Home alone

Laura was enjoying herself. It was the first time she'd ever had the entire
house to herself. Her parents had taken her little s****r, and gone to
visit her grandparents across the state, leaving Laura alone for the very
first time in her life. Normally, she would have gone, too, but she had a
softball game. She'd begged her parents to leave her alone. After all, she
had just turned s*******n, and come August would be a senior in high school.
Her parents had finally agreed, because Laura had always been so
responsible, and they knew they could trust her.

Maybe other k**s would've taken advantage, and had a bunch of friends over
for a party. But not Laura. Her parents' trust meant too much to her.
When she'd promised to act responsibly, she'd meant to follow through. So
after Laura's softball game Saturday morning, she'd come home, fixed her
lunch, and proceeded to do her chores. And just to prove how responsible
she was, Laura scrubbed the kitchen floor to boot.

Then she'd allowed herself the luxury of a nice long bubble bath, knowing
that no one would disturb her. She was really enjoying this being alone
business. Wrapped in her heavy terry cloth bathrobe, with a towel around
her wet hair, she fixed herself some soup and settled in in front of the

The knock on the door startled her. She had no intention of answering, but
at least wanted to peek out the window and see who it was. She was relieved
to see it was only Kathryn, their neighbor. Laura liked Kathryn a lot, and
it seemed to her that Kathryn liked her, too. Kathryn had said many times
it was too bad her son, Tommy, was four years younger than Laura, cause she
sure would like Laura for her son's girlfriend. Since Laura's little
s****r, Sara, was only ten, that was out of the question, at least for now.
And since Kathryn had no daughters, she'd always enjoyed taking Laura to do
"girl" things.

So Laura was happy to let Kathryn in. Being alone was great and all, but
having someone to talk to was pretty nice, too.

"Hi, I promised your mom I'd look in and make sure you're okay, no wild
parties going on or anything."

Laura rolled her eyes. "Mom worries too much."

Kathryn just smiled at her. "That's a mother's prerogative, you know. To
worry about her c***dren. I'm 35 years old, and my mother worries about me

The two had walked into the f****y room, and Laura remembered her manners.
"Oh, why don't you sit and stay awhile? I'll fix you a Coke or something?"

Kathryn settled onto the couch where Laura had been sitting, as evidenced by
the empty soup bowl. "Oh, that's nice. A Coke would be just fine."

Laura hurried off to the kitchen, and in a couple minutes returned with two
glasses of Coke. She sat down on the couch with Kathryn, and handed her
one. She didn't notice right away that the TV channel had been changed.

"So, how do you like your first experience as a grown up?" Asked Kathryn.

Laura giggled a little. "I was glad you came over, actually. I was getting
a little lonely. I've never been all alone before. I didn't think I'd miss
them so much."

Kathryn reached out and stroked her cheek. "I know. I thought maybe right
about now you could use some company. Or, I could send Tommy over?"
Kathryn smiled wry smile.

"You never give up, do you? No, I'm happy you came yourself. What's he
doing, anyway?"

"He's playing computer games, taking over the world, or something. I can't
keep it straight, but he starts, he's at it all night. I'll be lucky to get
Tommy to bed by midnight." Kathryn had divorced Tommy's father several
years earlier, and the boy had become increasingly withdrawn, it seemed to

Laura nodded. She'd looked out her window many evenings, to see Tommy
huddled around the computer, visible through their den window. "I'm not
much into that. I like movies better."

"Me too," said Kathryn. "Maybe that's why we get along so well?" She
stroked Laura's cheek again, making Laura just a little uneasy. Kathryn
must have felt her tense. "Oh, I'm sorry. You should know me by now. I'm
just a touchy kinda lady."

Laura smiled warmly at her. "No problem. I don't know what's wrong with
me. But I do know I should get my hair combed out."

"I'd better go, then, and let you do that." Kathryn started to get up.

"Oh, don't go! Please, stay. I'll only be a minute."

"Well, I guess I can spare a little more time. Like I said, I'm a computer
widow tonight. I wonder if they've even missed me yet?"

Laura thanked her, and went off to the bathroom to comb out her long brown
hair. As quick as she could, she came back to the f****y room. Kathryn
didn't see her coming, and Laura was a little surprised at the movie on the
TV. A couple was in the midst of a rather steamy love scene. Laura made
sure she made a lot of noise as she entered the room, so Kathryn wouldn't be
startled. But she didn't change the channel, like Laura expected her to,
and the steamy scene continued.

