Also Spanked Sarah Schuster


Sarah’s head jerked up as the hand connected with her bare buttocks.

“Please, Mum! Please! Pleeeeeease!”

Smack! Another blow stung her


“This will teach you for being a dirty little slut!”


Ohhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuck!”

Sarah wriggled but her ankles were too firmly tied to the back legs of the dining table chair and her wrists handcuffed to the front legs. Small breasts wobbled slightly at each blow and her belly was a little sore from the chair back.

“You’re a little whore aren’t you?” her mother’s voice was harsh and gutteral.


“A dirty little fucking slag who deserves all she gets.”

“Yes! Yes!” smack! “Aggghhhhh! Yessssssssss!”

* * * * *

It had started only two weeks ago. Sara Schuster was listening to some music with her friend in her bedroom. Sarah and they lay side by side on Sarah’s bed, laughing and giggling as all young girls of their age. Their talk was of school and hopes and boys and food and boys and who had kissed whom.

“Can I tell you something?” Sarah asked. Alice propped herself up on one elbow and looked at her friend.

“Of course you can. You know that!”

Sarah looked sheepish. Alice frowned before she spoke again.

“What is it Sarah?”

“It’s just that - well - I don’t really like - boys!”

There was silence for a moment and Sarah searched her friend’s face to read her emotions at the confession. Alice looked down at her.

“To be honest,” Sarah went on. “The thought of them sticking their thing into me is repulsive.”

Alice stared at her friend.

“You’re not shocked are you?”

Alice smiled, her hand moved and gently stroked the side of Sarah’s face and slowly, hesitantly, shyly, nervously, her face came close and their lips met. A tentative contact first, slowly increasing in pressure. Tongues simultaneously snaked into each others mouths and the twisted their faces this way and that, each trying to devour the other. Sarah loved to feel the weight of her best friend on top of her and felt the hand slide under the top she was wearing. Bare flesh under the probing, questing hand. She felt it rise and fingers explore the band of her bra. The elastic material stretched and Sarah felt the hand press her breast as it engulfed it. A finger slid over the erect nipple and sent a little shock of pleasure through her body. Her own hands were on her friend’s buttocks and she was inching the skirt up. She felt the hem and then the silky softness of Alice’s panties. Her fingers moved to the waistband and slid inside them as she cupped the soft flesh and squeezed. She felt the softness and eased her hand together, feeling the cleft. Probing between. Alice wriggled slightly and for a moment Sarah thought she didn’t want that but the realised she was just easing her position for easier access. Her finger probed and felt the small puckered hole. She felt Alice’s muscles tighten.

Alice jerked her head up and smiled down at her friend.

“And where is that finger going may I ask?”

“Just a bit further,” Sarah said and moved her hand, feeling the soft lips with downy hair part for her. She felt the wetness and then her goal. Her finger slid just inside and she watched the expression of pleasure cross Alice’s face. She felt the pressure as her friend mauled her tit and her gyrations making access to her cunt easier.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked. Alice opened her eyes and smiled down.

“Oh, Yes!” she said. “I’ve been wanting this for ages.”

“Me too! Why didn’t you…..”

“Shut up you silly cow and let those fingers do the walking.”

As she spoke, she rolled sideways and Sarah’s hand came round to her front. She could feel the jair, just sprouting and the lips, full and yielding as she explored.

“Ohhh, Fuck!” Alice said as Sarah’s finger found and circled her clit. “Oh, Yes. Just there!”

Sarah lay her finger along the cleft and began to stroke back and forth, the tip of her finger probing into Alice’s hole.

Alice grunted and Sarah leaned forward to kiss her. It wasn’t a kiss, They were eating each others’ face. Alice was bucking and crying out into Sarah’s mouth and a massive orgasm hit her. All her muscles contracted and she arched her back as the feelings filled her. Sarah clung to her a felt a jet of hot liquid gush from her friend.

“Oh, God, Alice. You’re a squirter too.”

