Bi Three Way

Michelle and I had been talking about having a threesome ever sinceI let slip that I'd had a bi threesome some years earlier with another couple. Michelle was turned on by the thought of two guys together and so she vowed to find somebody online. Gumtree was where she placed the ad and within a matter of hours she had several replies and decided on one guy she liked the look of. His name was Stuart and he said he was up for oral with another guy and would let me fuck him if that's what we wanted. This really got Michelle excited and she was wet with the thought of seeing me fuck another guy's arse. We met Stuart in a pub near Michelle's house, he seemed nice, he was easy going with a good sense of humour. After a few drinks we were all pretty relaxed and there was no awkwardness at all. Stuart followed us back to Michelle's place and once inside we sat on the sofa -- Michelle in the middle between the 2 of us. I started to kiss her, I could tell she was fucking horny by the urgency of her kissing, she started to rub both of our cocks through our jeans, Stuart was groping her tits whilst trying to get her top off. In no time at all her top and bra were both on the floor, Stuart and I took one nipple each and licked and sucked them hard. 'Bite them you fuckers I'm so fucking horny' she was saying, so we obviously obliged.

Get on your knees you bitch and get our cocks out I told her. She had my jeans and underwear off in 1 swift motion, my 7'' hard cock sprang into full view, she did the same for Stuart. His cock was similar in size to mine, she started to suck me first -- she gives tremendous blow jobs. Her warm wet mouth felt so good on my engorged helmet, she took me as far into her mouth as possible then continued to suck me like this for a minute or so. She then turned her attention to Stuart and did the same for him. I got up and removed the rest of Michelle's clothes and started to spank her bare arse -- suck him you fucking slut I told her. Now I want you to lick his arse i said, Stuart bent over the sofa and Michelle spread his arse cheeks and gave him a good tonguing, licking all around his tight hole then pushing her tongue in as far as possible. She pushed a finger in which brought an gasp from Stuart, she added another finger and started to fuck him with the 2 fingers. She knows I love her to suck my cock straight out of her arse so she removed both fingers and licked and sucked them while looking me straight in the eye.

Her cunt was sopping wet by now juices running down her thigh, I rubbed my cock in her juices, coating it completely. Fuck me she pleaded, all in good time baby I told her. Stuart's going to taste your juices off my cock first. I told him to lie on his back on the sofa so Michelle could continue licking and fingering his arse and I could feed my cock into his mouth. The look on her face was priceless as I offered my cock coated in her juices for Stuart to suck. He couldn't get it in his mouth quick enough and was obviously used to this as he really knew what he was doing. Shell came over and started kissing me as I fucked Stuart's mouth. She got on her knees and spread my cheeks and started tonguing my arse as I fucked Stuart's mouth, she started fingering my arse now and after 5 minutes of this I could feel the cum rising in my balls. Michelle sensed this and put her face next to Stuart's, cum on the 2 of us she demanded -- the first shot of cum hit Stuart in the face, then i directed it into his mouth and then onto Shell's face and mouth -- there seemed to be loads of cum probably due to how aroused I was. The 2 of them kissed and licked the spunk off each other, Shell then kissed me deeply and shared some of my spunk with me.

After that we went up to the bedroom, Shell now took control. She ordered me on the bed first with Stuart on top in a 69 position. She took Stuart's cock in her hand and guided it into my mouth. I opened wide and instinctively started sucking on my first cock. She was telling me i looked a right slut and to suck harder and bob my head up and down his length. Stuart had sucked my cock back to hardness and was licking my shaft and balls, his fingers probing for my arse hole. He pushed 2 fingers inside as he continued to lick my balls. Now lick his arse she told me, which i did but not with enough enthusiasm for her liking. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face into his arse, do it fucking properly she yelled. She walked over to the wardrobe and when she came back a minute later I almost shot my load for a second time. She looked incredible, her 34dd tits hanging out of a black lace basque, black hold up stockings, high heels and a black plastic 8''cock strapped around her waste. Just a little something I bought for tonight she said, now who's first?

She made us both kneel on the bed, arses in the air, she applied plenty of lube and rubbed it into both our arseholes making sure she slipped a few fingers in as well. You're first bitch she told me, I braced myself for this, I'd only ever had a few fingers in my arse before, this was fucking long but not too thick thankfully. She nudged it gently into my arse, it hurt at first but she held it there for a while before slowly easing it inside. The pain and pleasure was quite intense, half way in she said. Oh fuck I wasn't sure I could take it all. When she had 6'' inside she started pulling out then fucking me with it. I was grabbing the bed tightly and really moaning loudly -- just like a fucking bitch she told me.

She told Stuart to shut me up so he rammed his cock in my mouth and really fucked my mouth hard. Michelle had built up pace now and was ramming the whole cock in and out of my arse, I could feel the straps hit my arse cheeks as she rammed into me. It was the best feeling ever, being fucked hard by my sexy girlfriend while being face fucked by a guy -- it was heaven. Stuart said he was going to cum, cum in his mouth Michelle told him, and don't you fucking swallow it all bitch. It was when he started cumming that i realised it was for the first time that night, there was a gallon of the stuff. I had no choice but to swallow half of it as some dribbled out of my mouth. Shell pulled out of my arse and ordered Stuart to fuck me before he went too soft. It felt nicer having a real cock in me, less harsh than the plastic thing. Shell ordered me to coat the black cock with the cum left in my mouth and then to suck and lick it all off - which I obliged in doing with enthusiasm. Stuart was told to pull out of my arse and I had to lick him clean.

Stuart was then given the same treatment, a very rough strap-on fucking from Shell that left him with tears in his eyes -- Shell called the shots and we did everything she said. When she was done with us I told her it was now her turn -- prepare to be fucking humiliated you slut. Bring it on was all she could say before I slapped her across the face. Be rough with her I told Stuart and do what ever you want with her after the way she used both of us. He started by biting and slapping her tits, i want to see if i can fist the slut he said. He slipped 4 fingers and thumb in easily enough then used lube to get the rest of his hand in her cunt. She was screaming give it to me you cunt, and I'm such a whore etc. Get that black cock in her fucking arse too i told him. I was face fucking her hard while Stuart rammed the dildo in and out of her arse hard and was fisting her cunt. After that we tied her to the bed, DPed her, we slapped her around a bit and filled her with cum. When we were done her body was red and she had bite marks on the tits, arse and thighs.

It was around 5am when Stuart left. Just before he left I tied Michelle's hands behind her back and dragged her to the bathroom. I made her kneel in the bath and open her mouth as Stuart and I pissed on her. We aimed for her mouth, face and hair. Let me see you both together once more before you leave Shell begged. Why not I thought she's been a good slut -- I got on my knees and sucked Stuart till he was hard again, he then bent me over the bath and fucked me hard till he came in my arse. He then licked my balls and arse before bending over to let me fuck him. Shell then obliged by sucking the cum out of both our arses before passionately and deeply kissing Stuart. What a fucking night! Unfortunately I haven't done anything to rival that night since.

95% (25/1)
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3 years ago
this is the type of fun we have,its sooo sexy
3 years ago
Wow I'm so hot that i'm so sour from a; the javcing off at least three times thanksthat was incredable invite me next time thanks
3 years ago
great story and very kinky
3 years ago
What a night that was! I wish my wife would do that for me!
3 years ago
mm very hot, what a turn on
3 years ago
Very hot story. Total turn-on.
3 years ago
Nice kinky story, do you need another for a foursome