Sex with my father in law

Sex with my father in-law:
After putting up my story (My husband was holding my arms while his best mate fucked me) I have been asked about certain parts of that, especially the part about my husband’s dad fucking me, so I guess I had better explain how that has come about hey.
My husband Troy being in the Army is way most of the year, but on one particular occasion he had an overseas mission and he could not write to me for security reasons, so I didn’t hear from him for almost two months, one particular day I was feeling really depressed and all sorts of things run through your mind, could he be dead, would they tell me straight away if he was, it gets to you a bit sometimes and his dad either rings me or calls in from time to time to check up on me, he is a gorgeous lovely man and we have hit it off ever since I started going out with Troy.
One day he called in and he caught me with tears in my eyes when I answered the door, as soon as he said what’s wrong I fell into his arms and burst out crying, it was nothing sexual I just needed a cry hey, he pushed me back in and we sat on the couch and talked, he was so comforting and I had my head on his shoulder as he had his arm around me, we chatted for about an hour and he really calmed me down, I then asked would he like a cup of coffee and he did.
When I came back with our coffee’s I sat next to him again and we chatted some more and for some reason I said can I cuddle you again please, I feel so secure cuddled into you, he didn’t hesitate putting his arm around me again, he held the back of my hand so gently with his other hand and my palm was facing down on his lap, that’s when I felt his cock growing, I was a bit surprized and it was so strange as I simply said, “Hey you’re getting an erection, is it me doing that”? and I chuckled a little, he replied “ yeah, I’d better let you go I think,” and he pulled back having a little laugh, I immediately put my hand back on his lap and feeling his cock I said, “ ha ha it is getting big hey” he replied , “yeah it’s a natural reaction to be touched” and he laughed again, I then asked him if his cock looked like Troy’s being his dad and all, and he said, “probably” and I said. “Can I have a look and check?” laughing as I said it, he said, “well, I guess you have your reasons but yeah why not” and I undid his zipper and pulled it out, it stood straight up in my hand, rock hard and warm, and it looked identical to my Troy’s, same small knob on a thick cock, I said, “wow, it is the same OMG its almost identical hey” we both laughed and I said I just have to taste it, I want to see if it tastes the same, so I went straight down and slid his cock fully down my throat sucking as I pulled my head back and licked the knob, he was totally shocked and just said, “ohhh shit, you really know how to suck a cock Sammy” I just looked up at him and went straight back down sliding my mouth and tongue up and down his beautiful stiff cock, I started deep throating him and sucking in rhythm as he lay back against the couch. He just kept saying “ohh shit, ohh shit” and I stopped and I said, “I need this hey, I really need this, can you fuck me please, I so need a fuck now”.
He hesitated, and replied, “Sammy, your my son’s wife, we shouldn’t do this sweetie” I said, “I just feel so close to you and I really need a fuck, your my Troy’s dad and who better to fill his spot, I don’t want to do it with another guy Bill, and I really need it, we don’t have to ever tell anyone” he said “well Okay” and we got up and I took his hand and lead him to the bedroom, we undressed each other without speaking a word and he lay me down across the bed, he gently parted my legs and kneeling on the floor he sank his tongue into my little wet cunt, he lapped at my cunt until I was withering around with my hips, I stopped him and said, “fuck me now please” he came up and lay on top of me and I grabbed his head and started kissing him gently, he responded and we soon had our tongues in each other’s mouths as he slid his rock hard cock slowly into my wet eager little cunt, I moaned out loud and then whispered in his ear, “fuck me, just fuck me”
We fucked for about two hours, me Cumming three times, his load shot into me again and again until he was dry blowing, it was awesome. After he got dressed we chatted for a while and he said he hadn’t had a fuck like that for years, things had died down between him and Janice and he definitely still loved her but sex was pretty much slow at that stage. I thanked him and said how much I had really needed that, I felt so much more contented I told him, he left and I rang him that night and thanked him again saying this is our little secret, he agreed.
The next day I rang him at work, I said I was feeling a little depressed again and would he be able to stop in on his way home and comfort me again, he said, “how depressed are you sweetie” I said, “I’m really really depressed” laughing to him, he replied, :”well I can’t have my little girl feeling depressed can I, Ill drop in, in fact I think I’ll leave work a bit earlier today, Ill see you in about half an hour” “wow’ I said, “ awesome , awesome, awesome, I can’t wait” Bill arrived within the hour, I opened the door and we stared at each other for a few minutes as I look deep into those beautiful eyes of his, I then threw my arms around his neck and he pushed me back inside closing the door, he ushered my into the bedroom, we didn't speak, we tore at each other’s clothes and he threw me on the bed and we fucked and fucked for ages, he reminds me so much of his beautiful son, my hubby Troy. Now Bill and I fuck regularly and we have become really close and I am honestly telling you that this is not a fantasy or a made up story, I have become so close to Bill and he is a wonderful caring father in law, he helps me with the loneliness of my hubby being away for so long, Troy has remarked on his visits home how close his dad and I are, I tell him that his dad makes sure I’m safe and well, I will never tell him just how close Bill and I have become, he wouldn't understand but Bill and I will be really good friends for many years to come, and I love him fucking me so much.
Ps. I guess you want to know now how Troy’s b*****r come to fuck me as well hey??

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1 year ago
ha ha...probably NEVER...ha ha ha
1 year ago
When will be reading a story about her
1 year ago
Well Ij....I would say I would probably react exactly the same way I did when I caught him fucking my little sister 3 weeks before our wedding look on my little sisters face when I sprung them was PRICELESS....after I got over the initial shock I literally burst out laughing,,lol,
1 year ago
I can see why you fuck him, and you make it sound so fucking hot, but how do you think you would react if you found your husband fucking your mother?
1 year ago
fuck yeah, worth the wait:)
1 year ago
wow, hot, truly hot.
1 year ago
Wow,,sweetie,,this is so fucking hot...thanks
1 year ago
hey tarrr heaps guys, I've already uploaded what happened between Josh and me (my brother in-law) BUT Im not sure they will publish it as it involves some ROUGH play ha ha, and I have just uploaded a story which unfortunately is pure fantasy but it made me so horny writing it that I had to masturbate after writing it after trying to keep my fingers out of myself while I was writing it ha ha ha, omg I'm sooo BAD I even shock myself ha ha.
1 year ago
Oh my, Sammy your a little devil, yes keep it in the family and its great how your daddy inlaw takes care of you while Troy is away.
NOW do tell us about that brother inlaw of yours, I can't wait girl, simply can't wait (he he)
1 year ago
1 year ago
Great story. I just blew a load reading this. Would love to hear more. Thanks for sharing x
1 year ago
A great story and yes it'd be good to read more of your "sharing" exploits
1 year ago
AWESOME I loved it so much thanks for posting it for us and yes I would love to hear more
1 year ago
Amazing Love it totally 10/10 It's so captivating