and she was shaking. Her orgasm was massive and it felt like she was almost pissing herself with the amount of juice she was pumping out.
We were laughing and holding each other in the afterglow when the doorbell rang. Her cab had arrived.
“Just in time, Darling,” she said as we parted. She used the bottom of my shirt to dry between her legs. It was almost dripping when she’d finished. “I want you to promise me you’ll wear that all day.”
“I will,” I said.
As I carried her bags to the door I commented on how short her skirt was.
“I’ll be doing a lot of bending so you can think of all those men who’ll be getting a good look at my well fucked cunt. OK?” She could be such a prick-teaser. Then her final words before setting off. “And if you feel like flashing that cock to any young ladies, or old ones for that matter, remember that they can look but not touch. He’s mine!”
“No other cunt but yours sweetheart,” I said.
I waved her off. Made sure all my clothing was arranged carefully and set off to the office feeling the wetness of my shirt against my legs and belly.
It was a relaxed day, maybe because of the early morning exertions but I felt good and it was about mid afternoon when Gabrielle came in to my office.
Gabby was French, twenty three, French and dark. Long jet-black hair hung down her back to her waist. A perfect complexion on her olive skin and her full lips pouting as only French girls can pout. She hard dark, smiling eyes and her teeth were almost blindingly white when she smiled. Her voice was soft, deep and had the sort of French accent that goes straight from your ears to your libido. Maybe an inch or so shorter than Ann but certainly four or more inches more in the chest area and she would always wear a blouse that seemed to only have enough buttons to reach the up to just below her massive globes. Usually she wore jeans which looked as though they’d been sprayed on and often showed a camel-toe which cause much ribald comment among the men and I must admit had often featured in my thoughts in those moments when the juices were flowing and Ann wasn’t near and I had to resort to manual manipulation.
Today she was wearing a skirt. My eyes boggled and I saw a smile pass quickly across her face. She’d seen me ogle them.
“I’ve fixed the glitch in the main program,” she said coming and standing next to me and placing a sheaf of papers on my desk. Her accent was like liquid Viagra. And it worked!
“Ah! Great!” was all I trusted myself to say. She turned, perched her bum on the edge of my desk and looked down at me.
“Did Ann get away on time?” she asked.
“Yes. Yes she did.”
“I hope her mother will be better soon.”
That delicious roll of the letter R. I leaned back in my chair. She had put one foot on the waste basket and my eyes were drawn to her legs and as I leaned back I could just see under her......
“I don’t wear them,” she said. “I find they are too restricting.”
“What?” I said sitting back up.
“You were trying to look up my skirt. I don’t wear anything. Look!”
She raised the hem of her skirt and revealed a triangle of neatly trimmed black hair.
“I...I...er...I wasn’t trying.....”
Her finger pressed to my lips and she looked into my eyes.
“Yes you were. You were trying to get a look at my pussy. I’m sure Ann would have something to say about that, you know.”
“Oh, roll those R’s for me, Gabby,” I thought. “As you roll that arse for me too.”
“I’m sorry,” is what I said out loud.
“You are a very naughty man and I see you have a stiffie too. Tut, tut, Robert!” she pronounced it Robair. How much of her oral Viagra would it take before my manhood exploded.
“I’m surprised that you are ready to go again after the shag she gave you this morning.”
“What?” I said. She and Ann have been friends ever since she came to work with me. They hit it off immediately and giggled like schoolgirls when they met but I didn’t think Ann would confide anything like that to her. Gabby grinned.
“So, I am right, No?” she said. “I may have an IQ of 156, but you don’t need to be a genius to work out that wife going away is going to leave her husband with something special to keep him on the straight and narrow path. N’est pas?”
“Mais, Oui!” I said in a mock of her accent.
“And yet there you are looking at my little French cunt, you naughty boy.”
“She doesn’t mind me looking,” I said. “As long as I don’t touch.”
As I spoke I reached out and stroked her between her legs, feeling her wetness.
“And here you are – touching!”
“Yes. Here I am touching.”