Laura sat back down on the couch, a little confused, which probably
explained why she didn't notice right away how flushed Kathryn was. "Umm,
what's this movie?" She couldn't think of any less awkward way to open the

"Oh, this is such a wonderfully romantic movie, you'll love it. Trust me."

Laura was uncomfortable with watching a movie with nudity in it. Her
parents wouldn't approve, she was sure. Kathryn seemed to read her mind.
"Listen, it'll be our little secret, OK? It's a really beautiful movie.
Besides, at 17, you're old enough to go into any movie, right?"

Laura nodded uncertainly, but began to watch the movie. The scene had
changed again, and now the same lady from the last scene was in a jungle
ruin, with another scantily clad woman. As they went inside, they
discovered a small pool of steaming water, as if coming from some thermal
venting. Both stripped off all their clothing, and got into the pool. Then
they started bathing each other. Laura had never seen anything like this.
She thought she should look away, but was strangely curious to watch what
would happen next. The two women were very beautiful.

Laura couldn't look away, as the two women turned towards each other, and
wrapping their arms about each others' necks, their mouths met in a
passionate kiss. The camera closed in, showing their tongues probing and
fencing with one another. Laura knew she should look away, but she didn't.
The first girl began moving down the second girl's neck, kissing and
nibbling, as the second girl arched her back, urging her lower. The first
girl obliged, her mouth finding her companion's small, firm breasts, licking
and kissing them, much to the other's obvious delight. Laura felt her pulse
quickening, and her mouth getting dry. She couldn't tear her eyes from the
screen, as the two women made love with one another. All too soon, the
scene was over, and then so was the movie.

Kathryn broke the awkward silence. "So, how was the softball game?"

Thankful not to have to talk about the movie, Laura began to forget about
how uncomfortable she had become with the situation. "Oh, great. We won,
and I got two hits. But I kinda hurt my shoulder diving for a ball. Missed
it, too, darn it." She smiled sheepishly.

"Hurt your shoulder? And then scrubbed the kitchen floor?" Laura's
eyebrows rose at that. "Oh, I could see you through the window. You forget
how close our houses are together."

"Oh, I didn't think I'd told you. Well, my shoulder feels pretty much
better now. The bath helped a lot. Just a little kink in there."

"Well, why not let me rub it for you? My husband says I give the best
backrubs ever. Here, turn around right here, and I'll rub it for you."

Laura turned her back to Kathryn, who in turn eased Laura's bathrobe just
off her shoulders, and began rubbing her shoulders and neck.

"Mmmmmmm, you do that nice, all right," murmured Laura. "I shoulda called
you over as soon as I got home."

"Well, just you relax, and I'll take your mind off your aches and pains in
no time at all."

Laura did just that, relaxing, and forgetting all her discomfort from the
movie, letting Kathryn's hands sooth all her tension away. So she barely
noticed that her bathrobe was being eased slowly lower and lower, as Kathryn
worked lower and lower down her back, till finally it was only on her
elbows, and she was naked to the waist. She was getting a little drowsy,
and happily eased back into Kathryn's arms when she gently tugged her,
nuzzling up against her shoulder.

"You have very beautiful breasts, do you know that?" Laura's eyes snapped
open. "I've never seen you this way before. You should be very proud of

Laura pulled away, pulling her robe closed about her. "I'm sorry, I didn't
realize it had come open," she stammered, confused once again.

Kathryn smiled a warm and knowing smile at her. "Oh, don't apologize. I'm
sorry I made you feel ashamed. You shouldn't be, at least not in front of
me. Tell you what, I'll show you mine, and we'll be even, okay?"

Before Laura could say anything, Kathryn had pulled her sweater over her
head. Laura probably hadn't noticed that Kathryn wasn't wearing a bra,
because of the loose fitting garment. So she was a little surprised to have
Kathryn sitting bare breasted in front of her.

And Laura had probably never considered what Kathryn might look like under
her clothes. At some level, she realized Kathryn was a beautiful woman, and
at 35 was still trim. Her tummy was firm and flat, though Kathryn tended to
wear loose, casual clothing. Which hid the size of her breasts, Laura

They were large, but not huge. Much larger than mine, Laura thought. Her
nipples were pale, and large as fitting with such large breasts, bigger than
a silver dollar. They were only sagging just a little, and Laura found
herself transfixed, staring at them. She licked her lips, then finally
found Kathryn's eyes. Her mouth was so dry, she could barely croak out,
"they're wonderful, Kathryn."

