Home is where the heart is

Don’t run away with the wrong idea. It was my actions which led my father to fuck me although he took to it with a lot of enthusiasm after he got used to the idea that I was a young woman with a very active sex drive. Nothing i*****l either. Let me explain.
I was a shy, eighteen year old girl. A little studious and with no really good dress sense. Hair was always in a pony-tail and I never bothered with make-up. I would clam up when I meet a member of the opposite sex and the boys at college finally gave up trying to entice me out of my clothes. All of which is probably why I wasn’t asked out. My girl-friends, that is friends who were girls, tried to encourage me but I never saw the point and felt I was missing out.
At home, I had a normal girl’s active sex life but, alas, my finger was the major recipient of my sexual favours. And sometimes a candle. Oh, and I used to sneak the use of my mum’s vibrator when they were out. And some carrots. Courgettes.
Ok! Ok, anything long and slim had been inserted. All right?
It was a warm summer day and I was in a highly charged state. Can’t remember why but the walk home had been hot on the head and damp in the knickers. As I walked into the house I knew something was up. You know what I mean? I opened the door and there was just something that told me there was another something going on. Couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I slipped my shoes off in the hallway and tip-toed along the hallway to the door to our living room. It was open and whatever was happening was going on in there. As I reached the door I could hear movement. I put my eye to the crack on the hinged said of the door and peered through.
I honestly don’t know I stayed silent. My father was on the sofa. In full view. Check shirt open to the waist and light beige trousers open at the fly and his right hand pumping up and down the length of his cock. No wonder mum had married him. I’ve seen shorter cucumbers and certainly none any thicker. He was enormous! And believe me, it wasn’t only my mouth that was watering.
I don’t know where I got the courage from to do it, but I waited until he was close to cumming……Ok, I knew because a friend and I had watched one of her father’s movies………a few times…….Well if you’re so interested, yes we did. But not to each other! I want to emphasise that. We never did each other. Mind you, I had a damned good look! Just so I could remember when I was indulging myself.
Anyway, back to dad. He was so close and I walked in and spoke.
“Need a hand?”
“Jeeezus H, Connie,” he cried out, doubling over to try to hide the sausage. He had twisted to turn his back to me while he struggled to bend it so that it would fit back inside his trousers. He was having trouble but it didn’t last for long. I’d never heard about what shock could do to an erection. But it had spurred me on. I suddenly found a bravery. Whether it was because I now had some degree of power over him, I don’t know. I mean. I love dad and all that and he was never a ‘dominant’ dad. It was just a very – satisfying feeling.
“Don’t be shy, Dad,” I said. His eyes were wide as he looked over at me, struggling to zip himself up. “Lots of the guys at school do it – so I’m told.”
“They don’t ask you to do it for them then,” he said, without thinking.
“Nah!” I replied and as he had straightened himself out, I added. “More’s the pity!”
“Oh, come on, Dad! I’m a big girl now. I do know you and Mum fuck you know.”
“Will you listen to yourself,” he said and sounded somewhat shocked that I was using language he used to my mother whenever they had sex.
“You say it to Mum!”
“That’s different!”
“She says it to you. Mind you, I reckon that’s when you shove that thing inside her,” I said nodding to the swelling in the front of his trousers. “You don’t get many of them to the pound.”
“Oh, my daughter, the expert!”
“Jilly and I do peep in the changing rooms.”
He sat open mouthed and I went over to the sofa and gave him a kiss on the cheek and he actually jumped when he felt my hand on his swelling.
“Connie!” he said but I noticed that it was stiff and long and he seemed in no hurry to remove my hand. I moved it back and forth and saw the look in his eyes change. “We can’t, love. It’s wrong.”
“Please, Dad,” I pleaded. “Just a quick feel. No-one will ever know.”
He looked at me and the tip of his tongue moistened his lips. There was no word to say yes but there was also no word to say no so I took the tag of his zipper and gently slid it down. He made no effort to stop me.
I slid my fingers into the open fly of his trousers and they felt the hard cock. He had pulled his underpants down so that the waistband was under his balls and I had instant contact with my target. I think my eyes must have widened because, although I’d caught a glimpse of it, to actually touch the thing. It was bl**dy enormous!
I gripped it and pulled and he stopped me. I looked into his eyes thinking he was going to stop me.
“Gently,” he said. “It’s not steel.”
“Feels like it,” I giggled.
“Well, it’s not so easy. Here….”
