The Secretary

He had been working hard all day downstairs in the office, returning phone calls, preparing quotes, and finishing up a lot of important paperwork. With a sigh, he pushed his chair away from the desk and leaned back. A soft noise at the doorway caught his attention and he turned to see his wife at the door. She wore a long grey pencil skirt that accented the curve of her hips with a white blouse tucked in at the waist, fitting tight over her breasts. He could see the white line of her bra and the perky bumps made by her nipples and he smiled.

She wore soft natural makeup and her hair was pulled neatly back into a tight bun. Her glasses made her look intellectual and bookish, and with the outfit she was wearing the whole effect was very professional. He admired her a little longer and then beckoned her to cross the room. Pushing his chair back further, he patted his lap. With an obedient nod, she laid herself over his thighs, her ass neatly presented to him. He ran his palm over the curve of her cheek, squeezing it firmly and enjoying the way it felt through the fabric of her skirt.

Sneaking a hand under the bottom edge of her skirt, he caressed her legs, enjoying the way her skin felt through her pantyhose. The smoothness was exciting and he felt himself get aroused. He gave her ass two playful smacks and asked her to stand. She stood patiently in front of his desk while he cleared away what was left of his work. Moving aside his computer monitor, he exposed a big hook screwed into the wall behind the desk. Opening a drawer, he pulled out a thin cord and used it to bind her wrists.

When he was satisfied with the knot he had made he pulled her hands over to the hook in the wall and used the ends of the cord to fasten her there. Now her body was bent over the desk, her breasts just brushing the surface and her hips pressed tightly against the edge. He looked down and asked her to spread her legs wider apart. She spread them for him, wider than shoulder-width, and he smiled. She looked absolutely delicious. He reached around and fondled her breasts. They felt ready to burst from the tight white blouse she was wearing and he began to undo the top buttons to help them. Slipping one hand inside her bra, he found her nipple and gave it a pinch. He loved the way it responded by growing tight and hard.

Holding her hips, he spent some time rubbing his crotch into her ass, enjoying that they still had on their clothes. His cock was growing harder now though and he wanted to see more of her flesh so he tugged on her skirt, lifting it up to her waist. She wasn’t wearing any panties and he could see her ass and pussy through her pantyhose. He stroked her through the nylon and could feel that she was already wet.

“Oh what a naughty secretary I have!” he said playfully. She knew better than to respond, knowing that he preferred it when she was quiet, but he thought he heard a little giggle. Pulling the pantyhose away from her body, he took it in two hands and began to tear a hole in the crotch. It made a ripping sound and now he could see the pink of her lips. He rubbed them teasingly and felt her juices dripping out. He pressed his fingers between them and found her hole, pushing inside. She moaned softly as he began to explore the inside of her, feeling her slippery hot flesh.

He unzipped his pants behind her and began to rub his cock all over her pussy through the hole in her pantyhose. He loved the way she was bent over his desk like this, exposing herself to be used as he saw fit. He especially enjoyed having her skirt lifted up and decided to plunge his manhood deep inside of her. She moaned loudly now as his cock filled and spread her wide. He could feel her muscles clenching down on him and he began to pump himself in and out. He took hold of her ass on either side and pulled at her while he fucked her, feeling her ass slam against his hips. He groaned loudly as his cum began to spurt deep inside of her and she moaned like an a****l in heat.

Pulling out slowly, he watched the way her pussy tried to hang onto him and watched as his cum began to drip out. He fingered her pussy and found it tighter and hotter than ever and decided he might like to fuck her again.
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