Then her eyes lowered to the lovely breasts hanging in front of her. Almost
involuntarily, her right hand reached out, tentatively reaching for
Kathryn's left breast. Timidly, she stroked it along the outside, feeling
it's softness. She heard Kathryn gasp at her touch, and looked up to see
her eyes were closed, her lips pinched shut. Laura knew it was wrong, but
she couldn't take her hand from that wonderful soft thing in front of her.
Slowly, her hand went under the great breast, cupping it, feeling the weight
of it. Trying hard to remember to breath, her fingers turned upward, over
the nipple, as her hand squeezed that mound of softness. The nipple came
impossibly hard under her touch, and Laura found her breathing coming in
great gasps. She was astonished as the nipple revealed itself to stand
nearly a half inch high in it's erectness.

Then Kathryn was leaning toward her, eyes locked on Laura's mouth. Laura
had only a moment to make a decision which she was certain would be
irrevocable. Her heart racing, and casting all caution to the wind, she
closed her eyes and met Kathryn's kiss willingly.

Laura had been kissed by boys before. She knew what it was to french kiss.
She'd even let her boyfriend feel her breasts, but that was it. But she
wasn't prepared for Kathryn's kiss. The boys had been so hard, and
insistent. But not Kathryn. Her kiss was soft, and slow, and easy. When
her tongue slipped into Laura's mouth, it did so slowly and gently, not with
the explosive conquest of the boys. Laura found her own tongue moving with
a mind of it's own, fencing with Kathryn's, and probing into her mouth as
well. She could have kissed Kathryn for hours, she felt, so Laura felt a
pang of loss as Kathryn's tongue withdrew, and her lips closed. But the
loss was suddenly filled with anticipation, as Kathryn's lips moved to her
neck, kissing and nibbling there. And Laura didn't protest when Kathryn's
hands slipped inside her robe, on her shoulders, and brushed it off and down
her arms. Laura leaned forward, pulling her arms from the sleeves. She
didn't care a bit that she was now completely naked in front of Kathryn.

As soon as Laura had pulled her arms from the robe, Kathryn put her hand
back on her shoulder, and gently pushed her back onto the couch. Laura lay
back, and stretched out her legs on the couch, as Kathryn leaned beside her.
Kathryn's body felt soft and warm against Laura's bare skin, and she
marveled at the feel of Kathryn's breasts as they brushed against her.

Laura's long hair was spread out about her head, as she lay there, giving
herself over to the moment with Kathryn. She was of slighter stature than
Kathryn, who was easily five-eight. Laura was more like five-two, and of
petite build. Her breasts were A cups, on a good day, and Laura had
sometimes wished they were larger. Her legs were muscular from all the
sports she played, though not unshapely.

Kathryn's blonde curls fell only to her neck, and though trim, she was not
as firm as Laura, nor had she ever been. Her hips were somewhat broad,
though her legs were long and slender. One of those long legs had found
it's way between Laura's legs, and Laura could feel the bare skin against
her vulva. The feeling was not unpleasant. Kathryn's mouth found her neck
yet again, as now her hands started caressing Laura's tummy, moving ever
upwards. And all the while, Kathryn's mouth was working lower. Laura found
the suspense was making her heart race faster and faster, wondering when she
would feel Kathryn's mouth or fingers on her breasts. "Please," she moaned.

Kathryn smiled up at her then, and her hand went to Laura's petite breast,
caressing it, as Laura shivered in pleasure. Kathryn bent to her, and Laura
felt her long tongue reaching out, covering her tiny, erect nipple.
Electric currents were shooting through her body, and she became acutely
aware of a growing feeling in her loins. The feelings became even more
intense, as Kathryn's mouth closed over her nipple, and drew it inward,
sucking softly, then tugging. Laura began to gasp and moan in pleasure, and
readily adjusted her body when Kathryn's mouth sought her other breast. She
was jolted again when Kathryn's teeth closed over her nipple, biting gently,
but just hard enough to send waves of pleasure/pain through her, increasing
the volume of Laura's moans. Kathryn continued multiplying Laura's
pleasure, as her thigh ground into Laura's pussy.