Alice said nothing but moaned and grunted as squirt after squirt of hot cum shot from her body and Sarah rubbed to draw the maximum from her friend.

Finally Alice stopped and slumped on the bed. Sara was quick and scrambled round and knelt between her friend’s legs. Despite the underwear, the bed was soaked and, using her fingers, Sarah wrenched the gusset of her friend’s underwear aside and buried her face in the wet gash.

“Ohhhh! Fuuuuckkk! Eat me, Sarah! Eat my fucking cunt out you bitch. It took nearly ten minutes and three more orgasms before Sarah decided that she wanted some of this pleasure too.

She knelt up and pulled her top over her head. The bra was off in a second and she had unzipped her skirt. She rolled and wriggled out of it and her panties and lay beside her friend.

“My turn,” she said and Alice grinned. And bent her head forward.

Sarah’s dark hair looked thicker than it really was on her pubic mound but Alice soon parted it and her tongue worked between the lips. There was a sharp intake of breath and Alice felt Sarah’s hands on her head, gently pressing her into the cleft. Sarah felt the long slim finger probe into her and the thumb on her clitoris with the girl’s tongue before she abandoned herself to the hedonistic thrills.

“Oh, Fuck! Yes! You dirty bitch! Go on and finger me! Lick me! Ohhhhh! I fucking love you, you fucking whore. Yeeeesssssss!”

They lay in each others’ arms after and gently stroked their hands over each other’s naked bodies.

“I had no idea,” Sarah whispered. “That you were remotely interested in me.”

“And I had no idea that you were interested in girlie sex.”

They giggled and kissed again.

* * * *

Carol Schuster eased the back door open. She had driven straight into the garage and come in through the garden with her shopping. It hadn’t taken long today and she thought she’d surprise her daughter with a special lunch. She’d been doing a lot lately and felt that she’d been neglecting her daughter, Sarah lately.

On the plus side, Sarah hadd seemed to be very bright the past few days and had a bounce about her and if Carol was honest, she really wanted to know what had made her so lively.

And there was Alice. What part had Sarah’s oldest friend played in it. Were there boys involved. She’d long ago had ‘the talk’ with her daughter and was entirely sure the girl was sensible enough to take precautions against unwanted pregnancy and any nasty transferable problems.

She place her bags on the table and slipped her light coat off her shoulders, moving into the hallway to hang it in the closet.

The giggle was high and full of joy and Carol smiled. No doubt the two girls were sharing a joke about something.

She mounted the thickly carpeted stairs and was just approaching Sarah’s room when the door opened and Alice emerged. She was looking back into the room and didn’t see Carol who stood frozen looking at the slim girl framed in the doorway - NAKED!

Alice blew a kiss into the room and turned and moved a pace forward before she noticed Sarah’s mother standing there. She froze, her eyes wide. Carol searched her mind for something to say that wouldn’t sound stupid. She opened and closed her mouth a few times then deciding no to speak, walked forward and placed a finger on the girl’s upper chest and pushed her backwards into the room.

“That was a quick piss!” Sarah said and froze as she saw her friend backing into the room propelled by her mother’s finger.

Carol looked at the bed and her mouth dropped open.

“MUM!” Sarah said instinctively. A stupid thing to say but the only one in her mind at that moment.

Carol surveyed the scene.

“Yes! Don’t get up! Oh, You can’t I see.”

Sarah strained at the ties which held her spread-eagle on the bed.

“I’ll just……” Alice said and went to release her.

“LEAVE!” Carol said sharply.

“Mu-um!” Sarah pleaded.

“The only thing I can think of saying,” Carol said walking around the bed. “Is ‘what’s going on here?’ A bl**dy stupid question as I can see plainly what’s going on.”

“Please, Mrs Schuster,” Alice said. “It’s my fault…..”

“Oh?” Carol said turning to the girl. “Have I caught you r****g my daughter?”

“No she was not!” Sarah said sharply.

“And is that my best silk scarf?”

