Tom's accident

“Comfortable, Dad?” Karen asked as her father eased himself as best he could with both arms and a leg in plaster and a a face that looked like it had gone ten rounds with Audley Harrison.

“Yes, love,” Tom said. “Sorry to be dumped on you like this.”

“It’s not a problem, Honestly! If I can’t look after my old dad in his hour of need, what kind of a daughter am I?”

“A good one. You always have been. Especially when your mother went. I don’t know how I’d have coped.”

Karen bent over and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

“Well, you just take it easy and I’ll make you a coffee.”

“I suppose a Scotch is out of the question?”

“You wicked old sod,” she said with a smile. “One! And a small one at that!”

“Good girl,” Tom said easing himself a little further into the bed.

“So tell me,” Karen said bringing over the glass. And handing it to him. “Just what happened?”

“Oh. Just a stupid accident,” Tom said and picked up a page magnifier and examined the tumbler in his hand. “You sure there’s anything in here?”

“Don’t change the subject. What happened?”

“The car went out of control. That’s all. Nothing major!”

“Dad! I know when you’re being evasive.”

“Be a good girl and pass me the bottle and let me alone for five minutes.”

“No! You shouldn’t be drinking at all…..”

“Not that bottle! I want to pee.”

“Oh! Sorry,” Karen said with a slight blush. “I’ll get it and give you a hand.”

“Give me a hand?” Tom said, horrified.

“Well how else are you going to do it you silly old sod?”

“But…..but you’re my daughter!”

“Glad you acknowledge that, daddy.”

“I mean…..You shouldn’t be holding you dad’s - er…….”

“Dick?” Karen giggled. “Cock? Prick? Old man?”

“Well - yes! It’s not right.”

“Dad! I’m a thirty six year old woman. I have a daughter at school. I’ve seen enough of them in my time. What makes yours so special?”

“Well I AM your father and…….What do you mean by saying you’ve seen enough of them in your time?”

“Oh, come on, Dad. I wasn’t a blushing virgin when Bill took me down the aisle. Nor when he first met me.”

“Well! You surprise me.”

“You mean you never knew?”

“Not a clue. I mean, I guessed you and Bill had - well, - you know…”


“Karen! But yes. But I never….” he paused for a while in contemplation while she left the room and returned with the plastic urine bottle. He watched, grudgingly, as his daughter opened his dressing gown and eased her hand into the opening in his pyjamas and began to pull his cock out. She looked up at him.

“You’ll never be able to do it in that state,” she said and he blushed.

“Sorry, love. I……

“Don’t be silly. It’s a natural reaction. Now concentrate.”

Tom closed his eyes and tried to take his mind from the soft, cool hands of his daughter as she guided him into the throat of the bottle. She angled it to accommodate his growing erection and smiled to herself. Tom struggled and finally, in short bursts, relieved himself. Karen removed the bottle.

“Shall I shake it for you?” she asked with a wicked grin.

“You do and we’ll be in trouble,” he said. “Just put it back where you found it please.”

She grinned at him and adjusted his clothes.

“Now, Dad,” she said. “You were telling me how this accident happened. Oh, and by the way, Mrs Davies is not to badly hurt I understand.”

“Oh, Good. Good.”

“So come on then. What happened?”


“Dad! You don’t end up at the bottom of a field wrapped around a tree so badly that the fire brigade have to cut you free. And the police are no help, they wouldn’t tell me anything except you’d broken a few bones. What happened? Did you lose control or something? And why was Mrs Davies there?”

“The car just sort of - ran away.”

“Ran away? What do you mean. Sk**?”

“If you must know, Karen, we were parked.”

“Parked? Why?”

“Oh, my God! A dim daughter. That’s all I need.”

“Oh” When you say ‘parked’ you mean ‘Parked!’. A quick kiss and a cuddle.”


“Well what was wrong with the handbrake?”

“It wasn’t on.”

“Well couldn’t you use the footbrake?”

“I wasn’t actually in a position to get my foot on it,” Tom said. “Look, do we have to hold an inquest…..”

“Too bl**dy right we do,” she said, laughing. “This is just getting interesting. My dad and the vicar’s mother, pillar of the woman’s institute. I want all the…….”

At that moment the doorbell rang. Karen went to answer it and Tom heard the muffled conversation in the hallway. Finally the door opened and she re-entered with Reverend David Davies following.

“Oh look, Dad. The Vicar’s come to see how you are. Isn’t that nice?”

“Hello, Mr Taylor,” the vicar said, offering his hand then spotting that Tom was plastered. “I just thought I’d pop round and see how you were following your - er - ordeal.”

Tom could see the smile under his expression trying to f***e its way out.

“I’m fine, thank you, Vicar,” Tom said. “How is your mother?”

“Oh, she’s fine. Got of a lot lighter than you did, of course,” David said and catching Karen’s eye. “They say the bruising to her - er - chest would have been a lot worse but for the padding on the car seats.”

His chest was heaving trying not to laugh and Tom heard a snort from his daughter. He turned quickly but she had composed her face again and was merely looking anxious but he could see the lips quivering.

“Of course,” the Vicar continued. “When the car struck the tree, the two of you were thrown together with a great deal of f***e and she’s quite badly bruised from that. But soft cushions are helping there…..”

He collapsed into laughter and Karen let out a whoop of joy.

“Oh, Vicar,” she finally said. “Your mother, Pillar of the Women’s Institute.”

“I think it was your father’s pillar she was more interested in.” he said as they broke down again.

“Oh, Yes. Very funny I must say. Your mother is a very attractive woman, Vicar and I am proud that she even gives me the time of day.”

“I’m sorry, Tom,” he said. “But you’ve got to admit it’s funny. But if it’s any help, she is as embarrassed as you are about it. I’ve made sure of that! Especially when she asked me to ask you if you still had her knickers in your pocket.”

Once again the Vicar and Karen collapsed I laughter.

It was a good half hour before the Vicar left.

“I hope you enjoyed the joke,” Tom said when Karen came back into the room.

“Oh, believe me, Dad. You’ve got a lot more of that to come. I hope it was worth it and you fulfilled your obligation to her. I mean, you didn’t leave her half-cocked.”

“No! She was all right! I made sure of that before I….. But I was only half way through and it didn’t seem right to carry on after the accident and while we were waiting to be rescued.”

“You mean the pair of you were……”

“Yes. Trapped In Flagrente!”

“No wonder she has a bruised cunt!”

“Karen! Your language.”

Oh come on, Dad! It’s the same as you and Mum used to use to each other.”

“How do you know?”

“I used to lay awake at night listening to the two of you going at it. Now I’ve seen it for myself I can understand why she used to squeal so much. Wish my Bill had one that size. I might have thought twice about kicking him out.”

“Karen,” Tom said but he felt the twitch in his pyjamas. “How would you feel if your daughter spoke like that?”

“She does,” Karen said and looked at her father. “She’s a dirty little bitch actually, Dad. Takes after her mother like that. I put her on the pill when she was twelve and taught her all she needs to know.”

“bl**dy hell!

“And she’s going to be looking after you when I can’t, Dad”

“she can’t!” My grand-daughter can’t - sort of - help me out with what I need to do - down there!”

“What? Pee? Oh she can, Dad and she will. And will probably help you out with anything else that thing needs to do. She’s a very versatile young lady..”

“bl**dy hell!” Tom said again.

“Yes, Dad. I can see it distresses you,” Karen said smiling at his growing discomfort. “Want me to take care of that for you?”

“bl**dy hell!” he said again as his daughter knelt between his legs. “Oh, bl**dy hellllllll!”
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