Her first session

We had been emailing for a couple of weeks. He posted an ad on Craigslist Casual Encounters for a submissive female.

That's me.

Or at least I hoped so. I've had this fantasy forever about a strong dominant male, but with my strong personality, all I attract are the wimps. I'd held him off for a few weeks with dirty emails and links to erotic stories that I liked. I let him give me orders about my masturbation and tested the waters a little. I was only in this for sex, but I'm still enough of a snob to not be attracted to a moron. So I made him talk to me a little. Then talking time was over. We decided to meet last night at his house. I had an hour and a half after work to get ready and there was a lot of real estate to shave, if you know what I mean..... I made sure to check everywhere though. Doing things to bring my partner pleasure is my strongest motivation in sex. It's my one time to be the giver.....

I showed up right on the dot at eight and walked up to the door. I hesitated outside just for a second, but he was there and opened the door to let me in. We stood in the entryway and he smiled and he stepped back to look me over. He told me how beautiful I looked and that I was perfect. Then he pulled me in for a hug and ran his hands over my back and pulled me in tight. We went in to the living room and made ourselves comfortable on the couch. He poured us each a glass of wine and we made some small talk. But small talk like I'd never made before. It was a bit surreal to be having the conversation, which was part of the appeal. I was telling deep dark secrets to a complete stranger at least 15 years older than me in a well-lit living room like it was no big deal. I felt like a complete slut. He was just being nice – chatting and putting me at ease and all I wanted to do was unzip his pants and feel his dick.

We talked about hair pulling and order taking and he showed me the red leather restraints with the fur on the inside and let me play with them. He mentioned a bag of toys upstairs. I was soaking wet at that point. The small talk lasted for about 15 minutes. Right up until he demonstrated his favorite way to pull hair. Slide your hand right up under the neck and grab and twist the hair right at the scalp, in case you're wondering. My panties were already soaked at that point, but I swear I made a puddle on his couch. Then he pulled my face right up to his. Remembering my submissive role and what I'd read about it online I knew I wasn't allowed to kiss him without permission. He waited for a moment, then growled "kiss me" and of course I did.

He was content to just kiss for a minute, but I had needs at that point and needed some attention. I tried to tell him with my body, my breasts, my hips, my hands. We stopped for a second and he attached the restraints to my hands. The carabineer clip that locked them together jangled nicely. I really liked the feel of them on my wrists. We kissed for a few more minutes and I swung my leg over to straddle him on the couch. He started spanking me a few times and our bodies started to move together. I could feel him getting hard and I leaned back to put my tits in his face. That seemed to be a very good idea. I leaned my head back and rocked against him as he squeezed my breasts and I moaned out loud. That was enough, it seemed. He pulled me up off him and led me upstairs to the bedroom. He left enough light to see by but nothing glaring and came back to where he'd left me standing. I was very anxious to see the dominant side in action.

He stood facing me and said "Take off your top." Then the same for the bra. I had told him earlier about my pencil erasers and how they needed attention. And I was proving it now. They were screaming for his hands and his mouth and he didn't disappoint. I think we were both a little amazed at how hard I like to have them squeezed and twisted and bitten. Then he spun me around to face away from him and reached around to play with my breasts some more as he kissed my neck and shoulders. He talked to me in a low and firm voice. Letting me know what a good slut I was and that my reward was coming. My hands were bound behind me, and I reached for his cock. He said "No" into my ear "not until I'M ready" so I just ran my hands up his inner thighs. But of course I managed to brush his dick with my fingers, and earned a hard spank for it. And then a few more. It was a huge turn on for me to feel him get excited with every swat. Especially when he really got wound up and gave me these "reminders" I'm sitting on now. But that's later... Then he put a blindfold on me and lowered me to my knees. Mmmmmm. This is what I love.... I asked him to release my hands to let them help, but he wanted just my mouth. And believe me, he got it. So bound and blindfolded with him watching from above, I started to suck. Up and down and run the tongue around and around. And then the balls. Yes, I love them too. I ran my tongue around each one and then softly and gently took them in my mouth. And then I ran my tongue around them again. I buried my face in his balls and nuzzled the base of his cock. Then it was time to take it all in my mouth again. I started a little suction which went over well, and then I started a lot more suction. I get off so much on sounds and reactions and that really got one from him. Suddenly he grabbed me and pulled me up and laid me face down on the bed. He laid on top of me and stuck his fingers in me from behind. I automatically began to move under him and when the headboard started to hit the wall, I warned him that I was just getting warmed up. He swatted me a few more times and then brought me up again. He laid me back across the bed the other way to save his poor wall from some serious dents. He also got out his bag of toys. He started spanking me with his hand. First soft then hard then very hard. All over my ass and the backs and insides of my thighs. Even on my pussy which was as bare as everything else. Then he got what I think was a paddle. He used at least 2 other items to spank me with, but what I saw afterward on the dresser was a paddle and a hairbrush. The hairbrush had ridges along the edges and I think that's what gave me the long thin welts I'm sitting on as I type this. Perfectly done I think – enough to remember with every movement but no real lasting pain.

It did hurt getting them though. I'm quite sure from his technique that he'd been doing this for a long time. He knew how to do it soft and how to do it hard and how to do it just harder than I wanted but not hard enough to make me speak up to stop it. I bit back a few reactions, but then also let him know he was hurting me. I mean that's the hot button for a Dominant sadist, they want to know about the pain they inflict. And it hurt so good at that point. Then he went back to the goodie bag for me.
He got out a 2 headed dildo – one end for the pussy and and slimmer one for the ass. He had me raise my hips as he poured lube over my ass. I probably didn't even need it, but it's never a bad idea and I love the feel of it dripping off me.

He inserted them both at the same time and I cried out. He gave me a few slow strokes, but I was already ready and we started to really rock back and forth. The slimmer rod up my ass was longer then what I usually stick up there, so it was definitely hitting new spots. I was fucking for all I was worth and he was really pounding it in. He got going really fast for a few minutes and it was a little over the top as far as f***e and speed – I was definitely going to get bruises - but I was determined not to say anything unless I truly couldn't take it anymore. After all, that's the ad I answered and the experience I craved. I had been saving this orgasm for him for 3 days. He had told me not to cum until I was there with him, and I obeyed. I also had been told that I had to have permission first. So there I was being driven face down into the bed by his toy in both holes and I felt it building. He was grunting too and talking dirty at that point, so I asked "Can I cum please?" He reminded me to call him sir with a smack across my ass.

"Can I cum please Sir?"

He leaned down and whispered in my ear "Cum for me, do it now." I increased my speed and he fucked me harder and I started to build up. I started moaning "harder, harder, please, please, please" and it got me so hot to feel how he reacted to that. His voice got very loud and almost angry "Give it to me – cum for me! It's MINE! Give it to me now!" He said that a few times and it really intensified the whole experience. To be in the middle of an orgasm to have more demanded of you and have more to give..... It’s a lovely thing.

100% (8/0)
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9 months ago
beautiful. Thank You for sharing.
9 months ago
Good story
9 months ago
Nice one Sir
10 months ago
Oohhh so hot sweet Samueltm!!!!