“You like French cunt?”
“I love French cunt!”
“You want to fuck it?”
I nodded
“Oh yes!” I said. She smiled and let out a small sigh as my finger penetrated her.
“Will you take me home and fuck me on your wife’s bed?”
“Would that please you?”
“Oh yes! Ann is very sexy and I would love to feel what she feels.”
If I had any apprehension it disappeared when she placed her hand on my trousers over my erection.
As I drove us to my house, we chatted and I listened to that throaty accent and my mouth watered. I wanted my hands all over this Gallic lovely and I imagined her purring with my cock in her mouth.
When we arrived I used the remote control to open the integral garage figuring that the neighbours wouldn’t notice me bringing another woman home. Inside the house we kissed and I was groping her like mad as we edged our way to the bedroom.
She pulled away from me.
“I need to pee,” she said. I pointed her towards the bathroom and asked if she needed help. She laughed. “Later we will play games like that.”
I went into the bedroom and pulled the duvet down and straightened the sheet. Behind me she spoke.
“I hope you don’t mind me not getting totally naked,” she said and I turned to see her standing in the doorway. “I always keep my crucifix on.”
I was stunned. Her body was gorgeous. Dark aureolae and large nipples jutted out from a full pair of tits. A flat, well defined belly and firm thighs. A neat triangle of hair.
“You are fucking gorgeous!” I said in awe. She grinned and moved to the bed, climbing on like a she-wolf stalking her prey.
“Well? Don’t you think you should let me see what is going to spear me?”
It took me next to no time to strip and move towards her. She gripped my cock and pulled it towards her mouth. I was transfixed as those sweet red lips parted and closed around my knob.
“Oh, my God that’s good,” I said and she moved slightly so I could ease myself onto the bed and she parted her legs for me.
“Eat!” she said taking my tool from her mouth for a moment. “Eat your fill my filthy fucker!”
I ate. She was delicious. Wet and soft. I didn’t mind the hair although Ann was clean shaven and always had been. This was like a side salad at a fantastic meal. My tongue worked her clit and I could hear her moan as I worked along her cunt and probed her fuck-hole, circling it and then passing down to the tight little puckerd arsehole and then back. Finally I could stand it no longer and turned and climbed between her legs. Our mouths met and my prick slid easily into her. She wasn’t as tight as Ann but she felt bl**dy good and I began a slow fuck. We kissed.
“Mmmmm,” she said when we broke. “My cunt taste good. No?”
“No!” I said. “Your cunt tastes marvellous and I’m going to eat a lot more of it later.
“We shall see,” she laughed. “Now I want you to fuck me like beech.”
“You want me to fuck like we’re on a beech?” I asked, mystified.
“Like beech! Lady dog!”
I laughed. “Oh, like a bitch!”
“So! Like a beech!”
I pulled out and turned her face down, I pulled her hips up and she knelt as I entered her from behind.
“Oh that is so good,” she said. “You are so deep inside me. Now fuck me. Fuck me all the way.”
I slapped her beautiful round buttocks and she groaned.
“Oh, Fuck me, Robert. Fuck me all the way. That’s it! I can feel it deep inside and I’m cumming Robert. I’m... Ohhhh yes keep going. Take me. Take my little whore cunt.”
I could feel her muscles tightening and knew she was close. I could feel my own orgasm nearly there. I used my thumb and pushed it into her arsehole and it took her over the top and as she cried out in ecstacy I shot my load deep inside her.
“Fuck, Gabby. Fuck you I fucking love your hot little cunt.”
She pushed herself up and I put my arms around her and clasped her full tits just letting my cock soak in her for a while before we fell sideways onto the bed panting and laughing and kissing.
“Can I eat your cunt again?” I asked. She smiled.
“In a moment, Robert,” she said. “I have some fun plans for you.”
She slid off the bed and from her handbag she produced a couple of pairs of handcuffs.
