For Roni

She knelt beside him at his desk, quiet and obedient. At her neck was a soft leather band with a small silver d-ring on the front. He had attached a slender chain which he was now using to clip her to the leg of his chair. While he worked she was to wait so that she would be ready at any time he should wish to please himself. Now and again he reached down and absentmindedly tugged at one of her nipples. She was naked, and her pussy was growing warm even though he had given her hardly any attention. She was eager to make him happy and the idea of being kept as a pet for his pleasure excited her.
A jerk on the leash signaled that it was time to get up and when he had unclipped her leash, she stood back and waited. He walked in front of her now, leading her down the hall and into their living room. He settled into his easy chair and hooked the end of her leash onto a small ring he’d installed near the arm rest. Before she could kneel, he shook his head at her and patted his lap. He took her by the hips and pulled her down so that she could sit with him, her ass on his crotch.
They watched television together for a while like this, with him flipping channels and idly playing with one hand between her legs. She couldn’t stop thinking about what he might do to her later when they finally went to bed and her pussy was slippery and wet. She spread her legs a little wider and he began to rub her clit. She knew that this was a reward for displaying the kind of behavior he desired. She closed her eyes and let him stroke her, knowing he wouldn’t allow her to cum, but wanting it so badly.
Something on the television caught his attention and his hand stopped, but still she sat with her legs spread, waiting. It seemed like it took forever for him to find something that he deemed worth watching and settled on a late night talk show. Her body was slowly feeling less and less aroused when he began to pluck at her clit with two fingers and she couldn’t help but moan. Tingles of pleasure were zinging through her body and she knew that his plan was to keep her ready for sex at any moment.
As he watched television, he would seem to forget about her for periods of time, but then just as her mind began to wander to other things, he’d start playing with her pussy and her thoughts returned to sex all over again. By the time his show ended, her pussy was aching for a good hard pounding. She tried hard not to act excited when he motioned for her to get up and she followed him on her leash to the bedroom. There, he fastened her to a hook in the wall near the end of the bed and had her kneel. After putting away his clothing he sat down on the bed in front of her, his legs open and his cock in front of her face. He was hard and she admired the way his cock and balls looked when he was aroused.
“Don’t just stare at it!” he grunted and tugged on her leash towards him. She had forgotten herself but was snapped back to her role as sex pet. She immediately started to lick his member in long luxurious strokes. She started at the bottom and licked her way up to the tip, then swirled her tongue around the head and stroked all the way back to the bottom. She took his balls in one hand and massaged them as her tongue worked at his shaft.
Taking hold of her head, he pushed her mouth down over him and she sucked hungrily at his cock. She worked her tongue over his flesh as her cheeks stroked along his length. He pushed himself deeper and pumped himself in and out of her mouth, hands still guiding her head the way that he wanted it. She felt the head of his cock pushing past the roof of her mouth and into her throat and she fought not to gag. She worked hard to suckle him, stroking him with her lips and tongue firmly, and still massaging his balls in her hands. She could feel him growing even huger in her mouth and she knew he was going to cum.
Suddenly there was a burst of hot sticky semen in the back of her throat and she tried to swallow as he thrust himself wildly past her lips. She sucked hard, rubbing his balls and stroking with her tongue. It seemed like he was going to cum forever as spurt after spurt shot down her throat. His grip on her head began to relax. Soon his hard on began to subside and she stopped servicing him with her mouth.
Taking her leash from the wall, he guided her onto the bed and cuddled her close. “Next time I’ll let you cum kitten” he whispered. She just smiled.

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