Little Did My Husband Know His Big White Cock Was

Samina was at the party with her husband Raj. They were the only Indian couple there. They were on holiday in Spain. They had been invited to the Villa next door by a guy called Rick. Many guests had arrived and everybody was having fun, after an hour everybody was quite d***k, especially Raj. He could not handle his beer. At the end of the night most of the guests had left and a few were asl**p on the ground floor. When Samina and Raj were getting ready to go a photographer from the local night club turned up. Rick was shocked, he just remembered he had hired him to take some erotic pics of himself and his gf, as this turns her on. However she was not there now. The photograther explained that the cash was non-refundable and a lot had been paid. So Rick turned to Samina and said why dont you guys have the pics taken , its free after all I have paid him. The couple looked at each other. Raj would never normally be up for something like this but being d***k agreed. Samina was excited. They all went upstairs. It was quite dark with just a few candles lit. Rick sat on the chair on the far side of the room. The photograther told the couple to get in the other corner and he started snapping some pics of them hugging and kissing. He then asked if he could take some more erotic pics, Raj was not impressed but felt pressured and Samina seemed to be enjoying it in her d***k state. So he reluctantly agreed.

She started by stripping down to her thong and doing a dance, while the phoogrpaher snapped away

She then thought she was sone and slipped her dress back on, however

The photograther asked Samina to lean against the bed and lift her dress up.

This gave Rick a perfect view of her arse from the other side of the room. He was getting an erection. The camera man then asked the couple to lay on the bed and for Samina to put her husbands cock in her mouth. They both looked shocked but Raj was now feeling the alcohol and only half with it, semi falling asl**p but carrying on with demands. Samina thought they might as well as it was good photo's to look back on. She lay him down and pulled his shorts down. He pulled his 4 inch cock out and she started sucking it.

The photograther took a few pics. Samina kept stroking Raj's cock while she sat up and the photograther came over to show her the pics.

She was disapointed with the pics. She could hardly see her mouth over his cock. The Photograther explained that her husbands cock was just too small and if he had a larger penis the pics would have looked better. Raj just lay there listening half asl**p but incredibly embarresed. Rick jumped out of his seat. He offered to do a few betend pics with Samina just to show her the contrast. Raj's eyes opened from his d***k state and said no, he got up stumbling and fell into Rick he grabbed him and stopped him from falling. He then placed Raj down in the seat where he slumped over still watching. He then said to Samina that the pics are just betend they wont actually be doing anything. They both looked at Raj, who felt pressured and who's head was spinning . He relucatantly agreed.
The camera man told them to get into a betend 69 position. Samina faced away from Raj , so he could see her arse but not face. The camera man kept snapping the pics. Raj started to fall aleep due to the intoxication despite trying his best to stay awake. Samina positioned her pussy over Ricks face and her mouth bear his shorts. He slid his shorts down and they came off. She was shocked to see his massive cock spring free, it must have been about 9 inches and thick. By default due to its size it rested near her mouth, the room was dimmnly lit, so as Raj would randomly awake and fall asl**p he could only really see shadows. Rick buried his head into Samina's thong which had slipped a bit to the far side and pushed his tounge in and started to lick slowly. Samina gasped and let out a moan, Raj's eyes opend half way and asked is everything okay. Samina was embarresed and quickly responded they were doing make belive noises to go with the pics.

The phographer kept snapping the shots, Ricks licks grew faster, this caused Samina to open her mouth and moan loud, Ricks Cock accidently went in to her mouth

Due to its size it went in deep, so she would need her hands to yank her self up to get it back out, put Rick had put his arms around her waist so he couldnt move. She panicked for a minute but then realised Raj could not see anything as he was looking at her bum and neither could the photographer. He asked her to bob her head up and down to make it look she was betending to suck on his cock. She was now in a sticky position. His cock was in her mouth deep but if she didnt bob her head up and down Raj would know something was wromg, So she had no choice, and started to suck away. Raj looked on, in the dim light all he could see was her head going up and down and Ricks face between her legs, but he figured she had a thong on, but little did he know the g string had gone to the side . After doing this for ten mins the photographer asked Samina to get up and reverse cowgirl Rick. They swapped positions and Rick put his cock by the entrance to Samina's pussy. Raj asked Samina if everythings okay, and she replied she was fine. Then the photographer said to Samina make faces and noises to betend u are having sex, they will make the pics more erotic, suddenly as she heard him say that Rick pushed his massive cock into her pussy.

She could not believe his size, she was only use to a small 4 inch indian cock. He had never felt anything so tight wet and yet silky. She slowly kept pushing in half an inch by half an inch. Samina was moaning in pure pleassue.

he photagrapher then asked Samina to betend she was riding him. The pushed back and forth and her hungry tight pussy streched over his massive cock. She could not stop groaning loudly with her eyes closed saying Fuck me Rick with that big white cock. Raj felt jelous but figured it was all betend and she had a thong on.

Just then Rick started coming and they both let out a massive orgasm. Samina gently lifted herself up off him and pulled her thong back into place .

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very nice
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So hard....
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No thank you ;-)
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make my cock become erected, I wish I was rick
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yeah wish we knew the password
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These stories got me to cum Oh how I do wish to know the password so I can cum back for some more... thanks for sharing this hot experience!
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amazing story babe xxxxx