His shaking hands unfastened his waistband and his huge cock came into view. Ten inches at least. I don’t have the smallest hands and I could hold it with both and the tip still showed over them and my fingers only just met as I gripped it. I just stared and felt him remove my lower hand then guide my top hand to begin to rub him up and down.
“Gently,” he said softly. “Just rub it gently until I tell you.”
I did as he said and was fascinated by the huge, purple knob coming into view as I massaged the organ. The little slit which looked big enough to take my little finger. His breathing was getting deeper.
“Kneel up here,” he almost whispered and patted the sofa next to him. I moved and was face to face with this monster. I felt his hand at the back of my thigh. He was rubbing it up and down my leg, my skit hew lifting higher with each stroke until his hand was fully on my bare flesh. I looked into his eyes. “A little harder.”
I used both my hands and began pumping harder and was rewarded with a low moan from him. I smiled. My Dad was getting tossed off by his daughter and he was loving it.
His eyes closed and his head lolled and I felt his fingers on my bum.
“A thong?” he asked.
“You like?” I replied. “It’s new.”
His fingers slid under it and found my pussy. I was wet. Very wet and his probing finger slid into my hole. I grunted as it went deep.
“That’s not new,” I said softly. “I’ve been using that for years.”
“Just you?”
“Uh-huh! Yours are the first fingers that have probed into there and, Daddy, dear. I like it”
The thought of that must have tipped him over the edge.
“Oh, fuck, Con,” he moaned. “Oh Fuuuckkk!”
I don’t know why I did it. I was kneeling with his fingers up my cunt and my face so close to his knob as I rubbed and I managed to time it perfectly. I just opened my mouth and engulfed the huge head and felt the first of three large wads of spunk shoot into my mouth. His cock was swelling as each shot came and I had to be careful not to let it shoot straight down my throat.
“Fucking hell, Con. You are a really dirty fucking little whore. Suck it you fucking cunt!”
I sucked but didn’t swallow. It was as if my mind was working at such a speed that everything seemed in slow motion and I knew exactly what I was going to do with this.
Finally his humping stopped and I pulled up and went straight up and kissed him full on the mouth, squirting some of his spunk into it. As I sat up, his finger slid full length into me and I knew I wasn’t too far from cumming.
Dad was kissing me eagerly and his tongue was rapping my mouth as his fingers ravaged my cunt. I was starting to cum and we broke the kiss and he held me tightly as I grunted and fought to catch my breath. It was irresistible. I was past the point of no return and I cried out as the orgasm hit me.
“Oh! God! Fucking YESSSSSS!”
“That’s it you dirty little fucking slut. Cum for Daddy.”
“Oh, Yes, Daddy! Fucking hell, Yes!”
It was as I was just beginning re-entry to the atmosphere that he did something I didn’t expect. The well lubed finger slipped out of my hole and found my arse. A thrust and it was all the way up there. I cried out and a follow-up orgasm hit me. I felt his other finger in my vagina and he was pumping again and I was cumming hard and humping on it. I’d never knows anything like it. I was in orbit again and he kept me there for I don’t know how long.
Then it happened. A gush and a jet of liquid was pumped out of me.
“Shit!” I cried. “I’ve pissed myself!”
Dad laughed.
“No you haven’t. You’ve just squirted. Have you never done it before?”
He grinned.
“Lay back and let me clean you up before your mother gets home. And we’d better dry this sofa off too. Lucky it’s leather.
On shaking legs I stood and turned, my skirt slipping down. Dad moved and pushed me down onto the sofa, spread my legs and, lifting the hem of my skirt, bent forward. I slid to the edge of the sofa and spread myself as far as I could and watched as he began to lick all over my labia and legs then I felt the tip of his tongue between them and was off on my flight through the universe again. Tender as they were, they were responding to his cleaning and I was soon crying out with yet another orgasm. He licked it right the way through and then smiled up at me.
I looked down and smiled.
“Wow!” I said.
Dad looked serious.
“Your mum must never know about this,” he said. “We shouldn’t…..I shouldn’t have let it get…..”
“Do you regret it?”
“Do you regret doing it with me?”
“No! No, not at all. But….”
“I’m a big girl now, Dad. I do know.”
He smiled.
“We won’t tell her.”
Whenever we do it.”
“Oh, Dad. Now we’ve opened the floodgates, let’s ride the tide.”
He went to object. I placed a finger against his lips.
“You know we will, Dad. And I want that big fucker inside me giving me a bl**dy good shagging.”
“How many, Con?”
“As many as we can and as often as we can.”
“No, I mean how many have you had?”
