permission to Cum

The pounding was definitely having an impact. I was thrusting away and slapping your rosy bottom as often as I could. Each slap sending a tingle up your spine and a little clench to your pussy. Your ankles and knees tied together, resting on my shoulder. A pillow under your butt and your wrists and elbows tied together forcing your head forward. You were reduced to just experiencing what I wanted you to, and you were enjoying it. Feeling the buildup you clench your hands and ask, "Please, may I cum, Sir?" "No," I reply, redoubling my efforts. "Please!" urgency in your voice. In fact, permission isn't going to be a factor if I keep up. "Don't you dare!" I say, a sparkle in my eye. I reach over and grab the vibrator and hold it to your clit with the hand that had been spanking you.

Closing your eyes, you try to control the rising wave of pleasure, but my continued thrusting and the vibrator are relentless. You fight as long as you can, but it's a losing battle and eventually the orgasm wins. I watch your body tense, feel you squirting on me and the wonderful feel of your pussy spasming over my cock. I thrust a few more times and join you in orgasm. Resting your legs to the side, my now softening cock still in you, you look up at me. The smile on my face both comforting and slightly worrying. "Even without permission, in direct defiance of a direct command, you came. Not only came, but came hard and squirted. You've been very naughty pet! Lucky for you, I know how to deal with naughty pets!" Bending over I kiss you deeply, lightly tweaking your nipples. "First things first," I say as I position myself and present my cock to your mouth. "Clean." You take me into your mouth and lick and suck all our juices from me. Even having come so recently I start to firm up as your tongue slips along the underside of my cock to clean my balls as well.

As wonderful as this feels, I have work to do. I untie your legs and retie them to the headboard, ankles and knees wide, fully exposing you pussy to me. Laying on your left side I alternate between kissing your face and tits while I use my hand to hold the vibrator to your clit. Primed from your first orgasm you quickly near your second. "Please, Sir! Permission to come!" I place "Oh yes, you have permission to come. In fact, I _order_ you to come! Now!" Our eyes meet and your orgasm hits. As soon as you start to recover from that, I switch to a dildo, quickly sliding it deeply into you. First in your sopping wet pussy, then fucking your mouth. Back and forth, pussy, mouth, pussy, mouth. I again kiss you deeply, tasting your pussy on your mouth when the dildo is in your pussy. When my left arm gets tired, I switch sides and resume my assault using my right. All the while, kissing your mouth, face and breasts. When I'm tired, I just use the vibrator on you, never offering you any respite. Wrenching orgasm after orgasm from you. Some time later, the battery on the vibrator is dying. You are crying, not sure if it's from pleasure or pain. "Mercy," you croak. Your legs and hips tired and getting sore, your pussy spasming, either rejecting anymore contact or begging to never be left empty. I put the vibrator to the side and climb between your legs, supporting myself on my elbows, I cradle your face in my hands. Kissing you gently, I kiss your mouth, cheeks, and nose.

"No more," you whisper. Tears running down your face, "I'll be good, I promise." "I know you will, kitten. But I want more. One more orgasm? Can you do that for Me?" You shake your head... your nod your head... a fresh tear falls from your eye and you whisper, "Yes, Sir." I smile and start kissing my way down your body. I stop and pay plenty of attention to your breasts and nipples. I kiss my way down your belly and start to lick your well used pussy. Normally I love your taste, but I'm not interested is sucking up my own come. Knowing you're sensitive, I start with wide long tongue strokes. Going from just above your asshole to the top of your labia. I leave my tongue wide and soft so I don't put too much pressure on your clit. You feel pretty well worn out, but the softer treatment of my tongue finds a few embers to stir and slowly you build to a small orgasm. It's all you have left and you shudder. I look up between your legs and smile at you. You give a weak smile and let your head fall back. As I untie your legs and let them down you realize how sore they are. You stretch them out and groan as muscles ache at refreshed movement. As I release your arms you also realize how drained you feel. Not only emotionally, but physically. Literally. The sheets under your ass and legs are soaked from both your wet pussy and squirting orgasms. I make sure you're OK and leave you to lay in your puddle. You revel in the feeling of laying in your juices, remembering all it took for you to produce your puddle. I come back with a cool wet washcloth. I gently wipe you down, being very gentle to not irritate your now tender pussy and clit. You still shudder slightly as the cool smooth washcloth brushes your sensitive skin. I roll you over onto dry sheets and wipe down your back. Then I help you out of bed and carry you out to the couch. I sit us down with you in my lap and pull a blanket over us. "I hope that taught you a lesson about coming without permission," I say. You think about how sore you are and how sore your pussy is going to be for the next day or two. "Yes, Sir, I promise to never come without permission again!" you say, just like you have every time before.
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10 months ago
Ohhh very well written, Sir
10 months ago
i know this feeling, me n my booty know it well. try to be good and obedient, but the tingles come anyway. Great story
11 months ago
This is why I am alway a good girl and cum only with permission.. Thank you again for such a great hot story..