Workmate 4

We really were both spent by now after our exploits of the
previous night and our regrouping in the morning. We showered
seperately and I made us both breakfast before driving
her to the end of her street to let her walk back home. In the
car when I pulled up Vicki looked down the street to make
sure nobody was around and kissed me deeply while groping
at my cock. then she jumped out and was gone leaving me with
a growing cock as I watched her walk away from me. The next week was hell for me as Vicki was not in work again
until Saturday and I desperately neede a fix of my new d**g.
Come Saturday morning I woke with the biggest hardest erection
I had known in bed on my own. Vicki was there when I got in to work and at luch time when
the rest of the staff left apart from James, Vicki and myself
I ordered James out to the front of the shop and went straight
back to where Vicki was drinking a cup of tea. "Well?" I said expecting her to leap in to my
arms. "Well what?" She replied with such a casual
shrug that my bl**d began to boil up inside me. She was sitting there, in the knee length navy skirt and
white blouse that made up her uniform, acting towards me
with complete indifference like nothing had happened
between us. "What are you doing this evening after work?"
I asked. "Oh I'm going out with this boy I've been
seeing for a little while." she said not even looking
up at me. The fucking bitch, look at her sitting there like butter
wouldn't melt in her mouth. She put down her cup of tea and started to turn the page of
the magazine she had been gazing at with such intent. I grabbed
her by the arm just under her shoulder and dragged her to
her feet so that she faced me. Still her eyes wouldn't
meet mine so I took my other hand and slapped her across the
cheek before holding her face tightly and kissing her and
pushing my tongue past her unresponsive lips. What the hell was going on, whay was she being like this.
The little slut was playing the cock tease and after her
wanton behaviour last weekend it didn't fit. I dragged
her in to the toilets and closed and bolted the door behind
us. Again I kissed her this time with even more anger as my
cock strained against the fabric of my boxer shorts and
work trousers. I stopped kissing her and stared in to her
face for a sign, for any kind of look that said go ahead or
stop but there was nothing just a look of contempt, or worse
still boredom. Absolutely raving mad now I shoved Vicki down on to her knees
and fumbled wildly with my own flies yanking down my trousers
and boxers clumsily to release the monster cock that Vicki
had created. I straightened up, grabbed a handful of her blonde hair
and pulled her head close to my throbbing hard on. Her mouth
was closed though not tightly shut and it didn't take
much to f***e my bulging head past her lips. I pushed and
pushed staggering forward as I did so until the back of Vicki's
head was pressed against the cold tiles of the toilet wall
and she had no way to escape and then I started pumping in
and out of her slut mouth faster and faster making her gag
a little and occasionally banging the back of her head on
the wall. I was well in to my stroke now, not even looking at her one
hand still claping her hair the other propping my against
the wall. Then from outside the toilet I heard James call for assistance.
I froze stock still with just the tip of my cock in Vicki's
mouth and then the moment I knew my cock slut was back, she
reached up and with both hands on my ass she pulled me back
in to her throat. I looked down and saw her staring up at me
with that same a****l lust in her eyes that had been there
last week when she begged me to fuck her harder. Outside
the toilets James knocked on the door and called my name,
I began pounding in to Vicki's throat again, in and
out harder even than before and said in a somewhat gargled
voice "Take care of it yourself James I'm on the
fucking toilet!" Vicki looked up with tears in her eyes and the sight just
made me go faster. I could hear James footsteps as he walked
away and then I pulled my cock out to rest on Vicki's
lower lip and pumped 5 good hearty loads of spunk in to her
mouth. A little slipped out of the corners of her mouth,
the rest she swallowed back like the cum loving slut she
was. She licked her lips and with her finger scooped the
drooled cum back in to her mouth and then sucked the last
drops from my cock. I flopped back on to the toilet seat and Vicki stood up and
kissed me deeply as she loved to after being fucked in the
mouth. "Isn't it so much more fun when you have to take
it?" She asked. I nodded to myself as she unbolted the toilet door, straightened
herself in the mirror and walked down to the shop front to
help James.
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Yes this could go on for ever thanks