Laura again felt loss as Kathryn's mouth gave up her breast, and Kathryn
raised up over her. Laura opened her eyes, feeling Kathryn shifting her
position next to her, offering her breast to Laura. The massive thing was
before her mouth, nipple impossibly erect, urging toward her. Laura had
never imagined desiring to touch another woman's breast, much less kiss it,
but without hesitation, she began caressing that impossible point with her
tongue. She nearly came at the feeling of Kathryn's nipple on her tongue,
and could feel the waves building as she sucked the point of that huge tit
into her mouth. Kathryn moaned and shivered, and her reaction heightened
Laura's arousal to an impossible level.

Laura was in a sensual ecstasy, feeling Kathryn's silky skin against her
own, with the feeling of her nipple sliding in and out of her mouth, and
would have continued indefinitely, being very inexperienced, and really
having no idea at all how two women could make love to one another. Kathryn
apparently had other plans....

Kathryn stroked Laura's hair, and eased her mouth away from her breast.
"Easy, my love. I think I still have on a few too many clothes." She stood
up, kicked off her shoes, and eased her shorts and panties off. Laura
gulped, seeing Kathryn now for the first time totally naked in front of her.
She never would have believed how aroused she could be at the sight of
another woman's naked body. And right in the center, her eyes were riveted
on the soft mound of silky golden hair hiding Kathryn's box. She stared
hard there as Kathryn moved to lie back down, this time on top of her,
aching for a view of her pussy. And as Kathryn lay down, her legs opened,
and Laura got a look at her swollen lips, glistening wet, and wondered if
her own had become so fat at shiny.

Kathryn didn't waste much time. Her mouth spent only a few moments on
Laura's tits, before she began to move down her stomach. The feeling was
nice, Laura thought, and really wished Kathryn would suck her tits some
more. She had no idea what Kathryn was doing as her mouth slid into her
shiny dark pubic hair, and began to nibble at her and lick her there. Up
till then, she'd thought maybe Kathryn was imitating what they'd seen in the
movie. Laura had no idea whatsoever that the movie was only soft porn, and
there was a whole world of pleasure of which she was unaware. But what
Kathryn was doing was beginning to feel really nice again. And
occasionally, her tongue flicked the top of Laura's clit, bringing a gasp
from her each time.

Then Kathryn lifted Laura's thighs, spreading them up and open, revealing
her virgin pussy. "That's a lovely sight, Laura." Kathryn's voice was
husky with desire.

"Show me yours?" Laura gasped, thinking it would be like before, when
Kathryn had shown her breasts to her.

"All in good time, my love. All in good time," murmured Kathryn as her head
dipped between Laura's legs.

Laura nearly panicked then, as alarms went off in her head. Somehow,
something told her this was wrong. But another part, much stronger, yearned
for what was coming.

Kathryn still took her time, as her tongue found the soft inside of Laura's
thighs, caressing them softly, and running up the outer folds of her labia.
Laura couldn't know that her scent was driving Kathryn wild, filling her
nostrils. But with each lick and caress of Kathryn's tongue, Laura wanted
more. She began to moan, and urged her hips toward Kathryn.

Kathryn must have known that Laura's anticipation was at an agonizing
height, as Laura's body shook and shivered now with each touch. So Laura
screamed in pleasure when Kathryn's tongue finally split her lips wide open,
in a slow firm lick from the top of her hole to her swollen clit. She
paused only long enough to murmur, "you taste even better than you look and
smell, darling." Then she was back at work, with more intensity.

Waves began to build within Laura, and Kathryn's tongue was busy, rimming
her hole, and running up and down her slit. It all felt so wonderful, and
Laura felt instinctively that she was building to something wonderful and
new. Then Kathryn's tongue was pushing into her tight little pussy, and
Laura was moaning and thrashing as the waves began to break down the walls
of her inhibitions. It nearly crashed through when Kathryn took both her
swollen red labia into her mouth, sucking them in and out, rubbing them
against each other. Laura actually began to whimper, aching for release,
for what was obviously coming next, for what she didn't know. Then
Kathryn's tongue went to her clit, flicking over it, then caressing it
slowly, then finally sucking it inward, over and over and over. The waves
crested, and flooded over ward. Laura's hips began to buck, as the orgasm
crashed over her, bringing screams and moans of pleasure. She didn't know
that she actually came on Kathryn's face, or that she was pulling Kathryn's
hair, fists knotted in it.

