Yes, my Darling Daughter

“Mu-um! I’m Home”
“In the kitchen, Darling!”
Callie hung her coat on the hallway hook and walked into the kitchen. Suzanna looked up from the table where she was finishing off some paperwork as she prepared the evening meal and smiled at her daughter.
“How was school?” she asked.
“I can’t wait until these exams are over and get to Uni,” the girl replied and slumped down on a chair opposite her mother. Callie laughed, her face lighting up as she did so and Callie smiled back at her. She loved her mother’s laugh. It was infectious and she wished she looked more like her. There were certain resemblances, of course. But Suzanna had always been a beauty and now, in her early forties she had matured and had the beauty of a model.
“Don’t be so anxious to push time,” her mother said. “Enjoy your teenage years. I did!”
“I’m surprised a forty-two year old can remember back that far.”
“Thirty-nine, thank you very much!”
“Mum, how many years have you been thirty-nine now?”
“A few and there’s still a good few to go so I’ll thank you not to be so cheeky madam.”
“It’s just that I don’t want to wake up one day and find I’m older than my mother.”
Suzanna poked her tongue out and they giggled. They acted more like s****rs than mother and daughter.
“How long before dinner?” Callie asked.
“About half an hour.”
Good. I’ll just go and freshen up.”
She stood and headed for her room but just before she reached the door her mother spoke.
“You may want to take these.”
Callie looked round and Suzanna was holding up a paper bag. She took it and peered inside.
“I thought you might need some new ones.”
Callie looked puzzled and Suzanna smiled sweetly.
“I changed you bed and you’d forgotten to put your little toys away.”
A look of shock and horror got to Callie’s face only a fraction of a second before the blush did.
“Oh, my God!” she said. Suzanna was smiling.
“Someone had fun last night while I was at my meeting, didn’t she?”
“Oh, Mum! I’m so sorry. I…..”
“Don’t be silly. A girl needs a little relief now and again and I’m a big girl now. I do know about these things.” She said and added coyly. “I might even have one or two myself.”
Callie smiled with relief.
“I just…..Well. You know.”
“Yes. I know. And if you mean by ‘freshen up’ what I think you mean then enjoy.”
Callie smiled and turned to go. She loved her mother’s attitude to life and hoped she would be the same. As she reached the door a thought struck her.
“Why the new batteries though?” she said turning back. Her mother looked up from the paperwork and smiled.
“The big black one seems to have run out.”
“It can’t have. I only changed them……..”
She left the sentence unfinished as the smile on her mother’s face had answered the question.
“Sorry, Darling,” Suzanna said. “It was far too tempting. I did wash it afterwards.”
“There was no need, Mum,” Callie said, adding with a cheeky grin. “I never do with yours.”
She turned and still grinning headed for her bedroom where she closed the door and leant against it. Her heart was racing. In her mind was the vision of her elegant mother using her big black dildo. Her hand slid to her groin and pressed between her legs. She had been in a horny mood on the way home and this had made it ten times worse. She needed relief.
Quickly she raised her skirt and slipped out of the tiny, flimsy knickers which her teachers would definitely frown upon as not regulation uniform. She rushed to the drawer where she kept her toys. Her private sanctum which her mother had agreed was hers and promised never to pry into. She yanked it open.
It wasn’t there!
She turned around and saw her bed. Neatly made and on the pillow, as if laying there resting, the dildo.
She snatched it up and under it was a note in Suzanna’s neat handwriting.
‘Guessed this would be needed urgently!”
Callie smiled and flopped down on the bed, rolling onto her back, her legs spread. She guided the giant knob to her labia and with her left hand, turned the dial to switch it on. Slowly at first, feeling the soft vibrations sending small tingles through her. She writhed her hips and eased the dildo head between her labial lips feeling the vibrations against her clitoris. A small noise between a grunt and a sigh escaped her mouth and wetness lubricated the large toy. Gently she eased it back and forth feeling it slide deeper into her with each movement downwards. Her eyes closed but she could see on the lids and image of her mother. She pictured her just in this same position, doing the same things. She wondered what feelings she got from it. Were they the same as her own? Did she make a noise? Did she scream when she came and turn her head into the pillow to stifle the sound?