“I am going to give you something you never imagined,” she said fixing one to each wrist and then handcuffing me to the bedstead. It was lucky Ann and I went for an old-fashioned iron one. Smiling, Gabby removed the belt from my dressing gown and fastened one leg then removed the belt from Ann’s and fastened the other leaving me spread-eagled. She bent forward and kissed my cock and then sucked it into her mouth. Standing up licking her lips she kissed a finger and placed it against my lips.
“I will be back in a moment,” she said. “I just need something special for you.”
I lay my head back and closed my eyes waiting to see what pleasures she had in mind for me.
“So who’s a dirty bastard then?”
My eyes snapped open. There was no trace of an accent in the voice and it was suddenly familiar.
“Yes, my dirty lying bastard. Ann.”
She was standing at the end of the bed looking at the video camera screen.
“She’s got a nice arse, hasn’t she?” she said, a sickly sweet smile on her face. A noise in the doorway made me look over. Gabrielle was standing, still naked leaning against the door and smiling.
“Ann. I can explain....”
“No, Robert,” she said. “You can’t. You took a dirty whore and fucked her on our bed. No you must be punished. Gabrielle! Come here!”
The naked girl padded towards my wife. As she got close, Ann reached out and grasped a handful of hair and pulled her face to face. There was a moment’s silence before she spoke again.
“Guess you were right,” she said and kissed her fully on the lips. Gabby’s arms went around my wife and I could see they were excited. Ann’s hands moved to Gabby’s tits and she played with them while the French girl was squeezing my wife’s buttocks. As I watched in amazement, she stripped Ann and the two of them began a love-making session that would be the star show if a film had been made. They moved onto the bed next to me and I could feel their bodies next to mine but neaither of them touched my cock and neither could I and I needed it. I needed to be rubbing it as I watched them kiss and lick and suck each other. Finger fucking each other to orgasm after orgasm. A double ended dildo was produced and they worked on each other.
It must have been about two in the morning when they had mutual orgasms and collapsed on each other.
“OK,” I said. “You’ve paid me back now please let me go and let me relieve myself. Ann looked up at me.
“Paid you back?” she said. “Not quite.”
She got up and went out and I asked Gabby to release me but she merely took one of Ann’s hairbrushes off the dressing table. I wondered what she intended to do with it but she merely began brushing her long, dark hair. Ann returned with a cup. Was this something awful to drink? But no. Just coffee.
She held my head while I drank it, not realising how thirsty I was. I watched Ann as she moved over to the other girl and take the brush and begin brushing the long hair. They were giggling like the schoolgirls again.
I blinked. At least I thought I blinked. My eyes certainly closed on that scene in the bedroom but opened in broad daylight. I turned to see Ann and Gabrielle but they weren’t there. Instead the foyer of my office was there. I went to move but I was still tied and I realised that I was still naked and all my employees were gathering and laughing. I wasn’t exactly cold but didn’t feel as warm as I should. Looking down I was naked and my cock and balls were bright blue. Looking up I could see a notice had been pinned above my head on a make-shift frame. I couldn’t read it and looked to the mirror behind the reception desk. Backwards I could read ‘Lecherous Bastard’ The receptionists smiled and I called them to release me. One came over and apologised and said that she’d been told she mustn’t. On my wife’s orders.
“Who are you more worried by?” I asked. “Me or my wife?”
The girl looked at me and smiled.
“You mean the boss or the woman who managed to tie the boss naked in the middle of his own business for all the world to see. Hmmm. Difficult one!”
“I could fire you!”
“And have me go to a tribunal for refusing to let you go when you were naked and tied up in your office with your tackle painted bright blue. OK boss. You do that.”
They kept me there all day and I didn’t see hide nor hair of either of them until late afternoon. I have no idea what they put in the coffee but I know it worked and I still have clients who laugh when we meet about the meeting they had with me that day.
When I got home, Ann said nothing about what had happened but spoke freely and chattily. When we went to bed I found she had changed the sheets. I guessed that she didn’t want to sl**p in the same sheets I’d had Gabrielle in.
I still wonder, though, why I found lots of long, dark hairs in the fresh sheets.

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very good.
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wow they got you & not their 1st time together