You are mine

I'm spread-out naked before you, wearing only a wicked smile. My arms are outstretched above my head, bound at the wrists and anchored to the wrought- iron headboard. My legs are left unbound and you have commanded me to keep them opened wide or you will bind my ankles as well. I feel both vulnerable and incredibly turned-on, splayed for your inspection. The inside of my thighs are wet and glistening with my arousal from our previous play we had enjoyed minutes ago when you fucked my mouth. I could still taste your salty cum as I licked my dry lips. My excitement is mounting with each breath I take. I'm going to be thoroughly fucked! I've been waiting for this moment. I've dreamed of this moment. I squirm with anticipation, tugging on the shackles binding my wrists; my hips undulate of their own accord. A moan escapes my throat as my thoughts take flight.

Suddenly, Master pulls me back to reality, spanking my clit with his open hand, "smack!" and again, "smack!" I instinctively flinch, snapping my legs shut. Realizing what I had done, I look up into his face opening my mouth to apologize. He quickly shushes me by putting his hand over my mouth and shakes his head. His hand caresses my neck, traveling down to rub my breast. He rolls and pinches my nipple hard gaining my entire attention and calmly whispers, "Do that again, my whore and Master will change his mind about not seeing how a dozen clothespins look arrayed upon your beautiful breasts." With that warning, he moves in closer between my thighs forcing them to open wider. I barely silenced a whimper of pleasure as I feel his hard cock brush against my clit. "You may answer me this. What does my kitten want more than anything else in this world, right now?" I eagerly replied without a second thought, "I want You to fuck my pussy!" Without looking up at me, he says, "Whose pussy?" spanking my clit again, "smack!"

I flinched slightly but keep my legs opened wide. I noticed his eyes flared slightly but there was no anger evident in his gaze. Instead, he sighed heavily and looked into my face making sure I was grounded, having my full attention. "Now, kitten, this is not about 'you' and 'yours'. What was yours now belongs to ME. You belong to ME. I was going to give you the fucking you deserved but now I see I must remind you that it's not about YOU and what YOU want. It's about YOUR Master's pleasure and what HE decides to do with HIS slave. (smack!) HIS pussy. (smack!) HIS property. (smack!)." Emphasizing each "HIS" with a slap to my already swollen-red clit. My arms strained against the leather wrist cuffs, my hips were rising to meet the next erotic slap. Just one more please...just one more slap and I'll go over the edge. Instead of being contrite with my selfishness, I was fucking turned on! Yes, I want more! No! I cannot cum without permission! I bit the inside of my cheek hard until I tasted copper, holding back my pending orgasm. I could feel the slick wetness of my arousal running down the crack of my ass wetting the sheet below.

"So my slut liked that, did she? Too much I say by the flush on your face. You weren't thinking of cumming without your Master's permission were you, whore?" I shook my head in denial as I regained control. Master looked into my eyes as he slowly rubbed his hard cock up and down my pussy lips, slipping and sliding, teasing my clit. I barely stifled a moaned at the pleasure rippling through my core. "Now kitten what am i going to do with you? I'm beginning to realize that Master has the uncanny talent of being able to read my thoughts. I had all kinds of ideas of what I wanted Him to do to me, all of them involving His cock fucking my weeping and aching pussy. As if he heard me speak aloud, Master's eyes lowered seductively as a sly grin appeared across his face.

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