“Er…..” Sarah looked at the flimsy turquoise material. “Yes?”

Carol’s eyes slowly roamed over the scene and homed in between her daughters’ legs.



“Don’t bother to answer. I do recognize it.”


Carol raised an eyebrow before turning to the other girl.

“And what have you got to say?”

“I think anything I say now would be superfluous,” Alice said. “I will just say that I love your daughter.”

“Well that makes two of us then, doesn’t it?”

Carol moved to the side of the bed and sat on it looking down at the lamely struggling girl. She reached down and picked up the vibrator. Her finger twisted the rotary dial at the end.

“Well you haven’t drained the batteries.”

She motioned Alice to come and sit on the other side of the bed. The girl obeyed.

“So,” Carol began. “You two are an ‘item’ are you?”

The girls looked to each other before turning back.. They answered together.


“Ohhhhh! Sarah said as Carol slid the tip of the vibrator between her spread legs.

Carol looked at Alice who suddenly caught on to what was happening.

“She likes it here,” she said giding Carol’s hand and placing the tip of the black plastic toy to the very tip of Sarah’s cunt. The girl writhed as the sensations flowed through her body.

“Like Mother, like daughter,” Carol said as she watched her girl writhe and moan. She looked up at Alice’s who was watching her friend and biting her lips. Lust filled her eyes as Sarah twisted her young body and began to cry out as her orgasm took her.

“Mmmmm. I do love to hear a dirty little slut crying out with sheer pleasure, don’t you, Alice?”

“Oh yes,” the girl said softly without taking her eyes from her tormented lover.

Sarah’s back arched, She was screaming and her eyes rolling back in her head. Alice’s face was alight with pure lust as her lover and best friend, rigid with sexual pleasure, screamed at the hands of her mother who seemed to be trying to push the vibrator through the girl’s body.


As she screamed a jet of clear liquid burst from her and arced across the bed, soaking Carol’s blouse.

“Oh, my God!” Alice cried and pushed the vibrator aside, burying her own face between her quivering friend’s legs and eating and slurping.

Sarah had slumped back onto the bed and was twitching and quivering and moaning as her friend feasted between her legs. Carol sat back and grinned then, moving from the bed, she positioned herself behind Alice and pushed the vibrator quickly into the dark haired cunt. Alice grunted and spread her legs to accept the intrusion but didn’t stop feasting on her friend who was now whimpering.

Carol pushed the vibrator deep inside Alice and wedged it against the bed before letting go. She bent her face forward and with her fingers parted the girl’s buttocks. Her long tongue probed and found the puckered little hole and worked on it and Alice moaned as she licked her friend.

Carol’s tongue worked expertly and lubricated the tight little anus. A finger probed and delved into the tight hole. She could feel the girl’s muscles tighten around it but pushed on and was finally welcomed inside. She could feel the vibrations through the tunnel of Alice’s arsehole. As second finger stretched the girl a little wider and allowed deeper tonguing.

“Please,” she could hear her daughter saying. “Please I need to pee!”

“Mrs Schuster…..”Alice began to say.

“Drink it!” Carol ordered. There was silence for a moment. “Drink my daughter’s piss, Alice. You are her piss-pot!”

Alice struggled and freed herself. The vibrator dislodged and lay buzzing softly on the bed as Alice squirmed around and looked into Carol’s eyes. Her own eyes burned with lust. After a few seconds a smile spread across her face.

“Yes, Ma’am!” she said and moved between her friend’s spread legs. Sarah’s eyes were wide as she looked at her mother who cuddled up to her.

“You see what your lover will do for you, Sarah?” Carol said as she put her arms around the tied girl. “And afterwards, you will do the same for her and I can assure you, you will both do the same for me.”

Sarah stared as she felt her friend’s mouth clamp over her wet cunt and, still with her eyes locked on Carol’s, she released her muscles and a stream of golden elixir gushed forth.

Carol glugged at the stream, quite unable to take it all, Sarah felt the warmth seep down b between the cleft of her buttocks and the cool wetness spread on her under sheets. She stared into her mothers’ eyes and Carol smiled.