Shudders took her and she raised her hips up, seemingly to take the thing in deeper. The knob was fully inside and her thrusting movements lubricated it a little further and deeper it went.
“Ohhhh,” she said to herself, softly. “Ohhh fuck yes!”
It felt as though the world were moving, the feelings were so intense. She was building to an orgasm as she thrust the dildo into her young body.
Then she felt the hand on hers.
“Yes, Darling. Let me help you with that.”
Callie’s hand dropped away and she felt her mother taking control and doing things with the dildo that she hadn’t done.
Then her mother’s other arms came round her head and pulled her close. Callie felt her mother was naked. She opened her eyes and before her was Suzanna’s left breast.
“Suck, Darling. Like when you were a baby. Let me feed you.”
The girl opened her mouth and felt the soft flesh of her mother’s tit in her mouth and she feasted. Twisting her upper body, she used her left hand to stroke, cup and tease her mother’s other breast as she chewed and sucked on the other nipple. She heard her mother’s heavy breathing and she felt the dildo expertly manipulated and she did the only thing she could do in that circumstance.
She came!
A huge, bucking orgasm like she’d never known. Juice squirted from her as the dildo still filled her and she was crying out as she writhed and bucked. But still her mother controlled the huge toy.
With a final wrench she twisted her body and straddled her naked mother and they were kissing. Not mother and daughter pecks. Definitely NOT mother and daughter pecks. Mouths wide and tongues fighting for domination in each other’s mouths they twisted and turned their faces trying to gain superiority. And still the huge dildo hummed and buzzed, it’s noise muffled by the girl’s body.
Callie pulled away from her mother’s kisses and she hung, floating on the orgasm.
“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she kept repeating.
“Yes, Darling. Fuck! Fell that fucking thing in you young cunt. Ride it and fuck it.”
“You wait! Just you fucking wait! I’m going to do this to you, you fucking bitch!”
“Yes! OhhhhhhhhhhFuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk!”
With a final twist, the girl threw herself off her mother and lay on her side, panting, She could still feel the vibrator inside her and moved her hand to remove it.
“NO!” Suzanna ordered, putting a hand on her daughter’s. “Leave it in there til I get your fucking clothes off. I want it hot and wet when you push it in me.”
“You don’t mind my cum on it?”
“Why should I? I’ll be drinking it later so I might as well have it up there also.”
“Oh, God, Mum!”
Callie rolled onto her back as her mother unfastened the front of the girl’s blouse and pushed it off her shoulders. Her fingers worked at the small catch of the front fastening bra and she twisted so that the clothes could be eased off her. As she leant up, Suzanna bent forward and kissed the girl’s soft, smooth shoulders and up onto the neck and Callie gently held her mother’s head there. She felt the teeth gently grazing on the skin and sighed with the twin pleasure of that and the soft vibrations still inside her body.
Her skirt was a kilt and was soon unfastened and she finally lay naked on the bed with her mother looking down at her.
“My turn,” the older woman said and gently eased her buttocks onto the bed. Callie looked at them and made a mental note to bite them and perhaps spank them later. But for now she had another target in view.
“You trim,” she said as her mother lay back, her legs together and a small, dark triangle of hair like an arrowhead pointing the way, nestled at the base of a gently curving belly and indicated the gentle fold of the older woman’s labia .
“Uh-huh. You like?”
The girl gently placed her hand on the hair and her fingers eased between the soft thighs.
“Oh, I like. I must trim mine the same way.”
Callie’s slim fingers gently parted the lips and Suzanna let out a brief cry. The long legs parted giving full access and Callie wasted no time. Lowering her head, she could smell the sweet aroma as her tongue snaked out and licked along the rim of the lips. Her mother writhed trying to ease the tongue into the pink channel of her cunt but the girl knew what she wanted and the moan from above her head told her she was having the right effect. She gently opened the lips and eased the tip of her tongue to the point where those lips met. Suzanna held her breath, waiting for, hoping for, the surge of pleasure she would feel as the soft inner flesh responded to the girl’s licking. It seemed an age as Callie teased the tongue tip into the small groove.