After the waves subsided, Kathryn came to her, and kissed her deeply. The
salty taste, Laura knew, was her own juice, and she began being aroused yet
again, as Kathryn kissed her.

"Do you want to see mine now," murmured Kathryn huskily into her ear.

"Oh, yes," moaned Laura.

Kathryn retreated from Laura now, and leaned back away from her on the
couch. Laura licked her lips in anticipation as she slowly drew her legs up
and open, displaying her now dripping pussy to Laura. Laura could feel
herself getting wet all over again at the sight of Laura's gaping wet pussy.

"Should I kiss you?" Whispered Laura, with all the voice she had left.

Kathryn bit her lips, as her breath hissed inward. "Do what you want, what
feels natural, love." Kathryn's hands were inside her thighs, and pulling
open her lips, revealing her hole to Laura.

Laura lay forward then, and got her first smell of Kathryn's scent. The
smell turned her on so much, she began to rub her little upturned nose in
Kathryn's slippery slit. Kathryn's body shuddered at the touch, and she
began to moan as well. Tentatively, Laura tried touching her tongue to the
edge of Kathryn's lip, expecting to be repulsed. But it wasn't repulsive at
all, and she found that Kathryn's taste heightened her own mounting arousal.
Her tongue probed deeper and deeper, finding the slit between the lips,
and lapping up the juices there, all to moans and gasps of increasing volume
from Kathryn, and to the mounting waves which were once again building
inside Laura's loins.

Again, summoning her courage, Laura dipped her tongue to Kathryn's vagina,
now gaping open and begging attention. She rimmed it several times, as
Kathryn's moans became more intense, and the shudders of her hips more
violent. Then Laura began to probe inside, tasting her sweetness there, and
heightening Kathryn's pleasure even more. And as she did so, her little
nose was rubbing Kathryn's clit. Laura was doubling her pleasure without
even knowing it. Laura found herself now thrusting her tongue inside
Kathryn's hole as far as she could, being driven on by Kathryn's response,
until finally Kathryn clamped her thighs around her head, crying out,
holding her like a vice as her orgasm swept over her. Laura's face was
dripping with Kathryn's juices, and the mere thought that Kathryn might once
again bring her to a climax had her nearly there already.

As Kathryn's climax subsided, her thighs released Laura from their grip,
allowing the girl to crawl up next to her, and kiss her. Kathryn began
licking Laura's cheeks and chin, eating her own juices, as her hands began
to roam Laura's body once again.


Laura's eyes sprang open. There was Tommy! Standing in the f****y room,
staring at them! OH GOD!!!

But Kathryn was unperturbed. "What, Tommy?"

"You told me to come over later, so I did." Laura noticed Tommy holding a
rather large bulge in his pants.

"Yes, you're a good boy. Isn't Laura beautiful?"

"Oh, yeah!" Tommy's grin nearly split his face. Laura wanted to hide
herself, but Kathryn's grip didn't allow that. So Tommy continued to stare
at her nudity. "She's not as big as you though, Mom."

"Now, Tommy, that's not nice! Say you're sorry, and say something nice to

Tommy hung his head. "I'm sorry, Laura. I think you're really pretty. And
I like the way your pussy spread open while you were eating Mom."

Laura was nearly in shock now, as Kathryn laughed softly. "Yes, I'd have
liked to have seen that myself. She did a pretty nice job eating me,
though. First time with a woman, I'm sure."

Laura stared at her. "It's OK, Laura, you did a wonderful job. I came like
crazy. You were great, really, and you'll only get better with practice,"
she added with a wicked smile.

Despite her current embarrassment, the thought of going between Kathryn's
legs again, or having her between her own, still drove her wild. And she
didn't want to do anything to offend her, for fear she'd never feel
Kathryn's soft body again.

Kathryn looked back at Tommy. "Well, so far tonight, every time someone's
seen someone else naked, they've had to show themselves, Tommy. Better take
off your clothes, young man." Laura could hardly believe her ears. But
Tommy didn't hesitate. He kicked off his shoes, pulled his shirt over his
head, and was out of his shorts in moments, standing stark naked and
unembarrassed in front of both of them.