“None!” I said. “Yours will be the first.”
I nodded and, as we cleaned the sofa, I added
“The rest have been various vegetables and some fruit. Oh, and on a couple of occasions, Mum’s toy.”
He stopped and turned to me.
“You have got to be k**ding,” he said with a broad grin. I shook my head.
“Big bugger isn’t it?”
“Well, my little girl, we won’t have any problem getting into you if you can take that.”
I giggled.
“Like mother, like daughter.”
He grinned and was suddenly behind me as I knelt at the sofa. My skirt was lifted and I felt his fingers pull the gusset of my thong aside and then I felt it for the first time. His hot knob at my cunt and I moaned. I was so bl**dy wet that it slid in with only a very few strokes and he was fucking me. Like a bitch on heat. It was gorgeous. I really felt his belly slapping against my arse and his balls were exciting my clit. He leant forward and he groped at my chest. I’m not a big girl in the tit area and he cupped both in his hands. They were encased in bra and blouse and he held and squeezed them as he drove his cock into me. I came. Loudly and wetly but he carried on thrusting. He’d cum once and now needed time to recharge and I was just a useless cum-slut taking it like a filthy whore and I was loving every thrust.
“Oh, Fuck, Con. Her you are. Take that you fucking slut. And that! And that! And…… YEEEEEESSSSS!”
“Aaaaaaagggghhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuuccccckkkk, Dad! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder. Oh, my GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!”
I was shaking as I came feeling his hot cum spurt into my cunt. My first man-sperm. I was now an officially dirty fucking slut and I loved it.
He collapsed over me and I could feel his heavy breathing against mine. Like two sated a****ls, we panted and slowly recovered. After a while I felt him gently kiss my neck.
“You are like your mother,” he said softly. “That’s the way I fucked her first time also.”
And that was how my Dad and I became lovers. And it was good. Whenever mum was out we’d get naked and fuck either in their bed or mine or wherever we were. One day I got a text in college asking me to meet him at lunchtime. When I got out, he had bought a new campervan and he whisked me off to the local woods where we parked up and gave me a good seeing to before afternoon lectures.
It was about six months later. I know I was still a healthy eighteen year old and Dad and I had exhausted ourselves. We fell asl**p!
The first I knew of it, I felt something cold on my ankle which stirred me from my slumber but before I fully came to, I felt the coldness on the other ankle. I immediately sat up only to find my wrist grabbed and a cold bracelet snapped onto it. I was yanked forward and pulled upwards. Still in a daze, I felt the hard backboard of a chair in my stomach and I was bent over, my wrist in what I now realised was a set of handcuffs, was fixed to the front leg of one of our dining-room chairs. I was awake now and my mother, grinning, grabbed my other wrist and it was also fastened to the other front leg. I was bent over the back of the chair and totally unable to move.
I know. Dumb thing to say but when you’re suddenly woken and find you’re bound, literacy isn’t one of your strong subjects.
I looked around. No sign of my father.
My mother walked around me and pulled the chair into a better position with me shuffling along. She went to the door and turned and blew me a kiss before leaving. I could do nothing but prop myself on my hands on the seat and wait. It took an age but the door finally opened and my father was pushed into the room. He was blindfolded, gagged and manacled hand and foot so he could only walk little steps. A rope had been affixed to his cock and balls and they stood out where it was tightly tied.
The transformation in my mother made me gasp. A leather bikini with half-cup bra and crotchless.
She grabbed the rope dangling from his tied balls and yanked my father along. As I watched she took another length of rope and, standing on another chair, fed an end through the hook which held a very heavy light fitting. The other end, she then tied to his handcuffs and yanked his arms high over his head.
When she was satisfied he was unable to escape, she removed his blindfold. I could see him in the full length mirror on one wall. He shook his head at the light then saw me tied. Horror filled his eyes.
“Now, Sylvie…….” He began but she placed a finger to his lips then suddenly turned. I saw the reflection of her hand a fraction of a second before I felt the sting on my left buttock.
I screamed.
Another blow to the right buttock. I screamed again and then they came one after the other, left, right, in order. Both sides taking the punishment.
And suddenly it hit me. The scream was surprise. I was actually getting turned on by this. I wriggled my hips as much as I could and the blows kept landing. Then a sudden change. One was directly across my labia. And another. And another.
I grunted.
“Oh, look, John,” she said to my trussed father. “The little slut likes it!”
And to my surprise, I knew she was right. I loved it!
