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I was 15, me and my f****y just moved into a new upscale nebiorhood. It was the suburbs and all the nebiorhood were very nice. One day our nebior from 2 doors down came to introduce himself to the f****y. His name was John, he was 43 and recently divorced, his c***dren had gone away to college and he was in the photography business. I didn't think much of him, he was nice, whatever.... This was that age I was getting curious about my body, and wanting to experiment. All the other boys were chasing girls, but I wanted to be the girls. Whenever I would sneak looks at porno mags and vids, I would always watch straight porn, and identify with the beautiful girl getting rammed in her ass! I started shaving my legs and finding things around the house to stick up my ass, as well as dress in my s****rs panties ect. I was becoming a total bottom sissy slut :)

One day I was just out walking the back trails that went behind John's house and he was out watering some plants. He said hello and we started to chat. I was wearing a pink skimpy thong that always rode up past my tight shorts and a little tank top that showed my belly botton. He was funny and made me laugh and then he asked if I wanted a drink inside. I hesitated but I had good vibes from him and I said sure and we went inside. He served me a glass of water and little to my knowledge my little pink thong was hanging out! Very noticeable!! Eventually he said "I like those pink panties you have on Sammie." I was shocked, first of all my name was Stephen and to be called my a girls name was kinda hott and no one knew about my secret life! I couldn't get my words out in a straight sentence and was very embaresed. He said not to worry and that he liked when little boys wore panties. I started to feel more comfortable and I was deff attracted to this older male. He was 6'2 , 220 lbs, scruffy face, black with a little grey short hair and muscular :). I was 15 so I was very petite, 5'5, 115 lbs totally shaven all over (i was also douched and cleaned out) with a 27 inch waist. I could fit into 00 jeans and tight little slutty outfits!

He took me by the hand and led me to his computer room. By this time I was pretty turned on and nervous. He had me sit on his lap and he proceeded to look up some porn on the computer. He was wearing silky basketball shorts so I could feel his cock on my little sissy virgin ass getting stiff ;D. He turned on a vid of a beautiful blonde getting her ass pounded by a big cock! He asked me if I liked it and I said hell ya! He started pinching and grabbing my little but getting me really frisky hehe. He pulled out some pill bottles and he took a Viagra and had me take a little blue muscle relaxer with a small shot of vodka. At this point I was willing to do whatever he said! He asked if he could see me in my panties and I happily obliged. As soon as I got undressed standing there naked, smooth, and vulnerable he started feeling my body all over! I had never been touched like this and I was loving it! Without warning he pulled me into a passionate kiss all while grabbing my little ass cheeks, spreading them and running his fingers just on the outside of my little virgin hole! I could feel his cock rock hard in his pants standing straight up! Not caring anymore and being so fucking turned on I reached down and started grabbing and feeling it through his pants, this drove him crazy! He started kissing me sooooo hard, on my neck, ears all over my head! I was in lust!! He pulled me from his lips and looked me in my eyes. He asked me If I was sure I wanted to do this and that I couldn't tell anybody as he could go to prison. I promised not to tell and convinced him I wanted this more than anything and we continued.

He pushed me to my knees and he took off his shirt, revealing his semi hairy muscular chest! This made me feel so submissive and little compared to him! "Have you ever sucked a big daddy dick before little sissy boi?" He asked. "No sir" I replied. He then proceeded to tell me today I was going to become his little sex slave. A little fuck doll for him. I was so excited to get started! He pulled down his pants and out flopped the first real cock I had ever laid eyes on! It was so beautiful! Completely shaven balls and pubes, about 7 full and pretty thick cut cock! It smelt so clean and just like a man's cock should. Having seen many porno movies I knew how to start sucking and basically what to do. Still on my knees, I moved my little sissy lips toward his manhood. I put my lips around his throbbing head and started sucking! He instantly let out a huge groan and tiled his head back! I knew this meant I was doing good! I didn't use any hands at first like the sluts I was pretending to be from the movies! I started so suck fast and hard as I was loving giving my new daddy pleasure. I was feeling the effects of the d**gs and I was so turned on, my little clitty was rock hard and dripping precum. I started to attempt to deepthroat this huge cock like I had seen in the pornos! At this time daddy was loving this, we had moved to the couch so he could sit down and I arched my ass up in the air trying to hard so be sexi for daddy! He helped me relax my throat and held my head and shoved his cock right down my throat! I couldn't believe it! I was worshiping his cock like a slave! Sucking the hairless balls! Stroking the shaft, just going crazy! However the crazy sex session had just begun!