Laura found that despite her embarrassment, she was curious. Leading the
life she had, the only naked men she'd seen were statues. She looked Tommy
up and down, despite herself. He had blonde hair, like his mother, and very
fair skin. But he was bigger than most k**s his age, and she notice a bit
of hair growing under his arms as he stripped off his shirt. As her gaze
went lower, she gasped, seeing for the first time an erect penis before her.
She had nothing to compare it with, so had no idea that Tommy was quite
well endowed, and his member was enough to make many adult men jealous,
standing out at just under nine inches in length. A soft ring of fair curly
hair circled the base. His legs were muscular, as Tommy played sports too,
but Laura's attention became more and more focused on his bulging prick, and
the tiny drip of moisture hanging there.

"Oh, Tommy, don't drip on the carpet! Come here," commanded his mother.
Tommy obeyed, walking up to where Kathryn lay on the couch. Laura couldn't
believe how Tommy was putting his dick in his mother's face like that! And
imagine her surprise when Kathryn's mouth opened, her tongue reaching out
and wrapping around the head of his cock? Tommy's head tilted back, and he
moaned aloud. Laura's shock turned to arousal, again finding how little she
knew about what people did with each other. Her juices started flowing when
Kathryn's mouths slid down Tommy's shaft, swallowing the hole thing.
Without realizing what she was doing, her hand went to her pussy, and she
began to stroke herself there.

Kathryn's mouth began to work Tommy's cock, sliding up and down, pausing for
her tongue to lick the head like a strawberry ice cream cone. Laura licked
her own lips, imagining that cock slipping between her own lips, and her
hand brought moans from herself. Kathryn glanced sideways at what Laura was
doing, then took her mouth from Tommy's cock. Sitting up on the edge of the
couch, she pulled Laura to her, lying her on her back with her head in
Kathryn's lap. Then, putting her hand under Laura's head, she held her to
her breast. Laura greedily sucked in the giant nipple, and watched as
Kathryn's hand began to stroke Tommy's dick, slippery with her saliva, as
she held it right over Laura's head. Laura closed her eyes, as she became
lost in the feeling of Kathryn's nipple in her mouth, but became aware that
something wet was stroking her cheek. Opening her eyes and turning her
head, she found that Kathryn was rubbing Tommy's throbbing cock against her
cheek, and with the turn of her head, it was directly above her, and Tommy's
balls were at her lips. Without thinking, she put her lips to his sack, and
began kissing him softly there.

Encouraged now by Tommy's increased moans, and the reassuring smile from
Kathryn, she began using her tongue on his balls, licking them harder and
harder, until she began sucking them into her mouth, one after the other.
Looking up, she saw Kathryn nod again to her. Then Kathryn eased her head
downward to the shaft, and began again, licking and sucking her son's pale
dick. Laura again felt the need to have that bulging shaft in her mouth,
and move upwards, meeting Kathryn's mouth as it came to the base of the
shaft. When Kathryn pulled away, Laura eagerly took her place, running her
tongue the length of the underside of his prick, all the way out to the
head. Kathryn helped her, and held her, as she found the knob, and took it
into her mouth. She tried to slide it all the way down, as Kathryn had, but
it nearly gagged her.

"Easy, Laura. We can teach you that another time. Just take it in as far
as you can. I'm sure he's liking it."

Laura looked up into Kathryn's smiling eyes, then up to see Tommy's head
leaning back, biting his lips in pleasure. She didn't know when Tommy's
hands had gone behind her head, but they were urging her down again, and she
hungrily took him in her mouth as fully as she could, regretting only that
she couldn't take all of him.

Tommy's moans were mounting, and she could feel heat rising in his cock, and
the throbbing of his member was accelerating. Kathryn whispered into her
ear, "when he comes, take him out of your mouth. I want to eat his jiz off
of you." Laura wasn't sure what she meant. But she kept sucking and
licking at his manhood, as the throbbing increased, and she became aware
that he was now thrusting himself into her as she went down his shaft. She
tasted something new in her mouth, and wondered at it, but not for long, as
Tommy's cock began to pulse in her mouth.

"I'mmmm cuuuummmmmiiiinngggg," he moaned, and Kathryn pulled Laura's
disappointed mouth away, just as white cream spurted from the end of his
cock, splashing across Laura's lips, and hitting Kathryn's right breast.
Then Kathryn had a hold of his cock, stroking it and directing it downward.
Two more mighty streams came from it, shooting down Laura's chest, one
directly across her nipple. Tommy sighed and moaned, as the pulsing began
to subside.