“Oh, Yes!”
Callie let her tongue enter the chasm and it almost immediately found the hard nub of her mother’s clitoris. Suzanna was pressing on her daughter’s head. Callie licked and teased. First flicking then circling. Using the tip of the tongue then the flat of the tongue, Licking flicking and listening to the moans and little cries of pleasure coming from her mother. Her fingertips tickled the vagina itself and she felt the juice flowing over them. Her mother was wet. Very wet and was still trying to angel herself so that the fingers would penetrate.
“Please! Please, Darling! Finger-fuck me! Pleeeeease!”
I took a little more teasing before she also felt the need to probe into her mother’s body. But when she did it felt beautiful. A hot and very wet tunnel up inside her. A tunnel she had f***ed her way from all those years ago and now she was re-entering it. Not as the baby she was then, but as a young woman and a lover.
Her fingers slid all the way in. Despite the tightness of her mother’s cunt, the sexual juices of the woman gave an ease of access.
“Fuck me! Fuck me! Finger-fuck me!”
Suzanna was panting and only brief commands could come out. Callie pulled her face back and slide a second finger in, stretching her mother a little further and she placed her thumb on the clitoris and began to pump.
“Oh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh, Fuck me that’s so good.”
“You like that you fucking whore!”
Suzanna’s reply was a long squeal almost like a siren as she twisted her hips trying to maximise the pleasure.
“Yes! Oh, Yes, yes, yesssssssoooohhhhhhhhhfuuuuuuuuuckkkk!”
Her body went rigid and her back arched as the orgasm struck her. Still Callie pumped her fingers into the dribbling hole. She was looking up and could see her mother’s face. The mouth wide open in a silent scream. The eyes fixed and the breath coming in short pants.
Then it started. A long, high wail of pure pleasure. Callie saw her mother’s eyes roll upwards and felt the spray of cum over her hand and covering the bed. Her mother came and was now thrashing about on the bed but still the girl pumped her two fingers into the tightening hole. Suzanna was gripping the sides of the single bed seemingly trying to stop from floating off and out into space as her body thrilled to the feelings of the orgasm.
She suddenly clamped a hand on her daughter’s, stopping the pumping and holding it firmly in place.
“No more, Please, Callie.”
“One more, Mum!”
“No! I can’t. Let me come back down to Earth for a minute.”
Callie giggled and moved so that she could cuddle her mother and the two lay in each other’s arms, the young girl’s head on her mother’s shoulder. Gently she was stroking the left breast while Suzanna held and massaged her small right one.
“Wow, Mum. You really came off there. I didn’t know you squirted.”
“Believe me, Darling. Neither did I.”
“Didn’t dad ever……..”
“No-one has ever made me do that! You are the first.”
“The first? How many have there been?”
There was silence for a moment before Suzanna spoke again.
“Twenty three,” she said and added. “Are you shocked?”
“No,” Callie said after a moment’s thought. “In fact I’m a little excited. Any women?”
“Not amongst them. A friend and I used to have mutual wanking sessions when we were your age but that’s all.”
“And these lovers. Did dad know?”
“Yes. He liked me to be ‘used’ when he fucked me.”
“He didn’t mind other men’s spunk up there?”
“No. Turned him on. He got off hearing about what they’d done to me.”
“And have there been many since he died?”
“None.” Suzanna said and twisted to that they were face to face. “You are the first person I’ve fucked.”
Their lips met in a little peck of a kiss, then a longer one and finally, fully open mouthed they kissed. No longer mother and daughter, but lovers.
“Better move into my bed tonight, Suzanna said as the smiled at each other.”
“I’d like that.”
“And don’t forget your big, black friend down there. He can join some of my toys.”
Callie giggled.
“You have some?”
“A few. Nothing as big as him but a few I can wear discretely under my clothes.”
“You go out with them on. Or should I say in?”
“Well, a girl never knows when she’s going to need something to brighten her day, does she?”
“Mmmm. I must try some of these things.”
“We’ll try them together darling. Now. It’s time for supper and I think we’ll be getting an early night. And by the way.”
“Don’t dress for dinner!”

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great story
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Great story, can't wait to show it to Carl later.
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