He stood me up and kissed me, then led me to another room that he said I would love. I walked in and almost fainted. A sex room!!! It was painted pink with a little bed ! There was a sex swing, dildlos , toys, everything you could think of. My head was swimming! There was a dresser and closet filled with girls clothes! He told me he loves cd sissy boys and only has sex with sissy! He proceeded to dress up up like the little girl I am! Since I was already shaven and douched, he put a tight pink dress on me, pink panties, a bra with breast forms in them and even little white heels that fit me perfectly!!!! Next came makeup, he told me he wasn't the best but could put some stuff on me from seeing other girls get dolled up! After he was done painting my face like a whore, he put a realistic blonde wig on me pinned it on and led me to the mirror. I nearly fainted at the sight of the little girl standing In front of me! I didn't even recognize my self.! I looked so small, submissive and ready to be taken! I was still pretty fucked up from the pill and shot so daddy kissed me some more and told me he as going to make me a real sissy girl today and take my virginity! I was so turned on I just agreed and obeyed the order my master had given me!

Leading me to a wedge on the bed, I bent over doggie style and he lifted my dress that barely covered my ass anyways, and moved my panties to the side. He told me what a good girl I had been shaving and douching for daddy! I was in heaven when he finally put his tounge right on my pussy! It felt so fucking good!! He was licking and slobbering and sucking on my ass checks then back to my hole! I've never felt so much pleasure before! "I will never suck your clitty sissy because we pretent that is not there. You may stroke it to receive pleasure at first, however after a few sessions with me little slut you will be cumming with just your pussy alone!" I said yes master and he continued. He then got up and grabbed some silicone lube and a few butt plugs to warm up my ass for his manhood :) having toyed my ass before I knew this was necessary before a pussy slamming! First he inserted a finger then two then three! My little sphincter was so loose from the relaxer and shot because I was so small! Before he put the first size plug in my pussy, he reached in the drawer and grabbed a littl brown vild. He explained these were poppers and would make me a real slut and loosen me up from the inside. Trusting daddy and being so horny, I took one big whiff and held my breath as instructed, at the same time daddy put the plug in effortlessly! I exhaled and I felt myself emerge into a new world. I was nolonger a regular teenage boy, I had been transformed into a teen total bottom sissy slut for older men! And I was loving it! My clitty was rock hard and my pussy was sooooo open! Daddy was stroking his cock and smacking my little but as well! This went on for about 15 min, him inserting bigger and bigger plugs until I was ready to be taken by a daddy dick!

He told me how pretty I looked, kissed me once more, had me take a big hit of poppers and then with me still in doggie style, slid his cock in effortlessly! The warm up and poppers made it so that it was tight, but he just went balls deep within 3 minutes. He held there letting my pussy adjust to this cock in there! The started pumping his cock in and out, nibbling in my ear driving me insane. "Oh ya you little fucking sissy bitch bottom, you like getting fucked by man cock?" He would tauntingly say. "Ohhhhh yessss sssiirr! I love your cccooooccckk fucking me daddy please don't stop I belong to you!" At that he really started pounding my ass, as I had fully loosened up. Taking it to the head then slamming it back in very hard! I was in pure sissy bliss! I remember lying there, not being able to move, thinking OMG I am dressed as a little girl, getting fucked by a man almost 3 times my age! And LOVING it! This is my meaning in life, to serve men, to serve him! " yea you sissy fag get ready to taste your ass from my hard cock!!" He pulled me from doggie and threw me to my knees and shoved his rock hard glistening cock into my teenage throat. It tasted sooo good I sucked every ounce of ass juice from it!

