Workmate 2

Vicki was lying across me, both of us naked and sweaty from
our exertions. My spunk, which I had sprayed over her tits
neck and face, was now sandwiched between us and the taste
of spunk was in both our mouths after our French kiss finale.
Now I was tired and thought a quick wash and bed together
would be the right idea. Vicki though began gently stroking my cock and, craning
my neck to look down at her tiny and sexy body in that state,
I found myself becoming aroused again. We must have laid there on the floor for ten minutes with
Vicki stroking my cock and it was begining to slowly twitch
back to life. I put my hand on the back of her neck and testing the waters
pushed her down a little towards my cock. She didn't
resist at all and I new the cock hungry little slut was ready
for more and so was I. Now I used more f***e and pushed her right down and with my
other hand took my cock and guided it towards her lips. At
first she just wanted to kiss it but we both new it wasn't
going to end there and as it stiffened against her lips so
I pushed harder until she couldn't resist anymore
and had to let me in. I adjusted my posistion so that I was
now sitting back on my own legs and Vicki was kneeling but
pushed down to be bent double her mouth around my cock and
my hand on the back of her neck. I whispered something to
her about her liking it rough as I took hold of her hair and
began a slow yet solid rythm of pumping her head up and down
on my cock. She gagged a little and sounded like she might
be choking so I let go of her head but without my hand there
she continued in just the same manner so I replaced my hand
and carried on adding the occasional thrust of my cock to
push deep in to her throat. After an age of this my legs and her face were covered in a
clear bile and as I pulled her head off of my cock it stretched
between us binding us together in our lust and v******e.
I lifted her head up to mine and kissed her hard and deep once
more and then pushed her back down to my cock , this time though
as I pushed and pulled her head up and down on my cock I licked
my fingers and reached with my other hand and began to roughly
finger her tiny, perfect little arse. She seemed startled for the first time but I wasn't
going to stop now and deep down she knew it. First one finger
slipped in and gradually I worked in another and another.
Three fingers slipped painfully in and out of her arse and
now I wanted my cock in there too. I pulled her roughly up off of my cock by the hair and stood
up pulling her with me. I turned to the desk in the corner
and pushed aside the few bits and peices on it before pushing
Vicki down on to it leaving her amazing arse pointing at
me, begging me to ravage it. I stepped close and my cock heavily lubricated by Vicki's
mouth and throat hovered above her brown, puckered hole.
I held my cock in one hand and Vicki's hips with the other
and began pushing. Looking down her ass looked tiny next
to my fully engorged cock and I really believed for a second
that it wouldn't go in, but just then the head popped
past Vicki's ring and in another push I was all the way
in. Vicki let out a strangled yell and I reached forward
and wrapped my hand around her mouth before withdrawing
and slamming back in with all my might. The desk shook and
Vicki's arse gripped tightly on to my cock like a vice
but still I withdrew again and thrust back in building up
a punishing rythm. I felt Vicki's tears roll over my
hand and pulled it away worried for a second that I may have
gone to far and more worried that I wouldn't be able
to stop anyway but Vicki only growled through the tears
and pain. "Fuck my arse harder bastard." And so I did, pumping in and out like I had never done before
scaring myself with the brutality of my attack on her arse
but I couldn't stop and she didn't want me to. On
and on I went fucking harder and harder until I felt Vicki
begin to sag, her legs giving way. If the table hadn't
been there she would have collapsed completely. I gripped
her little hips and powered in to her just a few more times
before I tensed and pulled her upright like a rag doll in
my arms and pumped my second load of the evening in to her
beautful arse. I held her there until I was done and then
lowered her on to the ground off of my cock. I looked at her
worried for a moment before she opened her eyes and croaked
out that the reason she had collapsed is that the sheer brutality
of the pounding I had given her arse had made her cum herself,
something that she had never had from anyone fucking her
100% (7/0)
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3 years ago
that was too much thie is one of the best jack off stories i've read thanks