“Oh dear,” she said. “Has my little girl wet her bed?”

Sarah nodded.

“Alice?” Carol said. The other girl raised her head. “Has my daughter wet net bed?”

“Yes, but……”

“No buts, Alice,” Carol said, smiling down at her daughter. “She is a very naughty girl and needs to pay for not drinking every drop of your refreshing waters. She must be taught.

Sarah frowned at her mother who rose from the bed and gripped hr daughters’ wrist, pulling her to her feet. She dragged the girl to the chair standing on front of the dressing table and pushed the girl over the back, holding her firmly in place.

“Alice. Hold your friend’s hands down here and don’t let them go.”


“DO IT!” demanded the older woman. Alice knelt and gripped her friend’s wrists. Their eyes met and there was fear in ‘Sarah’s. Alice smiled to try to reassure her friend and lover.

Ohhhh!” Sarah screamed as the first thwack came. A stinging pain filled her and she flinched. The blow had caught her on the right buttock and she instinctively twitched her hips to the left but before they had reached the furthest point another blow had caught her left buttock sending her reflex action in the opposite direction. Tears welled up in her eyes as blow after blow landed on her. She was crying out but there was shock not caused by the blows.

She was enjoying it!

It hit her like an explosion. She was actually enjoying the stings of the slaps on her bum and instead of twitching away from them, her hips were now twisting to meet the blows.

Another slap caught her across her wet cunt lips and she moaned. She could feel it building inside her. Through her hazy mind she could hear the other women. Her mother.

“Cum you little whore! Cum!”

Her friend.

“Go on Sarah. Let it out. Let the bithc bring you off.”


She heard the last voice and realised it was her.

“Yes! Spank me, Mummy! Spank your little fucking…..Ohhhh, Yes! Fucking spank my sore…..Ohhhhhhh! Yes! Yes! Fuck! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!”

The orgasm hit her as the slaps rained down on her. Through half closed eyes she could see her friend and lover. Lust filling her face. Her eyes sparkling as she bit her lips watching the spanking of her lover.

Finally Carol stopped and Sarah had the impression that it was more because her arm was tired than to spare further punishment.

Painfully and with the help of her friend, she straightened up. Tears ran down her cheeks and Alice looked concerned but Sarah knew they were tears of pleasure. Carol put her arms around her daughter and cuddled her. There was silence for a while then Sarah turned to the mirror, twisting her body. She could see the redness of her buttocks and smiled.

“There, now,” Carol said softly. “Are you ever going to piss your bed again?”

“Yes, Mum.” Sarah said. “Oh yes I am!”

Carol smiled.

“Good girl. Then I will have to punish you and I hope, if I’m not around, your lover here will do the necessary.”

“Oh I will,” Alice said. “You can be assured of that. Providing……”

“Providing what?”

“Providing you make sure I am well disciplined also.”

Carol smiled.

* * * *

It was now a week later and Sarah writhed against the shackles as the blows rained down. Her mother was in a delicious foul mouthed mood..

“You are a dirty little fucking whore, Sarah,” she said and another loud smack echoed around the room. “What are you?”

“A dirty little - Aaaaagggghhhh! - fucking whore, Mum.”

“MISTRESS!” screamed her mother and another blow landed on her bare buttocks, so low that it landed across her tender cunt lips.”

“Mistress!” Sarah corrected. “A fucking little whore, Mistress!”

“A slut!”

“Yes Mistress. A slut!”

Suddenly she moaned out loud, Her mother’s face was between her legs and her long tongue was probing inside her sore pussy. She could feel the juice running from her and the tongue worked hard to lap up as much as possible.

And Sara came. A loud, screaming orgasm burst from her and she writhed and strained against the restraints holding her firmly to the bed.

“Enjoy, Darling, Alice cooed from her position chained to the chair next to her lover. It’s my turn next! And I love you, Sarah Schuster. I love you.”

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