With that he picked my up and laid me on my back on the bed, my shaven legs on his shoulders, and him leaning over me. He slid his cock right back in and started slamming into me with no mercy again, this time his face was right over mine and we kissed talked dirty and shit! I felt so submissive and small pinned under this alpha male, being f***ed to take his cock! As he was going to town on my pussy, I felt a feeling I have never felt from within, I was about to cum! I wasn't touching my clitty, just the friction of his manhood rubbing my sissy spot was driving me insane!! "Ohhhh yeah daddyy I'm aboooouuuttt tttooo ccuummmm!,!," he quickly made me take a big popper hit which sent me over the edge! His thrusts slammed into my pussy with the f***e of a train and I was loving it, begging for more! The sensation became un bearable and I just let loose shooting multiple streams on cum onto this pink dress! I had never came so hard! I couldn't see straight, couldn't talk at all, my pussy was quivering so much and I was convulsing underneath this older man! This sent daddy over the edge as he threw me on the ground like a ragdoll and stuck just the head of his cock in my mouth. He pumped it twice and started spewing warm gooey creamy grown man cum in my mouth! I tried to swallow all of it so fast like in the movies as not to waste any! There was sooooooo much! A little dripped out, but you know I got it all! Daddy collapsed and I proceeded to clean his cock to perfection.

Both having came extremely hard, we laid there in each others arms, speechless about what we had just done. Here I am 15 a minor, haven gotted seduced, fucked and billed by a man 3 times my age and I fucking loved every second of it! He told me I was amazing and that I belonged to him now! I couldn't be happier! I had to keep it a secret form everyone!! We took a shower together and I got changed back into my boy clothes and went on my way. He told me to be back the same time tomorrow for even more fun! I agreed and left his house with a smack on the ass! I had been totally transformed into a total submissive bottom sissy slut and I loved every moment of it. It was hard to walk after that pounding! I went home, climbed into bed and slept 13 hours dreaming of him and our wild time! I would never be the same again..............
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7 days ago
That's such a nice way to be introduced to gay sex
29 days ago
Nice story.
1 month ago
I luv little boys wearing panties 2
2 months ago
great story, I was a toy for an older man too. it was great being with him
2 months ago
beautiful story
2 months ago
i'm a 23yo student bottom. i wish i had the courage when i was 15 to fuck with older men. i love daddy dick!
3 months ago
I loved it. I m 63 with. 8 inches dick. Write to me
4 months ago
Fantastic story - had to stop myself from cumming twice so I could finish it!
5 months ago
OMG,AWESOME SEXY ,wish it could have happened to me when I was young like this sweetie
6 months ago
mhhhh would love to get seduced like that :-)
7 months ago
Such an arousing story. Incredibly hot.
8 months ago
sooo hot!
8 months ago
this was really hot.
9 months ago
Very hot story!
9 months ago
Made me sorry I didn’t meet a dirty old man way back when I discovered my lust for all things frilly!
10 months ago
Amazing story ! So exiting :P
11 months ago
perfect little story... from a perfect little sissy ass!
11 months ago
I also have a large collection of girls clothes and would love for you to model them for me. I am 65 years old and just love pretty young sissy boys.
12 months ago
I love your story, me too I attract men more elderly
1 year ago
Very hot story
1 year ago
So sweet!
1 year ago
great story. I am rock hard
1 year ago
mmmm love it
1 year ago
I only skimmed it, but it reads like my 1st time.
1 year ago
sammie, that story was almost as hot as you are. I'm a local daddy dom top that sure would like to meat up with you.
1 year ago
I want to fuck you as well. ;)
1 year ago
i'm not pettti but Ihave a tight asspussy you can have your friends fuck anytime and i just love sucking cock
1 year ago
Superb;y written - can almost feel his arse stretching
1 year ago
I want to be fucked just like her
1 year ago
Oh WOW !
Sammie that was so fucking HOT!
I got so hard & horny reading your story,
I love it :)