My Lucky Night.

I suppose I don't need to introduce myself. Who am I among other intimacy craved beings, but that doesn't matter. I'm here to share my story.

I was a waitress at a diner a couple years back, and we mostly saw the regulars, older couples and teenagers who had nothing else to do but loiter and eat. I was switched to the late shift, which didn't really matter because I had no husband or c***dren, and I commanded my own hours.

One night, I was the only waitress working the late shift, and our cook, Chet, was out sl**ping in his car, telling me to come out if I needed him. It had started raining, and I didn't think anyone was about to come in anyway, with the gales sweeping soaked trash across the parking lot. I was reading an old magazine when the bells tinkled at the door, and I looked up, expecting to see Chet.

I was surprised to see that it wasn't our cook at all, but a tall man, about six foot four inches, and thick across the chest. He wore a dark black raincoat, and his hat shielded his eyes from the rain. He took off his hat and put it on the bench by the door, revealing dark brunette hair tousled, and startlingly green eyes as they met mine. "Coffee, please," he said in a low voice, and I found myself rushing for the coffee pot behind the counter.

He made his way to a booth near the back, ignoring the cursed light bulb that kept flickering, and sat down. I took a clean mug and the coffee pot, putting it down and pouring coffee into it, but with a sudden boom of thunder I jumped a bit, the coffee mug flying from my startled grasp and tumbling onto him. He yelled with a sudden fury, standing up sharply.

"The hell is wrong with you?" he snarled, but his eyes calmed when he saw that my eyes were wide and my shoulders were shaking. He shrugged off his long jacket to reveal dark jeans, rugged cowboy boots ,and a denim shirt, and the front of his pants were dark with the coffee.

"I'm so sorry sir!" I cried, rushing to get a towel, but a strong grip on my wrist restrained me and he soon pulled me back to him. "I know of another way you can repay me," he said, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"What... what are you talking about?" I asked curiously, and he could sense that note in my voice, for he smiled rakishly. "Can't you guess?" he asked, and I looked down, noticing that now there was a distinct bulge in the front of his pants. "Surely..?" I trailed off, and he nodded. "I know you were alone.. hence why I came in this shitty excuse for a diner."

His hands pushed on my shoulders, and I could only willingly go down there out of curiosity and let's face it, being alone wasn't fun. If this male wanted me, then I wasn't going to cry assault, but his voice was enough to make my panties soaked, and indeed they were. I went down to my knees and watched as he slowly undid his belt buckle, sliding it out and unbuckling his dark jeans.

When his member sprung out at me, I could only help but to gasp, for it was certainly meant for me. He was bigger than any I had ever seen, and I watched as he took it in his hand, guiding it to me. I opened my mouth willingly, letting it glide past my tongue. I met his eyes as I wrapped my lips around the head, the girth stretching my lips wider as he was a good inch and a half wide at the top. He twitched a bit in my mouth and I could feel the bl**d pulsing through as he grew steadily harder.

"Take it," he coaxed, and I closed my eyes as he wound his fingers through my blonde hair, his hips moving to and fro as he pushed and pulled with certain controlled f***e into my awaiting mouth and out. I could only hold onto the rest of the shaft as he pushed into me. With one surge he pushed further than before, and I had to take a sudden breath as the tip reached the back of my throat. "Good little girl.. take it, suck.." he commanded, and I willingly obeyed before I pulled away breathless.

He smiled devilishly as he looked down at me, and with one movement, I was on my feet one second, but he swept me onto the edge of the table, pulling my dark pants off fluidly and dropping them on the floor. "Shaved..." he murmured after pulling my white panties off, and one long finger dipped down into my hood, tracing along the pouting lips that were now freely and deliciously wet. "You're eager," he stated, and it wasn't a question. I could only nod as his rough thumb found my sensitive little nub.

Lightning shot through me as he slowly and deeply rubbed my clitoris, and when my moans grew louder he took two fingers and slowly slid into my awaiting core. I seized a bit, my mouth a perfect circle as my head fell back. "You like?" he asked slowly as his fingers pushed and pulsed within me, trying every trick he seemed to know before I came flooding out onto his palm.

He smiled, bringing his fingers up to his mouth and tasting the juices that lined his fingers now. "You're ready for me," he stated, and I could only nod.

He brought his cock to me, and pushed my legs up onto his shoulders. He didn't wait for my ready, but watched my face contort into something mixed with pain and ultimate bliss as his thick head pushed into my folds. I gasped loudly, grasping his arms that leaned on the table on either side of me, and felt his length sear into me like a flame broiled sword. It pulled out just a bit to leave me wanting, before pushing in harder and deeper. Gods.. it was like this man had been sent down for me.

His teeth clenched together as he breathed, watching my face as his length pushed and pulled along my flesh, and soon his brow was lined with sweat. I couldn't take much more after even a few more minutes, and with a loud cry, he was flooded again with my juices. I could tell he was nearing the edge as well, but he pulled out quickly, and I took over.

Taking his cock in my hand, I swiftly palmed him, watching as his balls got tighter and tighter, until I smiled; with a loud cry and a jerk into my hands, he had released, his ropes of hot white creamy release coating my skin in a fine white glaze. He looked down at me as he panted, taking a finger and wiping it along his seed and holding it in front of my lips. "Taste," he said firmly, and I knew I had to, but I wanted to. My lips enveloped his waiting finger, tasting his thick saltiness and taking it down my throat.

He turned away then, pulling his jeans back up, reaching for his belt and his jacket. As he pulled the jacket on, a card fell out, landing on the table near the coffee spill. As he walked away from me, I picked it up, before starting after him.

"You left your--"
"Keep it," he said, smirking as he cut me off.

I looked down at it, realizing that it was his card.. and it had a personal number on it. This really was my lucky night.
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2 years ago
MMM, great story babe!
2 years ago
GREAT storyl your attention to detail is wonderful. I like the way you developed the story line quickly but completely, and the end is perfect. Great work!!
2 years ago
love it
2 years ago
Good 1 !!
2 years ago
Well done! The only question I have is if the number on the card worked...yet?
2 years ago
wow great story!