She walked round to the front of the chair and I was faced with her groin. The leather crotchless briefs concealed little as she stood with legs wide apart. She moved forward and grabbed my hair and pulled my head into a position where I could see up to her face.
“You are a little whore, aren’t you?”
“Yes!” I said shakily. “Yes I am a little whore.”
“Then, my dear, Connie, you can be my little whore too. Would you like that?”
“Yes,” I said and surprised myself by knowing I meant it. “Oh, Yes, Please!”
She grinned and looked up at Dad before bending forward and kissing me firmly on the lips. It was a bl**dy hot kiss and despite the fact my head was bent back, I was leaking juice all down my legs.
“Nice lips,” Mum said. “I know where they will do well.”
Standing up, she produced keys and released my wrists and I shakily straightened up. She left my ankles shackled to the chair legs and helped me to lay back on the carpeted floor. As I lay there, I watched her release her bra and let her large tits fall free. They looked delicious and far bigger than my small mounds. Slowly, she eased the leather bikini bottom over her buttocks and wriggled it down her thighs. Teasing. Tempting. She stepped from them and stood, legs apart and I looked up at her naked cunt. Bald and smooth, the lips slightly puffy and glistening in the sunlight flowing into the room.
She raised a leg and stood across me. Gently she lowered herself and I watched as that deliciously wet cunt came towards my face. She was kneeling and slowly, lowered it onto me. I could smell the scent of her sexual fluids and I felt my own flow. She used two fingers to part her lips and it came down over my mouth and I licked.
Fucking hell! It was gorgeous. My tongue seemed to be working of it’s own mind. It was probing and licking. I could feel her hot clit and used the tip of my tongue to tickle it. Then down to her hole, savouring the juices and feeling the soft flesh of a woman’s most intimate area.
But Mum wasn’t intimate with it for me. I could hear her moaning and she was flooding my mouth with her juices.
Then she came! A fucking orgasm which, I think, caught her off guard. Her muscles tightened and her cunt rose for me to breathe but I made bl**dy sure my tongue was working overtime in her. My arms held her thighs in place as I licked her to higher and higher thrills.
It hit me full in the face. A squirt of such power that it took me by surprise and I gasped as my face was covered in her sweet aromatic juices.
“Oh, Fuck!” she cried as she fell forward onto her elbows. “Oh fucking hell! That was so good. So fucking……… Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Yes! YES!”
She rolled onto her side and I wiped my hand over my face and sucked the juices from it. When I turned and looked at my mother she was smiling.
“You like that?” she said.
“I’ll let you into a secret,” she said softly then raised her voice and looked at my father still hanging in the centre of the room. “That pathetic bastard never got one of those from me.”
“Wow! He did from me.”
She raised her eyebrows.
“Did he indeed?”
I nodded and she smiled.
“Well,” she went on. “I think we should have a bit of fun with him. Don’t you?”
I raised my eyebrows in question.
“Well, my beautiful daughter, you enjoyed a good spanking. You think your dad would?”
I looked her in the eyes, then up to my dad’s face, then back to mum.
“Who fucking cares?” I said with a grin and she laughed.
“That’s my girl.”
She released my ankles from the shackles on the chair legs and I stood. I was still a little shaky but so bl**dy excited. My mother took my hand and we stood, naked together. I looked her body over. Naked and without a hair below her neck. She looked good. Mouth-wateringly good. I vowed I would be shaved by the morning.
Taking my hand she led me behind Dad.
“Prepare yourself John,” she said then nodded to me.
I swung hard. He was totally trussed and quite unable to move and my hand landed on his buttocks. They were firmish and the sound was so very satisfying. A grunt escaped from the gag in his mouth and my hand stung. It felt gorgeous and I took another swing. The other cheek sounded louder and the sting in my hand was electric. I went berserk. Slap after slap and all the while I could hear my mother laughing.
Finally she grabbed my wrist or I don’t know how long I would have gone on. I looked at his buttocks. They were bright red. Dark red.
We walked to the front of him. He looked at us and was breathing heavily. Mum pointed to the ground. A long pool of spunk mas on the carpet. He’d cum.
We released the knots which held his hand and he almost slumped. The shackles on his ankles were released and he staggered over to the table and rested on it. Mum went over and put an arm around him.
“Well, John,” she asked. He turned to face her and she grinned. “Ah!”
Reaching around him she released the gag and he bent forward and kissed her.
“I think she’s going to take after you, Sylvie,” he said.
She smiled and looked at me before answering him.
“You hope she is, John. You hope she is!”

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Loved it,,soo erotic,,,hope there's loads more.