"Now, you can finish him off, Laura." She pulled Tommy's now shrinking dick
back to Laura's mouth, and she gobbled it in as far as she could, finding
now as it dwindled that she could take the entire thing. His downy pubic
hairs tickled her nose, as she drank the last few drops of his juice. Then
Kathryn was urging her away again, and lying her down. Kathryn began
licking the drops from her face, then went to her chest, licking up every
drop there. As she finished, and was lifting herself, Laura reached out to
her, pulling her forward, and began licking the cum from Kathryn's breast as
well. Kathryn began to moan again, as finishing her cleaning, Laura began
sucking her tits again. Kathryn lay back on her back, and Laura climbed on
top of her, going after her breasts like an infant who hadn't fed in days.
Laura was more aggressive now, her inhibitions totally gone, as she began to
bite and tug at Kathryn's nipples. Kathryn began to scream out in ecstasy,
driving Laura even wilder.

Then a hand began to probe between Laura's ass cheeks. Looking back, she
saw Tommy, as now both his hands began to spread her cheeks. Laura went
back to Kathryn's nipples, but then Kathryn's hands were on Laura's head,
urging her downward. Laura obeyed, sliding her lips and tongue down
Kathryn's stomach, to her muff, finding it strangely soft, yet sharp on her
tongue. Meanwhile, Tommy's hands were caressing her anus, a feeling she
didn't mind at all. She didn't see Tommy stick a finger in his mouth, all
she knew was that as her mouth dipped to Kathryn's cunt once again, Tommy's
finger entered her ass.

Laura moaned. Kathryn moaned. Waves built inside each of them, as Laura
licked and sucked, and Tommy probed her ass, deeper and deeper, adding
second finger. Kathryn's moans were becoming louder, nearly screams, and
now familiar with what was happening, Laura felt her own climax was only a
matter of time.

But she was suddenly disappointed, as Tommy's fingers withdrew from her.
Then she felt him moving past her, to his mother's face. She looked up to
see Tommy's new erection, and Kathryn's mouth gobbling it in. So she closed
her eyes, and concentrated on Kathryn's pleasure, thinking her own would
have to wait. She was becoming engrossed in Kathryn's smell, and didn't
notice that Tommy had moved behind her until his hands gripped her cheeks,
spreading them wide. Then something quite large began to push inside her
ass. Instinctively, she knew it was his dick, and waves started building
inside her again, driving her to aggressiveness. She sucked Kathryn's pussy
lips in hard, as Tommy fucked her ass, bringing a moan of pain/pleasure from
Kathryn. Her mouth found her pulsing clit then, and attacked it fiercely,
sucking and flicking it hard with her tongue, as Tommy was now fucking her
deep and fast up the ass. She could feel his hips pounding against her ass,
as he drove that massive member into the deepest depths of her dark hole.
So engrossed was she in that feeling that she didn't feel the beginning of
Kathryn's climax. Kathryn's hands knotted in her hair, as her legs clamped
about her head once again.

All the while, Tommy was fucking her hard up the ass, and the waves were
mounting. Kathryn's legs relaxed, and she eased out from under Laura.
Tommy's strong hands gripped Laura by the hips, as he pulled her back.
Kathryn was pushing her backward too, till Laura was on her hands and knees
on the sofa, Tommy kneeling behind her. Then Kathryn laid down on her back,
and eased herself under Laura, her head now under her pussy. Laura closed
her eyes, as she began to feel Kathryn's tongue on her pussy, while Tommy
fucked her ass. It was too much. She came within a minute, shouting out.
And as her muscles pulsed, it was too much for Tommy as well, as he came in
her ass, pulling out then to squirt his jiz onto Laura's pussy, for his
mother to eat greedily.

The three collapsed together sl**pily, and dozed off for a bit. Kathryn
urged them both awake. "Time to get dressed, k**s. It's bedtime." Laura
looked at her with deep disappointment.

"Did your mother tell you, she said it was OK for you to sl**p at our house
tonight, if you're lonely or scared?" Kathryn smiled a wicked smile at

Laura smiled back, equally wickedly, "Oh, Kathryn, I'm so scared! Do you
think I could sl**p in your bed with you?"

98% (84/2)
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